Mom Taught Me a Lesson, part 1


Part 1 of 2

I was 13 when my dad left. Then it was just Mom and me. That was also about the time I started going through puberty.

After the divorce, Mom was pretty depressed. She started going out to bars with one of her friends, not often but maybe 5 or 6 times a month at first, a little more frequently over the next year or so. Consequently, with her working during the day and going out at night, I had a fair amount of time home alone, doing what boys do when left alone. Uh huh. . . Masturbating.

One evening, after Mom had gotten dolled up and gone out on the town, I started doing my thing. I liked to walk around the house naked with a boner. It felt wicked be out in the open with my dick out. I had masturbated just about everywhere in the house.

Anyway, this particular night I ended up in Mom's room. I had masturbated while lying on her bed a few times.

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   Listening to the bedsprings squeak turned me on as I recalled hearing Mom and Dad doing it a few times when I was younger. Back then I hadn't really known what was going on, but now, picturing what must have been happening, really got me hot as I lay there whacking off. That kind of put my Mom in a different light in my mind, as a sexual being, an object of fantasy.

I switched on the light and walked into the room. As I was walking toward the bed, I caught sight of myself in the mirror above Mom's dresser. I guess that's what started the whole thing off. . .

I stopped and stood on my tiptoes to admire my hardon in the mirror. In those days my cock turned straight up when it got hard, almost touching my belly as I stood. Wanting a closer look, I went to the dresser and eventually climbed up on it, standing on my knees with my dick inches from the mirror. I was messing around there, admiring myself, even bending it down to press against its mirror image, when I noticed a pair of Mom's panties on top of a stack of folded laundry. I picked them up, instantly getting a tingling thrill just from handling them. These particular panties weren't anything special, just a plain white pair of cotton briefs, but my heart was hammering as I rubbed them on my throbbing dick.

After a few minutes of playing, I hopped off the dresser and hung the panties on my bone as I went rummaging through Mom's drawers to find more.

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   The first drawer I pulled open was full of socks and pantyhose and stuff. The second was the jackpot--panties and bras! I bypassed all the white cottons and started pulling out different colors and materials. I would rub them on my cock for a few seconds until I found another pair that I liked, then hang the first pair over my upturned dick and rub myself with the replacement. There were black ones, pink ones, red ones, yellow ones, ones with little flowers on them and even a pair with a 'slippery when wet' sign on the front! Those made my ears burn. Of bras there was less of an assortment. Several frilly whites, a black and a red.

Then digging to the bottom of the drawer, I came across a worn white envelope. Curious, I picked it up and pulled out the contents. Polaroids. Of my Mom. Naked. I nearly fainted.

Five pictures, taken in this very room, seemingly several years before. She hadn't really changed much. 32 at that time, she was probably mid-20's in the photos.

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   She was about 5'5", long dark hair, fairly thin, light complexion and dark brown eyes--very pretty in my opinion, even now looking back.

Now I had not seen my mom naked since I was probably 6 years old, maybe even about the time these were taken. My fingers were visibly trembling as I shuffled through the small stack. In the first she was posing in front of the closet door, standing with her hips cocked slightly, one leg slightly bent in front of the other, arms raised as she held her hair up, lips puckered provocatively. Her skin was pale white, breasts were small (34B I found out from examining her bras) and pointy with puffy, cherry-red nipples. This being the 1970's, her bush was full: a thick black triangle contrasting nicely with her white skin.

Second picture, same spot, but she was standing head-on to the camera, hands on hips, caught in mid-sentence with a laughing expression. The third was basically the same pose as the first except with her back turned and looking over her shoulder at the camera. Her ass was heavenly, high and rounded, with just enough plumpness to create that sexy curve at the bottom. The fourth picture was obviously from a different time, as she was darkly tanned, everywhere save the stark white triangle on each breast and the generous white band of a 70's era bikini bottom. She had apparently been caught unawares in the midst of dressing or undressing, slightly bent over in front of the dresser with her hands in the same underwear drawer I had just been in. She was looking up at tha camera with a surprised expression. I got a double-view as I could see most of her ass directly and most of her front in the mirror.

The last picture was different altogether. Mom was lying in bed, on her back, completely naked with her legs splayed open.

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   The sheets were rumpled and she sprawled out upon them, one arm thrown wide and the other hand resting high up on her inner thigh. She looked hot and sweaty. But my eyes were glued to the wet red slit of her parted pussy. The lips were folded open like the petals of a flower. They looked plump and moist. My future self would have a name for the pose in this photo: fresh-fucked.

I had seen naked women before, in movies and a few of Dad's old playboys that used to be out in the garage, but this was the first vagina I had ever seen. It took my breath away. The blood was roaring in my ears, my face was burning hot. I felt as if my hair was standing on end. I had goose-pimples all over. And my dick was throbbing so hard it hurt.

I stumbled over to the bed. I had to beat off. Now!

I should pause here to explain something.

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   I did not masturbate the regular way, with a hand stroking the cock. I had not discovered that technique yet. I don't even know how I developed this method, but I would slap my dick rapidly against my belly, using the fingers of each hand alternatively just as fast as I could until I came. Perhaps it was because of the way my dick stood up right along my belly, I don't really know, but believe me, it worked. The head of my cock would be a blur I was going so fast. The only drawback was it was a little rough on the shaft where my fingers were drubbing. Sometimes it would even tear the skin a little and bleed a bit, then I would have to lay off for awhile.

Anyway, photos in hand and panties hanging from my dick, I crawled up onto Mom's bed and sat with my back lounged against the pillows and headboard. I spread the pictures out beside me, the beaver shot taking prime position in the center, then began rubbing myself with Mom's panties. I settled on a pair of slinky red satin ones, rubbing them over my cock, thighs, and belly, even bringing them up to rub my face, but mostly concentrating on my aching hardon as I stared at the lewd photos. Finally unable to take it any longer, I draped the silky panties across my lower abdomen so I could drub my cock against them. I knew I would get cum on them, but the thought of that only excited me more.

I began doing my thing, taking it easy at first. I didn't want to cum too quickly. I loved the feel of the satin panties.

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   And the squeaking of the bed. But I knew it wasn't going to take long, I was so turned on. I was really going, beating the hell out of it and feeling that familiar tingle, only seconds from release when my Mom's loud voice nearly stopped my heart.

"What the hell are you doing?"

I looked up in shock to see her standing in the doorway. I had been so intent on what I was doing I hadn't heard her come home.

I was frozen. I couldn't even hide my dick. I just sat there gaping up at her. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the spell was broken when she started forward. I scrambled up from the bed, covering my rapidly shrinking dick with the only thing I had available: my mom's red panties. I cowered back against the wall as she stormed over and snatched up the photos.

"How dare you go through my things!" She turned on me. "Go to your room!"

I fairly ran from the room, not stopping until I hit my own bed. I jumped in and pulled the covers over my head. My heart was tripping like a jackhammer and I was shaking like a leaf.

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Over the next half hour I eventually realized I wasn't about to be killed and calmed down enough to uncover my head. As my fear faded, my thoughts inevitably turned back to the dirty pictures and my cock grew hard again. I was still too scared to do anything about it, although I did start rubbing myself with the silky panties which I was surprised to realize I still had in my hand. Just as I was getting worked up again and decided it might be safe to go ahead and beat off, Mom came into my room.

"Honey?" I decided to pretend sleep, but she wasn't buying it. She switched on my bedside lamp. "I know you're awake. " She sat down on the side of my bed.

"I'm sorry I reacted that way, Honey," she said. She reached out to brush the hair away from my forhead and bent down to kiss my brow. I could smell the booze on her breath and could tell she was pretty tipsy by her slightly slurred speech. "But you know you should not go through my things, don't you?"

I nodded, unable to meet her eyes.

"And as for what you were doing, you needn't feel embarrassed about that. All boys do that. "

I finally looked up at her.

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   "They do?" I asked, surprised.

"Of course they do," she assured me with a smile. "It is actually pretty healthy. I wish your father was around to talk to you about these things, but since he's not, it's up to me. "

With her so near and being so kind about it, I couldn't keep my mind off the sight of her naked body. Especially her pussy. My cock was throbbing under the covers. I squeezed it with her panties.

"But Honey," she looked puzzled. "Why were you doing it that way?"

I just blinked up at her, not knowing what she meant. I thought she was talking about me looking at her naked pictures as I did it, and I did not have an answer for that.

"I mean slapping yourself like that. . . That can't feel all that good, can it?"

I was taken aback.

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   I just shrugged.

"Do you do it that way all the time?"

"Uh. . . yeah," I answered.

"Doesn't it hurt?"

"No," I said unsurely, looking up at her doubting expression. "Well, sometimes it does make a sore," I confessed.

"Is that why I've seen blood in your underwear?" she asked incredulously. "Oh, Honey, you've got to start doing it the regular way!"

I was completely dumbfounded. "What way?"

"You know," she made the universal jerk off motion with her hand. I just looked at her. She looked at me like I was ignorant, which I was feeling right about then. Finally, she rolled her eyes and said, "Here, I'll show you. "

Before I knew what was happening, she whipped the covers down. She stopped and stared for a moment as she caught sight of her red satin panties wrapped around my hard-on.

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"O-kayyy, I'll take those," she drawled as she gingerly disentangled the flimsy garment from my jutting cock and laid them aside. "I see you're ready for it, at least. That's good," she said as she turned her attention back to my rock-hard dick. "Here, give me your hand. " She took me by the wrist and guided my hand.

"Take hold of it. Down lower, on the shaft. That's good. Now stroke it, like this. . . " She wrapped her hand around mine and began moving it up and down. "Now, doesn't that feel better? Yeah. . .


   Faster. That's right. . . Mm hmm. . . "

I stared up at her as she bit her bottom lip, paying rapt attention to what she was doing. I got the feeling she had only intended to show me the motion, but once she got started, she got into it. I was so hot, picturing her naked and having her help me jack-off, I came pretty quickly. Her lips parted in a slight smile and a long sigh of satisfaction as she watched the cum shoot out of my spasming cock. She squeezed my hand and kept pumping slowly, milking every last drop, before she finally seemed to come back to her senses and let go.

"There," she looked down at me. "Wasn't it better that way?"

I could only nod my agreement.

She looked around briefly, apparently looking for a tissue or something, but not finding anything suitable, so she picked up the red panties and began wiping up my cum with them.

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   She wiped her hand, my hand, then my belly and finally my dick. As she did so, she said, "Now, you start doing it like that, okay Hon'?"

I was speechless, reveling in the feeling, but nodded my assent. Goddamn right I will, I thought as the silky panties rubbed over my sensitive cockhead, making me shudder.

"Good. And maybe next time," she smiled as she finished and pulled the covers up over my naked body, "I'll show you an even better way! 'Night Honey. Love you!" She bent down for a quick kiss on the lips.

"Love you, too," I mumbled.

Next time? Holy fuck, I thought as she switched out the light and left the room. .