Mother's Day


Violet knew she couldn't complain, since he was doing this so she wouldn't have to work and have time to spend with their baby. She just sat there rocking him to sleep as he sucked on her sore nipple sucking the milk out. She sang him lullabies with her sweet gentle voice. Her young body was already almost back to it's original shape. She hoped James wouldn't stop lusting for her since she had a slightly soft belly after giving birth. It was mothers day today and although Violet didn't have her husband, she had her baby boy with her. James Jr. was falling asleep and she laid him back on his crib. She got up to change out of her cotton white nightgown but she heard her doorbell ring. She looked out of the window to see her brother Scott standing out the door with flowers. Feeling overjoyed, she rushed to open the door. He was standing there, handsome as ever with his dark hair a bit long almost covering his eyes holding bright daises for her. He smiled at her so sweetly. "Scottie! Oh God your so sweet!" She hugged him tightly smelling his cologne. "Hey! I remembered it's mother's day and I know my baby sister is a mommy. " He said as he squeezed her firmly.

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  "Well, come on in. I'm glad you stopped by I was feeling a bit lonesome. ""Lonesome? Why? Where is James?" He asked as he walked in. "James has to work today until late. You know he had to get two jobs so I wouldn't have to work. ""Ah that's a good brother-in-law! I like him now!" Scott teased. "So go on and sit down I was just about to change here. " She said offering him a seat on the blue velvety couch. "Wait I wanna see my nephew. Where is baby James?" Scott asked loudly. "Shhh. He's asleep. ""Well, can I just peep at him. I've hardly seen him since he was born. ""Yeah I guess you can in a little bit.

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   Let me just change first OK?""Well, all right but hurry up I wanna see him. " Scott insisted. Violet hurried back to the bedroom and peeked over to the crib and her baby boy was fast asleep. She smiled to herself as she thought about how much Scott loved him. It was Scott's first nephew and since Scott wasn't married or had kids of his own he kind of considered James Jr. like his own child. Violet and Scott were so close growing up. Since they were only two years apart, they were more like best friends backing each other up when one got into trouble. Violet would often worry about Scott since he lived alone and hardly had any serious girlfriends. He always said he liked living the life of a bachelor but she always knew deep down he wanted to settle down soon. Violet picked up her long brown hair in a ponytail and put on her spaghetti strap blue flowery summer dress. She black slip on sandals completed the simple look. She didn't put on a bra since the bra's were making her breasts hurt. She looked into the mirror as her blue eyes widened as she saw how big her breasts had gotten since she gave birth. Look like she'd gone from a b-cup to a large c-cup.

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   She just hoped she wouldn't leak milk which hardly seemed to happen anyway. She scurried on over to the living room and saw Scott was watching some TV. He looked over and she saw his heavenly blue eyes piercing at her. "What?" She asked embarrassed. "Hey sis your getting back to your shape pretty fast. Except your boobs are huge!" He said laughing. She playfully hit his arm. "Shut up! So tell me what have you been doing? Any new girlfriend you got?""No. Why do you always have to ask that?" He asked frustrated. "Sorry! I was just hoping you'd found someone serious instead of all those floozies you run around with. ""Oh here we go again. " He said sighing. "OK OK sorry I'll shut up. Thanks for the flowers! You always knew daises were my favorite!" She shrilled. "Yeah I know.

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   You better put them in water before they fade. " She grabbed the daises that laid on the coffee table and walked to the kitchen to set them in water. They were just precious. "So you going to visit Mom?" Violet asked. "Yeah probably until tonight because she's not home since Dad took her out of town for Mother's Day weekend. ""Oh really? Must be so nice to have a husband take you out like that" she said in a jealous tone. Scott looked over to his sister as she began to sob. He quickly turned off the TV and ran to her side. He put his arm around her letting her know how much he loved her. "Hey it's OK. Your husband loves you Violet. He is just working so much for your and Jr's sake. Next year I'm sure he'll take you out. "She cried on her brothers shoulder. "I know but I miss him so much Scott.

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   I need him around. James needs his daddy around. "Scott kissed her forehead softly. "I know but hey you got me. I love my nephew, so If you need a father figure for him for now I'll do it. " He smile down at her. She looked up at him as her eyes blinked with emotion. "Thank you Scott!" All of a sudden she felt her dress soaking wet! She'd started to leak! Oh God she was so embarrassed!"Uh oh! Sorry Scott. " She said as she saw she'd soaked his T-shirt. He laughed softly. "That's OK. It's all part of being a mommy. " He began to stroke her hair. Violet sensed a strong sexual tension at the moment. Scott hadn't released her hold.

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   Now they were both getting wet from her milk. He leaned down and gave her a sweet delicate kiss on her pouty lips. She felt her whole body quiver in excitement. Her heart was pounding as he held her closer. "Scott it's been a long time since I've had a man so close to me like this. " She said in a shaky voice. He cupped her face in his hand looking deeply into her eyes. "How long has it been?""Too long. " she said as she reached up to kiss her brother. They began to kiss intensely immediately. His kiss was absolutely stimulating. She felt her body long for more of him. Their tongues met instantly. It was such a hot wet kiss they were sharing. "Violet.

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   Oh God Violet your so beautiful. " Scott gasped as he started to kiss her neck. His hot breath was brush her skin so tenderly. His lips trailed down her jawbone and headed for her neck as his tongue slid all around her ear. "Yes! Kiss me Scott. Kiss me. Don't stop!" She said panting. Violet began to feel her brother picking up her little dress exposing her white cotton panties. His hands caressed her bottom as he continued to kiss and nibble on her neck. She was completely entranced by his touch, his feel. Scott began to tug at her cotton panties wanting to just tear them off of her. Violet started to feel her milk leaking out more. She didn't care at the moment. This moment was just too incredible. She started to pull on Scott's shirt ready to have him take it off.

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   He voluntarily took off his shirt showing her his virile chest and six pack stomach. She heaved a sigh of lust as she saw her brother topless. He threw his T-shirt on the floor so savagely. Scott was so eager to tear that dress off his sister and look at her big tits. He grabbed her ass and cupped it with his strong hands lifting her up. "The kitchen is no place to do this. " He said as he walked carried her over to the bedroom. Violet hung on tightly to her brother as he whisked her away from reality. They got in her bedroom he gently put her down as he sat her on the bed. He expressed his happiness in his smile looking down at her. She saw his eyes wonder to the crib where her son laid silently asleep. His eyes glowed with love as he saw his nephew laying there so peacefully. "He's getting so big. " Scott said as he watched the infant sleep. "He's beautiful.

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  " Violet beamed with joy as she felt so much love in the air at that moment. "And his mother is even more beautiful. " Scott continued as he grabbed Violets hand picking her up from the bed. "Scott I want you so badly right now. I think I've always wanted you. " Violet moaned softly. "I know deep down I've always wanted you just like this. So fuckin' hot. " He voice rasped. He lifted her dress again this time tearing her little cotton panties off her. Violet felt the warm air hit her skin. Scott began to kiss her mouth again exploring it once more with his tongue. She found her hand creeping down to unbutton Scott's jeans. He quickly began to pull her dress up from her gorgeous body. She allowed him to take her dress up by putting her arms up in the air.

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   Scott looked at every inch of Violet's body as he took off her dress. He saw her ravishing golden tan thighs filled goose bumps from his touch. He saw her soft belly surrounded by small sights of stretch marks where she'd been pregnant. Finally he saw her now moist big tits as they dripped with milk. He hungrily leaned down sucking on her big pink nipples. Her tits felt incredible in his hands and mouth. They were so swollen so huge! He sucked on her nipples as he felt squirts of milk fill his mouth. He felt his cock harden as balls swelled up as his sister fed him her milk.
    Violet was paralyzed by her brother sucking her milk out of her. She moaned as she tossed her head back. She felt her pussy begin to drench with desire. "Your delicious. " He whispered as he came back to kiss her lips. Violet could taste her sweet milk on her brothers lips as they kissed. She wanted him in her now! Her pussy was aching for some cock and the thought of her brothers cock in her drove her over the edge! "Fuck me Scott! Please!" She begged him.


      "Is it OK for you to have sex now?" He asked breathlessly. "Yes. The doctor said I could have sex now. " She muttered softly. Scott softly pushed Violet onto the bed letting her lay with her legs open. Showing him her shaved sweet cunt. He looked down at her pussy as he could see her pink clit swollen now. He wanted to taste her so he vanished his head between her legs as he licked her up and down her long slit. "Mmmmmmm!" She wailed quietly. He stroked her whole pussy with his long tongue viciously. His speed increased on her clit as she swung her hips side to side. She'd never felt such heat her entire life. His mouth felt just so remarkable with each lick each suck She moaned in ecstasy as she squeezed her own nipples letting the milk squirt out of her tits. She was now feeling Scott's tongue slip inside her hot pussy hole. She felt her whole body tighten as Scott wiggled his tongue in her hole.

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       He was tasting all her juices licking all inside the walls of her pussy. Violet was now grabbing the sheets of her bed as she was beginning to cum on her brothers mouth. She felt pressure all over her body as her tits released more milk while she was trembling as she came. "Oh Scott! I'm cumming! I'm cumming so fuckin' hard!" She cried out. Scott was shocked as he felt her juices just flow out madly. He tried as much as he could to get all her juices in his mouth. She tasted delicious! Violet couldn't take it anymore and pulled Scott towards her. She kissed him deeply tasting her raw pussy on his lips. "Fuck me. Fuck me now Scott!" She demanded. Without hesitation, Scott pulled down his jeans and slapped her pussy with his hard cock. He felt his cock throbbing ready to fuck his horny sister. He watched as she laid there so ready to take his cock up her cunt. He slid his cock down her slit as he finally aimed for her opening. She gasp as she felt his cock starting to enter her pussy.

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       "Oh yes! Stick it in me! Fuck me!" She blurted out. "Yeah? You ready for big brothers cock?" He asked as he inserted the head of his cock in her dripping hole. "Fuck yeah! Scott ram that cock in me. Make me cum!" Scott slammed his cock up Violet's cunt as he initiated the wonderful fuck. He thrusted his hips against Violet's jamming his cock in and out of her pussy so fiercely. "Oh fuck you feel so good Violet! Oh baby!" Scott grunted. Scott held her legs wide open with his hands on each leg. She loved the way Violet looked so slutty letting her own brother fuck her. Her swollen breasts were bouncing around everywhere now as he increased the speed of his fucking. "Ahhh Scott! I'm so close to cumming. Get it in deeper. Deeper!" She cried out. Scott pushed harder inside her with all his might. He felt her pussy grip his cock tightly as she climaxed so gracefully. Her nipples hardened as she came and he could see her milk drying up now on her chest.

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       It was such an alluring sight. Her young body quivered with delight as he kept fucking her. "I wanna cum in you Violet. I want to so bad!" Scott whispered breathlessly. "Cum in me! Squirt all that incest cum in me! " She whined. "Yeah? You want my cum? Oh Violet! How I wish you would have had my baby!" He felt his cock twitch as he was ready to release his cum. The thought of having Scott's baby just made Violet's pussy pour out more of her sweet nectar. "Ohhhhhhhh! I'm gonna cum! Take it all Violet!" Scott tossed his head back squirting all his cum inside her. "Mmmmmmm! Yes! Cum in me. Shoot it all up in me. Get me pregnant!" She wailed as the hot cum flowed all in her. Scott rammed his cock more making sure every drop of cum was in his sister. "Yeah! Have my baby Violet!" Scott left his cock inside his sister for a few seconds trying to calm down from the fantastic fuck he just had. He took his cock out and laid next to her. Both felt exhausted from their love making.

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       Violet rested her head on Scott's chest just holding her brother. "Scott I love you so much. " She said quietly listening to his heart pounding. "I love you too Violet. I've always loved you. " They fell asleep for over two hours and were awaken by the cooing of the baby that laid in the crib. Violet looked over at Scott who was already up checking up on the baby. She smiled at him as he held her son. She loved her brother who was now her secret lover. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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