Mother's new dress Pt. 2


Topic: Mother's new dress Pt. 2
Mother’s New Dress
Chapter 2: Dinner out
It has been a couple months sense my mother put on a dress and turned me into a horny mess. I currently have sex with my mom at least two to three times a week. We have been sneaking around so that my father wouldn’t catch us. I am not sure what I would do if he did.
My mother would do what I say when I would say it. If I felt like an after dinner blow job I would just look at her and have her meet me somewhere. I like to have sex in public or places where we could get caught but not by my dad. I love the excitement.
My mother would also go shopping more often and purchase new underwear and dresses. I would dress in a suit and tie and I would make her dress in her new clothing. I loved to eat her pussy in very expensive dresses. There was nothing better then to see my mother wailing like a whore for my cock.
This went on for some time. I would take my mother and I made her cum like never before. My mother would tell me about the lack of sex my father was giving her.

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   She would tell me that my father would never have sex with her even if she begged. I made her beg too but I also satisfied her needs.
My father went out of town again. I asked my mother to join me for dinner. My mother agreed but was nervous. She had no idea what I had in store for the night.
“Mom,” I said with a stone tone and steady hands, “I want you to wear your long black dress with the low V-neck. I want you to wear your silk black panties; the ones with the high cut that show your ass perfectly. You will not wear a bra. ”
As my mom started to walk away to get ready I called out to her again, “Make sure that you wear a grater belt and stockings. ”
With that said, I went to get ready.
Pulling up in the car to the front of the restaurant I told my mother that I had one more surprise. “Mom, reach under your seat. ”
My mother eagerly reached under the seat with her sleeveless arm. She found the gift and quickly pulled it out.

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“Open it. ” I said with the excitement of a child on Christmas. I watched as she unwrapped the bow and took the time to open the box slowly.
She was kind of in shock. My mother just looked at the item. I explained to her that it was an EGG, a devise that was a vibrator shaped like an egg. It had a wire hanging out of the end and controlled by remote.
“What do you want me to do with this?” My mother said with a shocked look.
“Lay back in your seat and pull your panties to the side. ” I said with the excitement. I could hardly contain myself.
As my mother sat there in front of a very nice restaurant, she pulled her expensive long black dress up to her waits. She pulled her panties to the side and I could see she was very wet. I inserted the egg into her cunt. It slipped into her wet pussy with ease.

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She kind of made a squeal and then smiled, “It is sitting right on my g-spot. ”
I wanted her to know who was in control. I flipped the switch for a second. My mother jumped. The egg sent vibrations straight to her love spot. I could see her eyes start to roll back in her head. I shut it off.
The waiter sat us a booth in the back of the restaurant like I asked. He handed us menus and then went to get our drink order. I switched on the EGG. My mother gripped the table and almost screamed in the middle of the restaurant.
She whispered, “Please stop son, I am going to cum. ”
I switched the remote off and she released the table and tried to compose herself. I now had a hard-on that pushing against my pants. I was in heaven.

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   I had my mother in a restaurant begging me to not make her cum. That was a first for us.
I almost came in my pants right there at the table and I never touched my cock. We started the bread and wine and I shot my mother with a slow vibe. I let her start to build a little more. I kept it on low for a couple of minutes. She was trying to act normal but it was almost impossible. She griped the edge of the table and tried to hold on.
My mother reached over and grabbed my cock. She was getting so horny. She started rubbing my package right there at the table. My cock was about to explode. She stuck her tongue in my ear let out a deep breath. I shot the EGG to full. My mother exploded right there at the table.

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“Meet me in the bathroom,” she whispered to me with the scent an animal in heat.
I waited for her to leave the table and then I went to meet her. I found her by the private bathroom and I followed her in. She quickly locked the door and grabbed my cock. Wow was she horny.
“Give it to me please. I need it now!” She begged.
This was the worst condition I have ever put her in. I was proud of myself. I turned my mother into a cock whore. This whore wanted it all and she wanted it from me.
My mother dropped to her knees on the bathroom tile and started to yank my pants off. I helped her with my belt and then my underwear. My cock sprang free from its prison. My mother’s eyes widened and I could see her chest swell and drop with every breath.

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   I grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed my cock at her wide-open mouth.
The red lipstick that was so perfectly applied to my mother’s mouth was now being smeared along my very fat cock. I was extremely excited and I was not going to last that long. She sucked so hard on my cock that I thought I was having my colon removed through the tip of my penis. My head fell back and hit the door and I shot a hot stream of cum right down her throat. I grabbed her hair and shoved my cock all the way down her throat and fired again, again, and again.
My mother quickly got to her feet and staggered to the door. She looked drunk, drunk with passion. My mother staggered to the door and fixed her dress. She reapplied her lipstick and headed to the table. I went to the sink and cleaned the cum and spit off my cock. When I was finished, I headed over to the door and exited to the dinner table.
I paid the bill and we headed toward the car. I reached into my pocket fired up the egg again as my mother was walking. She almost fell over until I caught her.

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   My mother with her layers of clothing and well-done hair was just now a cock whore. She started to walk funny.
I whispered in my mother’s ear, “Sweetheart are you ok?”
She smiled at me, “I have cum running down my thighs and it is sticky. ”
I put her in the car and headed for the next stop on our little night out. I hope that our next stop would turn her on even more.
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