Mum took me all the way.


My mum was still having babies. At sixteen I thought I was the man of the house,but mum reigned supreme. Most of the time what she said she wanted was not negotiable. So in this instant I excepted her rule!

It started like this. Mum was nursing her new baby,well newish sibling to my way of thinking. I'd become accustomed to coming home to find her sucking on mum's tits and didn't think too much about it. But I did place myself down to get a good look at mum's nipples. Up until now,she would nurse from one then change over to the other,putting each nipple away as she changed sides.

I tried being discreet as I looked at mum's plump nipples. But my penis got control of my brain. I needed a wank! So I mumbled some indecernable words about shower and escaped to shower with every intention of wanking while in there. Then returning,hoping the breast was still on show to start my libido all over again. Hearing mum talking distracted me from my planned wank. Having intended to dress casually,I'd just put on a pair of loose legged pants,when my ears cocked up as mum said, - "Come on,you're mucking me about now,stop it or. . .

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  "- Thinking mum had been caught by someone with her nursing bra' flaps open. Shooting down the stairs in haste,I was confronted with mum leaning over the chairs side endeavering to put my sibling down.

"You little devil,go on then,don't think I'll pick you up and give you more!" - So it was, me nearly naked and mum leaning over and showing a lot of white thigh and black full knickers. My mind swam back to when she'd first seen me, what was it she said? AH! got it. . . "I'm melting sat here with her,I'll be glad when she's fed" - I'd half registered mum's dress,the dress that had fell away as she'd obviously opened the thing right down the front and now with her girations it had completely left her.

So here I am looking at mum's knickers tightly filled to bursting point,as she strains to one side. The legs biting into the back of her white thighs with a shadow of her ass crack and the waistband squeezing into the softness of her belly at her navel as she turns back to a sitting position. HELL! Is that a darker shading about her pubic triangle? If it is,that's a hell of a bush. - My cock voted it was and I became conscious of the loose legged pants as 'cock boy' made a play to escape. I liked this pair of pants,because if I was playing. . . as 'cocky boy' stiffened its purple head would poke down and out of the leg hole as though it was the head of a preditory snake looking for its prey and mum could be just such a prey as my hardening cock saw it.

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   - I hastily sat down before its ugly head showed out and mum took notice.

My eyes popped as mum on addressing her next move said, - "I hate this bit,give me that cup over!" - Without further ado,she unclipped the centre bra clips and her over large tits came fully into view. Lifting one and letting it flop back on to her chest,she added - "They're still full to brimming,yeah expressing my udders really pisses me off" - The plump nipples were dripping milk. - Not aware of these things,I said, - "I don't get it mum,you've just fed her,so why all the milk?" - "Oh! I always make plenty,but. . . she squirted milk into the cup - Yeah! But it takes time to empty them and they feel so heavy and ache if they're hardened by being full" - Looking at me, - "Here try it!" - I went to take the cup for a sip. - "NO! Not like that,try having a sip direct from the cow!" - She pushed her large breast with its super plump nipple towards my face.

I felt freaky but was equally excited,she'd said I could suck at a real woman's tit. As my face closed towards it,it became a tit,not mum's tit. All I could see was a big nipple. with an even bigger oreole surrounding it and a hand holding the heavy breast for me to suck. I know I shouldn't have had any sexual overtures being that it was mum. But not thinking for that moment,I had a job to get in the right place to suck. - She spread her legs apart and said, - "Here,try leaning in between.

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   In an instant I almost passed out. My half hard cock poked against her,just above her ankle. Panicky I moved slightly and the bloody thing donged again against her leg. - She showed no signs she'd even felt it and my head steadied as I closed my mouth on the nipple. - "Keep your lips over your teeth so as not to nip it,they nip hard when their first teeth come thro' now try sucking,feel it going into your mouth?" - "mmmm!" I managed as all my mind could link to, was I'm sucking a woman's tit. . . who gives a shit what the milk tastes like. . . its tit sucking,that's what I want.

"Steady,go gentler,she's made them a bit sensitive" - "Sorry,do I stop now?" - "No! No! mum almost purred,this is easier than expressing,feel free to empty it if you can,its easing already and its softer,SEE?" - I had no idea if it was,but if a woman wants her tits sucked,I'm her boy,I concluded. Getting into a rhythm,I suckled and noticed mum's eyes had closed and her belly seemed to tense at times. - "Change! Change to the other,its so comforting,you've emptied me on that one,although I can feel my body making more milk run into it" - I changed sides and wasn't to much bothered as I felt my now hard cock touch mum's leg. I knew it was skin on skin as well,because as I said earlier,my full hardon always pokes out the leg hole on these pants.

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She must have felt the heat of it,but nothing happened to show she'd realised what it was. A short while after,having watched her belly judder rather more often and quickly,she said we'd finished and her breasts were now fine. - "That's it. Up you get then!" - Not thinking,I done just that and lo-and-behold,there was the cocky one's helmet poking from my pants with a nice collar of foreskin rather like a vicar's collar wrapped around the rear half of the knob.

Without batting an eye,mum said. - "It affected you as it did me I see!" - I stood with a meek smile on my face. - "Here,give us a kiss" - A small peck,lips to lips shook me rigid - not by the kiss mind,NO! - It was mum's hand that shook me. In that moment her hand was up the leg of my pants and grasping the root of my hardon,she pulled at it until she had exposed it and in seconds her face and lips puckered as she presented them to the head of my cock. Her teeth was shrouded by her lips as she pressed them against the head of cocky and pulled at its root to get it into her mouth.

Like a dummy I stood looking down as about to suck me she purred, - "Its my turn to let you feel what it was like when you sucked my nipples" - I had no idea if this was going to be anything like she had felt,but she said it so its going to happen. - No sooner had her lips gathered in the full head of my cock than I felt her tongue swirl under my shaft and start driving me mad as at the same time her cheeks hollowed then filled as she created a vacuum effect then slipped her mouth back and forward - only slightly - before sucking hard at it again.

I couldn't take this,at any second I knew my cock was going to blast a whole load of cum and this was going to hit the back of mum's throat. The nerves at my ass was twitching right into my sac. Fuck, I tried to ease my knob back away from mum's mouth. She realised and gripped my cocks root un-mercifully as she now sucked at it with a vengeance.

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   Up it went,shot after fucking shot of cum pumped from me,she sucked even harder and in the last moment,she drew her teeth up the back of my most sensitive area. - "There! That's like you made me feel down there when you were sucking" - Looking at the full length of my cock,she ran her finger with her thumb under the back of my shaft right up it until the last glob of sperm teared out of its eye. Looking at it still stiff, -"You know,I didn't realise just how big you would be at sixteen. Do you realise what all this has done to me?" - She rolled back into the chair and opened her legs. Clearly the knicker's had a very wet patch where her now visible pussy slit was. - "I'm soaking. You can if you want too,I guess you haven't yet,but it'll be even better than what I just done to it.

She'd decided - "Give them a pull,catch hold up here on the waist and pull them off of me" - I have no idea if this was giving her a buzz,but as the whiteness of her belly and then the dark bushiness of her pubes came into view as I pulled her knickers off. I hesitated to take in the view. MY FIRST CUNT! - "What's the matter?" - I started again and as she lifted slightly I saw her now bare ass cheeks and as she helped by pulling her leg up and out of the knicker's the full extent of her pussy was there before me. My cock throbbed and wrestled with my pants as she pulled at it to strip these pants out of the way.

It was so natural as I lay on mum now flat on the floor and slid into her warm wet slit. I had no trouble getting it right up inside her, - "Lift your body with your arms so I can play a bit" - I lay poised as mum rubbed at her clitoris before with a few quick gasps she entered her orgasm and commanded I fuck her ass off. - No problem,I pounded into her vagina until every thrust made a slapping noise on her by now very wet pussy area. The slapping got faster and harder until she gasped,- "You're going to cum" - "Yeah! Yeah! What shall I do?" - "Just shoot it,it'll be alright" - I did and I did several more times that week.

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So here I am,with my hand on mum's belly feeling the next little trooper kicking at my hand like mad. - "Do you reckon its mine mum?" - "Can't be anybody else's! I guess"- mmm! Where did she get the last one from,I ask myself - "Hey mum,where did you get the little tyke from then?" - A knowing smile crossed her lips, - "Mind your own dammed business - enough that you know you're shagging your and my brains out everyday. Now get on me and stop playing around with her,its me that's needing attention!" "Ok! Ok! 7" of seventeen year old coming up!"