My aunt and me.


Yes the time is history,but the action is as real now as it was back then; The bombing being overhead had made us pile into our Anderson shelter in England while the bombers poured bombs from above and had fallen far to near for our liking.
Me, my aunt, a cousin, being her daughter and my teen sister were sheltering there when the earth shook. We heard glass shattering close by. "There goes our windows,be bloody drafty in bed,that is assuming old Hitler's going to let us get back to our beds,if we still have any beds to get back too"
Aunt's comments were suited to the times. A head in a white tin helmet - ARP Air raid warden - appeared at the shelter opening. "You lot alright down there,looks like your house copped it,on this side anyway,don't know about the front" - "Yeah,we're all okay,have they passed on then?" - "Looks like it,give it ten minutes and come up and see how your home looks,if its buggered,go down to the hall,they're sorting out bunk beds for the night if you're homeless" - "OK,you get on,we'll see to ourselves" - That was about it for my aunt,the aunt that focused my attention. . . Yeah,I had a crush on this mature female approaching forty. Yeah,I knew the teen cousin and funnily my teen sister taunted me with comments about wanting to see and play with my dick in exchange for them allowing me the same opportunity with their sexual assets. But my aim was seeing while not having a hope in hell of playing with my aunts pussy and nipples.

On this occasion,I headed the exiting of our shelter - devious I know,in the hope of getting a look down my aunts front at her tits as she scrambled out of the rather limited opening - I was not to be disappointed. Standing awkwardly on the hem of her dress as she stooped and straightened,the buttons popped open one after the other right up the front excepting the top one. The dress now like a cloak,drooped each side of her hips and in the light of a lingering parachute flare,her naked thighs were exposed whitely in the eerie glow.

More still,her knickers were stretched over her skin as with one leg up on the outer edge and the other still on the makeshift step below,her pussy bulged inside those knickers while her ample bosoms trembled like jellies above the bra' cups she was inclined to wearing. Instantly,regardless of any danger my cock bulged at the front of my trousers.

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   Having no shame I offered a hand to her which meant her face was no more than a foot or so from this beast of mine.

"Thanks Rod' this bloody shelters so bloody awkward to get in and out of. . . Still it is for blast protection I suppose" - "Yeah,good job you're so supple in body" - Her eyes met mine and the suspicions of what I interpreted as a dirty smile crossed her lips. My cock twitched,had she seen what her body had done to me? Me the teen just short of military age with hormones running amok amongst all the mature deprived housewives missing their husbands attentions as many blokes were gone off to war. My aunt had by now already become a 'war widow' .

So it was,we trooped off to look at the front windows and stuff. Clearly the back was okay except for no glass in the frames. The front was better,all in tack! We piled in through the front door, - "Mind all this glass you girls,it might cut your shoes,so step carefully" - Aunt ascertained,we could stay,but clearly only the two front bedrooms were habitable for the night. Hormones racing I awaited what she was going to decide about sleeping arrangements. - "You girls, - they had secret grins, hidden from auntie but visible to me - you two are no problem,together in the one bed in your room cynthia. Rod' you'll just have to tough it out in my room"

Although unclear how,I anticipated a good look at my aunts body parts, - well her tits and cunt I hoped - We went to the two rooms,cousin and sister were clearly disenchanted,I knew they thought they'd gotten a chance to handle my balls. - TOUGH! - So now it was my turn to be disappointed. In the dark and with the blackout curtain in tatters, - strange that? - no light could be used,so I could barely see my aunt as she undressed as likewise she would not be able to see my still hard cock as it stood out front in my pants.

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"We better keep our underclothes on because we can't see any shards of glass in any nightclothes. - You girls,sleep in what you've got on because of any glass" - "Yeah! We figured that mum. Goodnight" - They chorused. The bed squeaked as I on one side and aunt on the other entered the bed. - First stroke to aunt,one of her boobs still in her bra' pressed against my arm as we pulled the bedclothes over us. No comment about this,but aunt spoke quietly now. - "You might not be too keen on sleeping with an old woman,but I couldn't help noticing as we left the shelter it wouldn't be wise of me to let you go in with them" - Fuck,she had seen my hardon. - "Anyway,we'll manage,you and I. Who knows,the way tonight went,we might be all killed in our beds before morning if they comeback"

I became conscious that my cock had touched the knicker covered ass cheek of my aunt. - "Such a bloody waste,young men like you going off to war having never had an experience. . . Rod' forget I said that,but you know what I mean!" - I pressed my luck by pushing slightly closer. It was clear she could feel what was against her. - "Always like that are we?" - "MMM" - "That's what I mean" We lay quiet now,then "Oh what the hell! - I know I shouldn't" - I lay undaring to breath as my aunt gently wriggled until I felt naked skin where her pants had been,she was working her knicker's down over her hips and on down her thighs.

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   I knew they were at her knees now as my cock pulsed in excitement against the bare warm flesh of her bum. I'd managed to place it in the groove leading from her ass crack to her quims slit.

"You can do it if you want" - My heart was trying to pound itself out thro' my rib cage as I moved my hips in and out towards her ass. There was wetness along her slit,I didn't know if it was mine or hers or in fact both of our love juices,but I felt it making it easy for my hardon to slide along her until I felt a slight bump against a lip that could only be her quims entrance. Instinct made me adjust myself lower down the bed behind her spoon like and on doing so my cock slipped into her vagina. A quiet gasp told me she'd wanted it like I was doing it.

"Keep it quiet,we mustn't let them hear us" - Instinctively my arm wrapped around her hips and I was away,as I pumped at her she thrust into my pubic area and in moments I felt her orgasm on to my cock. - "Its cumming" - "I know I can feel it,do it inside me,like I said,no point in worrying about tomorrow,we might all be dead" - That done it,my cum spurted shot after shot up inside auntie. She kept up the thrusting and I just knew I'd brought her to another orgasm although I had little experience of making a woman cum off.

We lay together for ages,then she slid me out of her. As she turned I felt the fullness of her naked tits,she'd lost the bra' her mouth closed against my lips and I was in ecstasy as our kiss linguered and sent thrills down thro' my body. - "We'll do some more in a bit,we shouldn't I know,but we will. I'll let you lay on top of me for it" We slumbered some, then on awakening I moved over her and between her legs. - "Before we do this,play with me for awhile,see if you can feel - her hand guided my fingers until I felt her clitoris, - Yes,tickle it there until you feel me going stiff under you then push it in and fuck me again"

Two more sperm offering from me after making her orgasm and the daylight appeared thro' the broken curtains, - "Bloody hell,have we been doing it that long? Keep it to yourself and we'll do it some more if you liked it" - "What about my cum inside you?" - I saw her smiling, - "I'll worry about that,just you grow some more for me,the stuff you just put in me was fantastic!" - She didn't object as I had my first look at her pussy,the softness,the ripply lips so soft when I touched them and the firmness of her vulva. She lay still as I pulled the lips apart and smiled as I saw my cum looking back at me.

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   -"Its running back out,my cums running back out of you!" - she raised her strong thighs apart - "Some is,you've put a lot more than that in there. Better in there than in those youngbodies in the next room" - "Aunt,you thought I'd do them if I'd slept in their bed?" - Looking at me in the light. -"Wouldn't you have,they're always giggling and hot whenever you're around,they'd let you you know!" - I stayed silent - "Yeah,there you are,I knew you would have and like I say,they'd have let you,even that horny young sister of yours,they're always egging each other on about you!"

My mind had to absorb that,I'll-tell-you.