Topic: MY AUNT'S PUSSY,IF ONLY My aunt's pussy,if only!
 Yes,if only I had the balls to risk month's now,I'd wanked myself stupid fanticising I was fucking my aunt. The very aunt,who had a hour glass figure,larger than life tits with even larger than life firm nipples. An ass to behold and a furry pussy puckered that made it look like it was virgin. . . Oh yes,I'd seen these attributes of her's I made sure of that,in fact I'd convinced myself she'd equally made sure I had. I just couldn't prove it to myself in own my mind,if I had,I'd convinced myself I would have had a go at fucking her.
 Oh yes,she was smutty alright and she knew I knew she'd flashed me on various occasions. Her grin told me that and my grin told her I enjoyed every moment of it. Then came the moment. It was,if you can believe it,at the wake of her dear departed husband,yeah,he'd snuffed it and my aunt was getting pissed beyond anything I'd ever seen. . . Understand,she was no drinker,but whether by intent or not she was pissed.
 I suppose in a way I'd been her confidant over the years of his illness,so it was no surprise when the family eventually left,she asked me to stay with her. She lolloped on the settee and between fits of giggling and sorrow,she'd flop against me making her tits press at my torso and in trying to right herself,more than once her hand pressed against my trapped half hard cock.

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   She looked at me through blurry vision. "You know,I'd tell no one but you. I'm a widow now and guess what? I feel Oh so horny,me still at my husband's wake!" 'Aunt,I expect all sorts of emotions are inside trying to get out' "Yeah,its just that I need a cock, - Her hand went to her mouth, - s-o-r-ry!. . . s-o-r-ry! she stumbled, - obviously the booze had got her, - I shouldn't have said that,but I do,REALLY!"
 'Come on aunt its beddy by-by's for you. Come on let me get you up there' No argument,she staggered with my aid to the stairs. "Let me,leave me a minute,I can make it" On all fours she started to ascend the stairs,I followed in case she toppled. - I know it was cheating,but my view was of black stockings,white thighs and a dress riding high up my aunt's haunches revealing black knickers. Her underclothes was in mourning and my flag pole was at full mast enjoying this view. What a heathen my aunt's body had made me.
 Now in her bedroom,I helped her undress. I,awkwardly inexperienced in womens clothes,tried to help her with her dress. In trying to drag it over her head I only succeded in dragging her bra up and making her breast pop out of the bottom. "No,No,not that way,pull it off my shoulder's it goes down not up boy" By now she was giggling and flopping to and fro on the bed.

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   Getting her to stand some I managed to get the dress down and off with her one tit still dangling below her bra' She seemed completely unaware of this as I started to unclip this item. As I got it off,she held both her tits as if to hide them.
 "Naughty boy,I'm not so drunk I don't know you're looking at these" I nearly came in my pants as she jiggled them with her hands,I noticed the nipples were solid as was my hardon. "God,I need to pee! She,helped by me struggled into the toilet,on trying to pull her knickers away to let herself pee she yelled, "Help me,the suspender belts stopping me getting them out the way" She was bent half into the throne position as I reached across the top and back of her to press her knickers down off her bum and past the suspender belt clips.
 Just in time they came clear as she gushed a waterfall into the pan. I'd stood away some to be presented with the view of my aunts belly,pussy fur and cunt streaming piss. This I'd never seen before and I watched mesmerised as the flow retreated to a dribble. Now having spun an ample amount of tissue she dapped at her pussy, "You're looking at my pussy" Giggling deliciously now, "Help me I can't walk with these around my ankles and I'll fall over if I try to pull them off. Like any true hero to a maiden in distress,I squatted before her and pulled her knickers up while my face now looked at her pussy only inches from my lips. My cock was going berserk in my pants.
 I followed her ass with her panty's just a black line across the cheeks of her ass,neither up nor down. She collapsed back on the bed with her legs up, "Get them off of me, - giggle, giggle, and close your eyes doing it, giggle, giggle, - you're a dirty little sod,I can see you're looking, you!" I was and what I saw I wanted. 'Aunt,when just now you said you needed a, - I hesitated, - "What was that then? what that I needed to pee?" - no you said you were horny, "did I? I didn't know I said that" - I chickened out, don't worry,it was nothing really'
 She by this time had let me get her suspender belt and stockings off with the only comment, "Careful your nails don't ladder them" and much giggling. I'm sure she was playing me along,but for how long I wondered. I'd already decided this was my best chance of fucking her and getting away with it,but again,did I have the balls to risk it? With no central heating and me closely looking at every view my aunt inadvertantly or not offered,I determined she wasn't going to get under the bed clothes without aiding.

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   'Roll that way and I'll tuck you under the clothes' She rolled onto her side as I pulled and eventually got her into bed.
 I don't think she was really shivering, "Its cold in here,I'm used to having someone laying by me" 'Use the bolster, (Double length pillow) down the side of you' "No,you'd be warmer" 'Aunt,you're asking me to climb in with you?' "Yeah,course I am!" I didn't need two chances,knowing she was naked,I got naked PDQ. and before she could change her mind,I was spooned in behind her. I felt her go goosey, "You're hard, - I trembled, - just now,you were asking me if I really needed a cock like I said down stairs,yes? - 'yes' I stammered! well get on with it,I do and what I can feel against my bum is just what the doctor ordered" Without further ado,she eased her thighs open and reaching down between them she pulled my hardon against the slipperness of her quim.
 "Go on then,do me,I'm gasping for a cock" I couldn't believe my luck,just how long had she been gasping for a cock as she put it? and had she been trying to lure me onto her for ages but until the booze she'd hoped,I'd take her hinting for the past few months. Now all wasted,why the fuck hadn't I tried it on with her earlier? - I moved my hips back and forth against her ass until she bent ever so slightly forward and my cock slipped up her pussy. It was like a trigger,she jerked and pressed against my pubic bone as she tried to devour every inch of my hardon,then she was off. She fucked at me and me at her till with a double explosion we came off together. Spurt after spurt I shot into my aunt until I could spurt no more. I came to a shuddering stop with my hardon still pulsing inside her.  
 It felt as though we'd been doing this for a lifetime as she rolled me and her body half back so that her body was sort of laying on mine and with her thigh's open she pulled my hand round to her clit and pressed it deep into her slit with my hardon still deep inside her quim. "Wank me,rub my clit as you fuck me again,god,I've been masterbating while thinking of you doing this to me for ages" What a bastard,why the hell hadn't she told me? 'Me too' I uttered, "Lets do it some more then,come on fuck me,please,hard as you like" She was girating against my young innocent fingering, "Go quicker and harder,the very thought of your innocence up inside me is making me cum again,AAAGH! I'M C-U-M-M-I-N-G-G" She did as did I. We drifted off to sleep now and coming awake first,I started feeling all over my sexy aunts anatomy. She in turn stretched after awhile and rolled onto her back.
 "What a lovely nights sleep that was" I had my fingers in her pussy.

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   She gently pushed my fingers out from it, "No,you'll make me pee myself,we'll have a shower,then some breakfast,then spend the rest of our day making love. How does that sound to you?" 'Fine,but can't you have a quick pee and then let me have you before breakfast?' "No! No! I promise you,you'll need all the calories you can get before the day's out as with the loving I intend to give you" She took hold of my flag staff. "And you my lover,I'll soften you up by this evening" Her head darted under the bedclothes and she kissed and sucked the end of my hardon. Smiling she bobbed back up and out of bed,displaying a rear view of pussy ass and fur as she bent over. Looking back over her shoulder now and giggling,
 "You like? You chase your aunty too get" She,now screeching,as she shot out of the bedroom with me in hot persuit. "Go on,go and put the kettle on while I'm peeing" 'I can't I need to pee as well' "I'm surprised there's anything left in it after what you pumped up me through the night" We laughed together at this. 'He's full to the brim again,just say the word' As she stood,I kissed her and her me,as my hardon pressed at her belly. I had the sensation of her lifting a leg and before I knew it she'd dropped her pussy onto my cock and started fucking me. Fuck! I'm dying for a piss but my hormones took control and I started to rise to another orgasm,cumming in her again was exquisite.
 "There now behave" she pulled away and I hoping to piss moved over the throne. Standing there with nothing happening except some residue of my cum dripping, "Go on then pee,you said you were bursting" Giggling now, "You can't can you,my pussy done for you,me giving in to you wanting to fuck me" Ha! Ha! "That'll learn you,come on down when you've got it working again" She wiggled her sensuous bum at me and trotted down the stairs. My cock ached to piss but it wasn't till it started to soften before I managed a gradual piss. On arriving down stairs,I told her she had a sadistic streak in her,she just giggled some more. I wondered what the day holds for us.


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