My Beautiful Aunt Kate


Topic: My Beautiful Aunt Kate     When I was a young boy I remember my favorite times were when Aunt Kate came to visit. She was ten years younger than my mother and she was beautiful, fun, and full of life. She would come and stay at our beach house every summer. She always brought me and my brothers games and toys, we loved having her around.
     My most cherished memory of her was the summer I turned thirteen. That was the first year I saw my Aunt Kate as not only the fun girl who built sandcastles with me and brought me special presents but as the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in real life. That was when I noticed how perfect her body was, she was thin but she had large firm breasts and her ass perfectly round.  I had trouble keeping my excitement under wraps while watching her in her string bikini on the beach. Her skin was tan and her hair was long and wavy. She caught me staring at her often but she didn't seem to mind, she'd just smile at me.  
     One night I had to go into Aunt Kates room, I had left my favorite t shirt in the closet of the guest room where she was staying during her visit. I knocked on her door but there was no answer. I heard the shower going in the bathroom so I thought I could slip in and out quickly. I went into to the closet and then I heard the shower turn off. I was just about to run out when Aunt Kate came out of the bathroom in her silk robe. She didn't notice the closet door was now slightly open and I stayed in the shadows so she wouldn't see me.

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   I knew it was wrong to spy on someone but I couldn't help it. I wanted to see her so badly. She sat on the bed and started rubbing lotion on her legs. I could feel my dick getting hard while I was watching her rub her long tan legs. Then she dropped her robe and she was standing in just a bra and panties, this is when I dropped my boxers just enough so that I could rub my dick while staring at her hot body