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I remembered when we were in high school, several girls had asked me about Clay's package, but since I'd never seen him naked, I didn't have a clue. The rumor was that he was hung like a horse, and while he was sexually active, it was rumored few girls in school had been able to take his massive dick. Seeing the bulge in his boxers, I thought that the stories might be true. I stood letting my towel drop to the floor, and walked over to Clay and put my hands on his chest. He just stood there as I slid my hands down to the top of his boxers, and down to his massive dick that had worked its way out of the fly in his shorts. It was gigantic; 10 inches long and as big around as my wrist. While he stood there, I knelt down and started licking the head. He groaned deeply as my tongue slide up and down inside the little slit of his manhood. I pulled his boxers down, stood and pulled him as close as I could, considering my bulging tummy and his bulging dick were in the way. Suddenly he gently picked me up and placed me on the bed. We kissed and caressed each other for a long time and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. Not only my pussy was leaking, but my breasts were leaking pre-milk as well. Clay sat up and explored my pregnant body from head to toe, gently massaging my breasts, tummy and pussy. I was so hot that I thought I would die if I didn't get some type of release. Clay got between my legs, spread my pussy lips and ran his tongue the full length of my gash. I cried out in passion, and a shudder went through my body.

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   He continued eating, massaging and caressing me until I had three orgasms, all the time working 2-3 fingers in and out of my throbbing pussy. Clay sat up, and asked "Are you sure you want to do this?" I begged him not to stop. I was already pregnant so that wasn't an issue, and if he didn't do me I would go crazy. My husband penis is only about 5 inches long, and about as big around as a broomstick. Since he was the only man I'd ever had, I assumed that was average, but Clay's massive dick almost scared me. He spread my pussy lips with his fingers and eased the crown of his tool into my sopping pussy. I stretched to take it. Painfully at first, it was almost like my first time. I cried out as he pushed his dick slowly into my cunt. Slowly it pressed in, and I could feel every ridge and vein as it slid in. Clay pushed my knees further apart, and was careful not to put his weight on my bulging tummy. My pussy was painfully accepting the girth of his dick, but there was no way I would be able to accept its full length. With two inches left to go, the head came to rest against my swollen cervix. I cried out in pain as the pressure became too much. My pussy was painfully stretched, and Clay kept pressing trying to get deeper in my pregnant pussy.

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  I ask him to stop a moment and let me adjust to the size of his dick. It was gigantic, and I was adjusting to its size as he slowly pulled it out of my pussy. It felt like something was sucking my guts out through my vagina. Lord it hurt… But in the pain I reached and incredible orgasm I had ever had. I cried out as my orgasm peaked. Clay started thrusting into my body, slowly at first, but his tempo began picking up, as did the hardness of his thrusts. Each penetration went deep and ended with the head of his cock pushing hard against my cervix. My pussy was adjusting to the size, and he was almost getting the full length inside of me. As he pumped deeper and harder, I could feel my baby moving around inside my womb. These two things together brought me to the hardest orgasm of my life. Over and over I came, crying out for him to fuck me harder and deeper. Suddenly I got a cramp in my upper thigh. Damned bad time to get it, but I was in real pain and had to stop. I pushed Clay off and out of me, and when he realized what was happening he helped me massage the knotted muscle until the cramp went away. I was standing up, so I turned around, bent at the waist and put my hands and arms on the foot of my bed, exposing my ass and cunt to Clay.

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   He came up behind me and spread my pussy lips with one hand. , and with the other he slid the head of his dick up and down my cunt until the head came to rest against the entrance to my pussy. He grabbed my hips, and in one smooth motion he pushed the entire length of his dick into my body. I gasped and then cried out as his dick was buried deep inside of my body. He just held it there. Pushing hard with his hips. My cunt contracted and tried to milk his dick… After what seemed like an hour, he started pumping in and out of me, and with each thrust I cried out in pleasure. Faster he pounded into me and all I could do was to hold myself from falling. My knees were like Jell-o, but Clay held me upright. He pulled out of me, and we moved back to the bed. I got on my hands and knees, pulled some pillows up to support my belly and upper body. Again with my ass in the air, Clay thrust into my burning pussy. I was beyond all rational thought as he fucked and fucked his big sister. His thrusts became deeper, harder and faster. I knew he was going to cum soon, and I wanted it all, deep inside of my pregnant pussy.

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   As he pumped faster I heard a growl escape his chest, and I felt his cock start to spasm deep inside of me. He cried out, and rammed his full length into my pregnant body and spilled his incestuous seed deep inside of me. He collapsed beside of me, and pulled me close. Holding me that way we fell asleep totally spent. We woke up around noon still in each other's arms. That was 7 months ago. My daughter was born happy and healthy. Clay found work, and has his own place 3 miles from our house. Not being pregnant has cut back on the hormone surges, but I'm still horny as a Billy goat. The next time my husband is away on business, I plan on inviting Clay over for dinner, so I can offer him my new petite un-pregnant body. .

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