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This is about the next time my cousin and I got together. This time it also happened when we were at my grandparents house. I was staying in the bedroom with a shower. My cousin was using the shower and when she was done had to walk through my room to get to hers across the hall. Well I wasn't paying any attention because I was in my own little world jacking off and she walked in on me masturbating. I threw the covers over myself and she said don't mind her she was enjoying watching and for me to continue. So I pulled the covers off of me and continued. Soon she asked if she could do it for me and I said sure. So she climbed up in the bed beside me and grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I got so into it I reached up under the towel and started rubbing her pussy as she stroked me. We went on for a few minutes till I said want to try something different and she said yes. So I got up and laid down opposite of her and rolled her on top of me to where we were in 69. She bent down and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking the head as she stroked it. I spread her legs out so it would lower her pussy right down on my mouth so I wouldnt have to strain my neck as I ate her out. I then slid two fingers inside her pussy as she bucked her hips grinding and fucking my face with her pussy. She was fucking my face so hard I thought I was going to have to stop, but some relief came as she came and nearly drowned me in her hot cum.

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   She layed there ontop of me resting till she asked if she could see what my cock felt like inside her. I was a little reluctant, but she assured me it was ok and noone would ever find out. So I said ok and she leaned up and slid from my face down to my cock leaving a trail of her juices across my chest and down my stomach. When she got to my cock she grinded her pussy on my cock covering it in her juices before she picked it up and rub the head of my cock around at her opening of her pussy. She then slowlyslid down on it inch by inch moaning as it stretched her open. She then began slowly rocking on it to get use to it before starting to slide all the way up its length and slide back down on it over and over. She rode me for a bit till I decide there was a better position to help get us off which was doggy style. So I told her to get on all fours and I got behind her and slid my cock in her pussy. I started slowly at first, but it wasn't long before I was fucking her hard and watching her sexy shake as my thighs slammed into it as I pounded her pussy. I would fuck her on and off like that only stopping because she would get to loud and didn't want to get caught fucking my cousin by my grandparents. She told me why you keep stopping and I said it's cause you're getting too loud. She said she couldn't help it that she was about to cum. So I started fucking her hard again and as she got louder. I pressed her face down into the pillows on the bed and started fucking her as hard as I could. Then I felt her start spasming till boom I felt the orgasm rip through her body and felt a sudden warm sensation at the base of my cock and on my balls.

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   She was squirting like a fountain which made me start to cum. So I pulled out and pulled her head up out of the pillows and right as she let out a moan I shoved my cock in her mouth. The feeling of her moaning as she sucked and licked on my cock was so amazing. I came as hard as I ever have shooting huge load after huge load right into her throat. Which got her to choking and spitting it up all over my cock. she pulled my cock from her mouth and started licking to come up from my cock, my balls, and even licked up the cum that ran down to my asshole which she got up while giving my asshole a nice tongue bath. We laid there awhile holding one another till she said she was going to got to her bed before someone came in and caught us naked together and covered in each others cum. So she got up kissed me and kissed my cock and was about to walk out before I grabbed her pulled her over to me and kissed her pussy and licked her clit one last time and told her good night. .

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