My Daughter, My Owner


I had always been extremely proud of my daughter Jenna. She was straight A student and an incredible gymnast. She seemed to excel at everything she tried. She was also as beautiful as her late mother.
In her first year of high school while most kids are awkward and geeky Jenna’s confidence only grew, justifiably, as her body blossomed into luscious womanhood. Her body was utterly perfect, not an ounce of fat except for her extraordinary breasts. I wasn’t sure of her size but I know they aren’t a standard size, obviously bigger than double Ds. Her body is firm and muscular, long, very strong legs, an amazingly tight little butt, and a firm, flat stomach. She is very strong. Honestly, I wouldn’t test the strength of my legs against hers. All this topped off by her beautiful face, reminiscent of her mother but honestly even more beautiful, with her full, succulent lips and piercing blue eyes and her long, soft blond hair.
She regularly wears only a t-shit and panties around the house and lately it’s become difficult to hide my erection when she’s in the room. I tried desperately to think of a way to talk to her about this. It might have been doable but for the insane feelings I get that she knows exactly how hot she gets me and enjoys my discomfort.
Now she had finished her first year of high school with her usual perfect grades and numerous awards and she was, quite honestly, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I was definitely going to have to do something about this situation, having her home all summer.


Just last night she plopped down in my lap like she hadn’t done in years. She was wearing her usual tight shirt and panties and she had to feel the huge erection in my pants but she just continued to giggle and tease me, shifting her unbelievable ass around on my cock, it was only through a massive act of will power that I kept from creaming my pants.
I got her off of me as quickly and casually as I could but my face was beet red and there was a huge tent in my pants as I scurried away. She was still giggling. She knew exactly what she was doing to me and she was loving it! What the hell was she playing at??
Since then I had tried to avoid her.
Hiding from my own daughter in my own house!
Now I was mulling over these thoughts in my head, walking down the hall. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Jenna strutted out completely naked with a towel wrapped around her wet hair.
“Oops! I didn’t hear you out here! No peaking, Daddy!” She giggled while practically thrusting her enormous breasts in my face.
Without another word, and with no attempt to cover herself, she turned and slunk down the hall, swinging her luscious hips in a way that guaranteed my eyes would be glued to her ass.
At the door to her room she paused and smiled at me wickedly before stepping in. I stood there with my mouth hanging open and my dick threatening to bust my zipper for several minutes before I remembered to move. Then I practically ran to my room to jerk off.
Jerking off to my own daughter was a terribly guilty pleasure but once the taboo was broken I found I couldn’t stop. I did it five more times over the next two days. Maybe at least this would help me keep my cool around her.

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   But if she kept pulling stunts like that shower incident I would have to find a way to put a stop to it.
I was in my den, trying to get some work done while Jenna was out and I completely lost track of time. Finally I heard Jenna come in talking loudly and also heard a male voice.
I glanced at the clock. 1 a. m. ! She was three hours late! That girl was out of control and it was time to put a stop to it.
I marched through the house, Jenna was still talking loudly and she wasn’t hard to find. They were in her bedroom and she wasn’t allowed to have boys in her bedroom.
The bedroom door was wide open and I intended to storm in but what I saw made me stop short. Jenna, with her back to me, slammed the guy up against the wall. He was several inches taller than her(even though she was 5’ 9” and wearing very high heels) and very muscular but she manhandled him like a child. He was bare chested and his shirt lay on the floor. Shredded, apparently, by my daughter.
“Hey! Watch it!” He said indignantly.

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“Shut up!” She growled, capturing his mouth in an aggressive kiss.
Neither of them had seen me yet and suddenly I was terrified of Jenna catching me watching her. I slipped behind the door but continued to observe them through the small crack.
Jenna wore a tiny miniskirt and a tight shirt, painted over her massive breasts and leaving her midriff bare, and knee high black boots with very high heels.
I had always trusted Jenna and had no idea she went out dressed like that. I wondered how long this had been going on and I wondered how much sex my daughter has had as I watched her continue to kiss the big stud while pulling down his pants.
He was actually gasping for breathe when she finally broke the kiss. She spun him around and shoved him onto the bed. I noticed that he had an enormous cock, it looked to be nearly ten inches, and also that he was much older than her. He didn’t look much younger than me!
Then my fifteen year old daughter pounced on her lover. There was no other way to describe it. She pounced on the guy like a predatory cat on her prey. She continued to remind me of a jungle cat as she proceeded to claw and bite at the guy in a frenzy of lust.
This was too much. I pulled out my rock-hard dick and started jerking off as my daughter mauled her date.

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She tore off her shirt and crushed his face against her enormous tits as I shot my load.
As the wave of euphoria rushed over me I realized that Jenna was making no effort to be quiet. She hadn’t even closed the door! She wanted me to see this. And that meant she knew I was watching right now!
I grabbed my dick and began to beat it like crazy as Jenna impaled herself on the stud’s enormous member and started bouncing up and down on it.
I came three more times watching Jenna aggressively fuck the guy. Finally, nearly two hours later, she rolled off him and stretched luxuriously on the bed, giving me and her sex partner a magnificent view of her flawless body.
She leaned over and kissed him. “That was fun. Close the door on your way out. ”
“What? You want me to just leave?” He sounded angry but I could tell he was also more than a little scared of Jenna. And I couldn’t blame him a bit.
“That’s right. ” She said simply.
He stood up and pulled on his pants and ruined shirt.
“Will you call me?”

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  ” She said realized I had to get the hell out of here. I dashed down the hall and hid in my room.
I don’t know how many times I jerked off that night in bed but it had to be a record for me.
Over the next two weeks Jenna got even more obvious in her flirting with me. And she brought home more guys. A new one every night! And she fucked them all over the house, knowing damn well that I was watching. In her room, in the hot tub, on the kitchen table, even in my bed. She got more and more aggressive with each guy. She frankly scared me as much as she turned me on now. Which was a huge turn on, of course. And she got a lot louder, daring me to try to put a stop to it.
Being around her was intensely uncomfortable now. I stayed in my room almost all the time. I felt like a prisoner in my own home.
Also she had some kind of project going on in the basement.

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   She spent long hours down there during the day and fucked big studs all over the house at night. While she was gone I snuck down to investigate and found a new padlock on the door to the back room.
That night she took her latest date directly down there and for once closed the door behind her. I snuck down and put my ear to the door. I could hear the usual screams, muffled by the heavy door, but this time was different. The screaming was much louder and most sounded more like pain than pleasure. What were they doing in there??
I gave up trying to see through the nonexistent cracks around the door and went to my room to jerk off. Eventually I heard the front door open and close and the big guy walking toward his car. He was limping.
The next morning I was showering, trying not to think about the fact that Jenna had been screwing some big black guy’s brains out right here two days ago.
The curtain fluttered and Jenna stepped into the shower in front of me, completely naked.
“Hi, Daddy. ” She cooed, and began to stroke my chest.
“Jenna! What the hell??” I shouted. Of course, I should have seen this coming.

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“Oh come on, Daddy. I know you’ve been watching me fucking those big studs. I know you wish it was you I was fucking. ” Her icy blue eyes drilled into mine. She giggled. “And there’s enough cum in your sheets to start a sperm bank!”
“Jenna, no!” I pushed her hands off me.
“Your mouth says no, but this says yes!” She reached out and grabbed my huge erection, which was now so swollen it brushed against her firm stomach, and squeezed it hard.
“Well,” she shrugged. “If you don’t want me to fuck you, I guess I’ll just have to rape you. ”
Then my fifteen year old daughter slammed me hard against the tile wall and stuffed my erect cock into her hot, hungry cunt.
Jenna raped me, clawing and biting me just like one of her dates, just the way I had been dreaming she would for weeks. I resisted, but that just made it even hotter. I wanted this. I wanted my gorgeous, sadistic daughter raping me! She was more vicious and sadistic than I’d seen her with any guy so far.
When Jenna had finished with me I leaned against the wall gasping.

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   I think I came three times in her steaming hot love box.
“Now get down on your knees and clean up this mess you made in my cunt, Daddy. ”
I had seen Jenna make some of her dates do this so I wasn’t surprised. I sank submissively to my knees and began to lick her clean. Her cunt tasted so good, even though it was dripping with my cum.
Suddenly she flexed her powerful internal muscles, yanking my tongue deeper into her with crushing force.
“That’s right. Go deep, Daddy. ” She cooed as she started to grind her wet pussy against my face, using it as a dildo.
I was completely trapped inside her with my head trapped between her powerful thighs.
Finally she released me after having two more powerful orgasms on my face. She turned off the water and got out of the shower. I started to stand up but she pressed me back down.
“No, no. You stay there, Daddy.

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   I like the way you look on your knees.
I crawled awkwardly out of the bathtub and stood there on my hands and knees as she dried me and then started putting on a show for me drying her own extraordinary body.
Why was I obeying her??
I had to face the facts. I was terrified of my teenage daughter.
She was dry now and still completely naked. Her nudity exuded an undeniable power. A power that was far stronger than me. It was utterly humiliating but an incredible thrill that my daughter had this kind of power over me. Despite the brutal and exhausting rape my dick grew hard again.
“Now I’ve got a little surprise for you in the basement. Come, Daddy!”
She turned and strode out of the room and I scurried after her on my hands and knees.
Thankfully she let me walk down the basement stairs but at the bottom it was right back on my knees.
The door to the back room was unlocked now and she led me inside. My jaw dropped. Jenna had turned it into a full fledged dungeon! Whips and bondage devices and things I couldn’t even identify covered the walls.


“Come here, Daddy. ” She motioned me to the center of the room. “Now stand up. ”
I stood and she smiled up at me. She knew how scared I was. I was actually trembling. I must be crazy to be allowing this. I had a powerful urge to just run.
“Go ahead and run if you want, Daddy. That’ll just give me the fun of catching you. ” She grinned evilly.
Her icy blue eyes bored into me. I felt naked in front of her in more ways than one. I felt like I could never keep any secrets from her again.
“That’s right, Daddy.


   No more secrets. You belong to me now. ”
I was so shocked by the way she apparently read my mind that I offered no resistance, barely noticed, as she lifted my arms and clicked them into cuffs hanging from the ceiling. She ran her long nails slowly over my naked body as I hung there helpless. She flicked them painfully and erotically over my swollen dick and then turned to inspect the wall that was covered with whips.
She look down an enormous bull whip and weighed it experimentally in her hand.
“What do you think, Daddy? This one should do it, huh?”
My eyes were as big as saucers. That thing would tear me apart!
“No. I think this will do. ”
She hung up the huge whip and took down a whip with several lashes. It was still very big and I knew it would hurt like hell but I was just so relieved it wouldn’t be the other one.
Jenna walked casually behind me. I didn’t dare turn my head to look.
I jumped and screamed as the leather touched my back for the first time. Jenna giggled.


   I realized she was only brushing it against my back and shoulders. My face flushed with embarrassment.
The gentle touching stopped and she lashed me hard across the back with it. It hurt more than I would have thought. I bit my lip, determined not to scream again as she started whipping me with abandon.
Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I started to scream. I could tell she’d been waiting for this because her strokes grew harder and more vicious.
Finally I was sobbing uncontrollably, completely broken, every shred of defiance and self respect was gone. Nothing was left but utter surrender to my teenage daughter. Only then did she stop. I hung in the chains, covered with sweat and shaking uncontrollably. My back, shoulders, and ass were on fire.
Jenna came and put her arms around me from behind, pressing her soft breasts to my ravaged back. Her large, hard nipples bit into the abused flesh. She wrapped her hand around my painfully swollen cock and pulled it up and down, increasing my arousal but squeezing hard enough that I couldn’t cum.

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“Wasn’t that fun, Daddy?” She purred in my ear.
I could only moan in response.
She grabbed my chin and snapped it around so I was again confronted with her cruel blue eyes.
“When I ask you a question you will respond ‘Yes, Mistress. ’ Do you understand?”
“Yes, Mistress. ” I said wearily.
“Very good, slave. ” She captured my mouth in a forceful kiss that left me gasping for breathe.
She walked around in front of me, keeping a firm grip on my cock.
“Now I think this little guy needs some discipline. ” She flicked it playfully.
She went and hung the whip back on the wall and took down a smaller whip, also with several strips of leather. She was going to use that thing on my dick!
She stopped and stood in front of me. Even in my terror I couldn’t help but admire her magnificent, naked body.
“Ready, Daddy?”
I swallowed hard.

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   “Y-yes, Mistress. ” I whimpered.
She smiled evilly. “That’s what you think. ”
She started to flail my dick and balls mercilessly with the small whip. I moaned and whimpered as she whipped me. Then I took the only option I had and started begging.
“Stop Jenna! Please! Oh God, stop! You’re gonna kill me! Please!”
Jenna only giggled. I could tell my begging aroused her and only made her whip harder but I just couldn’t stop. I promised her anything and everything I could think of, I swore to be her slave forever. Finally I was again reduced to sobbing and she stopped.
She lifted my chin and kissed me again, this time more gently. “That’s right, Daddy. You are my slave forever. I own you and everything you owned.

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   I’ll whip you whenever I choose and rape you whenever I choose and that’s exactly what you want, isn’t it, Daddy?”
I nodded wearily. “Y-yes, Mistress. ”
“Good! Then let’s make it official. ”
She walked behind me, casually running her fingernails over my stomach and back. They kindled new fire in the ravaged skin of my back.
She was back there not saying anything for several minutes. And I smelled something like hot metal. I dared to twist my head around and look behind me. She was walking toward me from the other side of the room. My eyes bulged as I confirmed that that thing in her hand was a branding iron. I whimpered.
“Don’t worry, Daddy. It’ll only burn for a few minutes. ”
I screamed as she pressed the white-hot metal to my ass and then I lost consciousness.
I was awakened by Jenna gently slapping my face.

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“Wake up and see how pretty, Daddy. ” She cooed.
I opened my eyes and seeing her beautiful face made me smile even though it felt like there was a knife in my ass. I was still hanging in the chains.
She held up mirrors so I could see my own ass. There it was, the loopy, girlie version of her initials that I had been seeing doodled on her notebooks for years, now forever branded on my ass to show anyone who cared to look who I belonged to.
She grabbed me and kissed me again. So long and hard this time that I almost passed out again.
“My big, strong, sexy father, my very first slave. ” She purred. “I’m the luckiest girl in the world!”

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