My Day, Your Daughter, a Stranger, and You.


She smile and commented on the hot day, and I told her how nice she looked as she walked back out to her chair, I watched as he walk almost put me in a trance. Then I took your boxes up stairs to your room. Laid them on the bed and walked over to your dresser by the window to smell you perfume, my favorite, the Vanilla. As I did this I could see her out the window, spraying herself with the water bottle, I felt my cock move, getting thicker really. I pulled up the blinds to get a better view. What could be more exciting, thinking about our date that night and how you were going to look, smelling my favorite perfume and looking at this tasteful, sexy, little girl, out the window. Your girl. My cock began to harden and I wanted so badly to stroke in watching her, but I had a big night planned for us, and I couldn’t wait to see you. So after a few strokes, all in plain view. (really and secretatively, hoping she would see) I went back down the stairs and shut the door and left. I pick you up right at 6, and god you look amazing – the white sheer dress on you looks even better than I thought, you followed my instructions completely, I could tell nothing was on underneath, jus as you walk this certain way in the light. Your toes are freshly painted and the white heels I left for you fit perfect. I can smell the Vanilla. If you only knew my thoughts, the last time I smelt that Vanilla, I thought to my self. We hurry off to MeKongs, the place where I first met you. We sit in the back corner table with only candles and I order your food for you.

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   I kiss you and place your hand on my cock just as I did the first time we met. I can taste your lips, our food, your beauty and our lust. I oder drinks for us when the food is gone, and after I feel that you are feeling good and a few more hours go by we leave. Not before I tell you as I help you up again how incredible you look and how much I love you. – I wanna slide my cock in your right then-I take you to a Ballroom downtown that is connected to a movie theater. The lights are low, and the music, is low as well – really the sounds we hear are each others breath. Yours on my neck and then the gasp from when our lips part from kissing. Sometimes even the slight moan that escapes from your throat as you feel me press against you. The time is just going by, no one else is there, its getting late and I have one more surprise. We walk through the alley way to the movie theater, you realize this isn’t the normal movie place, this is an adult movie theater. Couples and men are there, going in and out of different rooms and booths. I can tell you are excited and extremely nervous as I see it in your eyes and feel it in your tremble. I get us a pass to the movie and some tokens for the booths, sitting in the theater I feel your breathing getting heavier, I place your hand on my cock and you unzip me. You take my cock out and begin to stroke me. We watch the movie and you are becoming more aroused by watching the girl on the screen suck to huge cocks.

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   The door opens in the back and you stop for a second, but I tell you its okay and you can continue. The guy from the darkness can’t see very well and sits in our row two seats from you. Once his eyes are adjusted he glaces over and watches you stroke me I motion for him to sit next to you and he moves over to get a better view. You look into my eyes and I tell you to reach over and put your hand on him also. He is sitting back in his seat now and touches your hair – running his fingers through it as I kiss you deep, my tongue in your mouth. I hear his pants unzip and I lean in to you closer and tell you to stroke him. Its ok, I say, I am here with you, you say oh my god Chris and grab my hand tight and reach over and take another cock in your hands. You look at me and I tell you to suck him in your mouth. You kneel and do exactly that he is touching your hair, moving it out the side of your face so we both can see. You look amazing. My woman, my lady, My cocksucker. I can tell he is close and I tell him not to cum in your mouth, that you only taste me, he pulls your mouth up from him and shoots his entire load on your cheeks, chin and neck. . I take you to the restroom area for you to clean yourself up, the lust and sin and beauty in your eyes is like none I have ever seen. When you cum out I take you in to the booth area.

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   We drop a few tokens in the darkness and and watch all the time I am kissing your lips feeling your tongue, smelling your Vanilla. I press you up against the wall, the wall that so many times before has had other people cuming and getting fucked against. I let my pants drop to the floor, my freshly shaved cock is against your smooth wet bare pussy, I lift you up and slide my cock in. Your face become filled with desire with each time my cock thrust in you. The booth grows dark, and I drop a few more tokens in, when we notice a hole in the wall and me always being the adventure one, slides his cock from your lovely pussy and looks down and into the hole. There is another couple in there. She happens from the looks of things to be the dominate on of there partnership. She has him on the cum soaked floor licking her red haired pussy. I tell you to come to me and watch with me, all the time thinking how wonderful you look in that dress. You watch and listen – they have spotted us watching but you stop watch and pull away. I hear her say you there!, put your cock through the hole, I want you to experience, the cock sucking of your life. You sit back on the bench and raise your leg up and being playing with you lovely shiney pussy. Please do it Chris let her suck your cock while I play with my self. I slide my cock through the hole, and look back at you you touching your self, since I can’t see her lips on me. Just then I feel the warm mouth, wet, soft, suck my cock all the way down, slurping me, more and more, looking at your eyes at you hands, your pussy, my eyes roll, back with each stroke from the mouth, I feel my balls tighten – I tell you I am about to cum and you come over and kiss me – long and hard deep in my mouth, I know you love me.

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   From the other side of the wall the woman asked me how good goes it feel to have my cock sucked, but it is still getting sucked. She wasn’t sucking me at all it was her husband, you and I both realize what is taking place and I slowing back away, sliding my self out of his mouth, you stand behind me – put my hands against the wall and whisper in my ear, let him finish. I slide my cock back through, and feel in tongue and jaws pumping my cock and I tell you I am about to cum and shoot my cock deep into his mouth. Drunk from lust and the drinks, we straighten out our clothes and head home. After some passionate kissing on your door step, you ask me to come in. Inside we notice that Meranda has fallen asleep on the couch watching tv, we cut out the lights and settle down on the floor to watch a movie that has just started. You go to get us a glass of water in the kitchen, and I look over at your girl sleeping peacefully. Her big T shirt has risen up on her thighs and I remember my thoughts earlier in the day. You walk out with drinks in your hand, and say she looks good doesn’t she and kiss me deep, I lay you down on the floor and kiss you over and over with only the tv light shining in the room, I slowing slide your beautiful dress up and move my self down to your ankles kissing lightly every inch of you until I get to you amazing wet pussy. I part you gently with my fingers and give you a long lick on your pussy, sucking your clit in my mouth after every lick your moaning excites me, and I want to slide inside of you so bad , but tasting you for the first time is all I want right now. Oh Chris, God!, is all you keep saying louder and louder, when I feel a hand on my leg. I look over and its Meranda, she has gotten up from the sound and was watching us. I am not even thinking about stopping, I have the woman I love and her sexy daughter in the same room. The lust in your eyes is driving you crazy and realize too what has just happened, she moves up and plays with your hair – watching me taste your pussy looking licking and biting her bottom lip, she gets on her knees and slide he panties off, she lifts her T shirt above her head and straightens her glasses, one of the sexiest things about her. I spread your legs wide, and Meranda says…….

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