My First Babysitting Job....Part 2


The next day I woke up and Aunt Kathy and mom were going shopping. Luckly they were taking Cody with them. Mom asked me if I'd like to join them since they didn't plan on coming home early, in fact if it got late they were planning on staying  over night. They'd  be doing their shopping in a little town about 30 miles form here so they took an over night bag just in case. I told mom that I wanted to stay home because I'd already made plans for Becky to come over, which I did have plans, but what I failed to tell mom was that Becky had already called me and told me she wouldn't be able to come over after all because her mother was having family over and they hadn't seen eachother in a long time. Mom gave me a peck on the cheek and with a wink said  "make sure you keep your father and Uncle Gene in line while we're away" then she gave my father a kiss and walked out.

I was wearing a pair of loose shorts and a tank top and my hair was up in a ponytail. My legs felt somewhat sore from all the activity that took place the night before. My pussy and ass felt even more sore, not pain just sore. I told dad I'd be up in my room and turned to walk away. I thought dad would say something about the previous night but neither him or Uncle Gene said anything. I figured it was all forgotten and left it at that.
It was around 6pm that evening when dad called out for me to come downstairs, and I did. He just wanted to let me know that him and Uncle Gene were going out for a while and would be back later. If mom called I was to telL her to call his cell phone. Again, neither one of them said anything about the previous night, it almost seemed like I'd dreamed it all and nothing had REALLY happened, but going by the soreness I was feeling I knew it had happened.

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   I told dad I'd give mom the message and as I turned to walk back to my room dad grabbed my hand and gave me a kiss, on the lips. He grinned and said," give your Uncle Gene a kiss goodbye too baby. " and as I turned he gave me a  soft smack on my ass and smiled.  I tried to kiss Uncle Gene on the cheek but he grabbed me by my face and planted a deep kiss on my lips. . . parting my lips with his tongue and drove his tongue deep inside my mouth. For some reason my body suddenly felt a funny sensation, kinda like how I felt the night before.
I headed upstairs and dad and Uncle Gene headed out the door. I laid in bed listening to the radio, thinking of last night.  I knew it was wrong, but why did I feel the way I felt. I felt like I wante everything to happen again. I had enjoyed myself so much the night prior, and just thinking about it made me wet. I jumped off my bed and headed to the shower, I figured that would help. As I was walking to the bathroom the phone rang and it was mom.

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   She said that they were staying over night and attending church in the morning then heading home sometime after lunch. I gave her dad's message and she said for me to call him and tell him that she forgot her charger for he cell phone and that she would call before heading home tomorrow as she wanted to save the battery for a emergency and hung up.
I called dad to tell him what mom had just said and dad said ok, said they'd be home soon and hung up. I headed to the bathroom and started the water, while I undressed I admired my body, after all for my age I did have a very nice shape.
At some point while I was in the shower I guess dad and Uncle Gene came home. When I got out of the shower I heard them in the den, which was on the back side of our house and the frence doors faced the pool. We had a big screen TV in there and from what I could gather dad and Uncle Gene were watching something that  had alot of moaning going on. I creeped up to the door way seeing how they wouldn't see me because they were facing the opposite direction. What I saw not only shocked me it got me wet all over. There sat dad and Uncle Gene watching a porno about a young girl being fucked by two grown men. I turned around and walked up to my bedroom.
When I got to my room I thought about what I'd just seen and I knew something exciting was going to happen so I made sure I was dressed for the occassion. I put on my silk night gown that reached my upper thigh and was low cut, it showed alot of cleavage. with a pair of white thongs. Just as I suspected about an hour later I heard dad call out for me.

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   I went down stairs and they both immediately had their eyes glued on me. Dad finally broke the ice by asking if I wanted to order some pizza for dinner. I got their order and called it in. When the pizza arrived dad told me to come in the den and eat, and of course the movie was still on. They both had their eyes glued on the TV while they drank beer and ate pizza. Dad got up and brought another beer for them both and got me one too.
I sat there watching the porno with them, trying to stay calm as if it was nothing, but deep inside my pussy was crying out for attention, the same attention that girl on the movie was getting. Uncle Gene finally spoke out and said, " damn she seems to be having a good time, right baby girl?" I just nodded yes and continued to watch the movie and drink my beer. Dad then said , " come sit on daddy's lap baby and let me feel those beautiful tits of yours. "
I got up and sat on dad's laps. He immediately wrapped his hands around me and while I watched the movie he twisted my nipples between his fingers. It took no time at all before they were hard and aching to be licked and sucked. Uncle Gene was on the other chair and unzipped his pants, immediately his huge cock sprung out. It was HUGE! The head was shinny and big. He looked over to where I sat on my dads laps and said, " come give Uncle Gene a few licks baby girl, I need to feel your mouth on my hard cock like last night.

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I got up and walked over to him and kneeled down, but he got up and laid on the floor. I got between his legs, my legs spread open and starting licking his cock slowly. Licking up and down his shaft, then twirling my tongue around the head, he grabbed my head by my hair and started thrusting into my mouth and moaned loudly. A few minutes later I felt dad behind me. he laid on his back and positioned his head underneath my pussy, which was soaked by now and started lapping up my juices. He grabbed my ass cheeks with his hands and squeezed them while darting his tongue in and out of my pussy. I felt my knees weaken. Between sucking my uncle and having my pussy eaten I had my first orgasm of the night. Dad just slurpped it all up. . . . flicking his tongue over my clit, licking from the clit to my asshole and back to my clit. I felt like I was in heaven.
My uncle started face fucking me faster and faster and before I knew it I was swallowing his hot creamy cum.

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   I didn't stop sucking him, I kept bopping my head up and down on his cock, going down sucking his balls then back to his cock just like they'd told me to do the night before. Uncle Gene told dad between grunts, " damn this little angel of yours is a cock sucker forsure! She does such a great job, Kathy doesn't even suck my cock like her, she's an angel!" He pulled me up on top of him and gave me a deep french kiss, then grabbed on of my tits and started sucking it into his mouth. He was sucking hard and fast, it felt so good.
Dad got up from the floor and came behind me, push me down on my uncle and slowly positioned his cock on my pussy. Then very slowly he started to slide his huge cock inside me. It was a little sore still from the night before but my god it felt good. I started moaning loud, begging him to please fuck me!! He kept asking me to tell him I was his little fuck slut, so I was. I kept yelling out, " oh yes daddy fuck me hard, deeper! Make me your little fuck slut! Fuck my pussy hard, make me cum all over your hard cock daddy PLEEEEASE!!!" This encouraged him to fuck me even harder. Before I could help it I was cumming all over my dads cock. Once I had some control again, dad pulled his cock out of me and turned me around and put it deep inside my mouth, almost gagging me. He was shooting his cum down my throat in no time.
By the time my dad had shot his hot cum, my uncles cock was hard again. He got up and sat on the chair he was on before and got me from my little waist and sat me down on his cock. It slid in easy but I felt it inside pretty deep. He started lifting me up and down by my waist and  he thrusted into me.

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   He then got up on his feet with me still sitting on his cock. He held me up by my ass and bounced me up and down while he walked around the den. Then dad got up and came up from behind. While Uncle Gene held my ass cheeks open dad slid a finger inside me while pulling my upper body away from Uncle Gene's chest to suck my tits. I was moaning so loud I thought I'd wake the neighbors down the street.
Dad then took his finger out of my ass and squirted some KY  on his cock, and some on my ass. He then grabbed my hips and without holding back he slid the head of his cock inside my tight little asshole.   I screamed out loud and said, " Oh My God!!! Fuck yes . . . . fuck me hard you two! Please don't stop fucking me!" Dads cock was like a piston going in and out, in and out faster and deeper than the night before. My uncle had one hand on my ass and the other on my left tit sucking it and biting it like it was some piece of gum. I was crying from pure pleasure.
Dad took his cock out of my ass and uncle Gene got me off his cock.

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   They laid me on the coffee table and while I sucked my cum off my uncle's cock dad put my legs over his shoulders and fucked my pussy then he would take it out and fuck my ass. He kept taking turns fucking both of my tight holes while I sucked my uncles cock. All dad would said was how good I felt on his cock and how much he's dreamed of fucking me for the longest time. He kept telling me he loved me so much and that he wanted to fuck me every chance he had. All i kept responding was that I never wanted either one of them to stop fucking me like they were.
Dad started getting close to cumming and he pulled out of my pussy and jacked off until he shot his hot cum on my tits, then he bent down and licked it off and fed it to me with his tongue. Uncle Gene shot his cum on my face.
We were a bit tired so we all sat down on the floor and drank a beer and rested, continued to watch the porno. About an hour or so later dad got me by the hand and said he and uncle Gene had something for me. He kissed me then Uncle Gene kissed me and dad handed me a box that was inside a gift bag. I pulled out the box, which was pretty big and it was a gift pack of different size dildos and vibrators. They explained that whenever I felt horny instead of going out fucking someone that could possibly give me some kind of disease that I should use one of these.
Dad explained how there were going to be times when for a few days in a row he wouldn't be able to fuck me because mom would be around and he wanted his "baby girl to have all the pleasure she needed until he could take care of her. " I gave them both and kiss and a hug and told them I'd like them to be the first to use them toys on me. With that I laid back, holding  myself up on my elbows and spread my legs.

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   Uncle Gene took a black dildo that he said was 8 inches long and lubed it up with KY and slide it inside my pussy, then dad took a pink one that was about 6 inches long and around 3 inches around and lubed it up and slid it in my ass. . . dad was on one side and uncle on the other. They sucked my tits and bit my nipples as they fucked me fast and hard with my toys. I just moaned and kept have orgasm after orgasm.
We continued to fuck all night. Finally around 4am we all fell asleep on the floor in the den. When I woke up it was about 10 and dad kissed me deep and said I should get cleaned up that mom had called and said they were heading back. Before I agreed to clean though I asked them to fuck me once again and without hesitation dad  slid his already hard cock deep inside my ass, no lube no nothing and rolled around so i was on top of him with his cock buried deep inside my ass. Uncle Gene got up and came over on top of me and put my legs over his forearms and shoved his huge cock inside my pussy. We fucked  for another hour or so after I'd orgasmed like 4 times and they had cum inside my holes twice I went upstairs to take a shower while dad and Uncle Gene cleaned up downstairs.
Mom arrived about an hour later and kissed dad on the cheek then came and kissed me on the forehead. She looked at dad and said, " now what's so different about our little girl? She looks like she's glowing, and you look like you're so relaxed. " Dad said, " not sure about my baby girl, but I know I am so relaxed I feel wonderful!.

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  " Mom laughed and went upstairs to unpack her over night bag.
Aunt Kathy sat acrossed the table with a low shirt and I could see dad staring at her tits. I felt a bit upset that he was actually looking at someone other than my mom and I. I didn't say much I just went upstairs. Later that night while mom laid sleeping I crept down stairs and heard some noises. I thought dad was fucking mom, but when I got to where the noises were coming from it was dad fucking Aunt Kathy. She was sitting up on him with his thick cock buried in her ass, I was so upset I turned to walk away when in the other corner of the room I saw mom bending over the chair and Uncle Gene was holding her by her hips, slideing his cock in and out of her pussy while she moaned and begged for more.
That leads to another story which I will tell only if you want to hear it. Please send feed back and enjoy. . . . . .


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