My Freshman Cousin


 My name is Kyle, I'm an 18 year old guy, about 6 foot 170 pounds. I have a huge family, with about 20 first cousins. This is the story about my cousin Nora. Nora is 13 years old, in freshman year of college, and prior to this experience, we had never been to close. I went over to my aunts house for thanksgiving, and decided to go upstairs before dinner. As i walked up the stairs I noticed I was horny and wanted to go jack off before dinner. I open the door to the upstairs, but my plans of having some alone time are shot to hell. There is my thirteen year old cousin nora, watching tv. Nora is about 5'10, with some decent tits and a nice ass, but I'd never thought of her as all that attractive. Besides, her father was a complete nazi about what she did and didn't like me to begin with. I sit down next to Nora to watch some TV with her. We start talking, I ask her how she likes high school, about any boyfriends she has and all that stuff. Out of no where, she breaks down and starts crying. "Nora, what's the matter?" "Kyle, I've never had a boyfriend, I've never even kissed a guy before, what am I going to do?"I laugh at this, probably not the best thing to do, and reassure her. "Nora, you'll find someone, don't worry. " "Kyle, how far have you been with a girl?"I', stunned, this is not the kind of thing you talk about with your 5 year younger cousin, but I figure it will help and I answer.

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   "I've been to about third base, but it doesnt matter, you'll do things at your own speed. " When I said this Nora looked over at me, stopped crying and asked me a question that has changed my life. "Kyle, can you show me how to kiss someone?" "Nora, I cant do that, we're cousins, lets jsut watch some tv. " She wasnt the type to take no for an answer. Nora leaned over, and planted a kiss right on my lips. I'm stunned, i push her away and start scolding her, "Nora, that is wrong, we're cousins, this can't happen. " Again, she leans over and kisses me, this time sticking her tongue in my mouth. I can only say no so many times, so i kiss her back, pulling her on top of my lap and kissing her deeply. "That was amazing Kyle, let's do it again!" As she says this, I hear footsteps coming upstairs and throw her off me, "Later," i said. Her father walks in, and says, hey, dinners going to be ready in 10 minuets, wash up. As her dad goes back downstairs she immediately leans over and starts making out with me again, this time grabbing my hand and putting it on her chest. I can't resist anymore, I squeeze her nipple, and start to kiss her neck, and she begins to moan. Nora says to me, "lets go in my room down the hall so we have a little more privacy. " I agree, and we run into her room and jump onto her bed. Immediately after entering her room she takes off her shirt and jeans.

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   I'm stunned, 5 minutes ago I was wishing I could jack off in peace, and now I have this 13 year old sex-crazed fiend, which happens to be my cousin, on top of me with almost no clothes on. "Kyle, will you teach me how to give head?""Nora. . . we can't do that, kissing is one thing but. . . ""At that, she leans down, unzips my pants and lets my 8 inch cock spring out. "It's huge!" she says, before i can say anything, she has her mouth on my cock, deepthroating and grunting like a pro. As im sitting there in shock, she begins to fondle my balls and lick around the tip of my head, this is too much for me, so throwing inhibitions to the wind i reach my hand down her pants and start fingering her. "OH God! Fuck me, fuck me now!" As she says this, with my cock in her mouth, I cum into her throat, pulling my cock out and jizzing all over her chest. This is too much for her, she takes her bra and panties off, and leans back on the bed, her knees up by her head. "Kyle, I want you inside me, now!" At this point, I cant say no, we're already covered in eachothers sex juices, and i finish taking off my clothes and start eating out her pussy. It was an amazing pussy, small, tight, with a thin line of blonde hair leading to it. I wanted to cum just looking at it.

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   As im licking out her pussy, she screams, "No more, FUCK ME!" This was so loud, i thought her dad was going to run up with a shotgun. Trying to silence her, i put her knees above my head and shove my penis all the way into her pussy. As it breaks through her virgin hymen, she screams, "Fuck me! I want my cousins cum inside of me now!" This dirty talk turns me on, and i start fucking her faster and faster. Our rhythm lines up, and after about 5 minutes I slam my dick as far in her pussy as it will go, and cum. At the same time, she screams and has the biggest orgasm I've ever seen. "That was amazing, now do my ass. " This is too much for me, I have nothing against fucking, and not even doing that with my 13 year old cousin anymore, but fucking her in the ass?She doesn't give me the option of deciding, before i can do anything she pulls off of my throbbing cock, and slowly pushes it into her asshole. This was the breaking point for her. As i stood there watching, she shoved my cock in her ass and started cumming so violently i thought she was going to break the bed. After this seizure, I begin ass fucking my cousin, in and out faster and faster. I'm working toward my third orgasm when she says, i want your cum in my pussy! Willing to oblige, I pull my cock out and shove it in her pussy, letting another flood of jizz into her virgin pussy. I pull out, and lie down on the bed, exhausted, and she starts licking the juice off of my penis. "Thanks, Kyle, that was amazing. You taught me so much more than I could ever have hoped for. With that, we both get cleaned up and go downstairs to eat dinner.

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   the rest of the night goes over well, and I don't see Nora again until Christmas. Sitting in the same room watching TV, Nora walks over to me, and whispers in my ear. . . "Kyle, I'm pregnant. ".
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