my little plane


This is the story of a wonderful day in the recent past,  which made me happy to be I was working out in my yard one morning,  when my neighbor’s little girl came running over and asked if I maybe could help her with a problem she had.   I looked at her and with a smile gladly said With that she led me back toward her house.   I just watched as her sweet little ass,  becoming quite shapely,  jiggled and shook as she led the way.   Her long brown hair stopping just above her ass was so inviting.   It was long and straight silky smooth and soft.   I imagined the problems her father had trying to restrain himself from wanting to do the things I wanted to do to Her name was Sherley and I have been watching her grow from a tiny little girl.   She was truly going to be a knockout when she matured into full womanhood,  but for now I wanted her badly.   She has those huge,  puppy-dog brown eyes,  that every man dreams of looking up at him when she is down sucking his cock.   As we got close to their house I noticed she was leading me toward the backyard. “ Is there a big problem Sherl ? “  I “ No,  I am sure you can help me. “  As she pushed the gate open and we At first glance everything seemed normal and nothing out of “ So what is the problem Sherl ? “ I was hoping you could help me get my toy from up in the tree. I looked to where she was pointing and there was her toy plane stuck up in the “ Well it is pretty high up there,  but we shall see what we can do. “ Oh thank you so much,  I really do appreciate it. So I looked around,  but couldn’t find a stick or anything long enough to reach it.   So I asked her if she had a ball or something like “ Just a minute,  I’ll be right back. As I watched her jog away her body was sending chills down my spine.


    I wanted her real bad,  but how to approach her was another She came bounding back with her little nubs for breasts pressing against her shirt.   So lovely for such a young girl.   Her small nipples pushing ever so slightly through the fabric.   They were small and still in the development stage,  but lovely just the same.   Her shorts were so nicely hugging her hips and showing off that tiny bald pussy.   I could feel the twinge in my cock She tossed me the volleyball and asked, “ Will this be okay ? “ It should work just fine. I stood under the spot where the plane was lodged and tossed the ball up hitting the branch,  but not knocking the plane out.   I gathered the ball again and threw it a little harder,  same “ This may be harder then I thought. “  As I turned to her,  she was smiling and had a little giggle.   “ I think you can do it. I took the ball again and heaved it once more.   Suddenly the plane slid from the branch and glided downward.   She squealed hooray as the plane glided toward the porch cover.   Then as luck would have,  plop it sat on the porch “ Oh no “  her voice trailed off in disappointment.   “ Now what are we going to do ? “ Well I can give you a boost up there and you can toss it down,  then I will help you down.

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   “ Okay So we moved toward the cover.   I reached down and picked her up and placed her on my shoulders.   Her pussy resting against the back of my neck.   I wanted to turn around and just drive my tongue into her pussy and lick that young clit.   Watch her as she squirmed and squealed from the pleasure of having it licked and I held her legs as she reached for the edge of the cover.   She grabbed the cover and slowly stood up on my shoulders as I held her.   She leaned forward but couldn’t quite get the “ Stretch a little “  I said “ You should be able to get it. As she stretched forward I could she her little panties pressing against her shorts.   I thought I saw the outline of her tender pussy lips pushing against them both.   My cock started to grow.   She grabbed the plane.   Slowly I moved so she could get back on my shoulders.   As I backed up the feeling of her pussy against my neck was enraging my cock even more.   I stopped and then slowly knelt down to the ground to let her step off.   As she got off I fell over.

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    My massive hard-on busting through my shorts.   She just stared at me,  then my cock,  then me,  then my “ Are you alright ? “  she asked pointing to my cock.   “ Did I break something on you ? “ Yes I am fine Sherl,  it is just something that happens when I get excited and happy. “ Well I really want to thank you,  but mom and dad aren’t home,  so I can’t give you any money.   Is there something else I can do ?  Help you around the house ? What a dirty bastard I am.   I just wanted to pull my shorts down right there and grab her tiny head and impale my cock into her stomach.   Pushing my cock as deep as it could possible be pushed into her mouth.   Watching her gag and choke as my meat slid in and out of her mouth.   Seeing the tears swell up in her eyes as I grabbed the back of her head and rammed my cock to the balls in her tiny virgin mouth.   She came walking toward me and reached down to try and help me up.   As she bent over to lend me a hand,  she stumbled and fell on top of me.   Oh shit my cock grew even harder as I felt her young body on mine.   Her leg brushed up against my “ My god Mr. Gee that is awfully hard,  are you sure it is not a broken bone ? “ No my little friend,  it is not a broken bone.   It is called a penus and it gets big and hard when a man is excited and happy to see a girl.

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   “ Are you happy and excited to see me ? “ I am always happy to see you Sherl.   I dream about you and wish you were with me many times a day. “ Why is that ? “ Do you know anything about men and women ? “ Like what ? “ Do you know the difference between men and women ? “ Yes mommy tells me all the time since the time I saw her and daddy wrestling ? “ You saw them wrestling ? Yes I was scared one night during a storm and walked into their bedroom to see if I could sleep with them.   When I walked in mommy was screaming and daddy was on top of her pushing her down.   He was going up and down and up and down.   I just asked if she was scared too and they both yelled and asked why didn’t I knock.   Mommy grabbed me and led me back to my room and tucked me in and said there was nothing to be afraid of.   “ Why was daddy pushing you ? “ Mommy and daddy were just playing around,  we were wrestling. “  she said  “ Learn about it later,  now go to sleep. The picture of my daddy holding my mom’s legs up as he was pushing her stayed in my head all night. “ Did you ever see anything else ? “ No and when I asked them the next day, she just said not to worry about it and I would understand later. “ Do you know what they were doing ? “ Yea,  they were wrestling. “ No they were having sex. She arched her back up off me as my hands held her ass and pressed her into my body.   She kinda looked at me with curiosity and worry.

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   “ I think you are very pretty Sherl and I would like to do some things with you. “ What things ? “ Have you ever wondered about boys ?  Do you know what the difference is between boys and girls ? “ I have an idea,  but not really. “ Would you like me to show you some of the things ? “ I think so. “ Now you have to remember that anything I show you or tell you can only be between you and I, okay ? “ Okay. “ You must promise me you will never,  and I mean never,  tell anyone about the things I tell you or show you or do to you,  promise ? “ I promise. “ No I need you to mean it ! You must never tell anyone or I may never see you again. “ Okay I promise not to tell anyone. “ Now you see how hard I am down here ?   This is my penus.   With this I can make a baby with a girl or woman.   What you have down there is a vagina or what we call a pussy. She giggled and “ Don’t be afraid,  but I want to show you my penis. With that I stood up and slowly pulled my shorts down and off revealing my engorged cock.   Now I am not a huge man,  but I have a very nice cock.   It is seven inches long,  fully erect and an inch and a half across.   My balls are the size of golf balls and hang large and As I pulled my cock free,  Sherley’s eyes grew large and stared at my cock.

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    I wanted to grab her and slam my cock into her mouth and make her look up at me with those gorgeous She gazed and asked,  “ What is that ? She was pointing to some of the precum that was oozing from my “ That is what is called cum.   Go ahead and taste it.   It is very good for you. She looked at me like I was nuts.   “ Go ahead and put your finger up there and then lick your finger. She slowly moved toward my cock.   She was shaking slightly.   She moved her fingertip up to my head and over the precum.   My cock jump at her touch and she flinched slightly.   She moved the finger to her mouth and slowly put it in sucking it dry.   As she swallowed she “ MMMMMMM…. .   That tastes good. “ See I told you it was good for you. “ Now even though it is known as a penis,  we call it a cock.

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    Just like we call what girls have a pussy. Again she “ Now what I would like you to do is take off your top and shorts for me. “ But I am not suppose to do that.   Mommy says it is wrong. “ Well do you want to learn the difference or shall I just go home ? “ No I want to learn. As I leaned over and helped her remove her top,  revealing those nubian breasts just starting to bulge.   Her face was getting red and she tried to hide them with her “ No baby I real think they are beautiful,  please don’t hide them from me. She moved her arms away as I moved to gently rub her tiny mounds.   With my touch her nipples perked to firmness.   I gently rolled them between my finger and thumb.   She moaned ever so “ See you like how that feels, don’t you ? “ Yes it makes me feel warm inside. I continued to play with her breasts and nipples.   I dropped to my knees and put one then the other into my mouth.   Sucking,  licking and nibbling on them.   Her moans and groans were growing “ Oh Mr.

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   Gee that feels so good. I pulled away and reached for her shorts.   As I moved my fingers inside the waistband I pulled downward.   There was a distinct aroma of sweet young pussy in the air as I pulled her panties and shorts down to her ankles.   I could see the slight glisten of moisture on her bald, puffy lips.   As she stepped out of the confines I moved a finger down toward her slit.   So fucking tight,  as I moved my finger up and down her slit.   Moisture seemingly gushing forth.   A wild and different sound was heard as I felt her clit for the first time.   It was a cross between a moan,  howl and giggle. “ Oh my god Mr. Gee.  That feels so different.   You make me quiver when you do that. With those words I moved her down onto the ground on her back.

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    I let my mouth continue to tease her budding breasts as my finger loosened up her tight pussy and pressed that clit to the brink of explosion.   She was moaning and flopping around like she was having a seizure.   As she blew up with the first orgasm of her life she just laid “ You like that don’t you Sherl ? Panting and gasping,  “ Oh my…  What did you…  I can’t move. “ You just had what is called an orgasm. As I moved my finger down onto her pussy,  she flinched and bucked as I passed over her clit.   The cum and juices were flowing with ease and she just moaned and engulfed herself it the pleasure of it all.   I moved back to the breasts and fingering her again.   She was flopping and asking me to stop.   With that I pushed my finger into her hole and wiggled it around.   A look of surprise and joy fell over her face.   She looked at me with those eyes and “ I think I love you Mr. Gee. “ I know I love you Sherl. “ You make me feel so different. “ Would you like to do something for me ? “ Oh Yes !!!!!  Anything you want.

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   “ I am going to have you give me a blowjob.   That means you are going to suck my cock and swallow all the cum that comes out in your mouth.   Her eyes got wide and large.   Oh those eyes “ I can do that ? “ No you are going to do it. So I helped her up to her feet as I stood up.   It was like it was made to be.   Her mouth was almost in perfect position for my cock.   I grabbed her head on both sides and turn her up to look at “ Just do everything I tell you. She smile and nodded in “ Now slowly take your tongue and lick all that precum that is oozing from my cock and swallow it. Her small tongue came forth and started lapping at the cum.   My cock was twitching and bouncing from the sensation of her virgin tongue on my “ Now we are going to start with the sucking part.   Open your mouth and slowly let’s put the head of my cock in your mouth. She lean forward a little and opened her mouth to take in my head.   Her mouth stretched as my engorged head forced it’s way in.   You could see her jaws and cheeks stretch.


    She pulled back off and kinda choked a “ Don’t worry baby it is a little hard at first.   Just relax and let it happen naturally. I pulled her face close again and moved my head to her mouth.   She opened as wide as possible as I pushed my head into her mouth.   I held her head on each side as I Slowly moved my head in and out of her mouth.   Her saliva was gushing from the sides and all over my head.   “ That’s it baby just a little at a time. Gradually I was pushing a little more in.   Soon I was putting my head and an inch more in her mouth.   She was choking and gagging as the tears welled in her eyes.   She looked up with those dampened eyes,  my heart sank. I pulled my cock from her “ I’m so sorry baby, are you alright. “ Yes,  but I don’t know if I can do this. “ Then how about I teach you to fuck instead ? “ Will that be as hard ? “ No, but it will hurt a little more,  even though I think you will like it better. “ Okay then, will you show me how to fuck ? With that I laid her back down on the grass.


    I moved in between her legs and spread them as wide as I could.   Her pussy was still dripping with the cum and juices.   They trailed down to her “ Now this will hurt,  only the first time and then only for a little while.   Then suddenly it will be the greatest feeling you every had. With that I slid the head of my cock over her slit and rub against her lips.   She had a few little ticks,  as she was still sensitive from earlier.   I rubbed my head against her clit and she moaned.   Slowly I parted her lips.   I put the head of my cock in the opening.   I pushed in slowly.   My god she was so fucking tight.   All I could hear from her was “ OW, OW, OW “   I moved my cock up and down her slit some “ Sherl I need you to relax. I pushed my cock back to heaven and pushed again.   Finally my head slipped past her lips and I could feel them latch on to my rim.   She let out a loud “ OOOOOWWWWW “  I let my head sit there for a moment as I bent down and kissed her lips.

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    She responded back with a kiss as “ Are you okay ? “ Oh yes,  it hurts but feels so nice. I moved back a little freeing my head from her vise like grip.   Then I pushed back in quickly putting another inch in as well.   I had touched her hymen at that point.   She howled  “ Oh my god stop that hurts so much !!!!! I just held my cock in its position until she adjusted and got comfortable.   “ Now Sherl this is where it will hurt the most and you are going to cry and scream.   I am going to put my hand over your mouth so it will muffle the sounds and mot be heard around the world.   Just don’t be afraid it will not harm you and please try not to bite my hand. Her tearfilled eyes looked at me and she I pulled back to where my head was just spreading her lips.   I looked at her and without warning rammed my massive meat as hard and as deep as I could,  while putting my hand over her mouth.   The pop of her hymen seemed louder then usual and her screams,  even muffled were loud.   Tears poured down the sides of her face as I just held my cock still and let her absorb the pain and pleasure,  as well as my After about three minutes her breathing and body had settled down.   I slowly started moving my cock back.   I pulled back about an inch and then moved forward.   Her pussy was now filled with all the possible fluids, her juices, cum and now blood made it seem much hotter and looser then ever.

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    I began to move my cock in and out.   I was only getting about four and a half inches in her pussy before I hit her back wall and knock on the door of her womb.   She was now starting to rock her hips and trying to push me deeper into her.   I picked up the pace and was pushing in as far as I could.   I could see when I hit her back as the pain showed on her face.   She was rocking her hips like wild now.   Pushing and bucking every chance she could.   Suddenly she started screaming as she came again and again.   Her cum just oozing out all over my cock as I slid in and out of her.   I was pounding her tiny pussy like mad now.   I had lost all control and was just fucking her to get my nut and be the animal I Suddenly my back arched and pushed as deep as I could unleashing a flood of cum that blasted her womb, cervix, ovaries and filled her so full that it squirted back on to my stomach and balls.   I pumped and pumped until every drop was expunged within my new found toy.   Sherl just continued to convulse, twitch and flop around as she came and It was about five minutes before I finally started to move my cock back and remove it from her pussy.   She had a grip so tight on my cock she milked the last drops of cum from it as I pulled it out.   She looked up at me and smiled a smile of pure pleasure and contentment.

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             “ Did I do it right ? “           “ Baby you were the best ever. Now you must remember you can tell nobody about this. If you do we can never do it again and I will have to go away. “           “ Oh no I will never tell anyone.   Can we do it again ? “           “ We need to wait a little while.   You are going to be very sore for the next few weeks.   When your soreness subsides and you feel a little better then we will have some more fun.   Just remember not to tell anyone,  please. “           “ I promise. “           “ Now let’s get dressed and go back to our boring lives and I shall see you in a few weeks. “

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