my little surprise


There I was getting another cup of coffee in the morning. Well more like ten o’clock, but still morning. I was somewhat in a hurry to get back to my puter and continue with my porn watching. My semi rigid cock was craving a stroke of relief and was hoping for a helping hand.

As I approached my room, I heard a slight noise. Now I could have forgotten to pause the movie I was watching, but I was almost certain I had paused it as to not miss any of the action. As I moved to come around the corner of the doorway, I suddenly stopped, almost spilling my coffee. There sitting on my chair was my little girl, Sally watching the screen intently. I just stood there, as she was looking the action that was happening on the screen, kind of leaning into the screen as to get a closer look. Her head tilting and turning every now and then. She looked at the screen then looked down between her legs. Then back to the screen and back to her gap.

I was standing there just watching as my little girl was getting an introduction into the world of sex. I could see her pull her shorts to the side and look at her pussy. She would look back and forth moving her fingers around trying to see if she would be the same as the woman on the screen.

The scene on the screen was a man telling a woman to play with herself.

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   She was pinching a nipple and pulling on it as her other hand was moving over her clit and slipping a finger or two into her pussy. The man had a massive hardon that he was slapping from side to side as he watched her pleasure herself.

Sally was starting to move her finger in and out of her pussy as she watched intently. My now fully raging hardon had pushed through my opening in my boxers and was standing tall and stiff, screaming for relief. I took a sip of coffee and began to stroke my cock slowly. Thoughts of Sally on my cock now pressed deep into my mind. I could see myself ripping her tiny little pussy open with my cock, hearing screams of pain, and pleasure all mixed in one. The thoughts of watching her choke as I pushed my cock down her throat were intensifying my rigidity. I found my hand moving slightly faster as the thoughts raced through my mind.

Sally was getting a little more inquisitive too. She was now pushing two fingers in her pussy as she began to moan slightly. Why she was moaning she was not sure, but she knew she liked the way her fingers felt in her pussy and how her body was feeling. Her pussy was making juices and noises she had never encountered before now. She found it harder and harder to pull her fingers away.

The scene on the porno had the woman screaming and howling as she came to orgasm.

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   She sprayed cum everywhere as she exploded. The man walked up to her face and shoved his cock into her mouth. She hungrily gobbled it in and started her long deep strokes with her mouth. You could hear her muffled moans as she slammed her head up to his balls and back. He reached down and started playing with her sensitive pussy driving her even crazier.

Sally was getting more intense with her fingering. Her head was now tilted back and her moans were much louder. I was stroking my cock with a flurry of pumps. I had to set the coffee down as it was splashing and spilling all over as my pumps increased. Sally started rocking her head side to side and slamming her fingers deeper and faster into her pussy. Suddenly she let loose a squeal and started panting with an erratic breathing. She was cumming for the first time in her very brief life.

As my stroking was now pumping furiously along my shaft, I blew a load of cum across the doorway and against the wall. Stream after stream blasted from the end of my cock. I was amazed at how much cum was flying.

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   It was all over the wall, carpet and me. Some had even made its way into my coffee. I was standing there panting, with muffled grunts as I began to slow down my strokes and steady myself against the wall. My state of euphoria was suddenly interrupted.

“ Daddy, daddy are you okay? I am sorry I came into your room. “

The words rattled around in my head momentarily. It was then I noticed Sally had turned to see me holding my slightly rigid cock and cum sprayed all over the doorway.

“ I am sorry daddy. I know I’m not suppose to be in here unless you know, but I got scared in my room and came out and saw the door opened. Then I came in and saw the puter screen. “

“ Sally, you can never say anything to anyone about this. Not even your mother. “

“ I won’t daddy. I’m sorry. Am I in trouble daddy? Why are you holding that in your hand? That is like the man in the movie.

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   What were they doing in the movie? Did I do something wrong? Were they doing something bad? Ami going to get a spanking? “

All these questions, they just kept coming and coming. As I was starting to regain my sense and awareness, Sally plopped down off the chair and before I knew it was standing right by me looking intently at my cock watching as the last dribbles of cum were oozing from my slit and perching on my head.

She reached up and touched my cock. As my cock jumped slightly, she pulled away and looked up at me. I looked down and saw the orgasm she had all over her legs and dripping down her thighs. Oh my god what was I going to do?

As she again reached up to touch my cock, she asked, “ What is that daddy? “ pointing toward the cum that was bubbling on the end.

“ Now Sally I have to know you will not tell anybody about any of this ever!!! I will explain everything to you, but you cannot tell anybody about this, okay? “

“ Okay daddy, I won’t tell anyone. “

“ You have to promise me not a single word to anybody. “

“ I promise daddy, I won’t tell !!! “

She was now trying to put her hand around my cock. Her fingers barely made it three-quarters of the way around. She kept staring at the cum, until she touched it with her finger. As she pulled away from my head the cum stuck to her finger and made a string. She let go of my cock and tried to wipe it from her finger, rubbing both her hands together. This just spread it all over her hands and made them stickier than they were from her own cum.

“ Okay baby, first things first.

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   First, we need to clean all this up so nobody knows anything. After we clean it up, I will explain to you all things that have happened this morning. “

She just gave me a smirk as she kept trying to get the cum from her fingers and hands. I moved to the restroom and grabbed a towel and washcloth. I soaked the washcloth in hot water. I then began cleaning all the cum from the wall, doorway and carpet. Sally just watched as I cleaned.

“ Would you be a good girl and take daddy’ cup back into the kitchen and put it on the counter? Thank you baby. “

As she grabbed the cup in both hands and scurried down the corridor, I watched as her little ass giggled down the aisle. What have I done, will she really be quiet, what am I going to do. All these thoughts and many more were racing through my head. Would this be the end of everything I had? Would it be the beginning of something I would regret? Terror and fear began to fill my thoughts as my little Sally came back around the corner and down the hall.

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