My mom loves me,but unwillingly


 Heres how the story starts. . .

Growing up i was raised by a single mom. She did her best to raise me being single. Im not sure when my feelings began to grow for her. I guess it all started when i was about 13 when she tried to give me the birds and bees talk agian which i already knew about. She came in my room one day and caught me jacking off. I was concealed under covers but she knew what was going on. I yelled for her to go away and later that night she came back to my room knocking this time. She told me she wanted to talk to me and give me the bird and bees talk. The conversation quickly ended when she knew i was embarassed because she had just caught me spanking it. Little did she know i was spanking it to her when i walked by the bathroom and seen her naked in the shower. She usually left the door cracked open halfway to vent the hot air. There she was. I slowly crept up to the door and peeked in the mirror.

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   Off of the mirror i could see her body outline fuzzy. It was a clear glass shower but had bubble like indentations so that you couldnt completely see the person showering ect. However i could see her which to me was perfectly clear. She stood there washing her hair so i know she didnt see me. My mom at the time was 5'9 140pds and black hair with blue eyes. Her shape was a nice sight to see. Hour glass figure with 34d tits and unshaved untrimmed full black dense bush. I was instantly hard and went to my room and tried to rub one out when she interupted me. ÂMy guess is thats when it all started. .

As the years past my mom remained a single mom and a very good one at that. However she did go out and drink often and come home drunk which was usually funny. But also a great advantage to me. I remember one time when i just turned 16 and i drove her to the bar. She later called asking me to come get her and i could tell she was sloshed by this time.

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   You could just tell byÂher voice. So i went down the street picked her up and started to drive home. It was about a 10min ride. As soon as she got in she pulled her money out of her bra and threw it on the dash and then like it was on cue she put her head on my lap crotch arean and slid her hand up my shorts. . . She continued to reach up and grab my cock which instantly got hard when she was take her money out of her huge breast. I quickly stopped her after she about squeezed the head of my cock of when i pried her hand off of it. She then put the seat all the way back in her seat and fell back in the seat and started to pass out. Her stomach was revealed which wasnt tight nor fat almost perfect in my eyes. I couldnt make of what just happend but knew it must have been the liqour. We pulled up and i tried to wake her up. She was in a half drunken sleeply state. We together with my arm around her stumbled into the house and straight to her bedroom. She fell back on the bed and passed out i think before her head even hit the pillow.

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   I took off her shoes and socks. That day was a rainy day so i tried to pull off her jeans. I finally pulled them off all the way and then her top. There she layed in white "grandma" panties as i call them, and black bra. I was hard but knew looking at her like this was wrong. I covered her up and walked out the door. After about and hr i checked on her and there she layed with her legs spread wide open exposing her panty line. I notice her bush hairs peeking out of the sides as if there was no more room for her thick matt. I was instantly hard and curious. I slipped my fingers inside the top of her panty line and pulled her panties down just enough so i could see her full bush and lips . I started to rub on it but she quickly awoken and i walked out the room. That was my next encounter.

This one was good too. My mom came home drunk went to the bathroom and came out in only her panties with her clothes in a bunch cover her tits as she quickly made her way to her room. I could still see her untouch unshaved bush hairs poking out and i grew instantly hard.

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   We lived in and appartment at the time which was great. Usually after shed fall asleep id open her blinds and turn on her closet light giving out just enough light i could see her lay naked most of the time . . . others just panties. Then id walk out on the balcony and peek in on her. I could see her toss and turn. . . But she couldnt ever have noticed i was watching her. The angle and the way it was setup was perfect. That night i got daring. . I usually would just jerk one off outside under the cover of a blanket. This timeI crept in very slowly as to check in on her.

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  . . I whispered to her "Mom you awake? I was just gonna. . . . . . """ She was out like a light so i just left her bedroom door open an walked out as if to mistakenly leave the door open. Then id go and turn all the lights off in the house. Id grab my army flashlight and put on the red lens. I was going to go get a closeup this time. My heart raced. Pounding about to explode out of my chest. I grabbed the digital cam and proceeded with plan a.

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  . . I got to the door and turned around. Time for plan B i thought. I grabbed a big comforter and put it around be and began to army style crawl up to her door. . . . I made there paused listen nothing. . . . just her slight snoor. I army crawled under the blanket more up to the foot of her bed. .

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  . . Stop listened. . Still a slight snoor. I started to peek up at the foot of the bed. My heart was pounding. I lifted up her blanket and put mine over it. So if she was to awake she would notice anything going on. . Hopefully it would be good enough cover. I turned on the redlens army flashlight and pointed it straight at her huge unshaved bush. I grew hard. . .

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  I grab the digi cam took some pics and rushed away to go jerk off to my new porn. I downloaded them ect. . Clicked opened. . . There all white. I guess the flash of the cam and the light of the flashlight was to much. I was doomed. This time i had to get it right. So once agian i crept up army style crawl under a blanket. Lifted up her blanket put mine over it and all i could see was pitch dark. I turned on the flashlight turned off the flash on the cam. Then i just snap shotted away at my moms big beautiful bush. She layed there snooring.

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   I got more daring and started to touch her pubic hair that ran all the way from her hairy ass crack to her thick matt shaped in a triangle. I was prejizzing in my pants. I knew what i was doing was wrong but i couldnt help myself. I knew she was out like a light. My mom suffered from depression from time to time and usually had a good setup of drugs to knock her out when she didnt wanna do much but sleep.
    I began to slowly jerk off while snapshotting her bush. That night i jerked off a whole lot. I decided to delete the pics just in case she caught me with them. . Id be in deep crap.

    About a yr ago i went over to my moms house. Im not much older mid 20s. . Shes in her late 40s. .

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      But still hot as ever. . She really hasnt aged much to be honest. I rang the door bell and she answered in a towel. She invited me in and she put on a robe and we talked out in the living room for a hr or two. I really havent had any desire for my mom anymore i guess it was a teenage boy thing or perhaps im just really wierd. But as she sat there with her legs propped up on the couch i noticed she hadnt shaved her legs in 2or 3 days. The began to grown 1/4 dark black hairs. I instantly grew hard thinking about her thick black unshaved bush.  Ever sense i see her bush ive always loved a good bush. My gf grows hers out and keeps it trimmed ect.  Hers is nice but nothing like my moms.  I tried to bring up the subject of love and how i wanted to tell her something but not have her get mad at me. As i sat there tring to explain this emotion i couldnt help but notice her ass and bush hairs and beautiful legs exposed as she layed there as if nothing was wrong. She quickly reassured me whatever i told her was safe with her.


       She really doesnt like my gf much but she loves to hear my complain specially about her. . She didnt realize where i was going with this. . I got up and sat next to her on the other couch where she was. . "Mom" I Said . She replied "yes" I said " ok here it goes,"i love you alot and i know we dont spend much time anymore together but you do alot for me and my gf and im not sure how to thankyou, i also have this desire that you dont know about" she kind of gave me the eye. . . looking at me in confusement. i then grabbed her legs and placed them over my lap and started to rub her legs. She as a natural reaction began to slightly spread her legs. But them quickly closed them. I continued to rub them and then stating " I love you and i dont know how to express my love anymore but by " then i slowly stood above her spreading her legs apart forcefully.

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       " I love you mom i just wanna make love to you" i was instantly hard just by the sight of her bush when i forced her legs open she tried to close her legs but i just pushed all my weight on her. I then with my elbow and forarm holding her shoulders down undid my pants with my other hand. She began to scream get off her but by that time i had it pulled out in my hand and slowly pushing the head of my cock agianst her hairy bush lips. She tried to squirm and push me off. " I love you mom i just want you so bad ive always wanted you" i told her softly in her ear. She then suddenly just went limp but with her legs still tring to close. I slowly pushed in deeper and i looked into her eyes i could see a tear run down her face. I began to slowly pull the half of the cock out that i could get into her. Then i forced it back in her bush all the way. This time she yelped almost like a dog that had been hurt. She squeezed her eyes shut im guessing from the pain and reality of what was happending. I slowly began to pump her thick bushy pussy. I could feel her pussy lips tighten around my cock every pump. Im 8inch hard so i knew she felt me inside her. After about 3 mins of pumping her very very dry pussy i started the 1st squirt as i was pulling out.

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       I pushed in all the way and filled her tight dry hairy unshaved pussy full of my cum. Which in a way was hers too. . As i filled her up i kept it inside her as deep as i could go feeling her walls try to expand for my shaft. I felt my cum ooz out run down my hairy balls. I pulled out and slapped my dick on her hairy bush as to clean it. Then i zipped up my pants. She laid there with her legs still half open oozing my cum out of her bushy pussy. I walked over to her as she starred off into space as in dismay of what just happend and kissed her on the lips and went home. About 2 weeks went by when she finally called me asking me to come over. We sat up that night just us alone talking. . . Her mostly asking questions which i later revealed to her. .

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      . . About spying on her spanking off to her ect. That night she gave me a blowjob and swallowed me dry and sent me home. To this day about once a month or so we have some kind of sexual encounter.

    Based on a true story

    Comments please ?


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