My Mother a true story part two


The next day was sunday we always did something fun. I liked to go to grandma's house plenty of laughs,lots of good food and grandma's special cookies. all in all a fun day.
That night we were home by 6 pm. Mom was on me to take a bath,so I did ,I always said "your next mom "and she did. I was on the couch when she came out she smelled so good. As she sat beside me on the couch I noticed she had on jus
t a long shirt. My mind is racing and I am very nervous. She said "are you nervous about something you did" I choked and mutter no. She laughed and said " I was not that drunk". She took my hand and led me to her bed. she said " slowly unbutton my shirt,I obeyed. Her tits came into view she said" suck them one at a time like when you were a baby" again I obeyed. This time she make a low moan,but still didn't move. she slipped the shirt from her shoulders and it fell to the floor,she we complete nude. She reached down and removed my shorts remarking my little boy has something growing between his legs.

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   I was embarrassed and felt myself turning red. In a commanding voice she said "you are going to finished what you started last night ". She laid down on the bed and she pushed  me down between  legs. What she didn't know was that I was in love her pussy and was more than happy to eat it all day. As I started to lick she moved my head so it would do her the most good. There was no stopping her now as she ground into my face . Her ass was jumping up off the bed as if to swallow my head. I don't if her cunt was big, small,tight or loose all I knew is what I was doing must have been right because she let out a yell and came all over my face. she said "don't you dare stop licking and sucking until I tell you,you can". I continued for what seem to be a very long time I swallowed all that I could and it seemed like no more was coming out of her. She laid there very still. Then opened her eyes and said "do you remember what you did to mom's pussy last night". I wanted to tell her I no sooner put it in her than I came but I was afraid to. " Listen close don't cum in mom's mouth or you will be in trouble". She rolled me over on my back and grabbed my hard penis with a towel she dryed it saying "mom don't like the taste of cum,even yours baby".

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  She slowly lowered her mouth onto my prick and had no trouble taking all in her mouth. Her mouth give me a thrill like nothing I had ever felt before. It was so soft and smooth like she had no teeth. All of a sudden she stopped saying " don't cum in mom's mouth,your cock feels like its getting ready. I said "how can you tell"? She answered " yours isn't the one of these things mom has sucked on". I wanted to know more" mom,please tell about the other ones were they big or small". "Well your dad's was bigger than yours and some times I would let him cum in my mouth if I wanted to get my own way about something". "Tell me more"I barked. She said "are you sure". " Yes " I stammered. " Well Joe my boss I had to suck him so I could get a raise,the man that moved us had a very big cock and it was hard to suck so I let him fuck me just once". "How about when you were young before you meet dad". " Oh yes,my girl friend tried to see who would to suck off 10 guys first and I won". " mom are you going to suck me some more ". " Have you ever had a real blow job ?" "No, why".

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  "You are going to get one". Once again she started sucking it was just so great,but this time it was different she was sucking with a purpose to drain my sack. I could fell my cock growing in her mouth she had it all the way in her when it just exploded she didn't miss a beat as I was just going crazy I could feel her swallow my cum it felt better than anything I had ever felt before. She opened her mouth and let my soft pecker out she had drained me. Slowly she spoke" next sunday you owe me a good fucking ". . . . . . . . I guess that will be part 3