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I lived in the county side of Maryland with my mother since my father left when I was about two. I had a normal relationship with my mother just like any other kid would have. We didn’t go out much since she worked and I of course was also busy with school and homework all of the time. Though, on weekends we would just lay around all day doing whatever, but still not much of contact with each other, verbal that is. We would on occasion watch a new release of a movie, or whatever was on.
My mother didn’t have such a great sex life at least that I know of. Work, come home, eat, and sleep. That was her schedule Monday through Friday. I knew she did masturbate due to the fact
that she had quite a good selection of porno videos, I would take one once in a while and watch in such great amazement, of course I would give myself some pleasure. Well, underneath the videos was a bag and inside it was full of toys and lotions , it really turned me on. Not for the fact it was my mother’s, but just the fact they were sex toys.
I was going on 15 at the time, but still was actually just 14. I was quite a horny kid. I pleasured myself 4 or more times a day. Mostly in the shower and at night. I just loved the thought of sex.

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   Considering I was still just a virgin and also just started to "cum. " I was full of lust, I just wanted it so bad! The computer didn’t help much either, just so many great sites out there. Just quite a mess after you went, the only part I didn’t like much. I would try many different ways to masturbate, but after a while it just started to get boring you can say, but I was always horny and just did the usual. This went for about a year, I was 15 by then and had grown to a 6 inch dick. It was quite nice I was able to enjoy myself even better.
I was still a virgin all the way. I just felt like I wanted to explode. Porn really wasn’t doing the job anymore for me, I just had to have the real thing! I was hungry! Well, one night I woke up to go to the kitchen to get some water for my dried up mouth and I saw her. She wasn’t doing anything explicit, but wow. I saw her in nude! She had left the bathroom door open just enough for me to see her in full. I wondered why, she was taking a shower so late at night? Maybe, she had just finished her business? Made me really horny even just thinking about it. I peeped in through a corner of the door and just stared. Her breast were just out. She had such large nipples, was the first thing I noticed.

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   So dark colored and her tits were so pale white (she didn’t get much sun). I didn’t know what size she was as I never looked before. She raised her arms to tie back her hair, she looked so smooth and shaved, I just wanted to run in there and take a shower with her. No words can explain how hard I got that night.
Her pussy was so pink and red, like she was just playing with herself. Cannot forget the part that she was completely hairless all around. She turned around and I got a view of her ass, wow. She was a great looking women! I wished I had camera that night, but what if she would have heard it, that would have sucked big time. Mother catching son just staring at her. We are all humans and we all just want sex. For a moment I even forgot she was my mom. It felt too real for me, like some stupid website or video, but it wasn’t this was the real thing.
I stood there for a few minutes, just lusting out of my pants. I quickly ran back to my room, got completely naked, just jumped on my bed and pumped. .

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   I was just so hard, it was like a bone. I just staring to rub my self all over. At first I started stroking slow, but just the thought made me go as fast as I can. I was reaching my point, but I didn’t want it to end so soon, I couldn’t stop. My cum just flies out like lotion. I couldn’t hold it back. My chest was completely covered with my cum. I just lied there, stroking slowly. I didn’t even wipe the cum of me, I was to out of it to care. I just fell asleep after a while.
The next morning , I kept thinking about what I had seen and it didn’t bother me. I really liked
it. I was really sticking all over, I thought I’ll just take of it when I take a shower later. I got out of my room and went straight to the kitchen to get some coffee ( I really needed it) I noticed I was actually hard, so I quicky grabbed it and pulled it up into my waist o f my pants, hoping it would go down. My mom was sitting at the table with a pair of boxer shorts and a tank top, but no bra! I can see the shape of her big nipples.

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   Just knowing that I actually saw them bare made me go wild. I was kinda nervous about maybe her seeing me last night, but she acted normal like always. She said good morning in a loud voice, like she had the best night of her life. I just said
good morning as well, not being able to take my eyes of her breast. She saw me and said "you have them too, just girls are different. " I jumped in shock and thought damn! How could I have not noticed what I was doing.
I replied, "oh this coffee is really good, so strong I lost thought" I knew she wasn’t buying. She said, "honey it’s no big deal, every single women have them and I’m no different. " "Uh yeah sure mom, it’s nothing. " I replied. I soon turned so red. Next thing I know I hear, " I saw you last night. " I just froze. I wanted to ran out of there, but I knew that wouldn’t change anything. The only thing I said was that I’m sorry, I was wordless.

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   She said "don’t worry about, it’s okay, I’ve seen you naked too. " It was too late I had gotten as hard as bone. She got up and gave me a hug and said, " don’t worry, were only human. " Her breast rubbed against me "ohhh" was all that I said. I then left and went straight to the bathroom. To take a really long hot shower. I really needed it.
I went in, took of all my clothes and once again I was rock solid, but this time my underwear were soaked. I jumped right in and just stood there, thinking. "What was I thinking?’ Next thing I know I hear the bathroom door open and it’s my mom? I didn’t know what to do, I just gave up and stood there and said I’m sorry! The doors were like blurry, so you couldn’t really see very well out or in. Next thing got me in shock. I saw my mom’s arms over her head and the shirt coming off. It was blurry , but the best feeling came over me!
"Can I come in?’ I was just too shocked. "Hmm, sure, mom" my brain just went empty. She opened the door and her tits were just out.

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   Her large nipples which I could not stand to even think about before I was really to explode. Her nipples got so pointy, almost like knifes. Though she still had her shorts on, but I knew what was down there. She just stared at my rock hard 6 inch dick and said, "wow, it’s looking nice, I see you trim down there. " I replied, "yeah (extremely nervous). "
"You can touch my tits, if you want?" I didn’t know what to do, even the fact she used tits instead of breasts dazzled me. I slowly put my hand up and slowly went to feel them. I felt her pointy stiff nipples the rest. I then just grabbed her form her underarms and brought her close to me. She didn’t say a word. I looked down grabbed her left breast and brought it close to my mouth. I looked up and she still didn’t say anything, I just started to lick it. Tremendous amount of cum started to exit my dick. I then took both of her arms and put them over her head against the wall and started to suck on her all over, underarms to her teasing nipples.
She then started to breathe in deeply.

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   I knew she was getting turned on and wet. Her boxer shorts were already wet and skin tight. I said, "mom, take them off. " She said, "You, do it!" I was in awe then. I put my hands down in the back, feeling all of her ass. I slid one finger down her crack to almost her pussy. My mon was enjoying it! She was silent! I slid them down slow, showing her hairless pussy, It was a very nice looking one, I finally got to see it from close up. It was like all covered up you couldn’t see inside unless you spread it apart all the way. I got on my knees and put one of her legs over me and just started to eat like a lion. Her juices were flowing all onto me. She was holding on to me so tight, her nails dug into me. She starting to yell "ohhhhh" I was already turned on to the max, I just needed some pleasure, for myself already. I grabbed her hand to leave the bathroom.
I took her to my room, she looked like she was about to say something, but didn’t. I don’t think she said a word at all.

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   I lied her on my bed and she just spread her legs to give me perfect view. I think I had held my hard on for long enough was really for some action. I grabbed both of her legs and pulled them near back to her head. Now, her pussy and ass were in such good reach (porn movies really paid off) I slowly took my dick and rubbed it on her pussy she just moaned loudly, then I inserted my cum dripping dick into her pussy. I never felt it before so you could just imagine the feeling. I went in and out, she moan even more loudly and this time scream "I love you!" She sounding like she was about to cry. My dick was only six inches long and thought to myself wow, it felt like heaven on earth! I kept on pushing, but as hard as I could, when I was about to cum I took it out and got on my knees for a few seconds and just licked like no tomorrow. I went back in and started to go all out again, but this time I just couldn’t make it.
Cum just went all out, just moaned and so did I. I got slower and slower, but I didn’t take it out. I just let myself drop right oh her. I just held her close to me and then just ending kissing her. Her naked body on mines. . .

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