My Night with Stacey


I was heading to the State University for a football Saturday. State was recruiting me, and I was pretty interested because my parents were alums and my sister was attending. For the weekend, my parents planned to drop me off on campus and then head on to visit some friends in the Capital City. I was going to stay with a football player that night, then head over to Stacey’s apartment in the morning where I’d meet up with Stacey and our parents for breakfast before heading back home. Things did not quite turn out like that. My parents dropped me off on Saturday morning, and I immediately reported to the football office. I met the assistant coach who was recruiting me, and he introduced me to Joe, a junior player who was going to be my host for the weekend. Joe told me that he’d meet me after the game, and show me around campus. He also said that he’d take me to a house party that night, and I would be able to crash on his couch when the night was over. I was pretty excited to say the least, mainly because I couldn’t stop thinking about meeting some college girls. I hung around the office until it was time to head over to the stadium for the game. I had a field pass, and I was focused on the game for the most part … although I would occasionally catch myself staring at the girls in the stands. But the game turned out to be close down to the wire, so I was locked into the action for the second half. Once the game finished, though, I heard a familiar voice. “Hey Craig!”I wheeled around and saw Stacey standing in the front row with a couple friends of her, and they all looked beautiful. But Stacey looked better than I could ever remember.

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   She stands about 5’8” and weighs about 130 pounds, and she has long blonde hair that flows down to the middle of her back, and that really sets off her beautiful face. She has bright blue eyes, a constant smile that everyone loves, and a cute nose that for some reason she has always been self-conscious about. Stacey also has a great body, with 34B breasts and long legs. She was a swimmer in high school, and she still swims for recreation. I think that is where her great body comes from, because she is athletically toned from head to toe. “Hey Stace, how are you doing?” I said as I climbed up into the stands where she was standing. “I have not seen you in a couple months. I wish you would come home more often, I miss having you around the house. ”“I doubt that very much,” Stacey replied. “I hear you have plenty of female company. ”“Well, I don‘t know about that, but I really do miss having you around the house,” I said, before noticing that I needed to catch up with the other recruits who were on their way to the locker room. “Hey, I’ve got to get to the locker room. I guess I will see you tomorrow morning for breakfast?”“That sounds good. We’ll catch up then,” Stace said. “I am heading to a big party late tonight, but I am sure I will be there when you come over.

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   If not, here is a key to my apartment,” she added, as she tossed me a key. “If I am not there, just let yourself in. ”“Thanks … I will see you later,” I shouted as I took off running to catch the other guys. To be honest, I did not think of Stacey again until later that night. I had met up with my host, Joe, after the game, and we went out to eat some wings. We stopped by a small post-game party on the way back to his apartment. Once there, we played PlayStation for awhile and just shot the bull about the college game and what I should expect. Some of his teammates came around, and we ended up just hanging there until about 10:00 that night. Joe then rounded everyone up, and announced we were heading to a fraternity party. The party rocked big time, I met all kinds of people and drank quite a bit of beer. Joe came over around 2:00 a. m. to say he was leaving, I asked him if it would be OK if I just caught up with him later. He said that was fine, and that he was heading back to his apartment. I ended up staying at the party for another hour or so, spending all that time on the dance floor with a couple hot sorority sisters.

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   I was loving every second of it … but when their fellow sisters decided to take off for another party, they bid me reluctant good-byes. I decided it was a good time to head back to Joe’s, but when I got to his place he was not there. I was pissed for a minute or so before I remembered I had Stacey’s key. I decided to just go over there and crash. I made the 10-minute walk to the other side of campus, and found Stacey’s place. I knocked but she was not home, so I let myself in. Remembering that Debbie, her roommate, was gone for the semester on an internship, I decided to crash on the futon in her room. I went in, closed the door, stripped down to my underwear and fell onto the remarkably uncomfortable futon. I had a hard time falling to sleep, though, because I still had the sorority girls on my mind. I jumped up and went to the bathroom to grab a drink of water. On my way back, I looked in Stacey’s room for a second and I noticed a laundry hamper in the corner of the room; being a little drunk, I decided to go over and grab a pair of her panties. I laid back down on the futon, put the panties up next to my nose and immediately became as hard as a rock. The panties smelled so sweet and so strong. Needless to say, I jacked off with a fury and blew my load all over my chest. I grabbed some tissues to clean up, and put the panties back in the hamper.

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   Once back on the futon, I found myself thinking about Stacey for the first time. I couldn’t believe I had just smelled her panties … I had never thought about Stacey in a sexual manner before, let alone smelled her panties. As I went to sleep, I couldn’t stop the visions of Stacey running wild through my head. Around 5:30, I woke from my sleep to hear Stacey moaning through the thin walls. I doubt Stacey knew I was even in the other room, so I decided to take a peek out my door. I cracked the door and quietly took one step into the hallway where I had a semi-clear view of Stacey’s room. But her half-open door was blocking what I wanted to see, so I took another step or two and nudged the door open just a bit more. What I saw turned me on more than anything else to that point of my life. Stacey was laying on her bed, and I could see she had what looked like a Catholic school uniform on … I think she had been at a costume party or something. Anyway, she was wearing a plain white blouse with a short plaid skirt and knee-high stockings. She had her skirt flipped up, and she had a hand buried inside her pink lace panties. With her blonde hair falling over her shoulders, she had her shirt open, and was rubbing her tits over her pink bra with her other hand. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning so lustily, I couldn’t help but grab my cock and start rubbing. I guess when I dropped my underwear, I made some noise that caught her attention. “Craig!” Stacey said as she flipped her skirt down and grabbed for her shirt.

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   “What are you doing here?!”“I’m sorry, Stace! I am so, so sorry!” I said as I pulled my underwear up. “I am so sorry!”An awkward pause followed for about 5 seconds (although it seemed like 20 minutes to me) before Stacey finally replied: “Did you see something you liked?”She looked kind of embarrassed and also mad when she said that, so I wasn’t sure how to respond. But being a little drunk still, and a lot horny, I decided to go for broke. “Actually … yeah, I did. I‘d love to watch you masturbate,” I said as I braced myself for a slap to the face. “But if you want, I will leave right now and never speak of this again. Just please don‘t tell Mom and Dad. ”Stacey looked at me for a few seconds before cracking her smile. “Actually,” she said, “I want you to stay, but I don‘t want you to watch. ”Taken completely by surprise, I paused for a second or two before answering with: “Really?”“Really,” she replied, as she came over and grabbed my hand and planted a kiss on my cheek. She then led me to her bed. We looked into each other‘s eyes for a second before she said, “Really, it‘s OK. ”With that, I helped Stacey remove her shirt and skirt, leaving her in just her bra, panties and stockings … and man, she looked like a Playboy centerfold as the moonlight cracked through the window blinds and splashed across her amazing body. I laid her back on her bed, and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. “Are you sure Stace?” I said one last time, and a slight nod of her head along with the smile on her face provided my answer.

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  I laid kisses all over her neck and shoulders as I pulled down her bra straps, and I kissed down her arms as I pulled her bra off to reveal her beautiful 34B tits. Stacey has perfectly firm breasts that are about a handful in size. She has small, dark areolas and her nipples were rock hard. I sucked her left nipple into my mouth. “Oh, Craig, that feels so good!”That was all the encouragement I needed. I proceeded to run my tongue all over her left nipple while using my fingers on her right nipple. Just as I started to give her left nipple a little bit, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in tight to her body. I couldn’t help but bite harder than I had intended. She cried out in excitement, which caused me to become even more excited. As I continued to suck her nipples, I worked a hand down to her thighs. Her body is so smooth, I just loved the feel as I worked my way down her long, athletic body. I could feel the warmth of her pussy as I ran my hand over her panties, causing her to gasp. “Oh Craig, I need it so bad,” she moaned as she put a hand on my shoulder to push me down. With that, I worked my way down. I kissed slowly down to her belly button, stopping to clinch her belly-button ring with my teeth.

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   I tugged slightly causing her to lift up. As she lifted up, I hooked the sides of her panties and with one quick movement, pulled them down. After removing her panties and tossing them to the floor, I quickly turned my attention to the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. Stacey had a small blonde strip of hair leading her to her box, and as I quickly kissed my way along that magical path, I smelt her wonderful scent. I ran my tongue the length of her slit. “Ohh, that is what I need baby!” she moaned. I started to suck on her lips, and I also ran a finger into her tight box. She was so warm, and so wet … she felt wonderful. I worked my tongue in and out of her tight little hole for a few minutes before she took my head in her hands again and pushed my face tight into her pussy. She also wrapped her legs tight around the back of my head. “Craig … Craig … oh yeah, that feels so nice … OH CRAIG!”I was licking her pussy as hard and as fast as I could, sucking up all her juices. I also was burying my nose deep in her pussy to soak up her incredible aroma. Moving on to her beautiful little clit, I furiously sucked on her nub, bringing her to an orgasm that rocked her body and caused her to tighten her legs around my neck even more. I continued to eat my sister’s pussy for another 15 minutes, bringing her to another body-rocking orgasm. “Stacey, you are amazing!” I said as I came up to suck her tits again, all the while keeping two fingers buried deep in her tight box.

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   “I want you so bad,” I added. “I want you too,” Stacey moaned. “I want you inside me. ”I quickly lost my underwear, and ran my 8-inch cock up and down her wet slit. I slowly worked my cock in and out, not wanting to rush the moment, and not wanting to jam my whole cock in right away. But Stacey had other ideas. She kicked her legs up behind my back, forcing me to bury my cock all the way in her … and man, she let out a moan that I was sure was going to wake up the campus. "Fuck, that feels good," she moaned over and over. “Stacey, you feel so good,” I said as I pumped my cock in and out of her at a quick pace. "Harder, Craig . . . fuck me hard baby!"With that, I put her legs on my shoulders and started to pound her hard and fast. Our eyes met, and it was obvious this was something we both wanted badly. After 15 or so minutes, I pulled out and asked her to flip over on her hands and knees.

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   I wanted to fuck her doggie style. I quickly grabbed her hips and slid my cock into her pussy. I fucked her hard and long, grabbing her hair at one point to pull her back. I also smacked her ass a few times. “Yeah, I like that,” she screamed. "Spank me, baby! I've been naughty. "Soon after, I blew my load all over her back. We fell into a heap on the bed, looking in each other’s eyes but not saying a word. Finally, we both started giggling. “You are amazing, sis,” I said. “You’re not too bad yourself little brother,” she replied. We laid in each others arms for a while, talking about what had just happened. About an hour later she rolled on top of me and starting riding my cock slowly. I have never felt better than at the moment, seeing the most beautiful woman I know riding my cock in such a hot way. She was still wearing her stockings, which made the scene even hotter for me.

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  Stacey slowly picked up the pace, and soon was riding me hard. She threw her body back and grabbed my legs, which brought me to another orgasm. I treated her to another one as well moments later when I turned her over and ran my tongue in and out of her cute little asshole as I used a free hand to rub her throbbing clit. I had never tasted a girl's asshole before, but I found Stacey's to be simply amazing. She seemed to love having my tongue back there, that's for sure. We treated each other for another 2 hours, until we heard a knock at the door. “Oh shit, Mom and Dad are here,” I muttered as Stacey was sucking my cock. “Quick, hop in the shower and I will answer the door,” she replied, as she threw on a robe. I did just that, and when I came out of the shower, our parents were watching TV in the living room. As I quickly dressed in the extra bedroom, Stacey peeked her head in the door and said everything was cool. She was going to take a quick shower, and then we’d head to breakfast. I’m not sure how Mom and Dad didn’t suspect anything, with the smell of sex running rampant through the apartment. But they seemed oblivious. We ended up enjoying a nice breakfast, with Stacey sitting next to me as we quietly toasted one another on the start of a beautiful new chapter in our lives. .



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