My Secret Love


My Secret Love
My name is David and this is my story. I’m currently seventeen, with light brown hair, piercing green eyes, and a tanned muscular frame. I stand 5’9” and weight 175 lbs. I spend most of my time weightlifting and boxing at the local gym. For over a year I’ve carried a secret. One that shames and excites me at the same time. I love someone too much. This person is everything to me. She’s the embodiment of every erotic dream I’ve ever had, but she’s also my sister.
Her name is Jennie. Her beauty is unmatched in this world. She is 5’7”, 112 lbs, with dark brown hair that cascades down to her lower back in gentle waves. Her body is the definition of perfection. She has long shapely legs that lead to an exquisitely sculpted hourglass figure accentuated by her firm 34c breasts.
I first noticed my feelings for her a year after my mother left us. Dad had taken to drinking in order to bury the pain of her leaving.

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   I figured he still loved and missed her in his own way. One night he came home hammered like never before and started in on Jennie.
“You’re a no good whore just like your mother. ” I heard him shout.
“I’m not a whore. ” Jennie retaliated.
“Don’t you talk back to me, girl. I’m going to teach you to respect me. ” Dad roared.
I managed to get to the living room in time to see that he had Jennie trapped in the corner. He raised his hand to strike her, something he has never done before or will ever attempt again, causing her to cringe. I practically flew toward him. Catching his arm with my left hand I delivered a right cross to his jaw. I caught him by surprise and sent him crashing to the ground with a series of lefts and rights. He looked up at me, calculated the his chances of beating me, and moved to get up.

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“Stay down. I’m well trained for and you know it. ” I cautioned
He glared at me saying, “How dare you hit your own father. ”
“How dare I. How dare you trying to hit your daughter. ” I responded.
“When I get up…” He started, but I cut him off.
“When you get up your going to leave. I love you, but your drunk. I, no we, want you to go and sober up. Then you can come home. Until then think about what happened here and what could have happened. You need to put your life back together. ” I commanded.
He slowly rose to his feet and slunk to his car.

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   After he left I looked at Jennie, who and collapsed on the floor, crying her eyes out. It devastated me to see her so sad. I knelt down and took her into my arms. After her tears gradually subsided, she looked up at me placed a gentle kiss on my cheek. With that kiss and one look into those magnificent deep blue eyes, I was lost. I knew then how important and precious she was to me. My heart broke with joy and sadness as I realized just how much I loved her.
I tried to fight my feelings for her by dating constantly, but no one ever measured up to her. I went through girlfriend after girlfriend trying to find someone like her. I believed that I was destined to be alone. That all changed three months ago.
Dad, after returning home, was working a double shift to buy us a new computer to make up for his past mistakes. Jennie was off on another date with her new boyfriend. And I was home alone thinking of her, while jealousy over the time she spent with her boyfriend consumed me. I heard them pull into the driveway.

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   Curiosity getting the better of me, I went and peeked out the kitchen window. I could see them kissing and I watched as his hand slipped lower and lower down her body. Lord, how I envied and despised that boy.
“Billy I’m not ready to. ” I heard her speak.
“Come on you know you are. Just relax, I’ll go real slow. ” Came his sly reply.
“ I said no. Now I’m leaving. GOOD NIGHT. ” She quickly responded.
As she reached for the door he grabbed her and pinned her to the door. That was all I needed. I ran for the driveway and almost ripped his car door off its hinge.

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   Startled he released his grip on my sister. I snatched him out of that car and hurtled him onto our front lawn. As I watched him get up, anger and rage swelled within me. I charged him, intending to beat him until not even dental records could identify his body. I pounded on him mercilessly until I felt Jennie’s arm pull me back.
“Please stop. ” She cried.
“Why? He tried to hurt you. ” I wailed.
“Because I don’t won’t to loose you over him. ” She pleaded as she tightened her grip on my arm.
Seeing the look in her eyes I loosened my hold on him saying, “If I ever see or hear of you speaking ot or getting near my sister again I will finish what I began here. ”
He bolted for his car cursing Jennie and me. I took Jennie inside and we set on the couch. I held her like I did the night of the incident, as we now call it.

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   We starred into each others eyes for what seemed like hours. I wanted desperately to kiss her, but fear stopped me. She pressed her body tight against me. Feeling myself physically react to this I pulled back.
“Jennie I’m sorry. ” I began, “I didn’t mean to hurt him that bad, but seeing him try that, I just lost it. ”
“It’s okay, David. I was more worried about you than I was about him. ” She explained.
“Why?” I questioned suddenly confused.
She said, “Because you mean more to me than anyone ever will. You’re my protector. My knight in shining armor. ”
“Don’t kid me. ” I said, a little hurt.

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“I’m not kidding. I couldn’t live without you in my life. I um. . I love you. ” she whispered.
“What?” I felt my mouth go dry.
“I honestly and deeply love you, David. ” She repeated as a tear escaped her eye.
“I love you too. I think I’m in love with you. ” I confessed.
She looked into my eyes and asked, “Is that why you keep dumping your girlfriends?”
“Yes. I’ve tried to stop myself, but I can’t. No one measures up to you in my eyes.

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  ” I broke down.
She gathered me into her arms and pulled my face down to hers. I felt her lips tenderly brush against mine sending jolts of electricity through my body bringing it to life. I pulled her closer to me and pressed my lips harder against hers. She opened her mouth to allow my tongue to enter. We kissed feverishly as our passion grew with each passing second. She was the first to break away.
“Carry me to my room. I want this moment to be special. ” She began.
“Me too. ” I replied as I picked her up.
I carried her with care to her bedroom and lowered her onto the bed. I stood there, at first, just taking in her beauty. She sat up to let me unbutton her blouse.

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   I pressed my lips to hers as I slipped her blouse off and started to fumble with her bra.
“Let me help you. ” Jennie whispered.
She quickly removed her bra unleashing her tremendous breasts before my eyes. I took one in each of my hands and marveled at how they felt. They were so firm, so smooth, and had the littlest pink nibbles I ever seen. I trailed kisses down her neck and took her nipple into my mouth. I sucked on her nipple and was surprised at how hard it got. She moaned in ecstasy as I sucked and played with her nipples. I felt her tug at my shirt.
“Let me returned the favor. ” She said with a smiled.
I pulled my mouth away from her harden nipples so she could remove my shirt. A shock went through me as she use the same technique I did to kiss my neck and rock hard abs. I felt her hands move to undo my pants and I rose and help her remove them.

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   She looked me up and down and noticed the bulge in my boxers and tried to slip her hand in. I stopped her.
“Don’t. ” I said.
“I just want to please you. ” she said.
“I don’t want that. ” I explained.
“Why not?” she quizzed.
“Because I’m still a virgin and I want to last for you. ” I admitted.
Before she could speak I kissed and lowered her back onto the bed. I removed her skirt and was treated to my first look at her light blue panties. I was delighted to see her pussy already wet with anticipation. I slipped her panties off and gasped at the sight of her swollen pussy.


   Her pussy was like a delicate red rose in full bloom.
“Please go slow I’m a virgin too. ” she said breathlessly.
I softly started kissing up her inner thigh causing her breath to quicken. I circled my tongue around the outside of her pussy lips as I searched for her magnificent little clit. As I took her clit in to my mouth, savoring my first taste of her sweet vagina, I eased one of my fingers into her. A moan escaped her lips as I began to suck harder on her clit and quickened the pace of my finger in her cunt.
“I’m close, honey. I want to cum with you inside me. ” she exclaimed.
I discarded my boxer and she gasped at the site of my full naked male form. She smiled as she caught sight of my 8” cock. She spread her legs wide for me as I ease myself onto her. I lightly kissed her and looked into her eyes.
“I love you.

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  ” I said.
“I love you too. Please make love to me. ” she answered.
“I’ll go slow. ” I whispered.
I massaged my cock around her pussy, simultaneously teasing her clit and lubricating my penis for the journey ahead. I lightly pushed the head in and felt her warm, wet pussy wrap and tighten around it. I waited for her vagina to adapt to my swollen member, then gently push further in. When I felt resistance I pushed slightly harder breaking her hymen and taking her virginity.
“Oh God. ” she screamed in pain.
“Are you alright. ” I feared I had hurt her to much.

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   Just go slow. ” she replied as tears dotted her eyes.
I started slow, gently pushing in and out until her whimpers of pain gave way to moans of ecstasy. With each moan I pick up my pace. I rhythmically work my cock in and out of her as she pushed up to meet my thrusts. Before long I could feel my balls tighten and my penis began to fill with semen.
“I’m close. ” I warned.
“I’m close too. ” she responded.
“I’m going to pull out. ” I whispered
“Don’t. Cum inside me. I want you to fill me with your love. ” she ordered.

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I picked up the pace completely lost in our love making. Our orgasms hit like a tidal wave. Each of us were lost in our on pleasure as shock wave after shock wave rocked our body. I rammed into her as deep and as hard as I could filling her with my seed. She pulled me close and kissed me as I sent shot after shot of sperm into her thirsty pussy. I collapsed onto her as my orgasm subsided and she gently rocked me as she finished her own.
I whispered into her ear, “I love you and no other. I will always be yours. ”
She smiled up at me and said, “I love you too. We are one now. Never to be separated. ”
Our love as grown since then and while we take precautions I worry that someone will find out and take her away. But I can’t see my life without her. So each night I hold her close to me and tell over and over again just how much I love her.

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