My Sister Lee and I Find Lust With Friends. Part 2


I saw him drop onto his back, and slide his face underneath my sisters just fucked, swollen, pussy. Tom’s cock was fully erect, and was laying flat against his stomach. He began using his tongue on Lee’s cum fill cunt. I don’t know if he cared, but he was also swallowing my cum, as he excitedly tasted Lee’s juicy hole. He did seem to be reveling in having her moist, dark, curly, pussy hair, slathering his face. Lee let my erect cock fall from her mouth stating, "Damn, Tom. You seem to just be getting to taste Sharon’s and my pussies. I think you deserve to have just a little more attention given to your cock. " She then reached back, slid off of his face, and began to grind her sopping wet slit, onto his throbbing penis. "Oh, Tom, I really like this fat cock of yours. You may not be as long as Jack, but it sure feels like your dick is much fatter. "It is a good thing I am so wet, or this chubby dick of yours might hurt me!" "Oh, yes Tom, pump your pudgy penis into me!" "Sharon will have to wait for seconds with you!"I guess that Sharon realized that if her young, wet, pussy was going to get a dick in it soon, she would have to take mine. "Jack, I don’t want to wait for Lee to finish with Tom. " She whispered, "Will you please go slow with me, like you did with Lee?" "I don’t want this to be too painful. It just looked so nice to see your thingy sliding slowly into Lee. Please be gentle with me.

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  "Sharon slid her nearly hairless pussy down my chest and stomach, leaving a moist trail of my saliva and her juice on me. "Sharon, if you really want to do this, maybe I should use a finger to loosen your tight pussy a little first. " "Why don’t you lay on your back and let me lick you a little more, and try to use my finger. It might make it easier for you to take my cock into you. " Sharon reclined on her back, raised her legs, like Lee had. I lowered my tongue to her nearly bald pussy, and slowly began to insert my finger into her wet tunnel. She said, "Jack, I have fingered myself before, that really feels good, but I want to see what it feels like to have your long, slender, thingy in me! I have used two fingers before, so I think that you will fit, and I don’t think it will hurt too much. " Please, Jack, just do it real slow, at first. "I held the length of my cock with my index finger and thumb. I slowly rubbed the head of my cock over Sharon’s erect clit and soaking wet slit. I placed the head of my cock against the little opening of her cunt. I gently pushed the circumcised head of my cock into her sparsely covered pussy. The few reddish-blonde hairs of her cunt were all clinging together, forming just a few strawberry curls around her puffy mons. Sharon let out a long, slow breath, as I eased the first few inches of my cock into her tight, young quim. I waited for a moment, seeing the faint trickle of red, mixing with her juices, hoping she wouldn’t tell me to stop.

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   I assuringly whispered to her, "Sharon, we don’t have to do this if you’re not ready. " I guess that was all she needed to hear. Suddenly she bucked her hips, and nearly the entire length of my shaft was swallowed by her tight, young, pussy. " Oh, shit, Jack! Now you’re in me!" She then held me tightly inside of her. I waited a few more seconds, then slowly pulled the length of my cock back, looking down to see the faint red trickle, and my glistening pussy juice covered cock. "Now Jack, put it deep inside of me, and fuck me good. I want to feel your thingy shoot its cream inside of me!" As I quickened the pace, I leaned my chest against hers. I enjoyed feeling her small breasts and long, eraser like, nipples, rubbing against me. This pretty young girl, really seemed to be liking our sex. Her initial reluctance had been overcome. She began thrashing wildly beneath me, lifting her head to bite my nipples, and lolling her head from side to side. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Her breathing was rapid, and I felt her tight, little, tunnel, grip my cock even more firmly. "Oh, yes, I have wanted to feel your thing in me for over a year, Jack!" "Now you will be mine! I want you to feel this good in my pussy all of the time!" "I’ll do whatever you want. " "Just promise you wont forget me after tonight! I know you think I’m just a kid, but I have to have you! Yes, Yes, Yes… Keep FUCKING me!" She was driving me over the edge.

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   Hearing her talk so nasty, sucking on her long, hard, nipples, and feeling her tight, young, pussy, holding me ever so tightly, was taking me to new heights! I felt my testicles tighten, they had been slapping against her tight young butt, and I knew I was about to shoot my load inside of this strong, young pussy!Sharon nearly screamed, "Fuck me Jack! I’m cumming! Oh,damn, this feels so good… Fuck me! I want to be your woman!" "Oh, shit, please shoot your cum in me and make me into your woman!" My cock exploded inside of her, and I gave a few last vicious thrusts into her tight hole. I collapsed on top of her and felt a nearly burning sensation rising from her firm little tits, and long hard nipples. Our bodies were both soaked in sweat, and we wrapped our arms around each other, feeling our chests pressing together with our rapid breathing!Chapter 4 coming up!.