My sisters and I at the Cabin


It was a blazing hot day on the beach, one which I would never forget. My sisters and I went to the cabin for the first time unsupervised. 17 year old Lauren, my oldest sister was in charge of me, my twin sister Emily and my little 13 year old sister Amanda. We were all sunbathing at the beach when I decided to go for a drink run.

“What does everybody want?” I inquired.

“Grab three beers and a soda,” Lauren declared.

“Come on!” Amanda protested, “One’s not going to do anything. ”

Lauren Reluctantly nodded and allotted Amanda a slight step toward adulthood. I walked over to the cooler and wiped a chunk over ice across my forehead. I returned to find my sister’s chatting with an attractive young girl. She was practically popping out of her bikini top and her thong let it all hang out. I quickly had to cover up. I tossed each of my sisters their drink and lay down on my towel chest down. My crotch ached, but it was a small price to pay to avoid the humiliation of being caught hard.

“And who’s this stud?” inquired the mystery girl.

“I’m Jason, their brother,” I answered, “And who might you be?”

“My name is Sarah,” she replied, “I used to hang out with Lauren before I moved.

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“She’s staying with us,” Lauren stated.

“There are only 4 beds, where is she going to stay?” I inquired hoping for an answer I knew I wouldn’t get.

Sarah answered “I’ll crash on the couch or something. ”

The “or something” gave me a glimmer off hope. I tuned out of the conversation and focus on my tan. About half an hour later I flipped over and fell asleep. I was awakened with a freezing chunk of ice on my cock. I let out a yelp before realizing that the hand was still down my pants. I opened my eyes to see not Sarah, but Amanda with her hands all over my dick. I looked around and realized that everyone else had left. As I became fully erect she removed her hand. I was disappointed that she had stopped until she ditched the ice cube and began jacking me off. I opened my mouth to ask her what she was doing but she shooshed me. She removed my trunks fully and began licking my cock whilst continuing the heated hand job. She then widely opened her mouth and began deep-throating the entire thing.

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   I couldn’t help but shoot my load all down her tongue. She swallowed hard and laid back.

“Where the fuck did that come from?” I asked her.

“I saw what happened when you met Sarah,” she replied, “Truth be told I was quite impressed. ”

“Since when did you become the cock expert?” I teased.

She stuck out her tongue and jogged back to the cabin. I just laid their flabbergasted. I heard the other girls heading down to the beach and closed my eyes to pretend I was asleep. A hand slapped my thigh and I heard “Nice tent bro”. Oh my god my dick was sticking out! I quickly sat up and tried to cover it.

“No need to be ashamed,” Sarah declared, “We were about to go skinny dipping anyway. ”

Sarah stripped down fasted revealing her huge tits with tiny nipples. She around pulled down her thong completely revealing her water-tight ass. She ran over and dove into the lake. Emily and Lauren removed their bathing suits nearly in unison revealing only their beautiful asses to me as they faced the water.

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   Unsure as to whether I was invited I stood up and waited for Sarah to waved me over which didn’t take long. I was out of my trunks in seconds revealing my still erect dick. I jogged over to the water, my dick bouncing up and down. Emily failed at hiding the fact that she was staring by bobbing her head along with my cock. I jumped in a few feet away from the girls.

“Let play a game,” Sarah Suggested, “How about Marco polo?”

“Not it,” Shouted all the girls. I closed my eyes and began seeking them out. I had already learned Sarah’s voice so it wasn’t hard to single her out from my sisters. I intentionally caught her from the back so that I could grab her breasts. She jutted her ass back into my dick causing it to swell with excitement. I opened my eyes and said “Gotcha!” Only to realize that I didn’t know Sarah’s voice that well. I had my older sister Lauren by the tits and she could tell that she was making me hard. After we all finished up and dried off none of us saw any reason to put on clothes so we headed back to the cabin. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my little sister Amanda hiding in a closet. We all settled down on the couch with a heavy comforter over us.

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   To my discontent I sat between two of my sisters instead of Sarah. We flicked on the TV to an adult film. I flinched at the feeling of a hand on my crotch. It was definitely my twin sister Emily. I felt another hand moving up my thigh. It was Lauren! She moved her hand up to my dick and found that there was another hand on it. Lauren turned to Sarah and whispered something.

“I think I’m going to bed now,” Sarah informed us, “All that swimming has got me tired. ”

Lauren got up to show her to her room as Emily lifted me to my feet and began folding out the couch. I just laid back down and Let my sisters feel me from both sides.

“Jason, lately we’ve been noticing some changes with you,” Emily told me, “And this weekend was sort of planned out. ”

I was totally confused, was the 30 minutes on the treadmill daily doing this? Was it what Emily saw when she walked in on me in the shower? But my main question was: why didn’t I just turn off my brain and fuck these to gorgeous girls laying naked beside me?

“Who’s first” I asked.

Lauren Grabbed hold off me and pulled me in close. Apparently she was first. Emily sat in the corner of the mattress stimulating her self.

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   Lauren guided my cock into her sopping wet pussy, a quiet moan of ecstasy slipped out of her lips. She opened her legs as wide as they would go without snapping to take it in as far as possible. I violently thrust my dick further and further each pump into her sweet open pussy. Just then Emily overcome with anticipation couldn’t wait any longer. She kissed me hard on the lips thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth. She straddled my face with her pussy and I licked, kissed and sucked her pussy until all three off us came nearly simultaneously. Lauren Lifted herself off my cock and cuddled up beside me. Emily stood up and walked up to her bedroom without so much as a goodbye. Lauren gave me a long French kiss and said “See you in the morning. ” I finally collapsed and fell asleep. I awoke to a feeling on my cock. I opened my eyes expecting to see Amanda who hadn’t moved from her position in the closet, to my great surprise it was Sarah.

“Did you think I was going to let your sisters have all the fun?” She asked.


The End
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