My sister's party.


Topic: My Sisiter's Party.      It was just after 1am and I was up in my bedroom jerking off over the internet - again. I was 15 years old and had made out with a couple of girls from school, but the only real sex I had seen was from downloading it. The music from downstairs became louder and I could hear laughter and, god-help-us! drunken singing. Steph, my sister, had gotten home about a half hour ago from her party and had evidently brought some friends back with her. Our parents were away for the weekend, and any hopes I'd had for a quiet night enjoying myself were now dashed.
    My sister Steph was older than me and had just recently had her 22nd birthday. She'd moved back home a few months earlier after moving out of her no ex-boyfriend's place. Mom and Dad couldn't have been happier to have her back but for me it was a different story. It wasn't that I didn't get along with Steph - we'd always been pretty good friends despite her ability to be a real bitch and treat with as much disrespect at times, especially in front of her friends, as you could imagine. My main problem was that since she had moved out I had discovered a real interest in girls and was walking around with a hard-on at least seventy-five percent of my waking hours.  And, although my sister had always been quite attractive, or so all my friends had told me, she was now undeniably sexy and everyone I knew was heavily in lust with her, including me. Having her living the same house as me in the sexed-up state that I was in was causing my imagination to go into over-drive. On more than one occasion I had taken the initiative to walk into the bathroom while Steph was showering and had gottten more than a good look at her soaped-up body, before quickly leaving with the excuse that I didn't know she was in there. And then I'd lock myself in my room and jerk-off thinking about her. Whenever I'd get the chance, when giving her a brotherly hug or if we were fighting or anything, I'd take the chance to touch her breast or her ass, or even to rub myself against her if I could get away with it.

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   Though I knew all this was incredibly wrong, I found it utterly thrilling and I really didn't feel bad about it.
    And there I was, my dick in my hand, and my sister playing loud music downstairs with her drunken friends. My main concern was that the music would upset the neighbours and we'd have the cops banging on our door. I pulled up my pants, unlocked my door and made my way downstairs, deciding to be the responsible one. There were a couple of guys dressed as pirates and sailors dancing with a few of Steph's friends, who were dressed as cheerleaders and policewomen and play-boy bunnies. Steph was atop the coffee-table, dancing seductively, wearing a very revealing schoolgirl outfit. My cock got hard instantly on seeing her, the plaid very-short skirt riding high up her tanned thighs, knee-high white socks, a tight white top tied underneath her bust to make her already full breasts push up even further. Her dark hair was up in a pony-tail, her face made up with what could only be described as hot, sexy, whorish make-up with glitter around her eyes. She saw me and immediately jumped down from the table and ran over to me and hugged me, pulling me towards her. I could smell the alcohol on her and could tell she was quite drunk.
    "How was the costume-party, sis?" I asked.
    "We had a great time," she answered.
    If I didn't know any better I would have thought that she was pushing herself against me, but I knew that in my horny state anything would feel like that. In any case, I took the opportunity to slightly rub my cock against her thigh.
    "Hey everybody," she declared, "this is my brother.

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    Oh boy, she was drunk. Still, it was nice having her hold me this way. Then, to my surprise, Steph gave me a kiss, on the mouth, and I felt her tongue briefly enter my mouth. This time I knew for sure that she was grinding herself against me, I could feel her warm body against my erection, pushing slowly up and down. Her friends cheered and raised their drinks to me, unaware of what was really going on. Steph released me and gave a quick look to the bulge in my pants. "Have a good night, little brother," she said, and turned back to her friends.
    I went back up the stairs in a daze, and only when I was back in my bedroom did I realise i had forgotten to tell her about the loud music. I lay on my bed and thought of Steph's lips against mine, of her pushing against my hard cock. I took my cock out of my pants and began to rub it thinking of my sister.
    Suddenly the door opened and I looked up in horror to see Steph and her friend Kelly looking down at me.
    "See," giggled Steph, "I told you he has a nice cock. "
    I tried to tuck myself away but I was too hard to put back in. I sat up and tried to cover my cock the best I could with my hands. Steph and Kelly came into my room and closed the door behind them.

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    "Don't worry," said Kelly, "I want to see it.
    Kelly was the same age, almost to the day, as Steph, and they had been friends for a long time. Kelly was bleached blonde with brown eyes and a great figure. Tonight she was dressed as a cheerleader and she looked every bit the part. Her black boots came up over her knees and her green and blue clothes, or what there was of them, clung tightly to her curves. I was shocked and I really didn't know what to do.
    "Kelly's always thought you were cute," smiled Steph.
    "And now you're growing up," added Kelly. She sat down on the side of the bed. "Can I see it?" she asked.
    I looked up at Steph, who raised her eyebrows and grinned.
    I took my hands away from my cock, half expecting the rest of her friends to barge into the room and laugh at me, or for Steph to pull out a camera and take a picture to humiliate me later. But to my surprise, none of this occured. Kelly looked down at me hard cock and then back up to Steph.
    "I always knew he'd have something good down there," she said.

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   She looked back to me. "Is it OK if I touch it?"
    "Uh, yeah, sure," I stammered.
    Kelly slowly traced a finger down the underside length of my shaft down to the balls, then ran it back up. My cock twitched with excitement and I felt I could cum straight away. She circled her finger around the head of my cock and wetting it with pre-cum. I shuddered. She wrapped the fingers of her other hand around the shaft and slowly began to rub my cock up and down. Steph leaned over her shoulder, smiling. Kelly gave me a devellish look and then lowered her head and took my cock into her warm mouth.
    "That's gotta feel good, little brother," Steph said to me.
    "Oh yeah," I said, gasping for breath.
    Steph got closer so she could watch as Kelly's lips slid slowly up and down the length of my cock. "That's so fucking hot," she said.
    Kelly leaned up and slid down her top to reveal her perfect breasts. Her nipples were very hard.

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   Steph undid the buttons of her shirt and showed her equally fine pair. "He's seen these before," she laughed.
    "He's so hard," Kelly said to my sister, "wanna share it?"
    I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Steph grinned up at me. "I think he'd like that," she replied
    The next thing I knew, my sister Steph opened her mouth above my cock and wrapped her lips around it. She looked up into my eyes as she sucked slowly up and down, the corners of her mouth forming a smile. Kelly moved down and used her tongue to lick the shaft beside Steph's lips. They looked into each other's eyes and met their lips at the head of my cock with a hot kiss.
    "Is this a nice way to get your first blowjob," laughed Steph, before taking me back into her mouth. Kelly joined her and the two of them worked their lips in unison around my cock, moving up and down. I sat back and looked on stunned to see my hot older siater and her sexy best friend licking and sucking on my hard cock. The sight was too much for me and I knew I couldn't take much more. I began bucking my hips and Steph took my cock in her hand and began to frantically jack me off.
    "Come on little brother," she cried. Kelly joined her and the two of them stroked me, their beautiful faces next to my cock, faster and faster, "Cum for us little brother," my cock ready to burst, not able to hold on, a shot of cum flew up into the air between their faces, followed by another as they continued to stroke me.

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   Steph and Kelly looked up at me, smiling, as I let fly with another sting of cum, followed by anothrt.
    "Oh my God!"cried Kelly.
    "I've never seen someone cum so hard," exclaimed Steph.
    Finally I stopped cumming, and I lay back exhausted. "Oh. little brother," said Steph, still stroking me. "You've been holding onto that for a long time. "
    Steph and Kelly grinned up at me, a few shots of cum clinging to their chins. Steph wrapped her beautiful breasts around my cock and slid it between them. "I can't believe i just blew my own brother," she said. Kelly grinned and raised her eyebrows.
    "Maybe," added Steph from her position between my thighs," I'll have to do it again sometime, just to be sure. "
    And with that, my sister and her friend stood up, adjusted their tops, and left me exhausted on the bed to go  back downstairs and party with their.