My Step-Mother and I Part 1


Topic: That First HintThat First Hint
First off, let me describe myself.   My name is Kyle and I am 18 years old, just graduated from High School and I am living the life.   I'm about 6'1, Brown hair and if I may say so myself, quite good looking.   I'm as normal as any 18 year old could be. Except for one thing.   I secretly want to bang my step mom.
Her name is Lisa, and she is breathtaking.   Everything about her makes me all gooey inside.   She has long blonde hair going down to at least her tits, beatiful Blue eyes and legs that never stop.   She is all I think about when I'm at home, because she's always doing her little jobs around the house.   This is actually how all these stories got started.
It was a regular Friday Night, and I live with my folks and my two brothers.   There wasn't much going on tonight socially wise, so I decided to just kick it at the crib.   My dad was out of town for the weekend for some work meeting in Toledo, and the brothers were sleeping over at their friends house.   So, it was just me and Lisa.   I started the night off with a kick-ass movie, and laughed my ass off.

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    Lisa came down into my room while I was putting the second movie in, "Rush Hour 2".
"Hey Lisa! You doing anything right now??" I said, sort of yelling.
"Whoa, inside voices. And actually, yes I'm quite swamped. " She responded.   I look at her for a second and asked, "You need any help? I'm about to start Rush Hour 2. You wanna watch?"
 "Allright, but first we have to do a little job. "
"Ok," I said and got off my bed and followed her upstairs into the kitchen.   There she stopped. "Allright, you're going to have to support this ladder while I go up it and clean off the top of the cabinets. "
"I got it," and secured it while she went up and did her thing. As she was cleaning I looked up, and she was wearing those sofie shorts, like loose booty shorts, and all i saw was pubic hair.   MAN, that got me going in the lower regions.   Thats when I got distracted by her coming down and me not wanting her to see my hard on.
 "What's the matter?", she asked.

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"Oh, its nothing. We done?" I embarrissingly answered.   She knew something was up.
She came up to me and straightened me out. "You look allright," she said as she looked me up and down.
"Allright, lets go watch this movie. I heard it was pretty funny,"she playfully said and ran downstairs jumping on my bed getting comfortable.
I got down there and put the movie in.   Sat down on the bed and made a mean face at Lisa.
"Yes?," she said. "I need some room too!"
"Don't be such a baby, I don't have coodies!"she laughed.
"Fine," I said and plopped down right  next to her.   As this happened, i somehow managed to smack her tit.   "Oh shit, I'm sorry", i turned immeadiately red.
"Geez, don't worry about it.

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    Its just a boob. I got two of them!!," she laughed and smacked my butt. "There, that's payback. Now lets watch the movie. "
The movie was pretty funny and I was enjoying it.   I looked over and saw that Lisa had fallen asleep.   Another thing I noticed was her hand was innocently resting on my thigh.   Hmm, i thought. The little devil that I am, I had to take advantage of this situation, so i slowly rested it on my crotch and quickly pretended that I was asleep.   Amazingly, she didnt wake up.   So now I had Lisa's hand resting on my growing cock, and was loving it.   Then she woke up real slow like and noticed what had happened. Oddly, she didnt move it right away. If anything, she rubbed it a little after she noticed I was asleep.   I shifted, and she quickly moved her hand and said,"Hey silly you fell asleep!"
"Oh, damn, i missed most of the movie.

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"That's ok. I'm going to go upstairs anyways and read some magazines. You wanna come?" she asked.
"Sure, nothing better to do. "
So we went upstairs and sat and read magazines on her bed. "Man, i need to change out of these clothes, their so uncomfortable. " She got up and walked over the the closet.
"Ill leave for a sec. . . " i said and began to get up. "No, don't worry about it, i'm sure you've seen more than this before," and she proceeded to take her shirt off.   She was facing away from me, so all i could see was her bra. The most amazing thing happened next, she took her bra off.   I went crazy inside, thinking to myself that i want to bang her.

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   She then did the unthinkable, and turned around to take her pants off.
"Oh, i'm sorry" i said covering my eyes.
"Hey, what did I say? I don't care. Take a good look!" and she started walking towards me.
"Nah, i'm ok", and kept reading. She turned around and took her pants off, and damn what a sight. That ass of hers is so perfect i almost came in my pants right there.   She didnt know i was looking, and then took her panties off and bent over to get some shorts and i got a full view of her pussy and wow is all i can say.   She then got all dressed and jumped back on the bed.
"I saw you looking at me when I bent over. " I turned bright red.   I was busted, and now she's going to tell my dad. Damnit! "I actually enjoyed it a little bit, your dad never looks at me like that anymore.   She then grabbed my hand and placed it on her inner thigh. "Go ahead, explore.

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  " I didnt know what to do, so i just rubbed her thigh for  about 5 minutes.
"Don't be scared, go ahead", at that i slowly placed my hand right on her pussy area, where i felt a dampness. She was wet! My heart was racing.   Just then she sat back, and took her shirt off.   She got closer and grabbed my hand and put it right on her breast. "Squeeze. " And squeeze is exactly what i did.   It felt amazing, and while i was doing this, i noticed her slowly getting her hand to my rock hard cock.
The second that her hand felt my cock, I was in heaven.   She slowly rubbed it through my pant, teasing me.
"Allright, that's enough for one night, I'm going to bed. " Said Lisa and got into bed and went to sleep.
The End of Part 1

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