My Stepsister Sophie


When I hit puberty all I could think of was sex. I always kept my eye on Sophie and I could see she developing into a fine young lady. Even though she was only 12 she already had a good set of tits on her and they were still growing, she had a great ass as well. One day I walked in on her in the shower, by accident, and got a good look at her body, her nipples were small and pink and her pussy was cute and had a little tuft of hair just above her tiny slit. She looked good and was going to be stunning. Every time I looked at her after that incident I kept getting aroused, but I never thought about fucking her. When I was 16 I was wanking at least twice a day. Sophie had developed well, she had great breasts, which I thought were bigger then her moms, and her ass was nice, tight and firm, for a 14 year old she looked hot and could easily pass for a 16 year old or possibly older. One day I’d just got in from school and I went straight up to my room and cracked one off. Sophie must’ve thought it was weird that I never said hello when I came in so she came up to check up on me. She walked in without knocking, but luckily I was quick and rolled over to cover up, without Sophie noticing. After that nothing was said. One weekend my Dad and Debs said they were going away and left Sophie and me to look after the house, all-alone, while they were away. “Now we’ve left you enough money, and there’s plenty of food in the fridge, are you sure you do are going to be alright?” my Dad asked. “We’ll be fine dad” I replied, “ me and Sophie are mature enough to look after the house, now go off and enjoy yourself. ”So they were off and Sophie and me were left all alone for the whole weekend.

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  As soon as they were gone Sophie ran straight up to her room and I just settled down and watched TV. She came down about 30 minutes later, after just getting off the phone, “Hey Ben what you up to?”“Oh nothing, just watching a bit of TV, got any plans for tonight?” I asked,“Yeah, I’m going out to a party later with my friends, which you knew already,” she replied, I just remembered that she told me this ages ago as she wouldn’t be allowed if her mom and my dad were here. “Oh yeah, I remember now”“Good, now I’m going in about an hour so I’d better go in the shower and start getting ready”With that she ran upstairs and started getting ready. About an hour later Sophie had finished getting ready and came down stairs. Man, she looked amazing, she had this little lo-cut top on, which showed her breasts perfectly and, which to me had to be the shortest skirt I had ever seen that showed off her lovely tanned legs. “Hey” she said. “Hey” was all I could say“Have you got anything planned for tonight?” she asked me“No I’ve got nothing planned,” I replied, coming out of the trance Sophie just put me in, “I’m just gonna sit here all night and watch TV. ”“Ahh never mind” she replied. As soon as she said that her cell phone went off. “Hello” she answered. It was her friend Carley telling her that they’re not going to the party any more. “Oh I’m sorry,” I said“That’s ok” she replied, “I don’t mind staying in with my big brother Ben,”Then she came and sat next to me on the sofa and started to watch to TV. “There’s never anything on is there?!” Sophie said in anger, “do you wanna watch a video or something”“Sure” I replied. With that she leaped on the floor lying on her front to sort out the video player. While she was lying on the floor I got an excellent view right up her skirt.

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   Man, her ass looked so hot in that skirt, I could she had a thong on underneath and I could see the moulds of her pussy while she lay there. I got a semi-boner just looking at that hot ass and her pussy mould. She turned round… I was caught, thinking she’d go mad at me or try to act as if she hadn’t notice me looking, she did neither. What she did do totally shocked me and turned me on even more. “Like what you see big brother?”I was stunned. “Err… yeah, I guess” I replied,“It’s ok” she said, “I like checking you out all the time, I think you’re the hottest boy I’ve ever seen and I can see you think I’m hot” she said pointing at the bulge in my shorts. “And I know you want me because the look you gave me the day you walked in on me in the shower, I knew it then. ”Then she jumped up on the sofa and starting kissing me, forcing her tongue into my mouth. I started to join in and kiss back. My hands went wondering, cupping that gorgeous ass under her skirt. She then stopped kissing me and got down on the floor and started undoing my shorts. My 8” boner sprang to life. She started to kiss the head on cock before sticking it into her mouth. She sucked good. Her head was bobbing up and down, engulfing my meat into her mouth.


   She stopped and started sucking my balls. I felt my balls tighten. “I’m gonna cum” I shouted,Thinking she’d back off and let me cum, she put my cock back in her mouth and I shot my load right down her throat. She’d tried to sallow it all but she spilt some of it down her top. “That was great” was all I could say,“Wait it gets better,” she said, then she got on the floor and spread her legs, “now its my turn, lick my pussy like you’ve never licked pussy before”I didn’t need to be told twice. I got in between her legs and started licking up her thigh. I left her thong on, and just moved it to the side and then I saw heaven. A clean-shaven pussy, I could just about see her lips poking out she looked so wet. “Like what you see?” she asked, “I just shaved it earlier on when I was in the shower”I put a finger in her pussy and she was soaked. She moaned. I couldn’t hold back any more. I dived in and licked all around her pussy. Her clit just started to poke out. I licked around her clit, and then I started sucking on it. Sophie was going crazy.

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   Her hips were bucking all over the place. “I’m cumming” she moaned, “I’M CUMMING!!!!”I felt her pussy clamp around my tongue as she climaxed. I licked up all her juices, she tasted great. She relaxed and got her breath back. She stood up and undressed. She lifted her top off and her breasts look even better as they were dying to be broken free, as they were bursting out of her black lacy bra. She undid her bra and her tits looked magnificent. Perfect shape and no sag. Her nipples were a wonderful brownish, pinkish colour. She took one of her breasts and started sucking on her nipple. She stopped. She then turned round and undid her skirt as her ass was revealed to me. That little black thong made her ass look even better. She stopped what she was doing. “I wanna fuck you soo bad,” she said, “Ever since that day I saw wanking I’ve wanted your cock so much”She then came and sat on my lap and she took of my top.

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   My cock was as hard as ever. She then stood back up and bent over and removed her thong. I could just see her pussy lips between her legs. She turned around and sat on my lap and lifted her body up and came down slowly on my cock. She moaned as the head of my cock went into her. She was tight, but as she was so wet my cock went in quite easily. I could believe I was loosing my virginity to my hot little stepsister. She then lowered herself even more; her pussy engulfed my whole cock. Before this I had assumed I was her first as well, but there was know cherry to break, I was loving it so much I didn’t care that much. Once my whole cock was in her she stopped. “Your cock feels so deep inside my pussy” Sophie said, “I love it!!!”I moved my cock inside her and she started to moan. Then she started to ride my cock. While she was riding my cock I took on of her breasts and started to suck on her nipple. She started moaning, and then I left that one and started sucking on the other one, while playing with the other one with my hand. This made her moan even louder.

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   I here her mumbling, “I love it when you suck my nipples, I love having your big, juicy cock inside me, fuck me harder!!”Her pussy started to clamp my cock; she was bouncing up and down on my shaft. Every time my cock was out of her pussy it glistened in the light from all her juices. She was screaming so loud I’m surprised the neighbours didn’t come round. Her hips were buckling like crazing as she was bouncing up and down on my shaft. Her tight pussy was getting tighter around my cock. I felt my balls tighten. “I’m gonna cum soon Soph” I said,“So am I” she said, “just keep going and shot your load up in my pussy”I was pumping hard meeting her hips with every thrust, then that was it, I started to cum. “I’m cumming,” I shouted as I shot my load right into her womb. “Oh yes, fuck me Ben, fuck meeeeeeeeeeee” she screamed as she climaxed around my shaft. After she was spent she collapsed on top of me and gave a very passionate kiss. She rolled of me and my cock fell out of her pussy, she lied down next to me and said, “I’m so glad that you were first fuck”I was surprised to hear this so I replied, “your first, but you seemed so experienced and you had no cherry to break”“I got all that experience from all of your porn videos, and my cherry went ages ago when Carley and I were experimenting with each others bodies,”“What!?” was all I could say. “Yeah Carley and me play with each other all the time, her mom has a vibrator so we gave that a go, I can’t wait to tell her that I’ve fucked you, she thinks your hot as well, she can come round tomorrow night, if that’s ok?”“Of course! That’s fine by me!” was my reply; my cock was obviously doing the thinking. But what happened when Carley came round is an entire different story. Comments welcome, but I’m virgin in this department so be gentle. Help me improve!!!.

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