My Story Part 7


With that settled, we turned to the present.   Jason started the fun by stripping off his bathing suit and heading for the pool.   Tab and Shelley were moments behind.   I need a few more seconds to take off my clothes and follow them into the pool.   We ended up in the shallow end of the pool.   Jason had his lips firmly planted on his sister’s left breast, as he reached for her cunt lips.   I did not yet know Tab, but she invited me to follow suit.   I latched onto her inviting tit and took the opportunity to explore her body.   Her skin was soft and inviting, her hips had the gentle curves of a young teenager.   Her cunt lips were prominent, and inviting.   I held that kiss for a long moment, then stood and kissed her full on the lips, pulling her nubile body close to mine.   I could feel my cock pressed between our bodies.   I felt my groin reacting and I could feel her reaction as she snuggled closer to me.   I was only seconds away from attempting to fuck this incredible creature, when Jason screamed break and said lets play a game.   At that moment, the only game I wanted to play was to fuck the incredible creature in my arms.   I glared at Jason and made a mental note to pay him back.

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Shelley picked up the theme and said “Tag” and Tim you are it.   Well it didn’t take a genius to realize that finding and tagging someone wouldn’t be very difficult.   In fact it occurred to me that the three players would be tripping all over themselves to get tagged.   Shelley added, when you are tagged, the it gets to fondle for 10 seconds.   By that time, my eyes were closed, but I could just see the evil grins on everyone’s face.   I counted to 10 and said ready or not here I come.   I heard Jason respond, “No you don’t, your aren’t going to cum until we finish with this game. ” 
I muttered “Fuck you Jason”  He replied “Maybe later, if you like. ”  Turning back to the game, I lunged at the sound of splashing just in front of me and came up empty, but I could tell someone was near, so I kept moving and feeling.   Then it happened, I felt soft female skin.   I felt a breast and immediately recognized as belonging to Shelley.   I knew I had free rein for 10 seconds, but knew there would be many opportunities to feel pussy, so I enveloped Shelley in my arms and pulled her close as I found her lips and gave her long soft kiss.   Her reaction was immediate.   She pressed close to me, squeezing my cock between us and her tongue seeking out mine in a fit of passion.   We were only seconds away from becoming fucking right there in the middle of the pool when Jason yelled time.


    We both turned and gave him a dirty look and I made another mental note to hurt him at the first opportunity.
Startled by the sound, we broke and I swam away whiled Shelley started counting to 10.   Again it only took Shelley a few seconds to find a target.   This went on for a few rounds until Tab tagged Shelley.   Jason and I almost came on the spot watching those two incredible sexy creatures kissing and fondling each other.   Neither of us, wanted to tell them to break, so we just let them to until they stopped on their own.   After that I finally got my chance pay back Jason.   I found male skin and grabbed his cock and squeezed enough to get his attention.   I leaned over and whispered in his ear “That is for yelling time, when I was all ready to fuck your beautiful sister. ”  He chuckled and grabbed my cock in return and pulled me close to him and rubbed our cocks together.   With that we kissed and held each other close.
The girls finally came over and pulled us apart.   Shelley put her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist.   she pulled herself up and allowed my throbbing cock to probe at her pussy lips.   She wiggled her hips until my cock hit the mark.

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    I pushed as she lowered herself down onto my cock.   From there, she started pumping up and down on my cock.   It didn’t take long after our earlier games for either of us to build toward an orgasm.   Shelley started building after no more than 2 dozen strokes.   She build quickly, her legs squeezing me tight and her breathing getting heavy and ragged.   It only took me a few more strokes till I could feel my orgasm building.   I started pumping faster and after a handful of long deep strokes, I exploded inside Shelley.   I could feel spurts of cum shooting into her pussy and striking her curvex.   I could feel Shelley’s cunt muscles contracting and pumping the last drops of sperm from my throbbing cock.
By this time, Shelley was resting her head on my shoulder and just holding me close.   I’m not sure what it was but I had chills running up and down my spine and I just wanted to hold Shelley as close to me as I could.   I was oblivious to what was going on around us, but gradually, I started to realize that Tab was talking.   She had to repeat herself a couple of times before I realized she was saying that she and Shelley had to go.   I hated to let go of Shelley, but I gradually pulled out and gave her a long deep kiss before letting go of her.   I just stood there watching the two of them climb out of the pool and disappear into “Damn, that was lousy timing.

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  ”  We just looked at each other and started to laugh.   A few minutes later, Shelley and Tab walked out of the pool house, dressed to kill.   They waved and walked away.
I asked Jason, if he knew when they would return.   He just shrugged and said, he didn’t know they were leaving.   At least they did not leave until we came, but I for one was anxious for more and from Jason’s reaction, I think he was in need of another orgasm or two.   We played some pool basketball for a while and then, Jason swam over and started fondling me.   I returned the favor, grabbing his cock and starting to rub it.   At the same time I leaned over and sought out his lips.   We kissed like that for several minutes, stroking each other.   Breaking the kiss, Jason led the way to the bath house.   Once there, he asked if I would like to fuck him in the ass.   Well there certainly wasn’t any pussy available, so I said that sounded like fun.   He said, get ready, I will get a condom.   Well there wasn’t much to get ready.

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    My cock was throbbing hard and ready to go.   Jason found a condom in the bathroom and gave it to me.   I ripped the foil open and rolled the condom over my throbbing cock.   Meanwhile, Jason got a bottle of lubricant and began lubing his ass as he leaned over the sofa.   I walked up behind him and began rubbing the tip of my cock on his ass opening.   As I gradually pushed forward, Jason met my push gradually burying my cock in his ass.   I started stroking slowly pushing deeper into his hot hole.   I took a half dozen strokes to plunge all the way in and fully dilate and lube his opening.   Jason moaned as he met my strokes and began moving backward to meet my thrusts.  After several strokes, I leaned forward and reached under Jason to find his cock.   Like mine, his cock was rock hard and throbbing up and down.   I took a handful of cock and began stroking.   I continued alternating between pumping my cock in his ass and stroking his cock.   We went on like that for quite a while.   I could feel my orgasm building, but didn’t want to cum too quickly.

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    I stopped pumping and started working on Jason’s cock. Jason was panting by this time and ready to cum.   He turned to me and said, squeeze my balls and I will cum.   Grab my balls and squeeze, please do it now, I can’t take it any longer, I need to cum.   Please wrap your hand around the base of my balls and squeeze.   I slid my hand down his cock and wrapped it around the base of his ball sack and started to squeeze.   Not hard, but with enough pressure to make him feel it.   It was amazing, it only took a few seconds and he was squirting cum all over the couch.   I was frustrated that I couldn’t get my mouth around his cock to suck up his cum.   I promised myself, I would suck his cock as soon as I finished fucking him and he had a time to recover from his orgasm.   After Jason came, I only needed a few deep strokes to finish my orgasm.   My sperm filled the condom easily and began seeping out at the base of my cock.   Not wanting to take any chances, I grabbed the condom tightly around the base of my cock and pulled out, before I was ready.   I flushed the condom and joined Jason on the couch.   Meanwhile he had wiped up his cum from the sofa  and was starting one of the DVDs he copied from his brother’s collection.

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We sat watching two women fucking and sucking a dog.   The dog had a huge cock, much larger than my dog and nearly as big as the man if the video my mother showed me.   The dog really seemed to enjoy fucking the women,  He would mount them and once he found the mark, start humping 90 miles per hour.   He locked with the prettier of the two women.   You could see the ball at the base of his cock swell up inside her cunt and then he stepped off her back and turned ass to ass with her.   They stayed like that for more than 10 minute as the dog’s cock gradually shrank and finally he pulled out and a gush of cum followed.   The second woman was waiting for this to happen.   She was on her back, under the woman being fucked in a position that the cum would drip into her mouth.   We couldn’t tell if she was expecting such a large load, because she seemed to choke a bit, but finally managed to swallow most of the hat dog cum.   Immediately after that, the women were kissing and trading dog cum.   All this time, the dog was lying on the floor licking his cock clean.   After a few minutes, he got up and started licking the the cunt of woman he had just fucked.   The women were still kissing, but the dog tongue lapping at her cunt caused an immediate reaction.   She pushed back against the dog’s snout and arched her back in obvious orgasmic pleasure.   Her moans were standard porn movie stuff, but there was more. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

    We could see it on her face as she came again with the ministrations of the dog’s tongue.   The second woman, not wanting to be left out, got up and moved to the dog’s tail and began fondling his rapidly growing cock.   She rubbed it several times then took it in her mouth.   She slid her lips up and down the length of the shaft, all the while rubbing his ball with one hand and his haunches with the other.   This must have been just what the dog needed as he forgot the pussy he was licking and began humping her face.   With no tongue to work on, the other woman moved to a position where she could share the licking duties on the dog cock.   They moved it from mouth to mouth.   When not sucking cock, they fondled and licked his balls.   After several minutes of this and much rapid humping on the dog’s part, he began to cum.   The first spurts were more like pre-cum, but soon he was shooting long strings of cum that covered the two women.   There was cum on their faces, nostrils and mouth.   From there it dripped on their breasts and down over their stomachs and pubic hair.   The woman, who had yet to be fucked by the dog, began rubbing the dog cum into her obviously eager cunt.  
The scene ended there and the next scene started with the different woman bending over a sofa and a large breed dog mounting her.   The dog was having difficulty hitting the mark, so the good looking woman from the first scene reaches in and guides the dog cock to the mark.

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    Once pointed in the right direction, it only took the dog a few powerful strokes to bury his cock in the bitch’s cunt.   Once that was accomplished, the dog started a rapid fire humping.   He was panting and drooling on to his bitch’s back and was scratching her sides with his claws.   Ouch, that looked like it hurt, but she didn’t seem to notice.   In fact she was reacting just the way a good bitch would.   She was pressing back into his strokes, arching her back, and panting for breath.   The other woman helped her along, by massaging her pussy lips and fondling her breasts.   After doing that for a few minutes to second woman, climbed on the sofa and presented her pussy for the bitch.   She quickly buried her face and began licking her cunt.   At that point, the dog showed signs of coming.   He thrust a few last hard fast strokes, then buried himself in her pussy.   The reaction from both women was immediate.   We could see that they were coming at the same time as the dog.   Then we saw a look of surprise on the bitch’s face.   It was apparent that the dog’s knot was buried deep in her cunt and growing to the size of a grapefruit.

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    She struggled a bit, but the other woman calmed her and she stopped struggling.   The dog fell off her back and someone off camera helped him step over the woman so that they were ass to ass with the dog’s cock firmly locked in her cunt.   Again it took several minutes for the dog’s knot to shrink and for him to pull free.   This time, the dog immediately turned and started lapping up the cum flowing from his bitch’s cunt.   The other woman started licking his dick clean.
Jason and I had about as much stimulation as we could stand.   We had been fondling each other for most of the video, but finally had enough and Jason leaned over and took my cock in his mouth.   I lay down on the couch and maneuvered Jason’s cock so I could take it in my mouth.   We lay there with him on top of me and sucking each other’s cocks.   This went on for perhaps 10 minutes before I felt Jason explode in my mouth.   I could feel his cock spasm as each spurt of sperm shot into my mouth.   I was only a few strokes behind and shot my load within seconds of Jason’s orgasm.   We lay there enjoying the afterglow when Jason’s mother walked in and asked if she was too late to enjoy the fun.   We just laughed and said plenty for left for you.   She said well, Jason I guess you will have to take care of me.


    Timmy, your mom called and asked me to send you home for dinner.   I got up and dressed, leaving Jason naked on the couch with his mom.   As I prepared to leave, Patty said “just a second. ”  With that she hugged me and gave me a long deep and passionate kiss, as reached in my shorts and fondled my cock and balls.   I could feel an orgasm welling up, but she said, we’ll finish this another time.   Again, I was riding home with a raging hard on and unable to relieve it.
When I arrived home, mom greeted me with a long passionate kiss, that in no way helped my situation, in fact it only made it worse.   Mom, I said, I already have a throbbing hard-on and you are only making it throb more.   She grinned and looked at the bulge in my shorts and said well lets do something about that.   She led me into the family room and pulled my shorts down from around my waist, carefully lifting it off my cock.   That done she had me sit on a chair and spread my legs.   She knelt down and proceeded to massage my cock.   She put some spit on her hand for lubrication and began working on the head of my already sensitive rod.   It took a few minutes of her expert ministrations for my orgasm to start building.  

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