My Story: the Lake House - First Night


We were soaked, by the time Patty got the door to the house open and we stepped inside.   Patty said; stay here for a minute while I get some towels and blankets.   When she returned we were stripping off our clothes and laying them by the fire to dry.   Patty said, well I guess that takes care of the first order of business; I was about to tell you that the entire community is clothing optional.   That really means no clothes, unless you are uncomfortable, in which case you can wear swim shorts or bikini bottoms.   Most of us ignored the latter and continued shedding all of our clothes, which is the way we would stay for the rest of the weekend.
After we dried off and wrapped our selves in the blankets that Patti brought, we settled on the large U shaped sofa in front of the fire and started to warm up.   Patti was the first to speak.   She announced the house rules.   Meals are at 8, 12, and 5.   Everyone helps cook or cleanup, no freeloaders!  Since there are 4 teenagers in the house, there are snacks in the end cupboard and some in the top shelf of the refrigerator – she warned us not to eat the food for the meals.   That last warning drew a laugh from Jason, who apparently has done that before.
The girls sleep in the large bedroom, the boys in the small one.   Patty reiterated that the dress code is clothing optional; there are 10 homes surrounding the lake and the property is fenced and with security to keep out the peeping toms.   Everyone in the community follows the clothing optional rule and this time of year, most residents are nude.   Don’t be surprised if you see people of all ages walking around nude.

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    Say hi, they are very friendly.   My husband and I party with several of them when we are here and Shelley and Jason have made friends with most of the teenagers and a few of the older folks as well.   I looked as Jason and he just grinned and mouthed “Later”.  
One more thing, she added, if anyone invites you to come over to their house, it usually is an invitation for sex.   You do not have to accept.   If you say yes, fine, if you say maybe another time, that means you cannot do it today, but you will likely accept at another time.   On the other hand if you are not interested, just say no and they will understand and not ask again.
After that we just sat around enjoying the fire.   Shelley and I were under one blanket, Jason and Mary under another and Patty and my mom under a third.   It was hard to miss the hanky panky going on under the blankets.   Most of it was rubbing and touching, but occasionally, one of us would disappear under the blanket and their partner would understandably be challenged not to be too obvious that they were receiving oral sex.
Dinner was spaghetti and no one used napkins so we just took turns licking the splatters from the person next to us.   Shelley was the first to spill sauce on her breast.   I turned to lick it off, but stopped when it became obvious that my Mom was going to get there first.   It turned out to be a very messy dinner.

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    All of us seemed to have a penchant for spilling our food.   The girls, mostly splattered their breasts and stomach, Jason and I seemed to drop it on our cocks most of the time.   After dinner we all pitched in and cleaned up.
After dinner we settled in with new blanket partners and watched a movie.   I ended up with Patty, Jason with Shelley and Mary and my Mom.   The movie was chick flick.   There was some nudity, but it was mainly the guys showing their ass as they climbed on top of some chick.   The girls thoroughly enjoyed the flick; Jason and I were not impressed.   After the movie, the girls must have had a secret signal, as they all rose almost in unison and said they were going to bed.   Jason and I just sat there admiring the swaying derrieres as they departed.   We decided to watch a more suitable guy movie, but quickly lost interest and decided to go to bed.   We heard the giggling and moaning as we passed the girl’s room.   We never learned what went on that first night or any other night for that matter, but there was certainly a lot of giggling and moaning and a few screams of ecstasy.   Jason and I shared a queen bed in the smaller bedroom.  
I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.

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    Done with that; I was already naked, so I started to climb under the covers when Jason said, show me how you suck your own dick.   I asked; right now?  And he said, yes, he could think of no better time, the girls were getting off in the next room, the walls were not sound proof, and that was certainly getting us excited.   I laughed and said OK.   It usually works best if you lie at the foot of the bed; far enough from the edge so you do not fall off.   Lie down about here.   Jason lay on his back with his legs partially off the foot of the bed.   I said now raise your feet over your head and keep going until they are resting on the bed above your head.   Jason easily did that, but could not quite reach his cock with his lips.   I said, I think we can fix that.   First thing, an erect cock will help, so I reached in and wrapped my hand around his cock and began pumping it.   It started to harden almost immediately and in less than a minute had grown to an erection that was nearly twice as long as when it was soft.  
That was enough for him to place his lips around the head of his cock.   I said just a minute and repositioned him and said now try that.   He easily took his cock in his mouth and slid his lips nearly two-thirds of the way down his shaft.   I patted him on his ass and said way to go.

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    Then said stop there for a second, I want to measure this.   I said, see if you can get any more in you mouth, then I used my fingers to circle and mark where his lips were.   When he withdrew I measured nearly 5 inches inside his mouth.   I said that is great, best I can do is about 4 inches.  
Now let’s see you cum!  Jason resumed sucking his cock.   Even though I had sucked my own cock a half a dozen times, I was fascinated to watch Jason work on his own cock.   I noticed that he tried several different approaches, and then settled on one that involved slow, deliberate movements, sliding as far up his shaft as he could go, then a rapid pull to the tip at which time he used his tongue to lick all around the head of his cock.   That went on for several minutes.   Then it appeared he was preparing to cum as he changed his movements so that he was using short fast strokes that just covered the head and top inch or two of his cock.   Also, his breathing picked up and he was panting as much from the excitement as the exertion.   I was not sure how he would react, but I decided to reach over and touch him.   I did not want to upset his rhythm or stop his climax, so I started by touching his leg and ass.   He did not react at first, but then mumbled something that I thought sounded like don’t stop.   I decided to continue slowly to give him a chance to stop me if that was not what he said.   I moved my hand further up his ass and began rubbing the base of his cock and balls.

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    There was still no signal to stop, so I started rubbing his ball sack and the base of his cock.   He jumped a bit and then reached up with his hand and took my hand and began massaging his ball sack and the cock that was still beyond the reach of his lips.   He let go and I continued rubbing.   He stopped just long enough to remove his cock from his mouth and pant don’t stop, that feels incredible and it would feel even better if you would stick your tongue in my ass while you are rubbing me.   He then resumed sucking his cock at a slower pace than before; I guessed he did not want to cum too fast, especially if I was going to lick his ass.   I moved around and positioned myself facing his ass and started licking.   I first gave his balls and cock a good licking then moved up to his ass opening and started probing his opening.   I attempted to  push my tongue inside with little success until I felt him pushing back with his sphincter muscles.    Once he did that, he seemed to open up a bit and I was able to stick my tongue inside, not far at first, but it went deeper as I worked my tongue around his opening.   I moved my tongue from side to side and in and out.   I couldn’t see Jason’s face, but I felt from his movement that he was about to cum in his own mouth.   The contractions around my tongue were clear evidence that he was about to received a mouthful of his own sweet cum.
After another minute I gave him a final licking from his ass to his cock and fell back on the bed.   After Jason let go of his cock and uncoiled beside me, I patted him on the leg and said and that is how you suck yourself off.   What do you think?  Wow was all he could say.

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    He leaned over and said do you want a taste.   I said, yes and he brought his lips to mine and allowed some of his cum to dribble into my mouth.   We kissed briefly and he lay back down and said I can’t believe how good my own cum tastes coming directly from cock into my mouth.   I once tried to cum in my mouth by getting in the same position and jacking off, but I missed, the cum either shot way over my head or dripped on my neck.   I licked some off and tasted it, but that was not the same as this.
Now let me see you do it.   I grinned and OK, but only if you rub me and tongue my ass the way I did you.   Jason said what if I say no.   I grinned and said, I’ll suck my self anyway.   He laughed and said, deal, and added that he would give me the best tongue my ass had ever had.   I quickly repositioned myself to allow room for both of us and raised my legs over my head.   My cock was already hard, so placing it in my mouth, was easy.   However, one thing surprised me.   In the past, I was only able to get the head of my cock in my mouth when I first bent over, then after I worked for a few minutes, if I had not cum by then, I was able to go deeper and get nearly 4 inches in my mouth.   What surprised me was that I was able to go much deeper, right from the beginning, at least as deep as I have ever been able in the past.

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    I wondered if this meant I was getting a bit more limber and would be able to get more of my cock in my mouth.   Rather than think too much about it, I plunged right in.   My favorite stroke was to plunge as far down my cock as I could go, lock my lips around my cock and slowly pull, stretching the skin as I went until I got to the tip and had as much loose skin as possible pulled up over the tip of my throbbing cock and then release it.   When I did that, I imagined that I was not circumcised and there was all this loose skin at the tip of my cock to suck on.   I then reversed the process and used my lips to push the skin down away from the tip as far as I could then release it and start over.   I could do this for some time without cumming.   It felt so good; it just gave me tingles up and down my spine.  
After doing that for a while, I would be ready to cum, so I would, use my tongue and lips to slide up and down my cock as rapidly as possible.   That always brought me to climax within a dozen strokes or so.   Knowing that I did not want to rush my climax, I started slow and pulled y skin up and down as I usually do.   I had done this only a few strokes when I felt Jason rubbing my legs and ass and then felt and saw his tongue working its magic on my ass, balls and cock base.   I pulled out a second and asked Jason to push down a bit on my hips as I sucked.   He did so and again to my surprise, my cock slid in my mouth all the say to the base.   I could feel my balls bounce against my chin.   I was stunned and excited, I pulled out and did it again and I had my entire shaft in my mouth.

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    I stopped and just enjoyed the sensation as I ran my tongue up and down the top side of my cock.   It was then that I realized, the tongue normally slides on the bottom of the penis when you get a blow job from someone else, but is on the top side when you do yourself.  
About that moment, Jason stabbed his tongue into my ass opening.   I squeezed and pushed back as hard as I could and I felt his tongue enter my opening.   I just lay there holding my cock in my mouth and savoring the moment.   I knew that if I moved very much I could cum.   I finally decided there would be other opportunities like this, probably the next evening, so I started pumping my lips up and down my shaft and in a matter of moments I felt my cum build in my balls and then explode, shooting from the pee hole at the tip of my cock, deep in my throat.   I swallowed the first shots of sperm, then pulled back a bit and collected the rest to savor in my mouth.   My cock gets really sensitive, so I had to stop moving and just hold still.   I stayed like that for several minutes then slowly using my lips to cover my teeth, squeezed the remaining cum from my cock and released my cock.   I started to lie down then decided to return the favor and give Jason a load of my sperm.   I leaned over and pressed my lips close to his and let a long strand of cum drool into his mouth.   We kissed once more and I flopped down next to him.   I just lay there catching my breath when Jason laid his hand full on my cock and said I’ glad we’re friends.   I replied me to and returned the favor, rubbing his cock.

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    With that Jason turned over and soon fell asleep.  
The next thing I knew, someone was climbing into bed behind me and spooning with me.   I was a bit groggy and could not tell who it was, except that there was no cock pressed against my ass.   I felt female breasts pressed against my back and an arm draped over me and caressing my chest.   The next thing I felt was warm breath on my back and lips gently caressing my neck.   I finally realized who it was when I recognized her perfume and voice whispering please fuck me.   I turned to face Patty, Jason’s mother.   I pulled her close to me and found her lips as we kissed deeply.   Our tongues eagerly found each other and we pressed closer together, touching each other with our arms, legs, feet, and chest.   The tingle was breath-taking from feeling her breasts pressed to mine and my cock sandwiched between our hungry bodies.
I was getting ready to roll on top of her, when she quickly straddled me and in the deft movements of a very experienced lover, impaled herself on my cock.   She placed her hands on my chest and began pumping long slow strokes that lifted her nearly to the tip of my cock then lowered her until her cunt lips were touching my balls and surrounding the base of my cock.   I reached for her breasts, but she took my hands, entwined our fingers and pinned my arms behind my head.   I could not see well in the dim light, but Patty seemed to take joy in controlling my every movement.   She held me down and continued pumping her cunt lips up and down my cock.

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    Every few strokes as she plunged to the base of my cock, she paused and moved her hips in a circular motion.   I had not felt that before, but it like plunging my cock in a bucket of ice followed by a hot bath.   The effect was both uncomfortable, and exciting at the same time.  
I was only marginally aware of Jason who was furiously fucking my mother in the bed beside us.   She was on her hands and knees and he was plunging his cock in and out of her for all he was worth.   I couldn’t tell whether he was fucking her cunt or was plunging into her ass.   It certainly didn’t matter to Mom.   She was wiggling and groaning with pleasure and pushing back into Jason every time he thrust forward.   His hands were on Mom’s sides, holding her hips to meet his thrusts and periodically sliding up to cup her breasts.   Meanwhile Mom would take one of her hands and reach under and fondle Jason’s cock and balls.   This would stop Jason’s movement and they would stay like that for a few moments while she stroked him and probably her own lips at the same time, and then she would resume her position and Jason would start thrusting again.
Meanwhile, Patty had me pinned to the bed as she took her pleasure riding my cock, with me laying helpless beneath her.   Of course I was not fighting her at all; in fact, I was lifting my hips to meet her downward plunges.   Finally, I was starting to build towards my climax and I told Patty that I was about to cum.   She stopped immediately and lifted off my cock.


    I wondered why, but learned soon enough as she stood over me, walked towards my head and then squatted down with her female cum soaked pussy right over my mouth.   She was still pinning my hands over my head as she looked me in the face and said eat my cunt, eat it for all you are worth.   I didn’t need another invitation; I eagerly lifted my face to meet her cunt.   My lips found her cunt lips and I began working her over from the top of her pee hole and working past her clit to her pussy opening.   The taste of her cum and the scent of her cunt was dizzying.   I pressed harder and she responded by lowering her hips and pressing her pussy against my face.   I used my whole face, my tongue, lips, nose and cheeks to stimulate Patty.   She reacted by pressing harder and grinding her hips backward and forward to aid my movements.  
After several minutes of this, I could sense that Patty was getting ready to climax.   She gripped my hands even tighter and pushed against them.   Her hip movements were hurried and her breathing picked up to the point that she was panting.   The all of a sudden I felt a gush of her cum juices as she climaxed on my face.   She ground her pussy into my face for almost a minute and then relaxed and tumbled on the bed beside me.   We kissed and caressed each other.   She had had her first orgasm, but I was far from satisfied.

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    I was not sure what she would do next so I just lay there kissing and holding her to see her next move.   It did not take long; she said Timmy honey, fuck me doggy style.   I thought to myself, Arf, Arf…
Patty turned and rose to her hands and knees and to my surprise positioned herself so that she was face to face with my mother, who still had Jason’s cock impaled in her.   While I was positioning myself behind her, Patty and Mom kissed.   It was a gentle kiss at first, but soon grew passionate with much tongue action and moaning.   Jason stopped at this was going on held his dick deep inside mom for a few moments before resuming a slow pace so as to not disturb their kiss.   I quickly pointed my cock at her waiting cunt and rubbed it around to spread my pre-cum on her lips.   The first plunge took me easily past her cunt lips and two or three more thrusts buried my cock to the hilt.   I gripped her hips and slowly began pumping my cock in and out of her love canal.   My hands were no longer pinned, so I took advantage of the situation and caressed Patty beginning at her legs and working up past her hips to her waist, stomach and finally her breasts.  
Jason and I looked at each other.   I winked and he got the message.   We both began pumping deeply in our friend’s mother’s love canals.   By this time, we were pumping vigorously enough that they had to break their kiss.   At that time it did not take either of us long to start building toward our climax.

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    Jason came first, his thrusts were fast and we could hear his stomach slapping against my mother’s ass as he came.   I was only a matter of moments behind him.   My climax built rapidly and came in quick spurts.   I continued pumping for a few moments to sustain my climax, but soon had to stop as my cock became too sensitive to move.   I held Patty’s ass tight as I pressed my cock as deep into her as it would go.
After several minutes of motionless pleasure, I slowly pulled my cock from Patty’s cunt and we lay down in each other’s arms.   I was preparing myself to suck her cum soaked cunt for the second time that morning, when my mom, said we have to go.   The girls will be waking soon and we should be lying innocently in bed when they do.   Jason found that particularly funny and started laughing.   I just smiled and took the opportunity to carass Patty’s ass, hips, stomach and tits as I gave her one last kiss.   As Patty got out of bed, my mom climbed over me and paused to give me a long deep and passionate kiss.   Then she whispered, tonight your young body is mine.   With that, they were gone.   Jason and I just lay there exhausted from the workout.
Next installment:  The second day and night at the lake.

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Comments may be sent to Hrman1999@hotmail. com.   I will respond.

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