My Story: Water Sports with Mom


The summer after my 13th birthday was an exciting one, one that I could only have dreamed of, but one that gave me my introduction to sex. I lived with my mother, Jill. She is 40, but looks more like she is 30. Mom is tall at 5’11” and slender. Her breasts are 36A, I know because I checked her bras in the laundry. Her hips are thin and she has very long shapely legs. Her hair is jet black and she keeps it short. I also have an older sister who is 18. She attends college nearby, but lives in a small apartment. I’ll tell you more about my experiences with her in another story. Now for my story…
As I noted above, this story happened the summer I turned thirteen. Ever since my parents split up and my sister went off to college, my mom and I spent as much time as we could exploring nature, we would hike or bike in the back woods, sometimes camping and other times just a day trip. We had been planning to go inner tubing, floating on a large tube down the … river.
The day finally arrived we got up early and ate our breakfast. As I was finishing Mom got up and said, let me change and you can rub sun screen on me and I will do the same for you. With that she disappeared towards her room while I looked for the sun screen.

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   Just as I located it, Mom walked into the kitchen in the sexiest little string bikini I had ever seen. I let out a low whistle and said wow mom, you look great. She smiled and did a 360 to show off her perfect body. She looked me in the eye and said do you like it? I got it just for you. I was shocked, but managed to say you look like a million bucks. She tuned her back to me and asked me to rub the lotion on her.
I started at her neck and worked my way down her back. When I got to her ass, which was completely bare, just the string nicely tucked between her cheeks, she said go ahead, you rub it there, I don’t mind. By this time my cock was throbbing hard and making a tent in my pajamas. I continued rubbing the lotion on her ass cheeks and down her legs to her feet. After that she turned and presented her front. I stood and started rubbing her neck and cheeks and then her shoulders and arms. Her skin was so soft, I felt like I might cum in my pants without even touching my cock.
I started to cover her upper chest and Mom surprised me again by grabbing her top which barely covered her breasts and pulled it up to her neck exposing her breasts. She said you better cover my breasts as well, I might need it if the river isn’t too crowded.

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   I knew that Mom liked to take her top off when she sun bathed, though she usually covered up as I got a little older. I couldn’t believe how incredible it felt rubbing my mother’s breasts. I tried to linger, moving my hands real slow, but Mom just put her bra back in place and said move on honey, we don’t want to be late.
I shuddered and continued spreading lotion over her stomach and started to move to her thighs when she put her fingers under the waist band of her bottoms and lifted them away from her body and said put some under the edges so I won’t burn if my suit shifts. I was starting to breathe hard by now as I slipped my fingers under her bikini and felt around her smoothly shaved crotch. Then she spread her legs and said make sure to put lotion between my legs as well, the sun will be very hot today. I knelt down and finished rubbing the lotion between her legs, brushing my hands against the fabric barely covering her pussy lips and then slowly working my way to her feet.
As I stood, Mom unbuttoned my pajama top and slid it off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Then she said OK, now take off your pants and I will rub the lotion on you. I hesitated and Mom looked down and grinned when she saw the huge tent in my pajamas. Are you worried about showing your erection? I just nodded and she said you should be proud of your manliness and proud to show it off to the woman who caused you to get it. And furthermore, I have seen you naked many times, I’ve even seen your cock erect. When you were young and I would wash you, you would get erect. It’s ok, now drop your pants and let’s get going.
I was still a bit embarrassed to expose my erect cock, but I reached down and hooked my fingers in my waist band and quickly let them drop to the floor.

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   Mom said, see that wasn’t so bad was it? I just grinned and shook my head. She turned me around and began rubbing the lotion all over my back. Even though my trunks would cover most of my body from my waist to my knees she liberally covered the area, working the lotion in and around my ass cheeks and legs. When she finished my ankles and feet I turned and she started working her way up the front of my legs. As I had done with her she had me spread my legs and she rubbed lotion between then, letting my balls rub across the back of her hand. She rubbed the lotion all around my cock, and brushed against it once or twice, but didn’t directly touch it. After that, she covered my upper body and then threw the lotion in the beach bag and said we better get going. Put your suit on and I will put the cooler in the car.
With that she turned and headed to the garage, leaving me so horny, I could have jacked off right there in the kitchen. Reluctantly I headed to my room and put on my bathing suit. I grabbed my hat and sun glasses and got to the garage just as Mom was starting the car.
It took us an hour to reach our destination, a rafting and canoe store near the river that rented tubes and had some old school buses that it used to transport people to the river and back. I unloaded the car while Mom paid. When she came back, she took off her T shirt and shorts, just leaving her bikini and beach shoes. I stripped off my T shirt and we headed to the river.

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   For some reason, we were the only ones around, though the attendant, who helped us get our tubes and secure the cooler, couldn’t seem to take his eyes off Mom. I completely understood, she was incredibly sexy in that suit. As we settled in our tubes, he caught my eye and winked. I grinned back and turned my attention back to Mom who was sitting with her back to the shore. We paddled out into the main current and soon were out of sight of the attendant. We were alone on the river.
About 10 minutes later, Mom paddled over to me and asked me to unfasten her bra. She took it off, tucking it safely in the cooler. I had visions of her having to put on a frozen bra if we meet anyone else on the river. Apparently Mom was prepared as she also brought a small towel to cover up if we saw anyone else. I stayed close to Mom and spent most of the trip staring at her exposed breasts. Mom made that easier by hooking her feet over the edge of my tube and positioning herself directly in front of me. Mom seemed to forget that she was topless and we spent the next 3 hours talking and paddling. One time when we saw a group paddling canoes coming down the river, she took out her towel and covered up as if she was protecting herself from the sun. Once they passed us, she removed the towel and we continued.

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   When we got near the landing point she pulled out her top and did her best to wiggle into it. She was struggled a bit and finally asked me to help her. I struggled, but was able to reach over and hook the straps.
As we beached and carried our stuff to the bus, I noticed that the driver, the same person who helped us earlier had a pair of binoculars on the floor next to his seat. I figured he had been watching from somewhere along the shore. As I helped him stow the tubes he said to me, is that your Mom? I nodded and he said she is the hottest piece of ass I have seen around here all summer. I just said yeah she is, isn’t she.
When we got back to the store, the attendant directed us to the bath house, a couple of private rooms with showers and places to change. We grabbed our clothes, soap and shampoo and headed to the showers. I expected we would use separate showers, but Mom just said come in with me, no need to waste water and besides we only have one bar of soap. I followed her into the shower and Mom quickly stripped off her bikini and started the shower. I didn’t hesitate this time and took off my trunks and joined her in the shower. Mom took the soap and started lathering me, working slowly from face and neck down my body. This time she took my erect cock in her hand and washed it thoroughly, stroking it a few times and then moving on to my legs and feet. It felt nice to wash off the river water.

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She handed me the soap and I began washing her. I got bolder this time and was hoping she would let me touch her pussy, maybe even play with it. As I reached for her crotch she spread her legs and let me thoroughly wash her pussy lips. I felt where I the sex ed book said her clitoris should be and found a hard nub of flesh. As I touched it, she caught her breath and put her hand on my shoulder to steady herself. I continued rubbing her lips and soon found my finger at her pussy opening. I rubbed her for several seconds and she seemed to push against my hand, so I slowly pressed my middle finger into her cunt. It was obviously the right thing to do, her breathing got heavier and she began rubbing her crotch against my hand. I pushed my finger as deep as I could inside her and began fucking her with my finger.
By this time she had both hands on my shoulders for support and was moaning. I continued rubbing, picking up the pace a bit as her hip movements quickened. Suddenly, I felt a gush of cum pour from her crotch and I felt her cunt contract and squeeze my finger. I had just given my mother an orgasm. I couldn’t believe it. After several minutes her orgasm seemed to subside and her breathing slowly returned to normal.


   Mom leaned over and took my face in her hands and kissed me, it was a slow gentle kiss at first, but soon it turned hard and passionate. She put her tongue in my mouth and I could feel her probing for my tongue.
By this time, my cock was twitching with excitement and knew I needed to get release somehow. I needn’t have worried, because at that moment Mom broke our kiss and knelt down in front of me and took my cock in her hand and began kissing and licking it. I nearly came right then, but with concentration I was able to hold on and suppress my orgasm for the moment. I was glad I did, because the next thing I knew my mother took my cock in her mouth and began sucking and licking it. By then I was panting and my knees were getting weak. My orgasm was rapidly building in my balls and was about to explode. I managed to croak, I’m cumming, and Mom just took my cock deeper in her mouth and pressed her hands on my ass cheeks to pull me closer. I exploded in her mouth. Although I had been masturbating for some months by then, I had never come close to having such a powerful orgasm as I did in my mother’s mouth. While I was shooting spurt after spurt of cum in her mouth, I felt waves of pleasure shoot up and down my spine and I struggled to keep from falling over. We stayed like that for several minutes, my slowly softening cock still in her mouth.
Finally, mom stood and took me in her arms and we kissed again. I was scared to death at the thought of tasting cum, but I was strangely drawn to her lips and we kissed and this time I used my tongue to probe her mouth and suck my cum into my mouth and swallow it.

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   The sensation really turned me on and soon I had another erection. I pressed it against her stomach and she pressed back. As we broke our kiss, she said, oh for the stamina of youth. Finally mom placed her hand on my cheek and said, come on honey lets get dressed and go home, we can get more comfortable there.
We toweled off and dressed and headed to the car. As we walked out of the shower, I noticed the attendant sitting on a picnic table watching us emerge from the same bath room. He just shook his head and grinned at me. Then I noticed Mom that mom saw him and grinned as she took put her hand on my ass and gave it a squeeze. It was then that I realized she was putting on a show for the attendant as well as me, only difference was his was for show only and mine got physical.
As we drove home, mom let me put my hand on her leg and slowly massage her thigh and inner leg.
That evening after dinner we sat on the couch watching TV. We were sitting close and Mom put her arm around me and pulled me close to her and whispered in my ear, I love you! I looked up at her and said me too. When I did that, she placed her hand on my cheek and pulled my face to hers. We kissed, a long wet and passionate kiss. My hand found its way to her breast.

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   I rubbed it gently as she placed her hand over mine and held it tight against her breast.
Then she took my hand and pulled her shirt up and placed my hand directly on her breast and encouraged me to massage it and then to take her nipple between her fingers and squeeze and pull on it. Then she said Timmy, honey, I love your touch on my skin, now if you are going to pleasure a woman you need to talk to her and listen to her and her body. I thought about that for a moment and said, Mom, what can I do to please you? She smiled and said, kiss my breasts, use your tongue and lips. Suck on my nipples, suck them into your mouth. I wanted to touch her pussy again, and tried, but couldn’t do much through her jeans. As I fondled and kissed Mom’s breasts, she asked what I would like to do. I want to make love to you. She, just said, So you want to fuck me? Well before you do that, there is something I want you to do for me. I looked her in the eyes and said and what is that I can do for you? You can lick my pussy. Before I could react, she jumped up and grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom.
She turned and slowly undressed me and then said lie down honey. I lay on her bed and watched as she slowly stripped her skin tight jeans and thong panties and dropped them on the floor. Next she climbed on the bed and slowly squatted down so that her pussy lips ended up nearly touching my face. I stuck out my tongue and got my first taste of pussy.

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   I ran my tongue up and down her lips several times then buried it in her cunt. I stuck it as far inside as I could and began moving it rapidly around and in and out. My hand found my rigid cock and began stroking it in pace with my tongue fuck. Mom was holding on to the head board and grinding her hips into my face.
Her breathing was becoming quite ragged and she began moaning in pleasure. Suddenly, I felt her orgasm sweep over her. She was screaming in pleasure and I could feel her cunt contracting around my tongue. Then my face was flooded with her cum, it filled my mouth and soaked my face and head. She continued grinding her pussy against my face as her orgasm slowly subsided. Her breathing continued heavy, and she finally stopped moaning and crying in pleasure.
She stood and repositioned herself so that he now soaking cunt was over my rigid cock. She reached between us and guided my cock to her cunt opening and slowly impaled herself all the way to the base of my throbbing cock. She placed her hands on my breasts and began massaging them, taking my nipples and twisting them between her fingers as she began stroking up and down on my shaft. I reached up and cupped her breasts and began fondling them just as she had showed me minutes earlier. I could still taste her cum filling my mouth and as happened earlier at the shower facility, my orgasm built rapidly, starting deep in my groin and running chills up my spine.


   I looked at my mother and said, I’m going to cum. She didn’t say anything, just continued pumping furiously up and down my cock. I could feel the sperm shooting from my balls up through my cock and filling her womb, the womb that bore me, 13 years earlier. The first spurt was followed one by one with strong contractions in my groin that filled my mother with my seed.
I could feel my sperm seeping from her cunt and puddling around the base of my cock. As I was filling her love canal she came again, her cunt squeezing the length of my cock and her moans and screams of pleasure. Again, I felt her warm cum flood over my groin area. She continued pumping me until my cock softened and slipped from her now cum soaked pussy. I thought she would be sated by now, but to my surprise, she turned around and again lowered her cunt, to my face and then she lay on top of my and took my cock in her mouth. She slowly sucked on it, licking our cum juices and working he rlips up and down my rapidly growing erection.
Meanwhile, I began licking our juices from her cunt lips. As I opened my mouth she squeezed my cum from her pussy and into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed as much as I could and continued licking her cunt. Then as I licked my way forward searching out her clitoris, I was surprised to find that it had grown in size, so that it was now nearly 2 inches long. I eagerly sucked it into my mouth and began sucking on it.

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   Mom nearly jumped out of her skin when I did that. Her whole body shuddered and she I could feel her muscles tense as she quickly exploded with her third orgasm of the evening. She ground her crotch into my face as she screamed and moaned again in pleasure and just as before my face and mouth were flooded with her cum. By this time, she had my whole cock in her mouth and was pumping up and down. I felt another orgasm building and told mom that I was going to cum again. She wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock and balls and squeezed as she continued sucking my cock. My orgasm exploded again, this time filling her mouth with my cum. She swallowed most of it, but some dripped from her lips and ran down around the base of my cock.
Mom took my cock in her hand and quickly licked the cum from around my cock and then continued licking and sucking my cock as it slowly softened in her mouth. Finally almost too weak t move, mom turned and lay beside me. She wrapped her arms around me and held me close to her, kissing my face and gently stroking my cheek. I lay my hand on her breast and felt her still erect nipple press against my hand. We fell asleep in each other’s arms and did not wake until I felt her warm soft mouth engulfing my cock. We fucked three more times before breakfast. From then on, I slept in my mother’s bed.

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   We fucked nearly every night, missing only a couple of days when she had her period, even when she had her period, she would give me oral sex and I would rub her lips and clitoris until she came.
About a month later, Mom came out of the bathroom after dinner and said, she had an announcement to make, that she was pregnant and I was the father. She asked me what I thought of that and I just grinned and took her in my arms and kissed her and said, that is the most wonderful news I could imagine. We had a baby girl, the next spring. By the time I was 18, we had 2 more children, a boy and a girl. We are hoping that the children can join our love making when they are older. In the mean time, mom and I continue to sleep together.
Oh, yes, I almost forgot to mention that a few weeks after mom introduced me to sex, I spent several days visiting my sister in her apartment. The third night I was there, we had sex. She was not as experienced as her mother, but her tight teen body and her curiosity more than made up for it. We fucked and sucked a more times than I count while I was there and on weekends and holidays when she would visit.
The next summer she moved back in with us and continued commuting to classes. I split my time between my mother and my sister. Sleeping with a different one each night. My sister got pregnant shortly after she graduated and we had a boy and then two girls.

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