My weekend with Lizzie - Part 1


As you can see, I really didn’t want to wake up, and so I shut off the alarm clock and went back to my dream for another couple hours. When I awoke, I was rock hard, and precum had oozed out of my cock at least a couple times it had seemed by the stickiness I felt in my boxers. I wrestled with the idea of another dream, and finally decided I had better get to work. I walked across my loft bedroom pulling off my boxers and tee shirt as I went. Downstairs I crossed the living room, dining room and kitchen heading for the bathroom and shower. When I reached the bathroom I looked at my self in the full length mirror. I am 32 and have always kept my self in decent shape. I’m a little over 6 feet tall, and am a fairly muscular 195 pounds. I have shoulder length brown hair, not long – but not short either. I really don’t like my brown eyes, and have often thought of wearing non-prescription contacts that change them to a deep blue, but never have. Looking in the mirror I again realized that I had a raging hard-on that was demanding attention. “I might as well take care of it in the shower. ” I said out loud to my self and stepped into the shower. As much as I love women, masturbation is a beautiful gift. I love stroking my self during a particularly hot story or movie. Sometimes I use lotions or oils, maybe even a toy or two, taking my time, bringing my self as close to orgasm as possible with out finishing.

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   I would do this as many times as possible before I could take it no longer, finally exploding into some of the most powerful orgasms I can remember. This was no such time, I turned the shower on very hot as I leaned against the opposite wall and let it pound its heat into my back as I pounded my hard-on with quick, full strokes. I wanted to cum and I wanted – no needed – to cum right now. As visions of Lizzie swirled in my mind I blasted shot after shot all over the wall in a sticky, beautiful mess. Moments later I opened my eyes and saw one of my biggest loads all over the wall, and used the shower head to wash it off. My back thanked me, the near scalding it had taken was slightly painful, and moving out from its streams was a relief. Though, I think the slight pain from the hot water actually helped intensify my orgasm. Once out of the shower, and dressed I headed out to my studio. I paint for a living – canvases, not houses – and I work from my two bedroom condo. It’s a nice gig. I work when I feel like it, and don’t when I don’t, though I rarely missed a day during the week. I am fairly successful, and have my paintings for sale in a half dozen places around the city and in two well known smaller galleries that cater to the ‘Discriminating Collector’ as they call it. Lately I have been working on a series of paintings focusing on figures – mostly female. I use lots of vibrant colors and unique angles in my artwork and think I am quite good, but I rarely do people and after over 3 hours of work didn’t really like the painting I was doing. The painting was of a topless girl lying on a blanket under the searing sun, in a sexy, multicolored bikini bottom – the location was left up to the imagination of the viewer.

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   She was lying on her stomach, but slightly angled so the side of her full breast was shown, and with her long blond hair flowing behind her as if caught on the wind. The view was from the angle of some one standing at her feet and looking down on her. The colors were vibrant and I was almost done with the painting, yet I wasn’t really happy with it. Something was wrong, and I just couldn’t place it. The lighting? The shadows? The girl herself? I just didn’t know. But it was something. And it was pissing me off. The phone rang and I was grateful for the intrusion. I was stuck and need a break so I could come back to it, and see it with ‘fresh eyes’. I put the brush down and jogged over to the phone. “Hello” I said into the phone. “Hi Nick, its Pam. ”Pam is my sister – and only other sibling. I knew her phone call probably meant one three things or maybe a combination of the three. She or someone she knew wanted a painting – a FREE painting.

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   She wanted to borrow some money – money she would never payback. Or she needed a baby sitter for a few hours or the evening while she went out to do what ever it was she wanted to do. If reason three didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have answered the phone once I read the caller ID. “Hi Pam, how are you?” I answered. “Good, I was just calling to ask a favor of you. ”“Sure, what do you need?” “I was hoping that you could baby-sit Elizabeth for me. ”“I am not a baby mother. ” Lizzie protested in the background. “Ya sure, you know I never mind having her over. When? This evening? Tomorrow?”“Well…” Pam began “Actually I was hoping you could take her for the whole weekend. I know she likes going over there and I was hoping to get away for a long over due weekend with Vince. ”Vince, was here latest boyfriend, and I am sure was carbon copy of her last 3 or 4 sleaze ball boy friends. But I adore Lizzie, and would never say no – although she had never spent a weekend with me. “Sure Pam, no problem. I could use the break from painting anyways.

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  ”“Thanks so much Nick, I’ll drop her off this afternoon, and pick her up Sunday night of Monday morning. ”“Umm. Tonight? Sure, I’ll see you then. ”“Talk to you then Nick, thanks again. ”Tonight was Thursday, and last I checked the weekend was Saturday and Sunday, but I wasn’t complaining. I knew I wouldn’t mind 5 days with my niece – or at least 3 days and parts of 2 others. She will probably be here in a couple hours, so I better get cleaned up I thought. I cleaned up the paint and brushes, and left the near done painting on the easel. After a few other touch ups around the house, I thought it was presentable enough, and I went to my loft to change clothes. I own a large two bedroom condo that’s sort of like a townhouse but is all one floor – except the loft – with high ceilings and spacious open rooms. I leave the down stairs bedroom for guests and sleep in the loft. While the loft is a little small – approximately 15’ x 15’ and typically meant as a guest ‘room’– it serves me well, and I like it. I was just coming down the stairs as the doorbell rang. It had barely been an hour since my sister had called, and she was already here, some things never change. “Hi Lizzie, hi Pam.

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  ” I said, opening the door to let them in. “Hi Uncle Nick. ” Lizzie said smiling brightly. “Thanks again Nick, I really need this weekend. ”“No problem. I don’t mind at all. ”“Well, I’d love to stay, but Vince is waiting in the car. I’ll see you Monday. ”“See you then, have a good weekend. ” I said, noting she said Monday, not Sunday night or Monday morning as before. She waved and jogged down the stone steps and back to her car. I turned to Lizzie, who had a slight scowl on her face as she watched her mother jog to the car, but she brighten when she noticed me looking at her, and instantly dropped her bags on the floor, ran to me and gripped me in a near bear hug. “Thanks for letting me stay here this weekend Uncle Nick. ”“You are always welcome here sweetie. ” I said, hugging her and enjoying the way she felt, my hands sliding down her back and slightly caressing her butt before I broke away from the hug.

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   I gave her a firm yet playful pat on the butt – enjoying the quick yet fabulous contact with her ass, and picked up a couple of her bags. “Let’s get your stuff in your room and then we can go out for a pizza or something. ” “Really? Great!” She practically squealed. “I am sooo hungry. ”The rest of the evening flew by. We walked over to a neighborhood pizza pad and had some great pizza and mozzarella sticks, and talked for nearly an hour. We talked about school, her mom, Vince, her mom’s ‘Jerk of a boyfriend’, and about boys, music and a half dozen other topics. She barely stopped talking but still managed to eat a ton of pizza and mozzarella sticks – it must be a girl thing. On the way home we stopped at a movie rental store she had noticed, and she picked out a bunch of movies she wanted to watch over the weekend, and grabbed a couple bags of candy and popcorn at the front counter. I paid for everything and we headed home. Once home, I told her it was getting late, so she should change into her PJs before we watched the movie since she would need to go to bed after the movie. “PJs are for little girls Uncle Nick. I haven’t worn them since I was 7 or 8. ” She informed me as she headed off to her room. I went up to the loft to change my self.

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   When I came down – wearing an old pair of cut off sweat pants over my boxers, and an old tee shirt – she had already changed and was in the kitchen pouring on bag of popped popcorn into a large bowl, and microwaving a second bag of popcorn. “You always was a popcorn hog. ” I said as I came into the kitchen. “You eat plenty of it too. I have to make 2 bags just to make sure I get some. ” She giggled. I’ll give you some I thought, but brushed it aside and told her I would get us some sodas and napkins. “Is that what you wear for PJs nowadays kiddo?” I said. She was wearing a black tee shirt that exposed her belly button when she moved or reached for something and tight, short, hot pink fleece shorts that had ‘princess’ written on the butt of them. “Ya, do you like it?”“Ya it’s a cute outfit ‘Princess’. ” I said, with a little pat on her butt - where princess was written – for emphasis. “That’s 2 I owe you now. ” She replied smiling, meaning the spanks I had given her. We took everything into the living room and put the movie on. It was some movie about a girl and her mom, and how they somehow switched places.

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   The little girl wakes up one morning and she is inside her mom’s body, and her mom is inside her daughters. The movie was about over and we were on our second bowl of popcorn and second sodas. I wasn’t much interested in the movie, but the company was fine. I had the large bowl of popcorn in my lap and Lizzie had snuggled up on my left side next to me on the couch as she always did. Her knees tucked under her and her head leaning against me. She had her right arm between us on the couch, and her left diving continuously for more popcorn or soda. I had my left arm on the back off the couch and would play with her hair every now and then and my right arm on the sofa arm. Since neither of us had touched the popcorn in awhile I put the popcorn bowl on the coffee table and sat back and snuggled back up to her. I traced my fingers up and down her shoulders and back enjoying the feel of her. She giggled every now and then when I hit a ticklish spot. I must have hit an exceptionally ticklish spot, because she laughed and slapped me on the side of my thigh. When she snuggled back down, both her arms were on my leg. She traced her finger in little circles on the sweat pant logo an my mid thigh playfully as she watched the movie and it was driving me crazy. I am sure she doesn’t mean anything I told my self, though it didn’t help my cock much, and I had to adjust the way I was sitting a little to try and hide my arousal. We were always close and it was not uncommon for us to touch each other or hug each other a little bit more then most uncle/nieces do, but nothing had ever gone this far and I had to control the situation or I might end up doing something I would regret later.


   Maybe I was just misinterpreting her intentions. I mean, she is beautiful, but still only 13 – even if she insists on ‘almost 14’ and wants to be 20. It wasn’t long before her hands were and doing their little trace dance up and down my thigh. I toyed with her hair and slid my hand down her back and under her shirt. My fingers tracing her lower back, side and the part of her flat tummy that I could reach. “What am I doing?” I practically screamed in my head. She’s my niece! My hand wasn’t listening as it seemed to have a mind of its own, and enjoyed her soft, warm skin, and continued caressing her. She seemed to be emboldened by my actions, for she reached under my shirt and started near my belly button and traced the thin line of hair up my chest. Using just the tip of her finger she traced circles around my right nipple, sending waves of excitement through my body. By now my cock was harder then ever, and there was little hope of hiding it. Noticing she wasn’t wearing a bra, I ran my fingers around her belly button and up her stomach and wrapped my hand around one of her perfect breasts. My mind swimming as I squeezed her nipple gently and heard her sigh. “I wanna fuck her. ” I thought just as a bolt of lightening shot through me. She had slid her hand down my chest and into my shorts, and had started stroking my hard shaft.

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  “Lizzie, this can’t happen. ” I said as I practically jumped up off the couch. “Why?” She responded with the classic pout she always used when she wanted to get her way with me. “Sweetie, I love you and you are sooo beautiful, but this just isn’t right. ” “But I love you and you just said you loved me. I could do this with boys at school but I don’t want to. I want to do it with you. I have always wanted to. The last couple times I have been over here, I have tried to do this but you never seemed to notice. This time you did, and I want to. I have been dreaming about this for months. I thought you loved me. ” She said, tears starting to show in her eyes. “Lizzie I do love you, but I am your uncle, and its just not …. “ I started, but she wasn’t listening.


   She stood up from the couch and I thought – hoped – she was going to storm off to her room. Instead she stepped close to me, reached up and kissed me lightly on the lips and then got down on her knees pulling my shorts and boxers off as she did. She took half of my cock into her mouth and started sucking and squeezing my balls before I could even blink. She would take half or two thirds of my cock in to her mouth and then suck hard all the way to the tip of my cock and then plunge back down again, massaging my balls at the same time. She did this several times before I could even begin to think what was happening. I pulled out of her mouth and she was about to start protesting again but I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her to me, bringing her lips down to my balls. She quickly understood, and started licking and sucking each of my balls, her tongue bathing my balls in her wet warmth and grabbing my cock with one hand and stroking it. “Look up into my eyes Lizzie. ” I whispered to her, forgetting all that I had just said to her about the wrongness of this. I mean who was I kidding, I had wanted this for a long time too. She looked up with those beautiful blues of hers, and I pulled back a little and then plunged my cock back into her mouth. She took my cock greedily. She noisily sucked my cock with a lot of saliva and I could feel my cum begin to swell up inside of me. She was no pro, but her eyes, her innocence and her beauty had won me over long ago and this was the best sexual moment of my life. I slipped my fingers through her hair and to the back of her head and pulled her gently until she had my entire cock in her mouth and held her there.

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   I have a pretty average 6 ½ inch cock, but it is pretty thick and it just looked amazing buried in her mouth. I slowly pulled out – my hands still on the back of head controlling the movements – and then plunged back into her hot mouth, slowly again and again. She would gag/choke a little each time I buried it in her throat, but I was being gentle for now, and after 6 or 8 thrusts her eyes where only barely moist with tears from the slight gagging. I was starting to loose a little control as my orgasm built, and I began to increase the speed and decrease the gentleness of my thrusts. I keep increasing my speed, and soon was pounding my cock in and out of her hungry mouth. She was gagging openly now, and tears were trickling down her cheeks and I could feel them dripping on my hard cock each time I pulled out. She continued to stare up into my eyes and I could tell she was enjoying her self too. It couldn’t have been more than a minute or so that I had been fiercely pounding myself into her mouth when I knew I was about to explode. I picked up my pace even further and began slapping my balls off her cute chin with abandon. I quickly thrust a couple more times as far as I could go, forcefully choking her, and sending a new cascade of beautiful tears down her checks I pulled out producing a small pout on her lips and grabbed my engorged cock in my fist. “Open you mouth wide Lizzie, and stick out that pretty tongue of yours. ” I practically screamed at her. She quickly did as I told her too, and I let loose a monster stream of cum directly into the back of her throat. She started to gag a little but I was far from finished. I let another 2 or 3 hot jets blast into her mouth, bathing the back of her mouth and tongue.

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   After another couple smaller spurts splashed her tongue, lips and chin I buried my cock back in her sweet mouth. She continued to gag some as she tried to keep swallowing her mouthful of cum while still sucking me. She wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock and squeezed it towards her, milking the last drops of cum out of me. I was in an incredibly delirious daze, and loving it. I reached down to her beautiful face and pulled her up to me, kissing her full on the lips. She pushed her tongue forcefully into my mouth and I could taste my self, but didn’t care. I slipped my hands into her shirt caressing both her beautiful breasts and then slid them to her back and pulled her into me. She was the most beautiful and precious thing in the world to me and I wanted more. I let her go and our lips broke apart from their tight embrace. Again the pout returned to her pretty lips. “I love you Lizzie. ” I said, staring into her eyes. “I love you too, Uncle Nick. ” She said, staring back at me. I slipped my hand into hers and we walked over to the stairs that led up to my loft.

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