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I watched through the window as she slowly began to gather her clothing from the floor of the backyard gardenshed.   Left in the same spot where they had made her strip for them, and before humiliating her for their teen-boy pleasures.   All of them were laughing now as they left her alone in the shed, naked, with teen-boy cum starting to dry on her face, and several other parts of her body.   The first time I had witnessed them using her, hidden while watching through the small window, I was stunned. . . and left knowing that I had to do something.   This time I would not be leaving her alone.
She is my neighbor's 13yo daughter, Kaytlyn.   They are a nice couple, sunday-churchgoer types, mid-30's, a bit younger than me.   They also have a 14yo son, Josh.   Kaytlyn caught my eye soon after I bought the house, about a year ago.   At first glance, she appears older than her barely-teen years, probably because of her height, she is maybe 5'7 or 5'8, but you soon realize she is just a kinda awkward, and nervous little girl, she can't weigh more than 110 lbs.   She has perfectly straight, shoulder-length light brown hair, parted off to the side so it hangs to sometimes cover her large brown eyes. . .

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  and beautiful pink mouth.   Her breasts are just beginning to show, no more than 30 or 32a.
The first time had been a couple of weeks ago.   I was working in my backyard when I overheard voices from the neighbor's backyard.   I could tell that one of the voices was kaytlyn but couldn't make out the others.   I wasn't particularly interested in what they were talking about, but being a hot mid-July afternoon, I was always looking for ways to get a peek, hoping for something that shows off that tight smooth teen body of hers.   So I continued working, but moved closer to the treeline that divides the yards and tried to get a look without being caught.  
I could see them standing around a small gardenshed in their backyard.   It was kaytlyn. Also her brother josh, and 2 of his friends.   I wasn't disappointed either, she looked so fucking sweet, leaning against the shed in a very tight white tanktop, bluejean cutoffs, and beautiful bare feet at the end of those incredibly tight legs.   I started thinking hard about what I would do with that body if given a chance.  
She was showing her awkwardness again though, she was holding her arms in front of her, I watched her as she moved her right hand around the elbow of her other arm, ever so slightly swinging her shoulders back and forth.   She kept nervously crossing and uncrossing her legs at the ankle as she stood there.   I was getting lost in my now nasty thoughts when I heard josh say, "I don't care kaytlyn, I will tell mom and dad".

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    I had no idea what they were talking about, but by the way kaytlyn began to plea with him, "no, please don't, please", I knew it had to do with her, and wondered what she had done.
Josh and his friends started laughing.   He reached out and opened the door to the shed, while motioning inside, he looked at kaytlyn and said, "then get in there".   His friends suddenly got real quiet and stared at kaytlyn, I could tell they weren't sure what she was going to do.   She had now tightly wrapped her arms around herself, pulling tighter as if trying to disappear.   I barely heard her say, "no josh, please".  
He told his 2 friends to go ahead inside, then turned to kaytlyn and said, "listen, if you don't get in there now, then i swear, when mom and dad get home, I will tell them that you gave a blowjob to that guy at school. . . and since they won't even let you go out on dates yet, I'm sure when they find out they'll never let you until your 18".   She didn't say a word.   She just lowered her head and watched as her feet carried her through the doorway, still holding herself tightly with both arms.
I couldn't believe what I was hearing and seeing.   After realizing what was happening, or about to happen, I knew I had to get a look.   I quietly made my way through the treeline that divides our yards, and then to the back window of the shed.

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   The trees created a lot of shadows so I felt pretty confident in being able to get a peek in the window.   I slowly peered in the corner of the window, and once my eyes got used to the low light inside, I could see that josh and his friends were standing with their backs to my window (whew!).   Kaytlyn was standing a few feet in front of, facing the boys. . . and my window.  
I couldn't hear what was being said but at least I had a front row seat.   I could tell josh was talking to her, and after just a minute or two, she hesitantly pulled from the bottom of her tanktop and slipped it over her head.   She apparently didn't want to drop it to the floor but after a quick gesture from josh she let it go from her hand.   With much less hesitation she unbuttoned and slid the cutoffs down and off.   One of the boys pointed at her and said something, making the other two start laughing as well.   I could tell that whatever they said must have embarassed her, she suddenly pulled her arms up to cover her breasts and turned her pantie clad hips away from them.   Josh yelled something at her and she just as quickly lowered her arms and moved them to the waist of her panties.   She hesitated just a second and then slipped them down and off her legs.   It was almost more than I could stand, she was absolutely fucking gorgeous and all I could think about was ravaging that body.

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As soon as she had removed all her clothing, I could see that all 3 boys had clearly begun rubbing themselves.   If I couldn't tell by watching them from behind, then kaytlyn's eyes left no doubt.   I could follow her eyes as she first settled on josh's groin, but then quickly worked her way to stare at each of them.   As the boys continued working their hands, and kaytlyn continued watching intently, they began talking to each other.   Quickly both friends pointed toward josh.  
Josh must have said something to kaytlyn as her attention was brought to him.   Just for a moment she looked him in the eye, then, in a definitely obedient looking gesture, lowered her head, took a couple steps until she was standing in front of her brother.   Without looking up, she dropped to her knees.   I could see her bringing her hands up to his groin, I knew she had reached it when his head fell back.   She quickly had his jeans unbuttoned and pulled to the floor with his boxers.   While I still had a weird angle from behind, she had rocked back a bit on her knees while obviously working her hands on his cock.   I kept watching her eyes as they never left her brother's cock.   Then he leaned forward slightly and I saw the look in her eyes change.   She moved forward and his head went straight back.  Though I could only see her head bobbing up and down, I knew that boy was fucking a mouth I had to have.

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    In what had to have been only 2 or 3 minutes, I forgot these are 14yo boys, josh grabbed the sides of her head and stabbed his cock into her mouth, he had to be cumming.   Kaytlyn's arms went out to her sides like she was trying to pull herself away, but she couldn't.   To her credit, it appeared that once she got over the surprise she stayed right on that cock until he was done.
I saw her sit back a little and while raising her forearm to wipe across her mouth, she was also licking lips.   She glanced over to the boy in the middle and saw that he already had his shorts off and was stroking himself.   She glanced up at josh and scooted on her knees until she was in front of her second cock of the afternoon.   This time I noticed that she was making eye contact with this boy, while her hands took over for him.   She then looked down at his cock, licked her lips and lurched her head forward and down onto him.   I could tell this kid wasn't going to last much longer, but he was fucking her mouth much harder than her brother.   She moved her knees wider and dropped a hand to the floor for balance.  
The kid started slowing down a little, probably in hopes of making it last.   That's when I noticed that the hand she had been using to steady herself was now rubbing the lips of that beautiful cunt of hers.   I also realized then that none of the boys were touching her, stupid 14yo's.   She must have been enjoying her touch because when this boy started cumming it clearly surprised kaytlyn.   I watched as her chest convulsed while she gagged, then have to turn her head and spit some teen-boy cum onto the floor.

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    Once she had caught her breath, I saw her look up and say what looked like, "sorry".  
I again noticed something, her hand never left the warmth of her teen-pussy all the while she choked on this boy's cock and cum.   Still on her knees, she looked over at the last boy. He too had already released his cock and was slowly stroking it.   By the way kaytlyn's eyes opened, and with the other guys looking as well, I figured that this kid must have a good size cock, at least of the 3 anyway.   She took her place in front of him, one hand reached up for his cock and her other went immediately to between her legs.   She stroked this kid for a minute or so, but while doing that she was seriously deep into that cunt of hers with what looked like 2 fingers.   Instead of making eye contact with him while she stroked him, she had leaned her own head back and worked both his cock and her own cunt for a couple minutes.   Then, eyes open, she leaned forward and instead of taking it immediately into her mouth, she started licking his cock.   I was right, by the way she was going top to bottom this kid must have a 7" or 8" piece of meat.   She took a couple swallows before spreading her mouth over his cock.   It was clear she was having a hard time with his size by the way he had to hold her down on it.   While she was barely able to keep her mouth on him, she never let her hand leave what must by now be a soaking cunt.   When it came time for this boy to shoot his load she really had quite a ride.   He grabbed hold of her head and must have shot load after load down her throat, cause when she finally came up she still had some coming out her mouth and I watched as this "awkward little girl" worked her tongue around her lips and face to get all the cum she could.

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When she had licked her face clean of all the cum she could, she sat back onto the wooden floor of the shed, out of breath, naked, and full of cum.   Without seeming to say anything to her, the boys had put their pants back on and were heading out the door. Patting each other on the back in congratulations.   Kaytlyn just stared at the door as it shut behind them.   I watched as she sat on the floor without moving for several minutes before gathering her clothes, dressing, and leaving the shed.
I was totally blown away.   Needless to say I had enough jack-off material to last a long time.   But I knew after seeing what I had seen that I wouldn't be content with the memory only.   I knew I had to use this.   As I said, that was a couple of weeks ago and since then, having decided to act, I simply watched and waited.   I was a 14yo boy once, and if I could do what they did to her everyday then I would.   I knew if I was patient enough that I would get another opportunity.   That opportunity came yesterday.
I was in the backyard, where for some reason I'd been spending a lot of time lately, when I heard voices coming from back by the gardenshed.   I moved closer to see and hear who it was, but when I got close enough I heard the shed door latch shut.

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    My heart began racing when I realized that this could be what I've been waiting for, what I've been fantasizing about for the last weeks.   I snuck through the trees and back to my window at the back of the shed.  
When I was able to see inside I was surprised by what I saw.   They couldn't have been inside for more than a minute, but when I looked inside she had already stripped naked and was getting on her knees in front what looked like just 2 boys, it was josh and a friend.   She started by rubbing both of them through their pants, then turned her attention toward her brother.   As last time, she sucked them off, swallowing each.   When she had finished both of them, I thought, "almost time".  
Then josh said something to her and she immediately returned to sucking on his cock.   When josh was hard again he pointed her mouth back to his friend's growing cock.   I wondered what they were going to do now, like last time, neither one of them had touched her.   Though she had a finger in herself from the beginning.   That's when josh gestured with his hand to the floor, I then watched as kaytlyn laid herself face-up on the floor.   Josh and his friend then stood over her jacking off.   Within minutes they were both shooting warm teen-boy cum all over her body. .

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  . and she was just laying there with a finger up her pussy.   When they had unloaded on her they looked down and started laughing.   Kaytlyn turned on her side, away from them, and waited for the door to close.
And that's where I started this story,
I watched through the window as she slowly began to gather her clothing from the floor of the backyard gardenshed.   Left in the same spot where they had made her strip for them, and before humiliating her for their teen-boy pleasures.   All of them were laughing now as they left her alone in the shed, naked, with teen-boy cum starting to dry on her face, and several other parts of her body.   The first time I had witnessed them using her, hidden while watching through the small window, I was stunned. . . and left knowing that I had to do something.   This time I would not be leaving her alone.
She didn't expect to hear the door again after the boy's had left.   When I stepped through the door she grabbed for her clothes.   I quickly said, "I'm sorry kaytlyn, I didn't mean to scare you".

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    "I heard noises from inside and didn't know if someone was breaking in or something", I continued.   Kaytlyn stuttered,  "no, no,  it was, it uh".   Now I needed to show some shock, "wow kaytlyn, what happened here, are you ok?", "do you want me to get your parents?"  I could tell she had no idea what to say, but she finally said, "no Mr. Robison, I'm ok, please don't tell my parents about any of this. Really, I'm ok. "
This was it, time for the closer.  
I looked her right in the eye and said, "from what I hear, there is a lot that's happened lately that you don't want your parents told about ?"  She gasped.   "I know about the blow job you gave to the kid at school", she looked stunned, "and I know what josh and his friends have been doing to you in here".   She just sat there on the floor, naked, eyes down to the floor.   When I told her I'd be willing to not tell her parents anything she almost leapt from the floor to listen.   I told her that I wanted to ask her some questions, and if she were completely honest in answering then her parents would be told nothing.   I asked if she understood and she said, "yea I think so, but can I put my clothes back. . . ".


I interupted her, "first the questions, I want to know if you've done anything other than touch or suck a boys cock before?"  She replied, "no that's all, I've never gone all the way if that's what you mean. ", Yes I told  her, that's what I meant.  
I continued, "has a boy ever fingered your cunt?"  Even in the bad light I could see her blush at this question.   She looked away from me and answered, "no, they only seem to want me to do stuff on them".   I knew the source of her embarassment, so I asked, "but you have put your fingers into your cunt haven't you?. . . you don't have to answer that one, I've watched you do that while you were getting your mouth fucked in here".
She squirmed at that one, so I asked her my last question, "do you like what those boys are doing to you?"  She said nothing for several seconds, then looked up at me from the floor and said, "I don't know, I mean I know how they treat me probably isn't right. " She stumbled on, "so I know that I probably shouldn't like it. . . " 
I could see she couldn't quite say the words, so I knelt down next to her, put my hand behind her neck and tilted her head up to me, "do you like being used to make boys cum?"
It came out of her in a heavy whispered sigh, "yes, i do".   I reached out and pulled this incredible 13yo cum slut to my side and hugged her.   "I know you do honey, I know you do".

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    I whispered in her ear, "now you are going to get up and get your clothes back on. . . ",  she started to say, "thank you Mr. Robison. . . . ", but I interrupted and continued, "and then you will come with me to my house".
She startled for a moment and hesitated.   I walked over to her, reached out and took her hand in mine. . . and directed it right to my straining cock.   She pulled her hand back slightly but had it forced back down on 9" of hard dick.

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    I took my free hand and lifted her chin to look into her eyes.   I simply said, "feel it", it was then I felt her squeeze me, still looking into my eyes.
**first time post. if reviews good will continue story with what happens when take her home.

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