Niece-tastic - 3


As I walked back into the master bedroom with a tray in my hands, I could see her giddily laying there running the backs of her fingernails down her sides and across her stomach. The sight of her gives me chills and as of lately, my cock stirs.

”Sit up sweetie, Uncle Mikes got your breakfast. We have to keep that body of yours strong and healthy!” I kidded as I lay the tray onto her lap. See giggles as her electric blue eyes dart to my face with a piece of toast hanging out of her mouth and a grin that stretched out beyond the toast. Even as she sat there eating it was if she was hopping and swaying around happily.

As the tips of my fingers traced her scalp from her forehead back to brush her hair, she moaned tilting her head back. ”I love it when you coo at me sweetie. ” She snaps back ”Well I certainly love it when you make me coo, Uncle Mike!”

”So sweetie, have you thought about what you wanted to do the rest of the day?”

With a devilish chuckle ”Well, Mandi called me. ” I look down seeing her cell phone sitting next to her. ”She wants to come up for the week, well, I asked her if she wanted to. Can she, pleeeease!”

My heart dropped thinking that she’s already bored with our new relationship. ”Of course she can sweetie. You don’t have to ask me this, you know. ”

”Well, I just thought, since …. Well you know.

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  ” she trails off.

”Nothings different sweetie, this is still your home, and I love having you here. Please don’t feel like I’m going to be restrictive to you now. ”

She grins leaning forward, almost knocking her orange juice over, and hugs me tightly. ”I do so love you Uncle Mike!” I smile at her, ”I certainly love and adore you my sweet, sweet Terry”

Mischievously she looks up ”I like it better when you call me sweetie!”

”Ok sweetie! So when is, Mandi, it is Mandi right?” She nods with a smirk. I continue, ”So when is Mandi coming up?”

She grabs her phone, hits send, and puts the phone to her ear. ”Hey” she said into her phone with excitement. ”It’s cool ……. Yeah …. . yeah ……. Uhuh …… yes, well when … really! …. . oh gosh …. You think you can … umm …… yeah ….

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   Well hurry!” She hits end and lays the phone down. Looking over at me she says enthusiastically, ”Tonight! She said she’s going to stop and pick some stuff up first. ” giggling, she finished up her breakfast.

”Well we better get cleaned up and clean the house up a bit” winking at her. ”Wanna share a shower?” I say as I’m walking toward the bathroom.

”Sure!” She sets the tray to the side and makes her way in. We share a long shower together, somewhat quiet. We both wash each others bodies. It felt so normal. It’s been too long since I’ve felt this close to a woman. Now I’m feeling a little disappointed that she has already gotten tired of our romance. We finish up and dry each other off, step out and begin our house chores. We decide to split the cleaning details to hurry through them. Although, I’m feeling a bit down about having to share my time with Terry’s friend, I do realize I’m making more out of it than I should.

As the day progresses, we are still flirting and tossing wit back and forth.

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   She sure seems happy, or even content. After lunch, as we are finishing up the cleaning I ask her, ”So where did you meet Mandi, did she go to school with you?”

”She’s just a close friend, I met at a party a couple of years ago. I really think you will like her. ” She smirks. ”Well I can’t imagine not liking her, as you’ve always had a good taste in friends. ”

”Would you like to plan dinner around her, what time do you think she’ll make it?” I asked as she got a weird look on her face. ”I think that would be very nice. Will you grill?” she asked enthusiastically.

”Ofcourse, anything for my sweetie!” I tried being playful, although I knew things were going to feel a little weird with Mandi around.

As it got a little later I thought I might need to start dinner. ”Sweetie, I’m going to start dinner for the three of us, why don’t you go lay out for a bit and get some sun. ” She smiled and winked at me, ”great idea! Will you holler at me if she gets here before I come back in?” I nodded to her and smiled. She grabbed a towel and headed out back.

Timing could not have any more perfect, just as I was ready to start the meat on the grill, the doorbell rang.

”Sweetie! ….

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   Sweetie! …. It’s the door, do you want me to get it. ?”

As she is running through the living area to the front door, she exclaims, ”I got it, I got it!” This I could see. It was good to see her excited. I thought to myself, maybe I’m just blowing it all out of proportion. I smile to myself and went on about dinner. ”Dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes!” I hollered up the hallway.

”K Uncle Mike, well be there shortly!” I heard a slight ruckus as I put the meat on the grill.

As I was about to pull the meat off the grill, I heard the girls coming. I turned toward them as they entered for a glace and then jerked my head back to them.

”Wow! You guys look almost like twins” They both started laughing.

They came in barefoot, wearing the exact same sun dress, same finger and toe nail polish, They looked like twins, except, Terry has short brunette hair and Mandi has short red hair. The prettiest red I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t stop staring at her. Her eyes were the most translucent green I’d ever seen.

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   ”Wow, your eyes are mesmerizing. ”

Mandi stared straight back at me without blinking once. Terry stepped between us and says. ”Hey guys, Uncle Mike, this is Mandi, Mandi, this is my Uncle Mike. ”

”I’m sorry! ” realizing that I was in a trance. ” it’s a pleasure to meet you Mandi” With that the both looked at each other and giggled. I felt my heart double beat.

”Like wise, UNCLE MIKE, you don’t mind do you?” Mandi meekly said.

Spinning around to the meat, I said, ”of course not, it’s always nice to adopt another niece. You guys grab a seat. ”

We sat and enjoyed our dinner together; Mandi is a talkative little thing. She’s a little shorter than Terry, A tiny little thing, although I can’t imagine she weighs much less than Terry. Her breasts are bigger than Terry’s though. I would imagine they are a C or D. I’ve never been good with breasts.

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   I always felt anymore than a hand or mouthful is a waste. Now I can’t say I haven’t seen some huge breasts that made wobble my head like a cartoon character. It was nice to see them talk and enjoying themselves.

After dinner I told the girls to go mess around and I would clean up. After they excused themselves, I couldn’t help but imagine Mandi nude. I couldn’t shake it. I kept cleaning. After turning on the dishwasher and putting up the last of the leftovers, I stepped into the den and turned on the television. Sometimes out here when lightning storms roll in my satellite acts up. I could see thunderstorms off in the distance out the bay windows. I really enjoy watching them reflect off the water as they roll in. I was off in distant thought about the lightning when I felt a nudge.

”Uncle Mike, Hey, Uncle Mike!?!” Terry exclaimed, ”something wrong?” She added.

”No sweetie! What’s up?”

” Mandi and I want to go down to the dock and hang out with the locals, but we want you to come with us.

The dock is a local hangout where are the locals go to drink, swim, and socialize at the end of our neighborhood.

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   It’s been a while since I’ve gone down there though. I’ve lived here for so long now I know most, if not all the people there.

”Heck Yeah! Let’s take the Bat Mobile!”

Mandi exclaims, ”What!?!” With dumfounded look on her face.

Terry whispers to Mandi, ”That’s what we call his golf cart. ” they both giggle as Terry humming the batman them song.

Terry and I dash for the garage with Mandi in pursuit. Terry hollers, ”Shotgun!” and laughs. ”Damn” Mandi says as she catches up.

”Whoops, I almost forgot to bring the customary sacrifice offerings to the local tribe” I said as I dashed back in.

Mandi looking mortified, Terry explains I’m going to get beer as it always makes showing up a lot more comfortable. ”Ahh” Mandi tones as it starts to make sence.

I come back with a cooler full of beer and ice, and say ”Terry’s driving, Mandi is shotgun, and I’m the back seat driver. ”

”ALRIGHT!” Terry mutters as the garage door opens.

It’s just 3 minutes down the road by Bat Mobile and as we pull up, it seems as thought this is still the hangout. We start to hear the music playing, and can see the campfire from the parking area.

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   They play classic rock as they have always. As we pull in half the crowd come to say hi.

We hear, ”It’s the Bat Mobile! …. Look it’s Terry! …. Hey Mike!” from the different people gathering. There must have been 20 to 30 people there.

”I don’t know if I brought enough beer. ” I coyly said to the girls. The both giggled.

We all bounded out of the Bat Mobile. While the girls headed into the group, I grabbed the cooler off the back. Carrying the cooler down to the campfire, I run into an old friend Stef or Stephanie. I’ve always called her Stef for as long as I can remember. Her husband, Pete and I used to fish a lot together. ”How’s Pete?”

”I wouldn’t know! We’ve been divorced for almost a year now.

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  ” she exclaimed. ”Wow! I didn’t know, sorry” I trailed, feeling bad about asking now.

”No worries, it’s for the better, things just weren’t right between us. ” she said softly. ”What ya got in that cooler there Mike?”

”BEER!” I said huskily, as she laughed. ”You haven’t changed one bit, have you?” she cooed. ”Nope!” as I pulled the cooler open and pitched her a beer.

Looking around, I catch Terry watching me with heavy eyes. I have to wonder if she is getting jealous. I thought that would be perfect. I like seeing her with ownership in her eyes. Not many men appreciate the feeling of jealousy coming from they’re mate, but I always have. Not that I go out of my way to cause the reaction, but I love the feeling of someone wanting me to belong to them.

”So what have you been up to lately” Stef asked.

”Terry came in for the summer a few days ago, while her friend Mandi just showed up this evening before dinner.

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   We have been keeping busy. ” I smiled.

”We should go out sometimes, I never see you. I have thought about you from time to time. ” Stef says as she steps in a little closer. I catch a glimpse of Terry out of the corner of my eye headed over to us.

”Well, you know where I live Stef. ” I mumble as Terry gets close. I reach down and kiss Stef on the cheek. At that moment, Terry grabs my hand and says ”Come on Uncle Mike! We need you. ” pulling me away. I stop, grab a three beers from the cooler and hand her two. ”One of those is for Mandi. ”

”What was that?” she exclaimed. ”What!” I said playfully, as she slaps my arm.


   Leaning down I whispered, ”Your getting jealous, aren’t you? You know your always gonna be my little sweetie right?”

”Uh, Yeah, a little, well maybe a lot. ” she smiles.

We spent the next few hours mingling and talking with past friends and talking about the things that have been going on. Every now and then I caught a look at Stef. A beautiful lady in her own right. Probably about 5’6”, 130 pounds, blond hair to her shoulders, and my god, the most enormous tits I have ever seen. I think she cuts soccer balls in half to make her bras. Double, triple Ds, I don’t know. She certainly knows how to shake them.

While people are starting to work their way out of the party, I gather our things and put the cooler in the back and we head home. I had a few beers, nothing to much, but the wind and night air was magnificent. I guess we missed the storm. As we pulled in I could tell the girls were chatting, and giggling about something. I couldn’t hear much from the back where the speakers where. We pulled in and got into the house and they started on their way to the back as I settled into the couch.

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   I loved my couch; it was so big it makes you feel like a little kid to sit back in it. Turning on the television and clicked through the channels to find something interesting. Discovery channel, yes. Just as I got comfortable the girls came bouncing in and flopped each side of me. I looked each way and back again.

They both had the same outfit on again. Nighties that were truly seductive. I couldn’t believe it. Light tan colored silken nighties that barely came down to the tops of their underwear, matching underwear at that! All trimmed in a delicate lace. I tried not to look at Mandi’s breasts but I couldn’t help myself. I could see her nipples plain as day, and they were getting hard as I watched. I must have been a sight. I’m sure my jaw was hanging open and I was definitely speechless.

They both spoke in unison, ”Do you like our outfits?” Then Terry said, ”we’re going to model them for you. ” And Mandi added, ”We want to know what you think.

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   Ok Uncle Mike?”

Still speechless, they both stood up and stood in front of the TV. I stared at both of them, one at a time, each, Terry, and then Mandi. I could see the full outline of both their bodies. I looked down each and back up again. They both turned and showed me the back sticking their asses toward me and wiggling them. It was amazing how much they looked alike. When they turned back around, I could see that Mandi was clean shaven just like Terry. I had a full hard on and my cock was pounding, stretching, and making me as uncomfortable as it could. I shifted my position.

”That looks like that is painful Uncle Mike. ” Terry said as Mandi turned and shut the TV off. Mandi spoke up, ”We can’t have that, now can we Terry?”

”We certainly can’t!” then in unison again they said, ”We want to make you feel good!”

My mind was reeling; I couldn’t believe what was fixing to happen. I kept my mouth shut. This is their show and I was going to let them act it out anyway they wanted.

”Help him out Mandi!” Terry urged as she went to get most of the lights, leaving just one in the foyer.

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   It shone across the wall with a slight glow that I could still see the color of their eyes.

Mandi dropped to her knees in front of me and put her hands on my knees. She looked me square in the eyes. As I looked into the depth of her eyes she slid her hands up my legs and to my crotch. She squeezed it slightly and proceeded up to my waistline where she unbuttoned my shorts and pulled the zipper down in one motion. I lifted my ass and she pulled my shorts and boxers off at the same time. My cock sprung up free. Oh my god free at last, I thought while looking at her lips in anticipation.

Her hands followed up my legs again and she grasps my cock in one hand and lightly fondled my balls in the other. I could see into her eyes, right over the top of my cock, as she moved her hand up on my cock. It started slow, then changing the motion, gyrating in an oval motion; she brought her face close to my cock. I could feed her breath, hot, under the bulbous head of my cock. Terry swept back over behind Mandi and knelt. As Mandi tilted her head and swiped the head of my cock with her tongue, Terry tilted to watch running her hands all over Mandi’s back and ass. Mandi’s audible moan set both Terry and I on edge.

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   I placed my hand on Mandi’s head guiding her to the top of my pulsing shaft while Terry’s hands slid up and down Mandi’s back and down to the waistband of her bottoms. Terry’s fingers hooked and slid the small silk bottom off her ass and down to her knees.

Mandi followed my guidance to the top of my cock, parted her lips and sank down on my rod. I let out a loud moan, and watched Terry dip her head between Mandi’s ass cheeks. I felt Mandi moan on my cock as Terry licked her ass. My head back and my hands on Mandi’s head, I slid my fingers down to her cheeks and to her lips so I could feel my cock on her lips pulsing and disappearing deep into her mouth. Terry’s hand swept it’s way up the inside of Mandi’s lets and found her wet swollen mound and started to explore the outer layers around her clit as she worked her ass with her tongue. Plunging her tongue as deep as she could reach and circling her tight little rose bud while she intensified her attention on her clit. Mandi was now buzzing, moaning, and fucking my cock with her face. It was an incredible display of lust before my eyes. I could feel myself churning and Mandi’s moans on my cock.

”Oh god!” I moaned, watching the two girls working their magic. Terry worked Mandi’s sweet ass and soaked pussy faster and faster. I could feel Mandi’s moans on my cock. She madly sucked my cock as I listened to her approach her orgasm.

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   That was more than I could take. My cock twitched deep in her mouth. At this point she knew I was fixing to explode. I felt her push back on Terry’s face and bob furiously on my cock as I started erupting into her mouth. ”Oh my god Mandi! Suck Uncle Mike’s come baby!” Her sucks felt like little tugs, pulling, pulling, pulling on my cock as it squirt stream after stream. I watch her whole body shiver and shake as Terry looked at me over Mandi’s ass. I know she was smiling, although I couldn’t see it. Mandi popped my cock out of her mouth, leaned forward and collapsed in my lap and I ran my fingers through her hair.

Terry crawled up next to me and started kissing my neck and licking my earlobes. I moaned softly and slid my hand to her thigh. Her legs parted and my hand slid up to her anxiously awaiting sopping wet love hole. She cooed as I rolled her clit between my thumb and forefinger. As Terry squirmed under the touch of my hand, my cock stirred.
Mandi felt my cock twitch under her and giggled saying ”Welcome back fella!” Tilting her head up to look at Terry and I, she gave a devilish smirk.

Looking down into Mandi’s eyes, I whispered, ”I think we both owe Terry an orgasm, don’t you think?” My cock started growing under Mandi and she slid off my lap and sat back on her knees, grabbed my cock with one hand and slapped my lap with the other looking at Terry.

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   Terry quickly scooted her delicate little bottoms off and hiked a leg over my lap. I hooked my hands on her top and she lifted her hands and I pulled the top off. Grabbing her ass cheeks in my hands I held her too me off my cock. I started sucking Terry’s left nipple, then the right, nibbling on them. I could feel her pussy dripping down my belly as I heard her moan. I started lowering her down to my cock slowly. Mandi was slapping Terry’s pussy with my cock, teasing her with it. Terry moaned and tried to drop on it as I held her in place. Mandi slid the head of my cock between her soaking lips and pulled it out. I could hear Terry grunting as Mandi teased her and was sucking her nipples hard.

Terry grunted and moaned as Mandi teased her. She tried to push down onto my cock but held her there. Her motions were becoming increasingly erratic pumping her mound into my stomach. I sucked harder. She forced down, but I held her, she forced down again, I just held her there.

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   Mandi held my cock at her opening as her pussy gushed all down my cock and over Mandi’s hand. I looked up at Terry and whispered ”You want Uncle Mike’s cock don’t you?” ”Yes, Yes, Please!” she exclaimed. I sucked hard on her nipple, then looked up and said, ”Take it Terry, come on, drop down on my cock. ” I huskily said to her. She started bouncing, trying to get loose of my grip. She bounced once, nothing. She was getting aggravated as I sucked her nipples one then the other. She bounced again with more force, trying break my grip on her ass, nothing. I felt her knees kick her up, and felt her drive down with all she had. With my cock touching the entrance of her honey hole, I let her loose. I heard Mandi giggle as she watched Terry drop onto my cock with every ounce of energy she could muster. Terry’s head flew back and she screamed, ”Oh my fucking god, Oh shit,” Her body shook, spasm, and convulsed. She shook and screamed again, ”I’m fucking coming, my god …I’m coming!” Her hips bucked, and then she just collapsed on my chest with my hard cock still buried deep within her. I looked over Terry’s shoulder and winked at Mandi. She smiled at me when I nodded to her motioning to her ass.

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Mandi leaned into Terry’s ass and kissed it gently. She kissed the cheeks of her ass up and down as I rubbed her back. I reached down and squeezed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart for Mandi. Mandi licked the crevice down to my cock then back up to her tight little asshole. Mandi’s hand fondled my balls as she licked and probed Terry’s ass. Terry moaned as I could feel her little hips twisting in pleasure. I slid us down a little more on the couch and began meeting her movements. My cock sliding slightly in and out of her pussy as Mandi wiggled her tongue in Terry’s ass. Terry moaned and writhed around on my chest as I started pumping my cock in and out. With my ass hanging off the couch I could trust in and out deeply. Mandi’s hand kneading and playing with by balls was amazing as I fucked Terry with passion. Terry’s moan becoming more intensified; Mandi wiped her finger along my cock for lubrication and slid it in Terry’s ass up to the second knuckle. Terry’s head flew up shrieked, ”Oh Yeah! God More!” I pumped hard into her pussy, feeling so close already. Mandi drove her finger all the way in. ”Yeah! Again! Again!” Terry hissed.

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   Mandi started pumping her finger in and out in the opposite motion I was fucking her. I didn’t know how much more I could take. I squeezed to keep from shooting. Terry’s yells ”Oh yeah, Give me more, Oh please give me more!” Mandi slid her finger out, quickly greased another finger and worked two into Terry’s ass. Terry gasps out loud and started a constant moan. Mandi was twisting and turning her hand as she pumped two fingers in and out of Terry’s tight little bum while I knew I was at my end and started pounding Terry’s swollen pussy hard. Terry started to buck and loose rhythm. She exclaimed, ”Yeah, Yeah, don’t yall dare fucking stop, I’m gonna come, ohh god I’m gonna come hard!” As she started bucking, convulsing, and shivering, my cock gave way and shot deep into her with every thrust. I felt like it wouldn’t end. She collapsed onto my chest again, kissing my neck and shoulders over and over.

As we lay there, the love of my life nestled into my arms, my cock withered and slipped from Terry’s pussy. I felt the warmth of Mandi’s hands as she began massaging my ball sack with one hand and engulfed my cock in her wet mouth. She sucked and cleaned me cock with moans of enjoyment as my cock started to stiffen. I gently rolled Terry over on the couch beside me as Mandi sucked wildly on my cock. Looking up into my eyes, I knew what she wanted.

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   I reached down and pulled her arm up guiding her up on top of me. She stepped up on the couch as to stand, and then bent her knees and squat over my cock, all the while staring me straight in the face, our eyes locked. I reached down, guiding my cock to her cavern of love as she lowered herself until my cock was buried within her cunt. She ground and twisted on my cock as she moaned. I placed my thumb on her clit and circled it, as she leaned in and kissed me. Our mouths explored each other, our tongues danced together like a ballet. Moaning into my mouth, her gyrations became increasingly hysteric. I reached under her knees and around to her back pulling her close to me. Supporting her body in my arms with my hands clasped behind her I stood. She moaned loudly as my cock thrust into her. I bounced her up and down on my cock, throwing her increasingly hard to the base of my now pulsing member. I knew I was going to come as soon she cried out, ”Oh god, Harder!” I thrust her up and down like a rag doll and hissed, ”Yeah baby! Your gonna come hard for me, come with me baby!” I felt my cock surge, by balls boiling and the furnace that surrounded me. Mandi screamed out, ”Oh yes, yes, oh god, I’m commming! Yes!” I felt her body shaking as I spewed my hot lather into her. I bent my knees and fell back to the couch, holding her close with her body still twitching and shaking violently.

Terry clumsily slid over toward us and laid her head next to Mandi and my shoulder.


   I reached around and pulled her close as we lay there in peace. After a short while, I motioned to Terry towards the bedroom. I carried a sleeping Mandi to bed and laid her next to Terry and slipped into bed myself. Terry climbed over Mandi and me so they could both cuddle next to me. I wrapped them in my arms and we all passed out.

The next morning, although it was almost noon, I was awakened by the doorbell. I clumsily made to the door as I put on my robe. When I peeked through the peephole, I could she it was Stef, and another lady. I opened the door and said, ”Hey Stef, how’s it going? Everything ok?” As I glanced at the other lady that turned out to be a teenager, I nodded. Stef, with tears in her eyes, said, ”My dad is sick, and I’m going to have to go see him, and he’s really sick, I don’t know how long, but, but,” I reached out and gave her a hug, as she whimpered in my arms. The teenager just stood staring not knowing how to act. I told Stef, ”It’ll be ok!” She sulkily said, ”Can Amanda stay with you for a few days?” A little worried, not sure if I was worried for Stef’s dad or if I could handle another teenager, I said, ”Of course, she’ll be in good hands. ” I winked at Amanda and she smiled.

I walked out to Stef’s car and got Amanda’s suitcase and carried it inside. I gave Stef and big hug and told her not to worry.

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   As Stef drove off, I looked at Amanda, smiled, tapped her on her back and said, ”You hungry? I’m fixing to get the girls up to eat. ” Smiling she nodded her head. I smiled and blurted ”Race you in!” I took off running for the front door. She giggled and yelled, ”No fair!” As she charged for the door right on my heals.

--- --- ---

Welp, I appreciate all the votes I got on this series. I hope it was as enjoyable for you to read as was for me to write.

I do enjoy the feedback, so please leave. I would be curious to know if the bold quotes are a bit to much. I noticed no one else does it.
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