No Other Choice Pt 3


  Its been a month.   The sex has gotten so much better.   The pain went away after a couple times, and I'm finally getting off during it.   He has started to treat me so much differently.   Letting me wear whatever I want, staying out as late as I want.   My Mom is always too drunk or high to ever notice also.   Its turned out way better than I could have ever wanted.   Not only that we have become closer as a father/daughter.   I can talk to him about ANYTHING.   I couldn't imagine a better relationship.     So if you can't tell, I've become a little more attached to him than a daughter should to a father.   But then again most daughters don't do the things that I do to my father.   Its lead to me being a little jealous of my Mom.   I ask my Dad to have as little sex as he can with her.   It makes me so jealous hearing them do it.   I make him tell me I'm better.

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    Its also made me start doing things that I didn't think I would with him.   We watch porn on the computer and act out the videos we watch.   I dress in little outfits for him.   Have been tied up.   Any fantasy he has I've let him live it out with me.   Except for one thing. . . anal.   I've let him finger me, eat it out, but not fuck it.   It hurts so bad being fingered, I can't imagine his dick in there.   He continues to ask, but I just can't bring myself to do it.   As far as my sister, she still hasn't said anything.   She actually hasn't even said anything to me about it.   Its almost like it never happened.


    At least to her.   My Dad went all out on her Birthday last week.   I think he did it to make up for her not saying anything.   Which I think is only right, it was nice of her to not say anything.     Well I wake up this morning and head to the living room to make something to eat.   My Dad didn't come to my room last night and I wanted to know why.   As I got close to the fridge, I could hear moaning in the room.   I got that feeling of jealousy again.   My Mom didn't deserve to have him inside her!  I wanted to get my mind off of it so I headed toward Heathers room.   I knock and I get no answer.   I knock again and wait.   Finally I just walk in and she isn't in there.   Where could she be at 10 in the morning?  I walk back out the the living room and head to the window to see if maybe she is at the swing set.   But as I look out I see that she isn't. .

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  . but thats not what bothered me. . . . what bothered me is that my Mom's car was gone.   I got this sick feeling in my stomach as the thought of Heather being in my parents room right now.   I creep to the room and put my ear to the door and listen.   I can hear moaning, but I can't tell if its Heather or not.   It doesn't sound like my Mom though.   She has this really high pitched moan, and usually swears.   But this moan was a little lower. . . and little softer.

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  . . and no swearing. . . ITS HEATHER!!!  I open the door and I get this sick feeling in my stomach that makes me almost throw up.   I see Heather on top of my Dad.   They don't notice or hear me come in.   My Dad is sitting on the computer chair and Heather is on top of him, facing away, with her feet on his knees.   She is going up an down with her face up, moaning.   I feel tears in my eyes, I can't believe I let him do this to her.   The sadness leaves and the anger takes over as I notice that he isn't going in her pussy. . . he is in her ass!  Just then Heather opens her eyes and sees me.

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    "What the fuck Steff. . . GET OUT!!", she screams at me still panting.   My Dad's head comes out from behind her and sees me.   "Steff. . . ", is all he says as I close the door.   I go to the couch and start to cry.   Cry because I couldn't believe he would do this!  Wasn't I enough!!  Should I have just given him my ass??  I thought I did enough!  I expected him to come out and talk to me, instead I hear the moaning start again.   I wanted to go in there and kick the shit outta my sister!  I couldn't believe that she actually wanted it!  What a little SLUT!! I hear my Dad groan and then the moaning stops.   I wait for a bit and Heather comes out in her bathrobe.   "Steffany. .

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  . you can't say anything. . . I didn't say anything. . . you owe me this. . . ok?" I can't believe it, I want to tell, just to hurt her, but I know I can't.   "Of course Heather. . . but how could you do this? You kne.

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  . . ", before I can finish.   "How can I do this?? How can I do this??  Did you just really ask me that?  You are the one that started it!  What do you think I felt when I came in and saw you 2 together!  You were always the beautiful one, and I'm always the shadow!  I just wanted to know why I wasn't in on it, was I not pretty enough for Dad?  So I asked him, I told him that I wanted to have him the exact same way. . . look Steff, this doesn't change anything, we just have to share him ok?  You know. . . maybe we can even share him. . . at the same time. . .

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  if you want. . . ", I couldn't believe it!  Like I would want to do that at the same time!!  "The same time Heather?  Thats not going to happen!"  She smiles at me shaking her head.   "I expected you to say that. . . Dad does everything for us. . . and you can't give him that?  But I'm really not surprised. . . I mean. .

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  . you won't even do anal. . . how sad is that. " She says with that devilish little smile.   I want to smack it off her face!  I can't believe my Dad told her that!!  "Thats really none of your business Heather.   What Dad and I do is between us. . . ", just then my Dad walks out.   "Girls. . . we don't need to argue ok.

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  . . look Steffy, I asked her to ask you.   I just thought maybe it was an idea.   Now that Heather has anal sex with me I won't ask you. . . so it actually works out for you. . . and I thought maybe we could all do it together. . . ", he puts his arm around Heather and she kisses his chest.   She keeps smiling at me, she knows I won't do it.


    So I decide to put it in her face that I will, so that my Dad sees that I'm the best out of us!  "Ok Daddy. . . I will do it. . . " I say as I walk towards him and get down on my knees.   I'm not in the mood to do it right now, but I see the smile go off my sisters face, which bring a smile to mine.   "Right now. . . right here. . . ", my Dad says as he looks back and forth at me and Heather.

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    I keep my eyes on his as I pull his boxers down and start kissing his dick.   He has this look of utter shock.   Heather drops her robe and gets on her knees as well.   I twitch in shock as I feel her kiss my neck.   I had no idea she was going to do anything with me!  But that thought goes away as I feel her hand run down the crack of my ass under my panties.   She stops on my asshole and rubs it in circles before she puts it in my pussy.   Her soft hands feel amazing.   "Thats it girls. . . do it for Daddy. . . ", as he says this I take him out of my mouth and start to kiss her.   Her tounge meets mine and it makes me go crazy!  My pussy is dripping wet!  Her fingers sliding in and out of it.


    I use my extra hand that isn't on my Dads dick and run it down her body.   I rub her nipples and then move down to her pussy.   Its still so wet from the sex her and Daddy just had.   I start to finger her as we both stop kissing each other and both start to suck on my Dads dick.   He still has that look of shock on him as we both start to kiss and lick his dick.   His 2 little girls fingering each other while giving him a blowjob had to make him go crazy with excitement!  He pulled his dick out of Heathers mouth and his balls out of mine, and got down on his knees as well.   He laid me down on the ground and pulled my panties off.   At the same time Heather was pulling off my tanktop.   I lay there naked as my Dad got between my legs and started to rub the head of his dick against my pussy, making me moan as it glided over my clit.   "Steff. . . will you eat me out?", Heather asks.   But before I say yes she has already started to move up towards my face to straddle it.   I just nod as she got on my face.

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    I have tasted my Dads dick before after he had been in me, and I've occasionally tasted my fingers while I was fingering myself.   But it tasted so much stronger coming from the actual pussy!!  I didn't know what to do exactly, so I just licked up and down and in circles on her clit.   She had me by my hair while she rubbed it up and down all over my face.   My Dad finally put his dick in me and started to fuck me.   Heather leaned back and started to kiss my Dad.   I stopped licking and just stuck my tounge out and let her rub herself on it.   It was to hard to move it while I was moaning the way I was.   I thought my Dad and I couldn't have made sex any hotter, but I was wrong.   Adding my sister to the mix made it so much hotter, so much more exciting!  Just then my Dad pulls out of me and tells Heather to get between my legs.   Heather listens as she gets between my legs, bent over on all fours.   She pushes my legs up so they are pressed right against my chest.   She starts to eat me out as my Dad gets behind her.   She can't even match what my Dad can do, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't feel good.   But as my Dad starts to fuck her, she begins to moan.   The vibration makes it so much better!  I lay my head back and the sound of all of us moaning and groaning makes me even hornier.

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    That combined with the sound of her eating me out and my Dad pounding my sister, I can feel myself already getting close.   I look back up and I see Heather looking at me, we just keep looking at each other as I can feel the orgasm explode!  I grab her hair and pull.   "Oh yeah Heather. . . ohhhh. . . . ohhh fuck. . . . ugggh" I say as I rub my pussy up and down all over her face.   She pulls away and gets up on all fours as my Dad grabs her by her hair and really starts going to town on her.

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    I was her little tits shake and her face grimace.   "Ok girls. . . . get ready. . . . Ok. . . sit beside each other and stick your tounges out. . .

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  " my Dad says as he pulls out of Heather and stands up.   We listen and sit beside each other with our tounges out.   I lean over and put my tounge on Heathers and we start to lick each others tounge.   "Oh Fuck yeah girls!  Keep them open. . . . hear it comes girls. . . . hear it. . . ", my Dad explodes all over us.

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    I thought he wouldn't have that much left after he came in my sister.   But I was wrong.   Spurt after spurt shot out of my Dad.   Heather and I just kept licking each others tounge as we felt all his cum land on our face and in our mouth.   As his cum stopped I thought Heather would stop, but she just grabbed me by the back of my head and started to french me.   I didn't know what to do so I just kissed back.   The taste of cum in our mouths along with the texture of it made me so horny!  But as she pulled away with this look in her eyes, I knew she didn't do that for my Dad, she did it for herself!  "Well girls. . . I can see this is going to be a lot of fun for a long time, but for now we better all get dressed and cleaned up, your Mom should be home soon!"   But Heather and I didn't say anything, actually we didn't even stop looking at each other.   But after my Dad knelt down and kissed us both on the head and started to walk away, my sister finally said something.   "You know Steff. . . this doesn't just have to be between Dad.

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  . . we can have fun also. . . ", she says as she smiles and stands up.   She walks to the bathroom and I can't help but watch her naked body walk away.   It wasn't anything special, she actually hadn't really developed at all.   But her ass still looked great while she walked.   She looks back, "You know you want to. . . ", she says quietly as she goes into the bathroom.   She is right, I do want to!  I have never been attracted to women, and I've never wanted to be with one.   But I do love the feeling of being with someone that you shouldn't be with, the feeling of it being wrong.

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    I got up and headed to my room.   My Dad was right, this was going to be a lot of fun for a LONG time!!.

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