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Franticly speeding, rushing through the kitchen completely naked, Carly slammed the faucet handle  to the right as hard as she could shooting cold water into the cup.   She slammed it back down, shutting the water off,  grabbed Aaron’s pills and raced up the stairs as fast as she could.  
Aaron, lying on Carly’s bed naked under her sheets, moaned uncontrollably as he pressed his hands into the sides of his forehead trying to hold the pressure from bursting his head open.   Carly ran through the doorway naked with a glass of water and the pills.   She put the water on the floor by the bed and going as fast as she could, she tremblingly tried and succeeded in opening the medicine bottle cap and tipped a pill into the palm of her hand.   She tipped Aaron’s writhing body onto its back and propped his head up as she pushed the pill between his lips and picked up the glass of water.   She begged him to swallow as she began pouring water onto his mouth.   Aaron slowly opened his mouth and took the liquid in.   Carly pulled the cup from him, setting it back on the floor and climbed her nude nimble form onto the bed to straddle his body.  
“Just wait a little bit longer,” she said to him, her arms wrapped around his neck and the side of her face pressing against the side of his, “the pain will go away soon. ” 
Tears running down his face, Aaron moaned in agonizing pain.   Carly held him wishing she could do something, anything to make his pain go away faster.   She lifted her head to kiss Aaron when she looked over, alerted by something in the corner of her eye.   She looked into the doorway seeing Megan, teary eyed, standing tense in fear as she watched Aaron flinching in pain.
Last night had been the most amazing night in Carly’s young life.   She just lost her virginity to the guy she never wanted to leave.

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    But she just woke up after Aaron accidently bumped her, seeing him trying to suffocate himself in her pillow.
 Not knowing what he was doing, she pried the pillow from him to meet him face to face, seeing his blood red face covered with smeared tears as he cried softly to her, “It hurts too much. ” 
Carly laid on top of him for what seemed like hours.   In reality, about half an hour passed and she felt Aaron’s cock slowly grow hard under her hips.   She looked at his tired and still blood red face.  
“It’s not my fault,” he defended himself, just able to block any visible signs of the lingering pain, “you’re mom said that the medicine would have ‘other’ effects that I didn’t have to let her know about when she asked me if I felt uncomfortable or scared about using it anymore before she left. “  Carly looked onto his eyes a little nervously.
“But the pills had nothing to do with last night,” Aaron reassured her, “I made the decisions then. ”  His face twitched a bit in a small sting of pain.   Thinking back to what he had just put her through, and wanting to take her mind off what just happened, he almost jokingly said, “I’m so incredibly hungry. ”
Carly smiled and pushed herself up telling him she would fix them all some food.   Not quite knowing how he had just cheered her up a little after how worried and scared he made her, she looked back at him while putting her robe on and asked him to talk to Megan.   She had looked a little shaken up by what just happened too.   After she left, Aaron got up shrugging off the small fissures of pain sprouting every so often and put the clothes he so shortly wore last night on.  
Megan looked up from her pillow hearing Aaron entering her room.

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    Aaron sat down next to her.  
“Alright, then I’ll lay down with you,” he said lightheartedly seeing her not budge from where she was.   He laid down on his stomach on her bed parallel to her and twisted his neck to stare directly into her eyes.  
“I feel great,” Aaron said quietly to her.  
“That’s just because you’re on drugs,” she retaliated, “drug’s make you feel lies. ”
“These drugs just help, they just make me feel like myself” he said.
“But you’re not yourself,  your hurting and on TV, I saw someone hurting like you,” she started, tears reforming around her eyes, “and they, they didn’t get better, they were like you and took drugs to make themselves better and sleep lots,” she choked out and paused, “but the drugs just lied, and they stopped waking up. ”
“TV lies,” Aaron strongly defended, “they just show that stuff because they think it’s cool, the real world has doctors,” he continued.   “I’m going to the doctor’s later this week with your dad, he’ll make sure nothing happens to me,” he pushed, “I know you trust him, trust him to protect me like he does to you.   I’ve got lots of money too from my parents insurance, if anything is wrong with me, they’ll get the best doctors in the world to fix me.   But there’s nothing wrong with me, I’m just a kid like you, and kids are always healthier than grownups. ”  A moment of silence befell the room.
“You promise,” Megan whimpered, staring Aaron straight in the eyes.
“I promise,” Aaron said boldly.   He then pushed his lips to hers, kissing her for a few seconds, then pulled back.

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“What was that for,” she asked slightly happier.
“I just thought that since it made you so happy last night, that you might want some now when you’re so sad for a television set,” he joked.
“I’m not sad for the television set,” she joked back and pushed her mouth to his.   “So how was last night with my sister?” she asked with a smile after pulling back.
Carly pulled the waffles from the waffle iron and ran to the door in her robe.   She opened the door and looked up to her neighbor.  
“Just doing my morning check before I head off to work,” her neighbor said taking in the scent of freshly prepared waffles.
Carly, feeling a little embarrassed sensing her entirely naked body on the inside of her loose fitting puffy cotton robe, looked up to her reassuring that everything was under control.
“Well, I can smell that,” she said smiling.   “If you need anything from the grocery, I’m going tomorrow, so just let me know by then. ”  She bid ado and walked back to her own house.
Carly closed the door feeling confused about whether she should have mentioned Aaron’s worsening condition.   She pushed it off quickly as she decided it was too late then and she would just call her mom later on.   She hurried back into the kitchen, checked the oven timer again to make sure it was indeed counting down, and went back to the waffles.   She decided after this morning that she would give Aaron his pill in regular intervals so he wouldn’t feel the recoil of losing the medicine in his system.

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Megan, sticking her small tongue down Aaron’s mouth pushed her night pants down revealing her bare butt as she straddled him.   She didn’t even bother putting on underwear this morning as she had just expected to go straight downstairs for some food before a shower but was interrupted by the scene in Carly’s room.   With the bungee strap just below her vagina as she ground herself against his cock, she pulled Aaron’s hand up and pressed it against her butt cheek.   She fumbled with his hand until the tip of his fingers rubbed the tiniest little hole between the two perky bulges of meat resting above each small leg.   She moaned at the touch hinting Aaron further and let his hand loose.   Aaron, fighting Megan’s thirteen year old tongue, began caressing her butt hole.  
“I watched you last night,” Megan cried in pleasure breaking from his lips momentarily, “I watched Carly as you went in her and how great she felt with her pain and pleasure.   I want that again. ”
“Again?” Aaron tried saying as she pushed her tongue back down his throat.   Aaron thought that TV could also be blamed for her over sexual experimentation.  
Megan felt overwhelming emotions toward Aaron, as he held her in his warm firm arms, how he never did anything to hurt her, and how he would do anything to please her.  She felt that he was the perfect guy.   She remembered Aaron touch her butt hole last night and thought that if she wanted to steel more attention from Carly, she would have to please Aaron more then she could.   She didn’t want to hurt sister or steel him from her, she just wanted him to like her more than Carly.   She wanted to feel what it would be like to sleep and wake up with him, so warm and protective, holding her tight in his body, kissing her as she opened her eyes.

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“Do you want to put your penis in my butt,” she said kitten like after pulling away from him, “You said you would never lie to me. ” 
“I do,” he said hesitantly resisting, “but that’ll hurt you and I can’t do that. ”
“I heard about it before and it hurts at first but nothing permanent,” she said pleadingly.   “I want to hurt like Carly did last night, it looked so intense,” she begged, before a momentary pause of silence in the room.
“If you put it there,” Aaron said to her, “I won’t stop you. ”
She smiled big, got off of him and the bed, and ran to the door to close and lock it so they wouldn’t be interrupted.   As she closed the door, she heard Carly greeting their neighbor.   She ran back to the bed, dropped her pants to the floor, walked out of them, and began unzipping Aaron’s pant’s.  
She pulled them from his legs and started tugging on his shirt.   Once she got that off she ripped her own shirt over her head.   She wanted to pleasure Aaron as much as possible before Carly interfered, with her food.   She knew how much guys liked food, but she knew that this would also dampened the effects of her food as he thought about her and what just happened.  
She climbed on top of Aaron, pressing her wet slit against his stomach as she backed into position.   With her knees out before her as she backed up spreading her tiny butt cheeks to their limits, she felt the head of his dick press against her vagina.   She reached back and lifted it up, angling it and pushed back a bit more to rest it against her butt hole.

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“Can you help push me down onto it, please?” she asked, “not hard, just move it in slowly. ”
Aaron put his hands to her hips and began applying pressure.   Aaron could not believe what was happening to the head of his dick.   His skin pushed back farther then he thought possible from the sheer force and resistance from the tiniest of openings in the little girl’s body.  
“Push harder,” Megan said squishing her facial muscles together.  
Aaron pressed harder feeling her tiny little butt hole stretch slightly as his penis pressed ever harder against it between her pulled taut butt cheeks.   Megan pushed the muscles in her butt like she was trying to use the bathroom which then opened her butt hole more and suddenly with the force already applied, let his penis rip into her body.   She moaned in pain as his penis stretched her hole farther then she had imagined it would.   Aaron stopped pushing, seeing tears drip from the corners of her eyes.   Megan knew she wouldn’t have much time before Carly would interrupt and not wanting to convince Aaron even more, pressing her hands against his shoulders, she continued pushing his penis into her.  
Feeling her tiny butt hole spread so wide around his cock, Aaron began feeling more pleasure from it.  And he did nothing to stop, being reassured by her relentless non-stop actions to press forward.   Slowly she pushed onto his shoulders, moaning and crying in pain as the length of his penis entered her body.   Finally she fit the whole thing in her and stopped to relax.   Aaron moved his hand down to her drying vagina and began rubbing the lips with three fingers.

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Megan looked down feeling it and tried smiling past her pain.   Aaron continued, shoving a finger into her vagina.   This time she didn’t have to fight a smile past the pain.  
Aaron could feel the flesh and muscles inside her tight butt massaging his penis as they tried pushing it out of her, thinking it was body wastes.   Then the two heard Carly call upstairs to them that breakfast was just about ready.  
Megan trying to ignore the pain in her lower body, pulled up, freeing the majority of Aaron’s penis and then pushed it back in her.   Aaron moaned from pleasure as he pulled his hand from her vagina.
“Just think about humping my pubic hair,” he suggested seeing a tinge of pleasure in her face as her bare vagina set on top and rubbed against his pubes.   With her knees still beside his chest spreading her butt cheeks to their tightest, she followed his instructions and tried only focusing on his pubic hair rubbing and pleasing her vagina.   Shortly, the pain in her butt hole merged into the pleasure of her ever wettening vagina.   She began pumping her butt, still slow and steady, but a bit harder and faster into Aaron’s penis as she longed for more pleasure on her vagina.   She was now just starting feeling the pleasure of her butt hole being penetrated and her intestines being stretched from Aaron’s throbbingly hard penis.   She felt like a pipe was being shoved up her butt as she was masturbating and she couldn’t believe the pleasure that kept growing in her.   Both their bodies, oozing in sweat pounded each other as they both neared climax.  
“Oh my gosh, I’m going to…” Megan cried out, “Oooh!”  Liquid began spilling from Megan’s tiny teen vagina onto Aaron’s pubic hair.

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    Aaron feeling himself about to climax didn’t want to cum alone and shot his hand down to her vagina slipping his index finger into her soaking slit, found her nub and rapidly began rubbing it.  
Megan tensed her body feeling unbelievably pleasured and pushed her body up tightening the grip of her butt on Aaron’s shaft.   Megan slipped her body down over the length of his penis once more before Aaron began pushing his hips up into her bottom, pumping and covering the inside of her butt hole in his cum.
Megan cried in ecstasy as her nub shot her body into another orgasm onto Aaron’s hips as Aaron simultaneously shot his juices into her butt.   She felt his hot liquid splash into her body as her hot liquid splashed onto his and tensed her butt cheeks even more gripping his cock even tighter as the hot wet intestines inside of her kept trying to press his cock out of her.   All while just an inch away, Aaron could feel the spasming of her vaginal muscles as she reached and passed through her second orgasm.  
The two squeezed each other tightly as they each had their orgasms on top each other.   Megan’s wet body quivered on Aaron’s wet tense body as his penis spewed his cum from its lodged position in her butt.   Megan’s girl cum poored over Aaron’s hips from the tiny slit between her legs.   The two squeezed harder and harder as the climax grew almost out of control shortly before their two naked throbbing bodies slowly calmed down a top each other.
Megan came back from her high and looked down to Aaron’s sweating tired body.   Aaron rubbed his hands up the sides of her stomach tingling her.   She slowly pushed up with her worn down legs, pulling his penis from her butt hole.  
“Do you love me?” she asked.
“Of course I do,” Aaron replied a bit confused, “I’d love you no matter what.

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Wanting to lie down on Aaron and just be held by him and talk with him for hours, Megan pushed herself from him and forced herself to leave him to take a quick shower before Carly came up to see what the holdup was.

----- End --

As always, leave questions, comments, or critisms; or email them to me at hanes_el@yahoo. com.   I'm almost finished writing the series so get your voice in now if there's something you want to see or see done differently.

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