Older Sister and Younger Brother Shower (Pt.2)


Jonas woke up on Sunday thinking about the experience he had with Tanya and the shower the day before.   He reached into his pants and felt his newly “used” cock.   He noticed that he was extremely hard after thinking about it.   Now as was said before, Jonas has a nice 7in. tool, but something that was left out is that it is also about a 1 1/2in. thick.   Needless to say it was nice for a 16 year old boy.   In fact, Jonas was very handsome even though he didn’t think much of it.   He was 5’7” with dyed black hair and a very nice body with some defined abs even though he rarely worked out.   He liked to wear black band-T’s with baggy jeans, he also wore un-buttoned flannel shirts as jackets and he had his left ear pierced three times, he had done all three piercings himself.   He was into wearing fingerless leather gloves.   He was a regular rocker kid.   He got up, put on the clothes I just described, including a band shirt from the Dead Kennedys and went downstairs.
Tanya was already downstairs eating breakfast in a polo t-shirt, jean skirt, and a pair of Ugg boots, she was a prep, the only prep that Jonas liked, he hated all other preps.   “Whats up prep?” Jonas asked jokingly.   “Nothing much you delinquent” Tanya laughed.

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    “I really liked the shower yesterday. ” Jonas said while pouring his cereal into his bowl.   Tanya blushed and said “Me too.   Your cock is bigger than any I’ve seen before. ”  “Really?  And how many have you seen before?” asked Jonas, being the protective brother that he was.   Tanya just giggled and said “Only about five or so. ”  “That better be all. ” Jonas said, he and Tanya both laughed.   Jonas ate his cereal and was done before Tanya, he was a fast eater.  
When Tanya finished she got up and put her bowl into the sink.   While she was at the sink Jonas came up behind her and put his arms around her and pulled her back into him, she just put both of her hands on his arms and closed her eyes.   Jonas started to gently kiss her neck and she let out a soft, sensual moan.   He brought one of his hands up to her succulent tit and began massaging it gently while kissing her neck and keeping his other hand around her waist.   She moaned softly again, this soft moaning and fondling was really getting Jonas horny.   He turned her around and pulled her in close, she just gazed dreamily into his brown eyes.

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    He brought her in for a deep sensual kiss, their tongues massaging one another.
Jonas broke off the kiss and led her over to the couch in the living room.   He laid her down and crawled on top of her and began kissing her leg, slowly moving up to her inner thigh.   She moaned and he relished that he could make her feel this way.   He lifted up her jean skirt as he moved up to her inner thigh.   He got to her white, cotton panties and could see she was very wet.   He moved the elastic of her panty crotch to the side and began kissing her clean shaven cunt.   She moaned in ecstasy as he gently teased her clit with his tongue.  He played with her clit for a minute and then inserted his tongue deep into her pussy.   She moaned in pleasure as he explored the walls of her pussy with his tongue.   He started to massage her clit with his thumb and index finger while eating her out.   This brought her over the edge.   She started moaning frantically while pushing his head more into her mound.   She closed her legs as her pussy started to contract around his tongue and she flooded his mouth with her juices, which he cleaned up with his tongue.
He lifted his head to see Tanya biting her lower lip and closing her eyes tight as the orgasm subsided.

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    He took off his pants and laid back; Tanya got up and pulled down his boxers to reveal his throbbing tool.   She took his cock in her hands and massaged it, after a minute she took off her shirt and Jonas realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra.   Her luscious 36 C tits came bouncing down, her erect nipples protruding from her chest.   She moved forward so her tits were dancing above his cock, touching it every now and then.   She grabbed her tits and placed them around Jonas’ cock and started to tit fuck him.   She moved her tits up and down slowly, then faster and faster.   After a minute Jonas felt his cum coming and he moaned.   She then took his cock in her mouth and deep throated it.   This was all Jonas could take, he erupted into the back of her throat and she swallowed every last bit of his cum.
She then proceeded to take her panties off and lift her skirt up past her glistening pussy.   Jonas sat up and positioned himself in between her legs.   He directed his cock to her pussy hole and dove it into her.   She moaned when it was all in her and she wrapped her legs around him.   He went up and own into her, she moaned every time he did.   “Oh god Jonas…oh yeah…yeah, fuck me just like that…” she whispered.

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    His throbbing tool was sliding in and out of her wet pussy and she had her eyes closed while he sucked on her tit.   With every in-and-out slide she would moan, Jonas was a natural at fucking.   “Oh fuck Tanya, you’re so fucking tight…. I don’t know how much longer I can last. ” Jonas panted.   “Just keep going, I’m almost there!” she said.   He started pumping with all his might, her pussy gushed some juices every time he pushed into her.   “Aw fuck!  Fuck Jonas…. . fuck your big sister’s pussy!  You fuck it harder right now!” Tanya screamed.   Jonas started going even faster and harder, making every joy-filled scream of hers turn him on even more.   He was fucking her with all his might.   “Fuck Jonas!  Go fucking harder!  …Yes, yes like fucking that!  Keep going, I’m about to fucking cum!” she screamed.   “Now!” Tanya screamed.   With that Jonas pushed as far as he could into her and launched his seed deep inside her womb.

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    This sent her over the edge and her pussy began contracting around his dick, milking it for all it was worth.   The more he came, the more she came, and vice-versa.  
After what seemed like an eternity of cumming, Jonas collapsed next to her and held her in his arms.   “That was amazing Jonas, how did you learn to fuck so well?” Tanya asked while feeling that after effects of her second orgasm.   “I watch a lot of porn and just put what I saw into play. ” Jonas replied with a grin on his face.   Tanya smiled and said “Well it worked like a charm, believe me. ”  They were both quiet, they lay in a spoon position and she fell fast asleep, Jonas held her close with his arm still around her.   Jonas just gazed at her while he slowly drifted off to dream land.
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