Overtaken with Passion and Lust


Overtaken with passion and lustI have read a few of these stories and decided to give one a go.   EnjoyBody:My son Jeremy is 16 yrs old and from what I can tell he is a good kid.   He is an A-B student and has always done his chores.   He has never had a father unfortunately because of our divorce.   He left me with our son when he was three months old, so I basically raised him on my own.   I never dated or went out as I put all of my effort in being a parent, but recently I have been seeing a change in his behavior.   I came home one night and noticed he had already went to bed, at first it did not phase me in the least as it could have just been a long day at school but after a few more days I started to become concerned.   The next morning when he woke up I asked if anything was wrong and that I had noticed he had been going to sleep every day very early and slept all night.    "No mom, I have just been tired is all" said with a constant sigh. "Tired from what honey?" as I rubbed his head. "School is really starting to get to me, everyone that's there are nothing but assholes. "I wanted to laugh at first seeing as how every kid has this stage in there life but I held it in. "Why do you say that, are they making fun of you sweetie?""Nah it's just that I don't like them is all""Well you'd better get off your butt and go to school grumpy, because you'll really show them if you stay home and become a bum!""Yea yea I'll see ya tonight mom""See you tonight honey"Something did not sit well with me that day, I mean he is an A-B student and from what I knew had good friends.   It stayed with me all day and I just decided to call his teacher, I didn't want to show up and embarrass him.   I waited until after work to call since he had track and I could talk with Robin (my sister) about it at dinner.   Robin and I were close, our parents had never divorced and we were 2 years apart in age.

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    We looked practically like twins, she had long blonde hair with a good figure.   I had shorter dirty blonde hair but I was a little heavier at 145 while she was around 130.   She never married and never had kids so she still had that 20 yr old body.   After the conversation Robin was just as confused as I was, she was close with Jeremy as she came over all the time to hang out and help me around the house when he was little.   We ate the meal and on the way home I called his teacher hoping she was still around as it was running late.   Thankfully she was, so I asked her about Jeremy.   She mentioned how good of a kid he was and gave nothing but praise.   I mentioned our conversation from this morning and there was a pause. "Miss Hopkins, the only thing I can think of is the jokes happening in the halls about your son not having a girlfriend or what not.   Sometimes I can over hear them even if the door is shut so it can get pretty intense""Oh really?  Ok that's what I thought, thanks I just wanted to call and ask.   I figured it was just kids being kids""Oh no problem Miss Hopkins, take care""Take care"After I got off the phone I told Robin what his teacher had told me and she laughed. "Sharon every kid goes through that, you remember what it was like back in the day""Yea I know, but it bothers me that I never really did talk with him about sex""Uh oh the big conversation huh?  Hell I'll talk with him about it if you want, doesn't bother me""Yea I know but I didn't think it would have to be when he was 16""Sharon seriously, haven't you been paying attention?  Look at all these 15, 14, even 13 yr old little girls having kids now adays.   It's a different world woman, I figured you'd had that conversation with him awhile ago""Well I guess I'll speak with him tonight about it, it's a good a time as any""Can I come?""Why would you want to be there?  It might seriously make him feel awkward""Or since I'm NOT his mom it might make him feel better about talking about it. . .

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   I mean think about if dad had told one of us about the birds and the bees and how we would feel""Ok yea that makes sense, that would have been very odd.   Well alright do you have to work tomorrow?""No I got the next 2 days off, so I'll stay at your place tonight.   Hey I have a good Idea""What's that?""We should stop and get an adult movie, he doesn't have a computer so I doubt he has ever watched porn before unless it was at one of his friends house""Your probably right, it would help explain a lot without me having to say much" I said laughing. Later on that night when Jeremy came home I called him into the living room.   Robin had put the DVD in but turned off the TV so it wouldn't freak him out as he entered the room.  "Son I think it's time we had a little talk""About what?""Well your growing up fast and I figured it was time to talk about sex and how to protect yourself"I could tell he was embarrassed, he started to blush a little. "Honey it's ok, every parent has to have the talk so here come sitdown beside me we have something you need to watch"Jeremy came and sat next to me and Robin sat on the opposite side of him, which confused me a little as I thought she would have sat in the recliner.   She turned on the TV and right off the bat there was a threesome, two women and a man who had a huge prick, something I gasped at out loud, somewhat embarrassed.   Apparently Robin had skipped to that scene because the Display title feature was on and it said Chapter 5 on the upper right hand corner of the screen.   The man was getting his prick sucked by both women at the time when I looked over at Robin.   She had a grin on her face so I knew she had skipped to that scene on purpose.   We continued to watch the movie when the actors got up and began to screw with one woman on top and the other licking his balls.   I looked down shaking my head and noticed Jeremy had a hard on.   I looked over at Robin and she was wondering why I looked a little red so she looked down and sure enough she knew.  "Well thank god he isin't gay" Robin blurted out, apparently to break the silence.

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  "What! No I'm not gay!" Jeremy said with authority. "Well we know for sure now" Robin said motioning to his crotch,"Ok yea so I have a hard on, I mean look at those girls they are hot and both are doing that guy"I was relieved he didn't freak out and run upstairs"Yea I figured you would like this scene I have watched this movie a couple of times and it always turns me on" Robin said laughing"You've watched this before Sis?  I never would have thought""Well yea, I might not have ever gotten married but that doesn't mean I've never had sex Sharon"Jeremy started shifting around now knowing his bulge was blatantly obvious. "It's ok Jeremy, it's perfectly natural to be getting aroused" I said trying to keep the conversation going"Yea but its not natural to be in these tight jeans being like this, this is starting to aggravate the hell out of me""Just take them off" Robin said"What?""Jeremy both me and your mom have seen you naked, besides you basically have tears in your eyes"She was right, his eyes were watery and he was becoming agitated.   He looked at me and all I could say was "Go ahead its alright"  He got up and removed his pants and boxers and his penis just shot up instantly.   Robin immediately gasped and I could do nothing but put my hands over my face I was so embarrassed.   I hadn't thought about any of this in advance. "Ok ok sit back down, lets finish watching this" I said hastilyNow the guy was about to perform Anal sex, this had always made me wonder as I had never experimented with it.   I could tell Jeremy was very interested now and Robin was still over there with that grin on her face.   Then I noticed I was getting wet, it was a very good scene.   Every now and then the other girl would remove the dick and suck on it a little before helping it back in, all while she cupped his balls.   I never took my eyes off the TV until Robin said something. "No it's alright keep going, you'll get a better result if you think about the scene"I looked over and I seen what she was talking about, Jeremy had started to masturbate during the scene.   I looked at him and he made eye contact with me.   It lasted for what felt like hours, I noticed what I was doing and looked at Robin.   She was just blatantly staring at his penis while he was stroking it.

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    Then Jeremy said the craziest thing I had ever heard. "I can't cum, god damn it I can't get a girlfriend I cant even cum right, I can't do anything right""What?  You can your just not trying"  Robin mentioned"No I can't, I keep thinking about something else, yea the video is good but it's not the first porno I've ever seen""What do you keep thinking about?" I asked"Nothing""No it's something so what is it, this is a very odd moment so you better say because I'm getting ready to turn the TV off and finish this conversation" I continued. "God, Mom I'm sitting in between you and Aunt Robin, and both of you look better then those two porn stars.   You both have great bodies and every time I jerk off I think about either one of you or both.   I know its wrong but it's the truth.   I cannot believe this is happening and I'm nervous as hell, so that's what's bothering me.   There I said it"This floored me, Robin was even red with embarrassment.   My own son just told me that not only did he think we look better than two of the most dominant porn stars in the business today, but that he also masturbates about us. "I got the solution Sharon, I can take care of this" Robin said still somewhat nervous about what she was about to do.   She got down on her knees and got right in front of Jeremy.   I was about to stop her thinking she was about to give him a blowjob when she grabbed his dick and starting stroking him.   I was baffled at the situation, though I did notice she had incredible form.   Her strokes were very soft and perfectly timed.   She started going faster but all while Jeremy was just siting there.   She continued on getting faster and faster until he stopped her.

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  "Aunt Sharon, I'm sorry but that's not doing anything for me.   It's ok I'll go up to my room and finish""How is it not doing anything for you Jeremy?""It's basically the same as if I was doing it but instead of my going into my own little world I'm sitting here somewhat embarrassed and not getting into the moment I guess you'd call it""How can you not be getting into the moment?  You got the two women you just said you beat off to daily with one actually beating you off?""Because you still got your clothes on, do you masturbate looking at clothed men?  I bet its the same"Sharon looked up at me and she started to laugh at the situation.   I was sitting there just watching and it had already gone pretty far so I said something"Ok ok ok, this has gone way too far, we should just finish the topic at hand""Mom, I think the topic at hand is getting me to cum, Robin has been trying the last 5 minutes""Oh no you didn't, Sharon take off your clothes we are going to finish this" Robin said as she started to take off her clothes"Robin! What are you doing? "  "Jeremy has issues, and he will never have sex with some normal girls unless he gets over this""I don't think this is wh-""I'm going through with it Sharon, you don't have to"As soon as Robin got undressed I could tell Jeremy was more aroused that ever, his penis had gotten very swollen and to be honest I never would have imagined his penis would be that big.   I looked back at the TV and it was on that same scene.   Robin had put it on looping and I just couldn't help it, something in me needed to experience sex again so as my younger sister started to give my own son a blow job I started getting undressed.   Robin had incredible form, her mouth and hands were moving in unison and she was even tonguing his balls.   Her breasts were swaying perfectly up and down with her motions and Jeremy had this look of pure lust on his face, yet he was still in shock at the situation.   He was fumbling around with his hands on her head. With Robin sucking Jeremys cock I decided I would just sit there and watch until I seen Jeremys' hand come towards me.   I could tell he was making somewhat of a move on me and I gasped as he started rubbing me.   I was incredibly wet and horny and got very agitated when he couldn't find my entrance.   I grabbed his hand and moved it towards the right area and then moaned as he finally entered me.   At first it was with one finger until I moved in a bit closer and put my breast on his head motioning him to start sucking on my nipples.   Jeremy started to finger me with 2 fingers and then I heard Robin. "Sharon I think he is ready for you"This was the point.

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    If I did this it would change all of our lives forever.   I needed this so bad but I never would have thought I would have sex with my own son.   My lust prevailed and I looked down at Jeremy and looked him right in the eyes.   I continued to look into his eyes the entire time I was repositioning myself.   Robin had taken his cock and held it away while I was moving over top of him.   As soon as I said ok she moved it to my pussy and I went down.   The shock was out of this world.   Jeremy must have been 7-8 inches long and he had a lot of girth.   I started to slowly move up and down rubbing my breasts in Jeremys' face.   I could tell Robin was still licking his balls because her hair kept hitting the top of my ass. I kept slowly fucking Jeremy until he came out and said:"Mom, can we try what they did in the movie?"  I turned around and sure enough it was the anal scene.   I looked back at Robin and moved up enough so his cock would come out.   As soon as it did Robin began to suck on it, she was going so far down it was aparent she was deep throating.   After a minute or two of looking at Jeremy I told Robin to stop hogging the cock and give it back.   Jeremy looked incredibly scared but continued to look into my eyes.

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    As I was moving back down Robins saliva was readily apparent on his cock because it did not have too much trouble going in.   I have always heard it takes a lot of trust in your partner to have anal sex with them but this was my son and I was basically in control.   It was very difficult at first, I went down very slowly trying to take it all in which I finally did.   I noticed Robin was still licking his balls the whole time I was fucking Jeremy.   I continued on very slowly gradually building up speed.   Jeremy was really enjoying this as he grabbed my breasts and began to suck them.   I started to fuck him very fast and hard as I had gotten used to the feeling, then Robin stopped us. "Sharon you just said to stop hogging Jeremys cock now your trying to finish this without me""Uh oh my god, Robin go ahead.   This is the craziest shit any of us have ever done, it feels so good. "I got off Jeremy and she got on, I sucked his cock for about a minute and even tried deep throating all of his 7 or so inches but never quite got it as I started to gag.   Robin was a total pro, she started fucking him in style.   Her range of motion was perfect and she was even kissing him, licking his face.   Jeremy was so seduced with lust he blurted out I want to eat one of you out.   Robin evidently loved that remark and screamed out "God yes!" and started to fuck him incredibly hard and fast for another 25 seconds.   She got up off of him shaking, so overtaken by the moment and threw him down on the floor.

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    I got back on top of his dick and started to slowly fuck him hoping it would prevent him from cuming after that massive ride his aunt had just given him. Robin got down on her knees and sat rite on top of his face.   Robin and I was at eye level looking right at each other when she leaned over and started to french kiss me.   We kissed for at least 5 minutes overtaken by passion.   Jeremy was certainly about ready to cum soon as he started to pump along with my movement.   Before I got off I gave it everything I had and said:"Jeremy, honey, mommy is going to give it all she has so hold out a little longer"He replied with a murmur as Robins pussy was still all in his mouth which made the both of us go crazy.   Robin began to grind her pussy all into my sons face while holding my shoulders and kissing my neck.   I started to fuck Jeremy with everything I had, going very fast and hard.   I certainly gave it all I had and it felt incredible.   I jumped off his cock and Robin immediately met me down by my sons dick and he exploded.   His first shot of cum choked me when it hit the back of my throat and made me lean up.   Robin grabbed Jeremys' dick and engulfed it jerking it off in her mouth swallowing all of his cum. I leaned back down and started to lick his dick along with Robin, we kept licking it until it went soft.   Jeremy was completely wore out and fell asleep right on the floor.   I took a final couple of licks around his balls and cock and got up to go take a shower.

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    Robin lit a cigarette and said"Well Sharon, I honestly don't think he has any questions about the birds and the bees any more"I said nothing as I continued up the stairs thinking to myself. He is going to have a lot more questions than just the birds and the bees tomorrow. . .  .

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