Jessie came into the spare room where I was sitting at my desk playing poker games online.
She’d caught me off guard, as I was sitting there with just a towel wrapped around me.
Jessie was supposed to be staying at her girlfriends place for the night and I’d just taken a shower.
My wife had already got to bed hours ago.
“Hi there, old man. ” She said slightly stirring her words.
I could tell that she was a bit drunk.
“Hi sweetheart. ” I replied.
“How was your night” I asked feeling slightly embarrassed about her catching me in just the towel.
“Had a fight with my boyfriend. ” She replied with a laugh.
“What about?” I inquired.
“I was horny and he wasn’t. ” Jessie replied with another laugh.
Jessie was my 15 year old granddaughter and we’d always been able to discuss things quite openly, even sexual matters.

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“Well, that’s his lost then eh?” I replied laughing along with her.
“That’s for sure. One you miss out on is one you’ll never get. ” She replied swaying slightly.
“Sit down before you fall down you little drunk. ” I said laughing.
My wife would not have been happy to see her in this state.
Thank god she was a sound sleeper.
“Okay. ” Jessie replied.
But instead of sitting on the bed behind her, she surprised me by sitting herself down on my lap.
“What you doing?” she asked, staring at the computer screen.
“Just playing poker. ” I replied leaning forward to grab the mouse to make my move.
I could smell the booze on her breath and knew she’d been drinking quite heavily.

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As I played out the hand on the computer screen, I was very much aware of Jessie’s backside pressing down onto my naked cock under the towel.
I’d often had fantasies about having sex with my granddaughter, but knew that there was no way in hell that I’d ever act out my fantasies for real, after all, she was only 15 years old, plus there was the incestuous fact that she was also my granddaughter.
Still the thoughts were my own and you can’t go to Jail for having thoughts, at least not yet.
“Can I please play a couple of hands, granddad?” she asked, reaching forward to take the mouse from my fingers.
“Okay. ” I replied, wishing that she’d move herself forward a bit on my lap to free my trapped cock under her arse.
As she played, the movement of her backside rocked back and forth across my cock beneath the towel.
I’d placed both of my hands either side of her waist and as she played, I could feel the soft flesh of her hips moving beneath my fingers.
She finished winning the hand and started to laugh quite loudly.
“Shhh… Jess you’ll wake your grandmother. ” I quickly said.
“Sorry old man. ” She replied laughing at me.
“I’ll give you old man. ” I replied, trying to sound cross with her as I started to tickle her ribs beneath my fingers.

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Jessie let out a squeal as she tried to get away from my fingers.
“Shhh. ” I again said, afraid that she’d wake up my wife and find herself in the shit for being drunk.
Jessie placed her hand over her mouth and giggled.
“Sorry old man. ” She said giggling.
I again started to tickle her and as she tried to get away from my fingers, the movement of her small arse against my cock was causing it to start stirring from its sleep.
I stopped tickling her in the vain hope that if she stopped rocking her arse against my cock, it’d stay down.
Jessie stopped giggling and again started to play another hand of poker on the screen.
Her arse was again rocking gently back and forth across my awaking cock as she concentrated on the computer screen.
I spread my legs apart just enough to allow my cock some form of freedom beneath her arse.
Jessie lost the next couple of hands as she continued to play poker.
Meanwhile my cock had started to grow to its full size beneath her.
There was nothing I could have done to pervert it from doing so, not with this young girl bouncing on my lap every few seconds.
After a couple more hands, Jessie started to become bored with the game and sat back and placed her head back against my chest.

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I moved one hand from her hip and placed it on the flat of her stomach.
Feeling her soft stomach muscles beneath my fingers only made things worst for my semi-erect cock.
Suddenly, my cock sprang to life, pushing the towel upwards between Jessie’s parted thighs.
Jessie felt the slight movement of my cock encased in the towel between her thighs and leaned forward to see what was causing it.
“Granddad. ” Jessie cried out as she saw the huge bulge between her thighs.
“What?” I replied, trying to sound innocent.
“You’ve got a horn. ” She said giggling as she stared at it between her thighs.
“Have I?” I again tried to sound innocent.
“Yes you have. ” She replied again giggling.
“Well, it’s your fault. ” I said making it sound like a joke.
“How’s it my fault?” Jessie asked, finally tearing her eyes away from the bulge between her thighs and half turning her head towards me.

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“You were jumping all over it while you played poker, so it’s no wonder it decided to poke its head up, so to speak. ” I replied with a laugh.
“I was not…was I?” she asked, a little too drunk to realize what she’d been doing.
“You sure were, beautiful little lady. ” I told her with a laugh to let her know that I was treating the whole thing as a bit of a joke.
Jessie turned her face back towards the bulge between her thighs and stared at it for a few seconds.
Just then, my cock twitched beneath the towel causing it to sway.
Jessie giggled again, still not taking her eyes away from the bulge.
She surprised me by what she did next; she slid herself forward along my lap until my towel enclosed cock was now resting up against her crotch.
“You’re way bigger than my boyfriend, granddad. ” Jessie said as she closed her thighs tightly around the shaft of my cock.
I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening and thought that I’d fallen asleep and this was but a very pleasant dream.
Jessie was gently squeezing her thighs open and would then close them around the shaft of my cock again.
I took a gamble and raised my left hand slowly up the flat of her stomach until I felt the swell of her young breast beneath my fingers.
When Jessie didn’t complain, nor try to move away from my hand, I slipped it even further up her chest until I cupped the whole of her small breast in my hand.

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“Mmmm” Jessie groaned softly as she felt my fingertips gently begin squeezing her nipple into life.
I brought my other hand around to her other breast and started to gently squeeze that nipple into life.
Jessie closed her thighs tightly around the shaft of my cock and squeezed it between her thighs.
As I gently massaged her nipples with my fingertips, Jessie was starting to raise and lower her hips along my towel encased cock.
I could feel the heat coming from her crotch even through the towel.
As she raised herself upwards, I pulled the shaft of my cock downwards, then upwards to meet her downward thrusts, so that we were actually dry fucking each other.
Taking another gamble, I released her left breast and slipped my hand down between my cock and her crotch, causing Jessie to spread her thighs apart.
Jessie groaned softly as she felt my fingers cupping her pantied covered crotch.
She continued to raise and lower herself, but this time, it was my fingers she was pushing herself up against, not my cock enclosed towel.
I could feel how wet she’d become as her juices had soaked her panties quite a bit.
Jessie’s breath had become quite ragged as she rubbed herself against my fingers.
I moved my wet fingers to one side of her panties and before she had a chance to protest, I slipped my fingers under the elastic band on her panties and cupped her now naked vagina in my hand.
“Oh Fuck. ” Jessie moaned as she squeezed her thighs tightly together.
I wasn’t sure if that was an attempt to stop me from slipping my fingers inside her or what, so I just left my fingers covering her vagina to see what she’d do next.

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The fingers of my right hand were still gently squeezing and releasing her nipple and I was pleased that she’d made no attempt to stop me so far.
A few seconds later, Jessie released her firm thigh grip on my fingers covering her crotch and I took that as a sign to continue doing what I was doing.
I slowly ran the tips of my fingers up and down the wet surface between her lips, coating my fingers with her juices.
“Mmmm. ” Jessie moaned as she felt my fingers gently stroking her lips.
I then began to gently massage her small but very much erect clitoris with my fingertips, causing Jessie’s small body to jump in response.
“Oh Fuck. ” She said again as she felt herself starting to head towards an orgasm.
Changing my fingers around a bit, I now had my thumb gently massaging her clitoris and at the same time, I began to ease my middle finger in between her wet lips.
“Oh, Yeah. ” Jessie responded as she felt my thick finger start to enter her.
 I felt the walls of her cunt part before my invading finger as I pushed it even deeper inside her.
Jessie started to hump my finger harder and faster as she neared her orgasm.
Suddenly, I felt a hot wave of fluid flooded my finger as she cried out with pleasure as she began her orgasm.
I pushed my finger inside her as far as it’d go, enjoying the warmth and wetness of her around my finger.

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It took a minute or two, before Jessie finally came down from the high of her orgasm.
I could feel the walls of her cunt gripping and releasing their firm grip around my thick finger.
“God, I needed that badly, thank you granddad. ” Jessie said, laying her head back against my chest.
“Believe me, beautiful lady, it was my pleasure. ” I replied, gently easing my finger out of her.
My cock was still very much erect and needed some form of release and I wondered if she’d consent to pulling me off.
I brought my wet finger towards my nose and smelt it.
She smelt as sweet as a rose filled garden.
I just had to taste her juices, so I quickly slipped my wet finger inside my mouth and sucked her juices from it.
I couldn’t believe that I was sucking my own granddaughter’s juices from my finger.
This was an old man’s dirty dream come true.
I wanted to ram myself as deep inside her as I could, but knew that most likely, she’d resist any attempt by me to put my cock inside her, so Just sat there, waiting to see what she’d do next, if anything.
A few seconds later, Jessie said, “Granddad. ”
“Yes sweetheart.

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  ” I replied.
“Can I take a look at your cock please?” she asked, sending a thrill right through me.
“Of course you can sweet lady. ” I replied quickly in case she changed her mind.
Jessie leaned forward and slipped the towel from my erection and simply sat there staring at it for a few minutes before asking, “Granddad…can I touch it?”
Silly question, but then again, I wasn’t about to tell her that.
“Yes Jess. ” I replied.
She reached out her small hand and touched the thick head of my cock with her fingernails causing it to twitch.
Jessie giggled, and then ran her fingernails up and down its side.
After a couple of seconds of doing that, she then took the whole of shaft inside her hand and began to stroke me off.
It only took a few seconds before I felt the familiar feelings of my impending climax approaching.
Suddenly, hot cum shot out of the eye of my cock, sending the first two ropes of cum onto the floor between my legs, the rest oozed out and covered her small hand still gripping the shaft of my cock.
“Wow, you didn’t take long. ” She giggled as she stared at the incestuous cum covering her fingers.
“With someone as pretty as you playing with me, are you surprised?” I answered with a grin.

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“Do you always cum so quickly granddad?” she asked with an interested tone to her voice.
“Only the first time, after that I last quite a bit longer. ” I replied.
“Good. ” Was her only reply to that statement.
To my surprise, my cock didn’t become limp after climaxing as it normally did, but stayed firmly erect.
Jessie was rubbing her cum-covered fingers up and down the sides of my thick shaft.
I wondered if she now wanted me to fuck her.
I was more than willing to do that to her, even though I knew it to be totally immoral and also against the law, but as they say, a erect cock has no morals.
 Decided to try something first.
“Stand up for a minute please, Jess. ” I told her.
Jessie didn’t argue but did as I asked. \
She slipped off my lap and stood standing in front of me, still facing away from me.
I reached up under her shirt and hooked my fingers either side of her panties and as I begun slipping them down off her hips, waited a second to see if she’d try to stop me.


But she didn’t, so I slipped them to her feet and Jessie stepped out of them.
I quickly slipped them under my naked arse for later and then reached up and gently pushed her forward, causing her to bend over my desk with her now naked arse up in the air facing me.
I reached forward with both hands and parted her two small cheeks and stared at her treasure as my cock arched to plunge deep inside her.
Instead, I lowered my Face towards her moist opening and darted the tip of my warm tongue deep inside her.
Jessie groaned with pleasure as she felt my thick tongue start to explore her insides.
I tongue fucked her maybe five minutes, enjoying the warmth and taste of her juices inside my mouth.
Jessie was shoving herself backwards against my face, trying to get my tongue even deeper inside her.
Her soft moans of pleasure had grown louder by the minute and I was starting to get worried that she’d make so much noise that she’d wake up her grandmother.
Suddenly, Jessie pushed herself back hard against my face and gave a loud grunt.
I felt her juices flooding into my mouth; I greedily drank as much as I could into my mouth and kissed her cunt tenderly.
I then stood up and looked at Jessie lying across my desk.
She had a self satisfied grin on her face.
“Oh wow, I needed that badly, granddad, thanks. ” She said grinning back at me.
“It was as much my pleasure as it was yours, sweetheart.

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  ” I grinned back at her.
I was not yet finished.
If I was going to start this thing between us, I may as well go all the way.
I stood up behind her and reached out with one hand and gently spread her arse cheeks apart.
I then placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her moist opening and slowly started to push myself into her.
I had half expected Jessie to try to stop me from fucking her.
While it was alright for me to give her oral love, penile penetration is another matter altogether.
But she didn’t try to stop me, but instead just lay there waiting for me to push myself into her.
She already knew how thick and how long I was and knew that I’d full her completely with my cock.
Because I’d already spread her cunt lips apart with my tongue, there was very little resistance to the head of my cock.
It slipped inside her and I slowly eased the rest of my cock into her.
Jessie gave a grunt when I bottomed out in her.
“God granddad, you’re so big. ” She said with a grin on her face.
I slowly eased out most of my cock out of her, keeping just the head of my cock inside the warmth and wetness of her cunt.

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Then, I plunged myself deep inside of her, bringing forth another grunt, half of pain and half of pleasure.
As our passion increased, so too did Jessie’s grunting.
“Shhh…Jess. You’ll wake your grandmother. ” I urgently whispered to her.
“Sorry granddad, but its so nice. ” She grinned back at me as I continued to plunge myself in and out of her.
Soon, the only noises being made by us were the slapping sounds of our flesh coming together and Jessie’s grunting.
I could tell that Jessie wasn’t all that far off from having her 2nd orgasm of the night, while I too, wasn’t far away from my own.
I could feel Jessie’s cunt muscles gripping and releasing the shaft of my cock inside her.
I reached down with my free hand and lightly began to tease her tiny anus with my index finger.
“Oh god, that feels so good. ” Jessie said between grunts.
I then wet my finger in her juices and slowly began to insert the tip of my finger into her arsehole.
Every time I’d plunge myself deep inside of her, I’d also push my finger a little deeper inside her arse as well.

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To my pleasure I noticed that Jessie seemed to like having her anus played with and wondered if she’d let me fuck her arse one day.
I hoped so anyway.
My finger was now all the way up inside of her tiny arse and I kept it there as I fucked her.
Suddenly, Jessie gave out a loud grunt as she finally felt her orgasm hit her.
I felt her hot juices flooding around the shaft of my cock and escaping from her to wet my crotch as I fairly pounded myself into her in an attempt to climax myself.
I too gave a grunt as I finally began to empty myself into her.
“Oh…God. ” Jessie cried out as she felt my hot cum emptying into her hole.
 It was then that I realized that I wasn’t wearing a condom and wondered if just maybe I’d just impregnated her.
 It was a bit late to worry now; I knew I could get her the “morning after pill” tomorrow, so wasn’t all that worried about it.
I felt myself becoming limp inside of her and eased both my finger and my cock out of her.
A flood of our mixed juices flowed from within her onto the floor beneath her.
Jessie stood up and cupped herself to stop any more from escaping and said, I’m going to take a shower granddad. ” She quickly walked from the bedroom and went into the bathroom.
I took some tissues from the box on my desk and cleaned up the mess on the floor as best I could.

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It wouldn’t do to leave any trace of our lovemaking for my wife to find.
I was just surprised that she hadn’t woken from all the noises we had made.
I placed the tissues into the waste paper bin beside my desk and then walked towards the bathroom.
On the way to the bathroom, I quickly looked towards my bedroom and saw my wife lying on her back, gently snoring.
Satisfied that she was still asleep, I let myself into the bathroom and saw Jessie standing under the shower.
She grinned at me and said, “That was wonderful granddad. Thank you. ”
“You’re very welcome sexy girl. ” I replied as I stepped into the shower behind her.
Taking the soap from her hands, I begun to wash her back for her and as I worked my soapy fingers downwards towards the twin cheeks of her arse, I wondered if just maybe I could arse fuck her now.
I felt my cock start to respond to the thought of fucking that tight, tiny hole just inches from my cock.
We’d soon find out I thought to myself as I begun to wash her cheeks.
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