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“All right mom, I am almost done here. ” Alex responded. His mother frowned. “We have to get a move on, I have an early meeting this morning and I still have to drop you off at school. ” Alex swallowed what he was chewing and stood. “Fine, lets go, I don’t need to finish breakfast. ” His mom smiled at him. “Thank you Alex. ” She gave him a light kiss on the cheek and Alex could feel her breasts lightly brush his arm. Alex turned his back towards his mom and started to head towards the door hoping his erection would come down before she caught up to him. He knew that this wasn’t going to be a very good day. The day turned out pretty much the same as any other day. His math class went by slowly as his teacher drowned on about graphs and variables, His chemistry class went by fast as his teacher finished his lesson halfway through and let the kids out. The rest of his classes went by at a snails pace as he waited in anticipation for his English class. Ms. Trotter, the most beautiful teacher in the entire school happened to be his English teacher.

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   Even that class went by the same as the whole class ogled her body from top to bottom. She was wearing a rather conservative suit, but her figure stood out perfectly, she had breasts that were at least a C cup, if not a D cup, she had long legs that never ended, and the type of face that could make a guy cum on the spot if he saw it looking up at him from between his crotch. She was all around the perfect girl for every guy, no matter what they wanted. But this story isn’t really about my school life, its what happened after that fateful day of school. Now, as I have said, I was part of the photography club, usually we meet only on Fridays, but today I wanted to grab my camera and develop some pictures that I took recently of the school. I knew that nobody is ever in the photography room after school unless it’s Friday so I casually strolled in and decided to go straight to the dark room with my camera. Now, I liked the dark room a lot, it let me sit back and think about a lot of things while letting my pictures dry on the line, so I started to develop some of my pictures as I heard the door to the room slowly open and close. I heard the sounds of high heels on the floor as well as a pair of dress shoes. A female voice spoke up, “Well John, what is it you wanted to show me?” Alex recognized the voice immediately; it was that of Ms. TrotterJohn, the student who brought Ms. Trotter here, spoke up next, “Oh, well, I was asked by the yearbook to take pictures of each of the teachers, and seeing as how you had free time after school, I wanted to take your picture. ” Ms. Trotter frowned, she knew the reason that he picked her first is that he wanted to ogle her through the lens, and the simple thought of that disgusted her to no end. “All right,” Ms. Trotter said, “Where do you want me to pose?” “Please just stand over there against the wall” Alex heard John say.

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   Alex heard Ms. Trotters heels click against the floor as she went where John asked her to go. “All right, smile Ms. Trotter. ” Flash. Alex noticed something odd about the sound of that camera, he had never heard a flash like that before. “Is that enough John?” Flash. “Come on Ms. Trotter, pose for the camera a bit more…” Flash. Alex cracked the door to the dark room open enough to see this photo shoot between a student and a teacher who thought they were alone. To Alex’s surprise he heard Ms. Trotter respond, “Well, I supposed I could…” Ms. Trotter started to move her body slightly into more provocative poses. Flash. “That’s good Ms.

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   Trotter, you love posing for the camera don’t you?”Ms. Trotter giggled, “I suppose I do don’t I?”Alex’s eyes grew wide; he had never heard Ms. Trotter giggle before. Flash. “Take off your jacket Ms. Trotter lets see those beautiful tits. ” Ms. Trotter gasped, “John! What are you saying?” Flash. “You want to take off your jacket and show off your tits, don’t you Ms. Trotter?”“Well…” Flash. Ms. Trotter flung off her jacket and puffed out her chest. Flash. “Oh yeah, that’s good, unbutton your blouse now. ”Ms.

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   Trotter slowly started to unbutton her blouse as if she was doing a striptease. She soon shrugged off her blouse and exposed her bra covered tits. Flash. Flash. “Those babies are beautiful, but they look a bit uncomfortable, how bout you take them off?” Ms. Trotter flashed a dirty smile at the camera and started to unbuckle her bra. Flash. “No, not like that, rip it off, like a tiger!”Ms. Trotter let out a small growl from her through and grabbed her bra. She pulled enough to snap the middle and let it fall off her shoulders. Flash. “That’s great Ms. Trotter, I bet you are getting hot aren’t you? Real hot and horny. I bet you want a piece of me don’t you?” Alex noticed the bulge pulsating in Johns pants around the same time Ms. Trotter did.

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   Alex rubbed his own bulge in his pants as he saw Ms. Trotter lick her lips. “Come on, lets go into the dark room…” John dropped the camera on the table as he took Ms. Trotter by the hand and led her to towards Alex while she rubbed her bare tits on Johns back. Alex started to panic, he looked around him, there was no place to hid and he knew he couldn’t run out of the room like a madman. But he heard the footsteps coming closer. Alex thought to himself, think man think!! Where should I hide!!! Suddenly the footsteps stopped outside the door. There was a moment that was so silent that Alex was listening to his own heart beat rapidly. Suddenly a doorknob turned and a door was opened. Alex watched the door to the dark room he was standing in stay still. Alex let out a slow sigh of relief; he forgot that there were two dark rooms in here. Soon after the door closed, Alex heard bumping sounds coming from the room and realized it was time to take his leave. He tiptoed out of the room and just as he was going to leave his eyes caught on something. The camera that John was using…He left it on the table. Alex looked at the door and heard the sounds of humping echoing in the room, he knew that John wouldn’t miss the camera with the new pet he made.

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   Alex snagged the camera and ran from the room. Now don’t get me wrong, on my way home lots of girls from school popped in my mind, I knew that I could use this camera to my own advantage, but no matter what girl came up, I always thought of my mom right after. Since Alex got home he had decided to use the camera on his own mother. He sat on the couch in anticipation of what was to come. And luckily, he didn’t have to wait long. “Honey, I’m home!” His mom came in, imitating Ricky’s accent. “Welcome home mom, how was your day?”His mother came up and ruffled Alex’s hair, “You seem in a good mood, something nice happen today?” Alex grew a smile that reached from ear to ear, “Well, sort of, hey mom, I want to show you this new camera I got. ” Alex pulled out the camera from behind his back. Flash. “Hey, hold on a second,” His mom protested, “I’m not dressed for a picture right now!” Flash. “Come on mom, you look beautiful, the camera loves you!”Flash. ”Really?” his mom giggled, “I guess it does” Flash. “Come on mom, pout at the camera, pout like a little girl when her daddy said no. ”His mom flashed a little pout at the camera. Flash.

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   “Your in the desert now mom, its getting hot. ” His mom fanned herself with her right hand while her left hand worked to unbutton the red jacket she was wearing. Flash. “Now you’re a model, showing off some new clothes, strike a pose mom!” His mom took of her jacket and slung it over her shoulder and began to pace across the room, strutting sexily. Flash. “Oh yeah, that’s nice, mom, now take off your blouse, show off your tits to the camera. ” His mom flashed Alex an angry look. “Young man, that is no way to speak to your mother!” Flash. “You want to take off your blouse, its all itchy and you cant stand it anymore!”His mom started to scratch herself and shucked off the blouse. She gave a sigh of relief as if she was relieved of a great burden. Flash. …. Flash. …Flash. …It didn’t take long for Alex to completely strip down his mother, and she was starting to love every bit of it.

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   Flash. “Now mom, grab a carrot from the fridge. ”His mother opened up the fridge and bent down, giving the camera a perfect view of her pussy and pink little asshole. His mom stood up with a carrot in hand and began to suck on it slowly. Flash. “That’s great mom, pump it in your mouth, faster!” Alex watched his own mother, bare naked, pump a carrot like a mad woman in and out of her mouth as fast as she could. Flash. “Nice mom, now take it out of your mouth. ”His mom took the carrot out of her mouth with a little popping noise. Alex grew a dirty smile, he has been watching pornography on the Internet for around 4 or 5 years now and he had looked for more and more hardcore things until he found his favorite fetish. Anal. “Now mom, touch that carrot against your little asshole. ” His mom’s eyes grew wide with surprise as she hesitated to bring the carrot to her asshole. Flash. “Turn around and bend over, the camera needs a better view.

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  ” His mother turned her back to the camera and bent over. She started rubbing the carrot in circles around her little asshole. Flash. “That’s enough mom, its time for me to take over. ” Alex dropped the camera on the nearest table and stripped off all of his clothes. His dick stood at attention and it was throbbing faster than Alex’s heart could beat. His mother’s eyes grew wide and she licked her lips in anticipation of the night to come. To be Continued. I know this kind of left off at a cliff hanger, but I wrote this in an hour, I don’t think its really that good but I was wondering what you guys would think of it… More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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