Rachels Tears


The business trip was cut a day short because one of Adams clients couldn't make it. Which was fine with Adam because he just caught a flight home that night, saving him a wasted day away from home. Since he was coming home a day early, and since his daughter didn't know that, he figured that when he got home they house would be messy and she'd have a few friends over listening to loud music. He wouldn't be too hard on her if that were the case, because after all, she is a teenage girl. When he returned home, he was surprised to find that the house was completely dark, at first he thought that it was silent, but then, to his horror, he heard moaning coming from down the hall. He set down his bags quietly and slowly walked down the hall to her door. Maybe she was pleasuring herself, or being eaten out, either of those would be semi-acceptable for a girl of her age exploring her sexuality. As he approached the door he noticed it wasn't all the way closed, making it easier for him to slam the door all the way open. As he did this, he saw his beautiful daughter, being fucked by that basketball player doggie style. What was worse, he wasn't wearing a condom. As soon as the door opened they both turned to him and looked in horror. Adam punched the guy in the face and told him to get the fuck out. He grabbed his arm and threw him into the hallway. He then looked at his daughter, and shouted: "Don't you move an inch" he then went out into the hallway and continued to yell at the guy until he finally ran out of the house. Adam then stormed back into Rachel’s room; she had covered herself in a sheet and was cowering in the corner of her bed up against the wall. He couldn't think, for a minute, he just paced back and forth, fury running through his veins.

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   "HOW LONG?!" He shouted, "HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON?!"Rachel was scared, she had never seen her dad this mad, but said: "This was our third time. ""You let him. . . . You let him do that to you with out a condom?! You might get pregnant!""I'm on the pill"Adam didn't know what to say. The pill?! That meant she was planning on being rather sexually active for her age. "What am I supposed to do?! What should I do about this?!""I don't know daddy" Rachel was still scared in the corner, a tear fell down her cheek. Adam saw that he had scared her maybe a little too much and sat down on the bed next to her. "Awww Rachie, I'm sorry, but I. . . I never thought I'd see that. " He wiped the tear away, and the sheet that was covering her fell for a second revealing her pert breasts. Adam couldn't help but look.

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   They were small but perfect for her body. She just looked so innocent. He immediately tried to look away, but her daughter knew that he liked what he saw. That scared her, her dad wasn't supposed to think of her as a sexual being. She didn't want him to be so close, she tried to push him away, and her hand slipped onto his crotch. She immediately felt his hard member. She looked up at him, their eyes met. This was too much for Adam, he couldn't help but do more. He kissed her hard, his tongue swirling around her mouth, Rachel was scared, but didn't want to make him any angrier so she was submissive. Adam looked at her, "unzip my pants"Rachel did as she was told, she really wanted this all to be over. She looked up at him as she finished unzipping them, "Pull it out" Oh no she thought, he’s gonna make me play with him as punishment. His 7" cock came out standing strait up, Rachel pulled her hands away from him as his cock stood there. "Now suck it""What daddy?! No!"He slapped her across her face and took her head and forced it right above his cock. "You had your chance to do it on your own. Now you'll do it because if you don't I'll rape you.

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   You stupid little cunt" Rachel had never heard him talk that way, she was so scared she didn't know what to think, she opened her mouth and started lowering her head onto his cock. All of a sudden, she was forced all the way down on it, his hand on her head holding it there. She tried to scream but couldn't she was gagging and flailing about. Adam then brought her head up enough just so she could breath for second. And then did it again, faster and faster. His thick rod running across her tongue down into her throat making her gag over and over again. She hated this; she hated her dad for making her do this to him. Rachel was crying now some tears from gagging some from what she was being forced to do. After a few minutes her tears dried up and she just let him continue to force her mouth up and down on his cock hoping it would all be over soon. His cock grew a little more as he prepared to blow his load. "You will swallow this and you'll like it" Adam said as he pushed her head up and down on him. He then forced her all the way down on him like he had in the beginning, she began to choke, Adam let her up a little as hot cum spurted out of his rock hard dick flooding her mouth. There was so much of it, but she managed to swallow it all. As she finished him, something clicked in her. She hated what she had done, but now, she felt some empowerment, and she could control her dad if she was willing to do these horrible acts on him.

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   She liked that idea, and began to play with how this night could end. As she was thinking of this, she didn't even realize that his dick was becoming limp in her mouth; she gently tongued it as ideas ran through her head of ways to control her perverted dad. At the same time though, Adam was thinking of ways of controlling his little bitch daughter into doing this more often. . . Maybe if he. . . . Pt. 1 of 3.

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