Restricting Thoughts Part 1


One of her hand went down reaching her clit rubbing it gently, and slipped a finger inside her vagina. She was certainly soaking wet. She got out her marker and inserted it in her vagina. The pleasure wasn’t enough for her, she felt she needed something else to satisfy her. What she needed was something bigger. Looking around the room she found a few fairly thin pens just enough to insert it in, but not hurt her. The pens went inside her vagina slowly, yet it didn’t satisfy her enough. She grabbed another two pens slightly thicker than the previous one and inserted it in. It gave her the pleasure she needed. Soft moans escaped her lips. She twisted the objects around and pushed it in further in alternative speed and depths. Her moans grew louder as she came closer to orgasm. Her hands moved in faster, while her breath became short and shallow. Her body stiffened as she came, releasing a little scream of satisfaction. Just lurking through the key hole, John was watching his beloved daughter masturbate. His penis was now protesting in rage, wanting to fill her.

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   He craved to pleasure her and teach her how a real man really felt like. Even though Cameroon wasn’t the ideal beauty, she managed to have a flat tummy with larger breasts than her mother’s. They were obviously firmer than her mother’s as well. After the incident, John didn’t talk for awhile to Cameroon, afraid that he was going to provoke her. Cameroon on the other hand, thought that her father was upset at her. During that evening, while Cam’s mother was getting dressed to go out to party with her friends, she slipped on to the couch to watch a few programs. “The Wayne Brady Show” was on, and that attracted her father to come sit down on watch the show with her. After a few minutes, her mother was dressed and kissed the two goodbye. John moved closer next to Cameroon. She noticed that her has drank several cans of beer, giving out alcoholic odor as he was laughing with the show. John reached over the table to grab a can of Heineken, and accidentally brushed against Cameroon’s breasts. He jolted back his arm and apologized to her for doing such a thing. He couldn’t help but notice the size of his daughter’s breasts. “Cammy dear, mind if I ask you a personal question?” asked John. Cameroon hesitantly answered, “Oook….

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  . dad…. What is it?”“You know how big your mother’s breasts are don’t you?” he questioned her. “Of course I do daddy, you know I’ve seen mom’s breasts before and so have you!” she answered quickly, but slightly embarrassed. “Okay so I’ll get to my point. Mom’s an A cup, but yours seem a lot larger than mom’s set of tits. What cup are you now dear?” he asked, giving Cam a soft comforting smile. “Well, I’m like only a C cup… C80 to be exact, I’d say it’s around C38?” Cameroon said, while her face turned into a shade of red. John tilted his head down to his daughter’s breasts and admired the looks of them. He added a comment that surprised Cameroon. “Cam, mind if dad takes a look at them, and perhaps grab them?”Cameroon wasn’t so sure, but at the back of her mind she wanted him to. She just gave him an uncertainty nod. At this point it was the point of no return. Her father looked at her lustfully and lifted up her t-shirt and cupped her breasts gently. He unclipped her bra and let her breasts free from its cage.

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  His thumb brushed gently over her nipples and she let out a deep moan. Cameroon felt better than any masturbation she has ever done. Having someone touch her forbidden fruits made all her pains and worries go away. She eased her back on the couch as her dad climbed on top of her as her slowly kneaded her breasts. John paused for a moment, taking in the sight he saw before him. Hi couldn’t believe what he was doing. He continued and lowered his head towards his daughter’s nipples. He gave her nipples a kiss, but then there was resistance. Cameroon stopped her father, protesting, “Dad, are you sure about this? I mean like I want this and all, but it’s just all wrong! I can’t possibly do this with you. ”“Look honey, it isn’t that bad. We both want it. Well, I certainly want it. Don’t you dear?” John answered lustfully while kneading Cameroon’s globe and taking them into his mouth. Cameroon closed her eyes for a split second enjoying the pleasure given to her, and opened her eyes and said to her father, “Of course I do dad, but I just can’t do it. ”John got off of his daughter, having no urge to have sex with her anymore.

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   He commented on her, “You know what? You’re just like your mother. Never wanting to satisfy me, thinking only of yourself!”Cameroon adjusted her clothing and dropped her head down looking at the floor ashamed. “Daddy, you have to understand, I’m your daughter. As much as I want you, I don’t want you to be taken away from me. I need you dad. I’m sorry…” Cameroon tried to explain. John gave Cameroon a cold, angry glare and went off to his room like a child. She just stared at the door that he slammed shut and let out a sigh. I could of just did it with dad. Why didn’t you do it you silly bitch? Cameroon thought to herself. She found her way up to her bedroom and slept by herself. She kept pondering on the even that just recently happened and drifted off to sleep crying. The next morning, Cameroon got up for school, ready to jump into the shower. She climb into the shower, letting the cool water kiss her skin. Without a sound, someone crept inside the bathroom watching forgive me if there's any typos.

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   Getting comments from you people is cool. Anyways. . . it's my first story, so feel free to express anything good, bad, or can be improved on. This is just the first part. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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