Revenge is Sweet. Prt. 1


It was my boyfriends 25th birthday. I was planning him a small party. He told me no more than 30 people. My boyfriend Drake wasn’t much for birthdays. Another day closer to death, he would say. So just a few friends and family were invited.

I had planned out the whole day. The party was scheduled for 4 o’clock. His dad and brothers would grill the meat while his mom and two sisters would make the rest in the kitchen. There would be games to play, loud music, cold beer and tons of presents.

At 4pm I was greeting people at the door, thanking them for showing up. Everyone was there besides the birthday boy. I went up to the bedroom in search of him.

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   I heard weird noises as I got closer to the bedroom. As I slowly opened the bedroom door, my jaw dropped to the floor.

            Drake’s eyes caught mine as his SISTER kept riding his hard dick because she didn’t notice that I was standing there. “Oh my god Drake!! I’m going to cum. ” She yelled. A tear fell from my eyes as he pushed her off of him. She stood there realizing what had just happened. I turned and walked out the door. I didn’t wanna make a huge scene so I went and locked myself in the bathroom. It didn’t take long before he came knocking.

            “Nikki, Please talk to me!” He said into the door. I quickly opened the door allowing him to step in.  He locked the door behind him. “I don’t know what to say. ” He looked down at the floor.

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            “How do you expect me to feel when, I walk in on MY boyfriend having SEX with his own sister??” I said angrily. “I guess I wasn’t good enough for you so you had to go get another female to do the work for you?!”

            He walked over towards me and attempted to hug me. I shoved him away. “Baby please. I’ll do anything Please forgive me. I love you!” He cried.

            “Tell me why. Why was you. . ” I stopped. Someone was knocking.

            “Who is it?” Drake yelled.

            “Damien! I gotta piss. ”(Damien was Drake’s 19 year old brother. )

            “Hold it!” Drake said.

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   “I’m busy. ”

            “Stop jacking off!” He laughed. “I really need to go!”

            Drake looked at me. “Alright!” He opened the door. Damien just stared.

            “I didn’t mean to interrupt. ” He said jokingly. He stopped laughing when he noticed a tear fall from my eye. He looked at Drake. I’m sure he could tell that his brother had been crying by how blood shot his eyes were. “What’s going on?” He asked.

            Everything was silent. “Nothing…” Drake answered.

            “Go on Drake! Tell your brother. ” I stared at him with anger and pain in my eyes.

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            “No Nikki!”

            “Why?” Ashamed?” I hissed.

            “It’s no one’s business. ” He yelled at me.

            “It’s not? What Drake? Don’t want your brother to know that I caught you in bed with Hollie? Oops! My bad!” I acted surprised. Damien’s eyes grew wide as he stared at Drake. Drake just looked down. Damien closed the door as he walked in. I couldn’t tell if he was angry or just very surprised and shocked.

            “What the fuck?!” was all he could manage to get out of his mouth. He pushed Drake. Drake wasn’t expecting it and fell backwards onto the floor. Damien bent down over him and pulled Drake’s face up to meet his. “Why the fuck would you do your own sister? You sick bastard. ” He yelled into Drake’s face. “You’re a sick son of a bitch.

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            “Alright!! Let me explain. ” Drake said loudly. Damien got up as Drake began to speak. “Hollie came into the room as I was changing. I didn’t know she was watching as I took my clothes off. She walked in back of me, reached around and slid her hands down my boxers; I thought it was you babe, since you like to do that. She slowly started jacking my cock off. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it. How was I supposed to know it wasn’t you? Not many girls come in our room and put their hands in my underwear!” He got up off the floor, walked over to me, and kissed my lips.

            “So you stopped when you found out it wasn’t Nikki?” Damien cut in. The silence was so quite; you could have heard a dime drop. I stared at Drake. He looked over at Damien.

            “No…” He said softly.

            Damien was very confused.

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   “What do you mean NO?!”

            “It went farther…”

            “Farther?!” He was mad.

            “Keep going Drake. I want to know everything about how I wasn’t good enough for you. ” I said.

            He took a deep breath. “Hollie continued to stroke my hard cock. She sure knew what she was doing. I was close to blowing a loan right inside my boxers when I told her-you- that I wanted to suck on your pussy. She let out a small moan. It didn’t sound like you. But I went with it anyways.   Leaned my head back with my eyes closed. When I realized it wasn’t you, I opened my eyes, pulled her hand off my dick and turned around. I was shocked!! It was Hollie. I was like, “What the hell Hollie?!” She said that she came up to tell me that the food was getting started.

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   She said that when she saw me in my tight boxers, she couldn’t control herself. Hollie was always kinda into incest, but I never knew she would take it this far! She pushed herself on me. She started kissing me roughly, while grabbing on my junk. I told her NO! But she just… UGH!” Drake stopped talking and put his head in his hands.

            I looked at Damien in the doorway. He had a hard-on. Drake’s incest story was turning him on! Damien saw me staring at him and realized that he had a boner. By the look of it, Damien had a huge cock! That’s when I came up with a way to get back at Drake. I was going to get fucked by Damien. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I was going to make him watch.

            “Keep going Drake. ” I said trying to sound mad.

            “I don’t want too Nikki. ” He cried. “ I don’t want to lose you.

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   You mean everything to me. I’m so sorry!”

            Damien stared at his older brother sobbing like a baby. “Drake…” He said. “MAN-UP!” I looked at him and he looked back at me. “He can make it up to you. ”

            “How Nikki? I swear, I’ll do anything!” Drake begged. I winked at Damien and at that moment, Damien knew exactly what I wanted.


If you likee it; Be suree to stick around for Prt. 2 >:D