Rob and Tracy part 1


      Robert Brooks was watching TV, when he suddenly remembered that he needed Chip Banks to lend him his homework assignment so he could copy it before class tomorrow. Sixteen was a heck of a time, his hormones surging like crazy, and all the girls in high school were snotty little bitches, keeping their legs tightly crossed, saving their precious pussies for the popular, or the wealthy, or the jocks. Being none of those, Rob was getting a lot of frustration, and his cock was getting a lot of stroking to relieve the built up horniness.
     He picked up the phone, his seventeen year old sister, Tracy, was on the line, talking to her friend Jen. He was about to hang up when his eyes widened and he heard Tracy telling Jen the details of what was apparently her latest sexual exploit.

     ". . . . . I'm not kidding, he's hung like a fucking horse Jen, you really have to let him do  you, you'll get the most filling fuck ever! When he was pushing that huge rod into me I was. . . wait a minute, do you have your TV on?"

     At her negative response, Tracy said sweetly, "Rob, you'd better hang up before you get too excited and wet your pants!"

     Rob heard Jen giggle wildly as he slammed the receiver down, his face red at being caught, and the realization of his arousal, his cock getting rock hard quickly at the idea of his sister doing it. He tried to make a dash for the safety of his own room, but Tracy cornered him in the hallway.

     "Going to jerk off, Sonny boy??" she hissed.

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     He tried to avoid looking at her as she confronted him wearing nothing but a see-through white baby doll nightie.

He couldn't help but notice that she was not wearing the pantie part. The gown barely covered the cheeks of her ass and her heavy breasts were clearly delineated against the fabric. His breath came short as she crowded against him. She couldn't be anymore exposed if she was naked, he thought, and that kept his prick rock hard.

     "You aren't going to tell our parents about what you heard, are you Rob?" she cooed as she "accidentally" brushed her hand across his bulging groin. "It's not that I'm doing anything wrong, it's just that they're such Puritans about us. "

     "But Tracy, suppose you get pregnant. . . or get some disease. . . you're too young to be fooling around. Guys don't respect girls who put out", he finished, trying to sound manly and sophisticated.

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     "I don't want to be respected, you asshole, I want to be fucked!!"

     Laughing at the expression of shock on his face, she pulled him into her room. She pushed him into her chair and hovered over him. He couldn't help it, his gaze traveled downwards to the fabric that was barely, just barely covering up her pubic triangle. He thought he could see a peek of it through the thin material.

     "Rob, listen, I've been screwing around since I was 14. I've been on the pill ever since I first got fucked, and I get checked out every 6 months at a GYN clinic downtown. So, can you promise me that you'll never tell Mom and Dad about what you heard, they'll ground me for life. "

     "I can't promise Tracy, something might happen and I'd have to tell. "

     Tracy hissed, "You self righteous little bastard! You're still a virgin, aren't you?"

    "That is none of your business" Rob replied.

     Tracy continued, "Yeah, that's why you're so uptight with me. If you blab even a word of this to our parents, I'll tell them you've been trying to make out with me!"

     She pulled up the bottom of her nightgown, letting her brother see her pubic region, Rob's eyes grew as wide as saucers as he saw his sister's nude pubic region, her sister had shaved herself bare, and he could see the part of her tight lips, her hips flared out in a lush hourglass shape.

     Incredulous, he could only gape at the sight of her sister wantonly displaying herself to him, as she sweetly intoned, "Is that what you want to keep you quiet? Wanna put your hard dick right in here? Wanna play house with big sister?"

     He bolted from her room, her husky laughter following him all the way down the hall, until her ran into his room and slammed the door. Damn Tracy, what did she think she was, flaunting herself at him like that? She must have noticed him peeking at her when she left her door ajar, probably did it on purpose. The guys at school would call her a cock tease, only she didn't tease, she was actually putting out. Three years, and she been fucking, who knew how many guys.

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     He stripped, and crawled into bed. His cock was stiff, rock hard, and all his trying not to think about it was doing nothing. He wrapped his fist around his shaft and started stroking. He couldn't stop it, his mind conjured up an image of his sister, completely naked, her long brown hair spread over her pillow, her voluptuous thighs spread wide, her bare, smooth pubic area spread open and ready, knees flexed, arms reaching out to a naked male body, her squeals of joy as she was penetrated, his answering grunts, his stomach rubbing against her, the thrusts deep into her, Tracy's writhings of ecstasy, their bodies slapping together, Tracy in full heat, ready to get flooded, and he could feel the surge of his cock ready to explode.

His mind put him in the scene, he was now the male body on top of her, his cock was buried deep inside his sister, her howls of climax filled his imagination, he felt his load streaking up his shaft, he was cumming, his cock erupting over his hand again and again, a geyser of hot, white cum spilling down his fist and onto his belly. He growled, still in the grip of his imagination, pumping that gushing load deep inside his sister, thrusting and grunting and spilling even more cum as it slid down the length of his shaft. He milked out every drop, and quickly grabbed the small towel he kept under his mattress, to mop up the trails of cum he had shot all over his stomach. He counted 10 ropes of cum, jeez, he'd never shot out that much before.

     His sister, only a year older than him, and already a sexual veteran. Exhausted, he closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep.

     Between her thighs, he rode deep inside Tracy, her fiery tightness wrapped around his throbbing cock. Her eyes looked up at his, he saw the heated lust in her eyes, urging him on.

     "Yeah, yeah, fuck me, fuck me Rob, I've seen all the looks you gave me, I know how much you've been wanting to fuck me, give me what you got brother dear!"

     Rob did so, riding the body that he'd wanted to fuck ever since his hormones had locked on Tracy's incredible lush body. He could feel his cock start to jerk and swell.

     "Yeah, yeah, fuck me, fuck your sister, give me your load, yes, yes, YESSSSS!!"

      With Tracy's scream of pleasure, his cock erupted.

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  . . . . . .

     . . . . . his eyes flew open, his cock was gushing crazily, spewing thick ropes of semen all over the pile of bed sheets he was humping. Wet dream, a fucking wet dream, god it was so real, he thought. He knew that he needed to fuck his sister, some how, some way, he was gonna get his cock between her thighs, and give her some special brotherly love.


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