Rob and Tracy part 2


     With the end of the school year, the family moved out of the city for the summer, it was too hot and stuffy to stay there during the hot summer months, and they rented a restored Cape Cod style home close to the beach. Rob was thrilled, he'd seen some very hot female bodies down at the beach, and they'd flashed him friendly smiles, not the pissy smirks that he seen too many times at school.

     Tracy was equally happy, she'd seen lots of hunky young men, and she'd gone down to the beach in her red string bikini, the one that just barely held her big melons in check, and covered up very little of her pubic region. The boys could see that scrap of fabric pressed tight against her, displaying a classic camel toe. Coming on strong with her flagrant sexuality, enjoying the sight of all the stiff erections that started to show through their shorts, it didn't take her long to be insinuated into the teen's social set, the boys recognized a good, easy fuck when they saw one. The leader of the group, Jason Everest, a young man with piercing blue eyes, and a dazzling smile, suggested that Tracy and Rob join them for a barbeque, and to become members of the club.

     "Of course, there will be an initiation, we don't let just anyone join. Let us know by Wednesday, I hope you'll join us. "

     The way his eyes roamed her body, Tracy had no doubt what it would be.

     The next day, with Rob urging her on, she phoned Jason, and told them that her and Rob would be happy to join the club, and were ready for the initiation.      

     "Excellent, tomorrow at 5 PM, down on Signal house lane, the big white house with the blue picket fence at the end of the street. Don't be late. "

     The group got together to plan for tomorrow's festivities, they hadn't had any new members in several weeks and were getting bored with each other. Jason was going to direct the action, he'd tagged Tracy right away as a spoiled little rich girl, who acted blase about everything, he looked forward to teaching that bitchy cunt some respect.

     Jason had received a lot of his sex education from his uncle, his uncle was a real firecracker, told him that girls were only good for one thing, and that all of them wanted it, regaling the young, impressionable boy with tales of his many conquests, and how all of them screamed and begged for more.   His uncle had taken him to his first stag film party, and his first visit to a whorehouse.

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   His first sex partner was a pretty 20 year old who called herself Lana, she had nice wide hips, long legs, big luscious tits and a short bob of blonde hair, and when told that she was bringing him into his sex life as his first time, she gave him more of a lover experience then a quick fuck time. She kissed and caressed him, stroking his body, working him up to a fever pitch, her tight young mouth clamped around his prick, releasing him just before he blew. Laying back, Lana smiled up at him, urging him on.

     "Come on lover, give me that beautiful stiff cock, Lana wants your cock deep inside me, give me everything you got, lover. " she growled at him.

     Jason took position, the feel of burying his stiff cock deep the first time was better than anything he'd ever experienced. He rode that accommodating body and reveled in the sinking of his hard young erection into soft, yielding flesh, Lana gave him moans and cries of pleasure, he was actually pretty good, and her sounds were not all pretend. The cries of pleasure made his cock jerk, swelling up tight.

     "Yeah, yeah, your cock's ready to blow, give it to me, yes, oh fuck, cum baby, I'm cumming, cum with me, NOW!"

     Her shriek of pleasure brought on the explosion, his cock erupted, throbbing and jerking, pumping a flood of sperm deep inside Lana, their moans and cries of release filling the room.

     His uncle also told him that there was no such thing as rape, if a girl didn't want it, she wouldn't be with a guy who did, under conditions that would allow it to happen. Jason thought it was sound advice, like his uncle, he was totally amoral.

     The next day, at 5 PM, Tracy and Rob arrived, Jason grinned as he closed the door behind them. Tracy was going to be the main course at dinner. There was a big steak barbeque, and the brother and sister were plied with lots of Scotch and pot, which, under club rules, they couldn't refuse.

     Jason signaled readiness, and the girls led Tracy into the master bedroom, where they gently disrobed her and pushed her down on the large king size bed.

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   Ready to experience her first gang-bang, Tracy was bright eyed, she'd show them she could take whatever they dished out.

     Rob was placed in a room next door, where he was allowed to hear, but not watch the proceedings.

     Tracy was lying back, watching as everyone stripped, seeing all the hard young cocks that were eager to plunder her. She was surprised and repelled to find all the girls mounting her, while the guys cheered them on and called out encouragement and directions in the exploration of Tracy's nude, lush body. Tracy fought wildly, she was no fucking lezzie dyke, but she was easily pinned down as one by one, the girls took turns at her. Against her will, her cries of protest changed over to moans of delight. The feel of soft hands caressing her, stroking fingers sliding along her tight labial lips, hot tongues and mouth sliding over her rapidly stiffening nipples, then the feel of hot mouths and tongues licking at her rapidly heating fuck-hole skillfully brought her to climax after climax, while the guys waited their turns at that incredible body. After the "warm-up", Tracy was moved down to the edge of the bed where they guys caressed her until she was again in a frenzy, begging them to take her before she went crazy. The guys grinned, that is exactly what they were going to do.

    It was Tracy's first gang-bang and Jason was merciless, directing the action as if he were a movie director. Tracy was mounted again and again, cock after cock was shoved up her burning cunt, riding her hard until they exploded, gushing wildly. Then as one guy climbed off, another stiff prick would mount her, Tracy was going from one orgasm to another, her throbbing cunt exploding as cock after cock fucked her, and gushed thick loads of spunk deep inside her.

     After the male club members had blown their loads, Tracy was turned over, her hips were lifted up by a pile of pillows, and her wrists were fitted into leather restraints, and tied to the headboard.

     One of the first movies Jason's uncle had shown him was "Last Tango in Paris". The famous butter scene inspired him, and he was going to give Tracy, that hoity toity bitch, what she deserved.

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   He greased up his cock, he was going to get the honor of busting open Tracy. He used the butter to grease her up, and after much initial difficulty and protests on Tracy's part, she gave out a howl of pain as she lost her last vestige of virginity, Jason grunting with pleasure as he felt his cock bust her open, parting the tight clutch of her back door walls. Jason gave her ass a power reaming, he enjoyed her cries of discomfort as he fucked her tight asshole, the hoity-toity bitch was getting what she deserved, the tightness clutching at his cock, until he stiffened and growled as his cock exploded, pumping his pent up load deep inside her ass.

     Much to her dismay, all the guys were ready to go again, and her ass was the target. Her ass was penetrated over and over, it was less painful, but she still detested it, as butter greasy, rock hard pricks penetrated her tight asshole one after another, every cock exploding and squirting, filling her dark cavern with a juicy spray of hot cum.

     Listening to his sister getting boned had given Rob a case of stoneware cock, and then he was allowed to watch for a few minutes as his sister got gang-banged up her asshole. He was then led away for his part of the night's festivities. They blindfolded him, and told him that could have any girl that he could identify by touching her breasts. He lucked in on Noreen, the feel of those conical breasts that he'd admired in the cups of her bikini were unmistakable. He undressed for action, and the girls gave murmurs of pleasure. He was, they assured him, built to pleasure a woman, and Noreen was happy to show him how.

     Rob couldn't believe how superb it felt to penetrate his first sex partner, he growled in pleasure at the tight, eager wet heat surrounding his prick. Noreen was a good teacher, and she taught him how to hold back, how to move in rhythm with her to prolong his own pleasure. Rob was a quick learner, he'd thought he'd be ready to explode after a few seconds, but with Noreen teaching him, he held onto it until Noreen cried out.

     "Yes, fuck, fuck, oh fuck, I'm, yes, yes, yes, CUMMING!!"

     Her howl of orgasm, and the tight clutching at his cock took him over, and he growled with pleasure as his cock erupted, he felt like he was going to lose his mind from the pleasure bursting from his cock as he pumped and gushed his load into Noreen's eager heat.

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     At 10 PM, Rob was brought to one of the bedrooms, and he was told that Sue Ann was waiting for him. His cock quickly rose up, Sue Ann was the hottest babe on the beach, his cock had been aching to get inside her tight hole.

     "Go for it champ, and give Sue Ann the fucking she's been dreaming of", Jason urged.

     Rob found the bed, the darkness was deep, he could just make out her shape, and he eagerly climbed aboard her voluptuous body, and notching his hardness against her, he drove it in. He rode her, he was bit put off by her lack of active response, but that didn't deter him. He reveled in the feelings shooting through his cock, sinking into hot, yielding flesh, plunging between her soft, full thighs again and again. His cock jerked, swelling up tight, ready to explode.

     "Fuck, oh yeah fuck baby, gonna flood you, yeah yeah FUCK!"

     His cock erupted, gushing crazily. Just as his cock squirted the last few drops into his partner, a flash of light filled the room. The overhead light was turned on, and Rob looked down, revealing that he was locked in an incestuous embrace with his sister Tracy, still groggy from the liquor and drugs they'd been plied with. The look of shock on their faces was recorded by another flash of light from Jason's camera, applause and cheers of the group in the background.

     "Well kiddies" Jason said cheerfully, "better hit the showers and wash up now. You'll be contacted about future meetings very soon. "


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