Roommate A.K.A. Cousin


My cousin came back from college in need of a place to stay so I let her live with me. She is a beautiful woman with blondish brown hair and big (not huge) breasts and ass. She is not fat but has it where I like it.

Lately she's been going to a lot of weddings. She's more of a jeans and t-shirt girl but wears skirts from time to time. This one wedding she went to she wore what I like dress hose and heels. She had on a blue dress that showed off some cleavage matching blues heels and tan hose.

When she came home she was drunk. Before passing out in her room all she got off was her dress. She was still in her bra pantyhose and heels. Also to my surprise she was wearing no panties. When I got to her room to check on her I couldn't help but feel her up.

I ran my hands over her nylon legs stomach and breasts. I decided to take off her bra to get a better feel. I got so carried away I took off her heels then pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles. I grabbed her feet and rubbed my dick between them.

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   The nylons felt so good.

Knowing that this wasn't waking her up I stopped and went to my room to undress and get a condom. When I got back she was still on her back with her legs spread. This gave me the opportunity to tear open the crotch of her hose to expose her pussy to me. I started to lick and suck on her lips. In her drunken past out state I could tell she was enjoying it because she was getting wet. Oh she tasted good.

I got on top of her and stuck my hungry cock in her wet pussy. My cousin felt so tight like a virgin but I knew she already had sex before. Now I was her third. I was feeling her nylon legs while I fucked her. Again in her drunken past out state she came which I noticed and got me coming.

I pulled out and just looked at her lying there on her bed. Then I worried about her finding out for I ripped open her hose so I took them off her. I decided to make it look like she took off all her cloths and got into bed naked.

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   Hopefully she would also think she came in her sleep or got off before going to sleep. I threw away her nylons cleaned up and went to bed.

The next morning she didn't say anything except that she was hung over. She also asked me to get her lunch. I also made us dinner so that she wouldn't have to worry about that.

Later she finally said how drunk she must have been. She told me that she slept naked and couldn't find her nylons. I told her that maybe she took them off somewhere else.

A month went by and she decided to tell me that she dreamt we fucked that night. I acted surprised which wasn't hard because I was. Why was she telling me this? Then she told me that she thinks she dreamt it because she's wanted me in that way. I told her that I kind of been thinking the same. Only mine was to fuck her again.

We ended up kissing and then in my room. We both got naked and I put on a condom and fucked her "again".

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   I found her to be wild in bed. She ended up straddling and fucking me. When I got back on top we fucked some more till we both came at the same time.

I told her about my nylons on women fetish that I have so she bought some stockings to wear for me some times. Living with her is so much more fun.

One time when I came home from work she greeted me wearing a light blue teddy with matching stockings and heels. This color went great with her blues eyes. I locked the door walked to her and we started kissing. My hands were everywhere mostly her ass and breasts.

She had to stop me to get my shirt off. Then my shoes and pants followed. After I got my socks off I picked her up and carried her to my room.

At first she was hesitant on me licking her pussy because she never had it done before. I talked her into it and she fell in love with my tongue. It's not for kissing cousin anymore.

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Feeling her nylon legs moving around on my back got me hard. I just kept licking till I got her to cum. While licking her she was moaning a lot and when she came she screamed. After that I crawled on top of her and stuck my hungry cock in her wet pussy.

She felt the way I like pussy wet and warm. As I fucked her I pulled her teddy up to expose her tits to lick and suck them. I was driving her crazy.

She rolled us over so that I was on my back and she could fuck me. She thrust her hips till she came again then collapsed on me. Then I rolled us over so that I could finish this hot sex with my cousin.

After driving my cock deep in her hot wet pussy I came. She opened her eyes in shock and said, "We forgot a condom. " I pulled out and said "Sorry babe. I guess we just got caught up in the moment. " Luckily she was on the pill and didn't get pregnant but from then on we were more careful.

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I ended up telling her that I did fuck her that time she came home and passed out drunk. She was ok with it and said that I could do it again if I like. She also said to make sure I had a condom on. Damn do we love fucking each other. .