Sailing the open seas with Em


Around a year ago, my daughter Emaleigh and I took off on a trip across the Atlantic on our sailboat. She was a gifted child, only 16 and already accepted at Harvard, and Oxford. So, the summer after her last year of High School, she had he sights set on Europe. I offered to take her, rather than her flying there. . . this way we could bring more of her things, and have a great last few weeks together as father and daughter.
Em's mother was no longer in the picture, she had been unfaithful and left me for another man a few years prior. I had always wondered about my daughter, if she was actually mine. . . . her skin and hair were dark and beautiful like her mothers, and her features were not similar to mine in any way. I always told her she was probably the mailmans kid but she just giggled at the thought. She was my daughter, and I loved her like a father should. .

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  . . no DNA test needed.
We shoved off in early september, and both agreed this would be the best time we've ever had together. Just us, away from the world, sailing across the Atlantic together.
About 30 minutes after we departed, and started losing sight of land, she went down below to get changed. She was always very self-conscious about her body, and I was literally the only one she would ever be around in a swimsuit. After some minutes of taking in the fresh air, and daydreaming about the journey ahead, I heard her coming back up the stairs. She had a towel wrapped around her, and i could tell she wanted to ask me something. . .
"Dad, will you do my back for me?" showing me a bottle of sunblock, and she pointed backward at her middle back where she couldn't reach herself. "Of course, where do you need me to put it?" I asked.
"Well," she started. .

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  . "I guess I should cover everything, I mean, we are going to be out here for a few weeks, and I don't want to get burned on the first day" I nodded in agreement and took the bottle from her. "lose the towel" I said as I opened the bottle and squirted it on my hand. She dropped the towel, and without saying a word I went to work rubbing it on her back. As I went lower, I realized that her bikini bottoms were about the size of a piece of dental floss, and her 16 year old butt was in full view. Now you have to realize. . . my daughter doesn't show her skin for anyone. Even I had never seen her in a bikini until this minute. . . . and I have to say, I had to compliment her for what a surprise she had underneath her clothes.
"Wow princess, nice booty" I joked.

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"What are u a Pirate" she laughed as I moved lower down her back
We both found it funny and relaxing that we could just be ourselves.
As I rubbed the lotion into her back, she pushed hard toward me,and the way I was sitting her ass came in contact with my foot. It was rock hard, and couldn't help but notice that it was absolutely perfect. As I finished rubbing the lotion on to her back she looked back and said in a funny voice "you know you aren't done yet, old man, right?"
I didn't say anything. . . . didn't think twice. . . . . I reached around and started rubbing the lotion into her stomach. She clearly thought it felt great and ave me an MMMM in appreciation. Then she grabbed the lotion and said "I need lots" and proceeded to squirt it all over her stomach.

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I pulled her backward towards me, and kissed her on the ear. "Anything for my baby" I whispered. She leaned her head back and kissed my neck and thanked me for being a good daddy.
Now up until this point, I was just putting sunblock on my daughter. . . nothing else. But as I rubbed it into her stomach i began thinking about how beautiful her body was. Her skin was soft, firm, beautiful in every way. . . . . I started rubbing in circles on her belly, occasionally teasing her belly button and making her giggle.
I kept an eye on the boat, and made sure we weren't just doing circles.

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Just as I was about to finish, her arms went back and her hand gripped the back of my neck.
I had never felt this close to Em, andI kept rubbing her stomach, grabbing the loose skin and working it over. I could feel her breath by my ear, and it seemed to get hotter and she said "oh my god, that feel good".
My eyes glanced down at her young body and I couldn't help but notice her bikini top was creeping up really far. I kept massaging her stomach, and ever so slowly circledcloser to her breasts. after just a few minutes I was staring at her, eyes closed, and wondering what the hell was going on here. . . .
I decided it was all in good fun (kept telling myself that) and moved up and started inching my way toward her boobs. They were very small, maybe a B cup at the most. As she rested her head on my chest, i slowly began to rub the bottoms of her tits.
I inched my way up, slowly, until i was covering the entire area below her nipples. Her hands wildly rubbed the back of my head, almost scratching me at times. .

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"Oh my god that feels good daddy" she said in a low voice.
"Well, I don't want you to get sunburned" I said semi-jokingly as I gently stroked the bottoms of her tits.
Her bikini was tiny to begin with, and at this point it left her budding tits almost completely uncovered.
I couldn't help but stare at them as she rubbed the back of my head, arms up, and breathed heavy on my neck.
I squeezedand rubbed in circles hoping the bikini would ride up even higher. She began sliding backward, and her bikini covered ass touched my dick. . . which I don't think she realized was rock hard.
suddenly I looked down and realized one of her nipples had just become completely exposed. My hand moved immediately to cover it. I felt it's hardness on my palm as I kneaded her tit like bread dough. Then just like that she let go of me, pulled her top back down and said "OK, let's go"
"go where?" I asked as she gave me her crazy grin. "Upstairs silly!" and she proceeded to start climbing the ladder.

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   For a second I was back in reality. . . . . my heart beating so fast I swear it would never stop. I glanced up at her, the bikini barely covering her perfect teen ass. She ran track at school, plus she was a cheerleader, so it was hard as a rock. . . .
I looked out ahead of us, and made sure no one was around, and nothing in our way.
"you coming?" she asked as she peeked down the ladder to the upper deck. " On my way" I said as I struggled not to let my hard-on poke out of my shorts.
Right when I got to the ladder, I had an idea.

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   I was going to ask her if she wanted a drink, then put a tiny bit of rum in with it. Genius, right?
"Princess, you want anything to drink before I come up?"
a bit of silence passed before I heard her say "how about some tequila?"
"really?" i asked, trying to hide my excitement.
"YES, REALLY, and hurry up!" she said in a half joking voice. I still think to this day she had no idea I was actually going to bring her the liquor. But I did. I climbed up the ladder and her eyes got huge as she looked at the bottle.
"I just wanted a shot, I hope that's OK?" she giggled
"well, here we are, on the open ocean. . . . no one is around. I think you should be able to do what you want, right? you're going to college, it's not like you aren't going to have drinks there. You're a big girl, at least here you're safe right?" I asked
"I love u daddy" she said with that look in her eye.
she grabbed the bottle and took the cap off.
"bottoms up!" she said and took a huge drink.

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"since we are alone" she said quietly, then proceeded to reach back and untie her top.
"hope u don't mind daddy" she said as she slid her top off.
Her tits bounced and I couldn't stop staring. . . . .
"um. . . no. . of course I don't mind"
she grabbed the sunblock and squirted it into her palm.
she proceeded to rub her tits where I hadn't got, running her nipples through her fingertips. The pink quickly moved to red as she stroked them.

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   "jeez it's hot out here" she laughed as she massaged her tits.
"Take a drink dad" she said and handed me the bottle.
"we'll we are alone, and there's no police to give me a ticket out here" I said as I grabbed the bottle.
She layed back and her tits went flat against her chest, nipples almost disappearing.
"Here" she said, handing me the bottle of sunblock.
" Do my legs?"
She did not have to ask twice.
I went to work with an absurd amount of sunblock. I squirted it all over her and she laughed.
I began with her feet and moved to her calves, occasionally glancing at the mess I had made on her thighs and was about to clean up.
As I move higher she began to moan.
I stared at her 16 year old tits, and marveled at their beauty.
I ran my fingers up her thigh toward her bikini bottom, and stared at her nipples as they got hard.
Her tits stood straight up in the air, and her body was covered in goose bumps.
"mmmm" she moaned. .


  . .
as I inched ever so slowly toward her pussy, she stopped me. . . .
"i think I need another drink" she smiled and grabbed the bottle.
This time, she tipped the bottle back and drank at least 4-5 shots. "Mmmm, this is nice" she said.
she laid back down on her towel and here tits stood straight up, rock hard.
I continued to rub sunblock into her legs, covering every inch.
I was going slow, wondering where this might be headed, and suddenly, she spread her legs as wide as they could get.
"daddy?" she said in her inquisitive voice. "
"yes my love" I answered.
"If we are going to be out here for a few weeks, shouldn't I shave?"
As i rubbed my hand down her leg I said "you are smooth as silk, my princess.

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"not there. . . . here!" she said as she pointed to her bikini bottom.
where as before I was scared to look directly at it, now I received an open invitation to stare so I did.
Legs spread, she wanted me to tell her if any hair was peeking out.
I glanced down, and was in heaven. . . . . on both sides of the tiny bikini, light brown/blonde hair stuck out everywhere.
Even her ass had hair poking out of the bikini. It was beautiful.

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I threw aside all morals, and said I didn't see anything. "i don't see anything, what are you worried about?" I asked jokingly.
"nothing?" she asked
"maybe take the bottoms off and I'll have a closer look. " I joked
Now, at this point you have to understand that this whole thing was completely innocent. . . . I had done nothing wrong, and we could have just moved on after this trip.
But then it happened.
She reached down, and tugged at her bottoms "promise you won't laugh" she asked with fear in her voice.
"No way" I said, "show me"
she quickly lowered her bikini bottoms, and exposed her beautiful hairy teenage pussy to me.
As I stared, contemplating, she cried "I knew you would think it looked funny".
"WAIT" i said quickly, and grabbed her hand as she attempted to pull the bottoms back up.
"let's just shave it" I said.
"really? you would help me do that?" she asked
"I am your dad, I'll do anything for you, my love!"
She got up quickly letting the bottoms fall to the deck, and practically ran down the ladder to the bathroom.

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I watched as her beautiful body, covered in lotion, glistened in the sunlight, her tits bouncing, ass hard as a rock as she walked. . . .
I reached down my pants and adjusted my aching dick so she couldn't see it. I almost exploded thinking about her beautiful virgin pussy, and shaving it.
not more than 20 seconds later, she returned with a razor, and some shaving cream. she laid down on her towel, and before I could say anything, she put her legs up in the air, and spread them. I had a hard time not staring, her pussy was tiny, but really hairy. Almost no lips, but a huge clit.
I scooted closer, and put my face down between her thighs. The scent was beyond intoxicating.
I looked around. . .

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  . no one, nothing for miles. Em grabbed the tequila, and took a huge drink. I stared at my daughter, legs spread, her hairy 16 year old pussy uncovered for the first time, begging for me to touch it.
"Hurry before I get drunk and fall asleep, daddy!" she pleaded
I squirted the shaving cream into my palm, and slowly began to cover her entire crotch with it. Her lips were slick and beautiful, and she shivered as I massaged her and spread her pussy, looking deep inside. I ran my fingers over her lips to keep the view clear, and she moaned. . . "mmmm, daddy that feels good"
I reached over and grabbed the razor as I kept stroking her hairy teen pussy lips

To be continued =)
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