Saving her from herself - Chapter 5



The next day Nate did everything he could to avoid seeing his sister. He knew if he faced her there was a very real chance that he would betray himself and she would finally know his secret. He could only imagine how disgusted and upset she would be if she knew that he was one of those men who sat there hungrily watching her fuck herself with her favored toy. He was also determined to keep from logging on to the site. He knew if he did he would only end up on her profile once again. He knew that there would be dozens of messages from admirers who watched the show and that would only anger him. So instead he spent most of his day doing yard work. He was just putting the tools he had been working with away in the garage when he saw her exit the house.



He remained very quiet and still as he watched her cross the garage and climb into the maroon Camry. She was so preoccupied that she did not even notice him watching her from the shadows. She turned the car on and pulled slowly down the driveway before driving off. He was shocked to see her wearing that skimpy little black halter dress and the strappy black sandals with the impossibly high heels. He had only seen her wear it a couple of times and that was when she was still with that jerk she was dating. He felt that icy cold dread building inside of him as soon as he realized where she was most likely going. He was irate. Even after he had went through the trouble of having Claire reach out and warn Kayla it didn’t do any good.

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“It’s her god damn decision and she’ll have to live with the consequences. ” He told himself rather unconvincingly.



It was a struggle for him not to hope in his car and follow her but he knew if he did it would only make matters worse. He just couldn’t out himself like that no matter how badly he wanted to protect his younger sister. He went back into the house and stopped at the fridge. He needed a drink and lucky for him there were several cold bottles of Yuengling in there. He cracked open one as he sat down at the kitchen table. He knew right then that he could not save her. She had to save herself. After polishing off almost the whole 6 pack he finally went upstairs. He took a quick shower to wash the layer of sweat and grim off, slipped on a pair of baggy grey shorts, and went to lie down on his bed while he gathered his thoughts. The hours of yard work had worn him out more than he realized.


It wasn’t long until sleep was upon him. With sleep came dreams that filled his head with disturbing images of his sister being gang fucked by hundreds of men who quickly swarmed her and took whatever orifice was empty. She was moaning and gagging on cocks and covered with so much semen that her body shimmered with an opalescent glow.

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   Her voice boomed in his head repeating the same things over and over. “You like to watch me don’t you, you fucking pervert. You wish it was you fucking me. You let them do this. ” It was ripping him apart. Luckily for him the loud sound of a door slamming in the room next door pulled him from the personal hell.



Nate bolted upright in bed and frantically scanned the darkened room for where the noise could have come from.   The only light that filtered into the room came from his computer screen. It took him a couple minutes to realize that it was his sister’s bedroom door slamming that roused him from his sleep. He glanced at the clock and realized he had been asleep for nearly 4 hours. Still groggy from sleep and alcohol he decided to climb out of his bed and see what was going on. He rationalized that checking on her wouldn’t be something so out of the ordinary that it would arouse her suspicions.



He reached for the doorknob and paused. There was a part of him that screamed for him to keep from going on this fool’s errand. There was still enough alcohol in his system to trip him up if he was put on the spot.

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   He wasn’t a good liar under the best of circumstances. Still, curiosity surged through him. He had to know what happened. He sighed heavily and exited his room, heading directly for hers. His fist raised and froze inches from the door as he heard the sound of her crying. His heart sank. The only sane thing for him to do was retreat to his room and this time the voice won.



He was careful to be quiet as he returned and closed his bedroom door tight. His eyes moved to the illuminated computer screen. It was just as risky as going to her room but at least there he had the chance to try to hide behind the anonymity of his screen name. He quickly checked his inbox to find several things including a group message that had been sent out earlier that day from none other than JollyRoger inviting him and dozens of other guys to a private party that his sister would be the prime attraction. His blood boiled. He decided that since no one else seemed to bother turning in the idiot to staff he would at least forward the mail onto them in hopes they would finally remove him. Just as he finished clearing out the rest of the spam in his box a new message appeared. This time it was one from Claire.

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“Hey. Not sure if you are up but JR nearly struck again. That girl you asked me to warn just told me that he invited her over. Don’t forget you still owe me for that one. ”



He stared at the message almost too afraid to type a response but he had to know more. “I know. We can hook up next Wednesday. Did she say what happened?” He typed as quickly as his drunken fingers would let him.



He had just hit the send button when another box popped up. His entire world came to a screeching halt as he clicked it and saw that it originated from his sister’s account. For a moment he had visions of the horror and bloodshed that would ensue if she told him that they had touched her. The message opened and much to his surprise it was actually pleasant.



“Interesting way to prove you aren’t like the rest of them. Your friend just told me you were the one who put her up to warning me. I guess this is where I should thank you.

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   I have no idea why you have taken such an interest in me that you would go through such trouble but I am glad that you did. You may have saved my life or at the very least my sanity. For that I owe the benefit of the doubt. If you feel like chatting hop on your messenger and I will add you. ”



He sat there in stunned silence as he reread it. The message had gotten through to her. Just as he was signing in another message from Claire appeared.



“She drove by the house and saw that it was crawling with perverts. This one was smart enough to keep driving instead of thinking that it was an innocent little surprise party. Bet those guys were pissed.  


The smile that broke on his lips could not have been broader. The second that it finished the sign in process he had a friend request appear on the screen. There was a moment of sheer panic as he started to think about the possibilities that this opened up for him. The most enticing was that he could have her to herself. The conversation was tense at first as she asked him a lot of questions and only gave him superficial answers to his.

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   It did not matter. He was happier than he had been in a long time as she started to open up a little. It wasn’t typical of Kayla to do so. She was starting to trust him and that was a plus.



It occurred to him that the newly budding relationship would be the perfect way to help her get over the idiot and the relationship she was still obviously mourning. He would have tried to keep it a platonic and very innocent relationship if only he had not lusted so greatly after her. He quickly began to rationalize watching her perform dirty little acts for him if they were just viewed from the privacy of his laptop. If he didn’t touch her, he wasn’t a sick pervert. Deep down he knew that he would never be able to maintain it long. He wanted her too badly for that. He just had to keep it up until she healed and was ready to move on. He was doing fine until she asked him a rather simple, straightforward question that should have been easy for him to answer.



“So my name is Kayla, most people call me Kay. What’s yours?”



His fingers started to type before his brain could catch up. He quickly tapped the delete button until it erased “Nate”.

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   He could have chosen any of a million names but being slightly drunk he wasn’t at his best.



“Alistair” He replied before he thought about it anymore.



The way that she paused made him nervous. He quickly rechecked what he had written to make sure he hadn’t said anything too obvious that would lead her to him. It was then that he realized just how uncommon the name was. He tried to remember the last time his mother had called him by his full name in hopes of finding a sense of calm in the knowledge that she could not possibly remember it was her brother’s middle name. The conversation began again a few moments later which relieved him greatly until she asked him if would like to see her on cam.


It was as if she was purposely mocking him by dangling such an irresistible offer in front of him. The temptation quickly proved to be too much for him. As badly as he wanted to keep from heading further down that path of the taboo his urge to see her was too great. It only took a minute or so for him to succumb to the need. His cock was already twitching in his shorts as he typed in those three little letters. She did not hesitate to turn her cam on for him. He was happy to see that she removed that sleazy dress and slipped into her pale blue tank. He imagined that she was also sporting the matching shorts that were covered with pictures of Eeyore.

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Her eyes were still slightly red from crying but he was happy to see that she had stopped for the time being. Instinct dictated that he ask about why but he already knew the answer and was not about to blow it. Instead he let her guide the conversation. It wasn’t until she asked the inevitable question of why he chose her to protect. He wanted to confess everything to her right then and there. He wanted to profess his unbrotherly love and tell her how longed to hold her but he knew it wasn’t right.



“You have this innocence about you that reminds me of a girl that I have loved for a long time. I would give my life to protect her if it came to it. Seeing that you were hurting and vulnerable it just brought up that instinct in me, regardless if you thought it was just a ploy to secure you for my own selfish needs. ”



He watched her face change as she read the words on the screen. Another apology was issued for not trusting him but none of that mattered anymore. She trusted him now and that was what counted. Kayla quickly caught him off guard by offering to make it up to him any way he saw fit. So many thoughts flooded his mind that he could barely type. It took every ounce of restraint that he possessed to tell her the half-truth that he had constructed to help him keep from hating himself.

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    He thought she would flatly refuse him but much to his surprise she agreed to not do another show for everyone to see.



Nate wasn’t sure but he thought he saw his sister blush as she read it. It was his turn to do so once she replied that she wanted to do one for his eyes only as a way to thank him for looking out for her. His cock was throbbing at the mere mention of her performing for him. He reluctantly agreed only if she allowed him to tell her what he wanted to see. The girl readily agreed with the stipulation that he send her a photo of himself.



For a moment he thought about it. He wanted to make her happy as well but he wasn’t sure how he could send her a picture without disclosing who he is. The thought suddenly occurred to him that he could easily take a body shot. His cock twitched as he set the timer on his cam to snap a series of shots. He repositioned himself making sure to get a good view of his rock hard member for her to see. Once he looked through them and selected the one he liked best he messaged back that he would send one so she could see what effect she had on him.



The moment that the file arrived her eyes widened and her mouth hung open. She stared at it in amazement. He was so nervous that it took him a few seconds to realize that she had slipped her hand out of site as she stared at it.

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   He could not believe that his own sister was so turned on by the naked photo he had sent her. He quickly decided that it was time for her to start the show.



It started out slow and simple as he told her to start by rubbing her breasts through the thin layer of material that covered them. Within seconds her nipples were already hard and visible through her shirt.

After that he instructed her to remove her top and toss it aside. He stared intently as she did as she was told. The site of her bare breasts was having quite an effect on him. He would have given anything to be there to suck one of those think pink nipples into his mouth. “Pinch your nipples. ” He typed as he breathlessly watched her. She trapped them both between thumbs and forefingers and gave them a swift pinch before he told her to do it again and tug on them as she did.



Kayla’s obstinate streak was gone as she obeyed his every word. She squirmed in her seat as he watched her tweaking her nipples. His fingers moved to his cock as he slowly began to stroke it. He could tell that she was getting aroused by the attention he told her to give to her body.


   He ordered her to stand and remove her bottoms as well. He stared at her firm young body as she rose to her feet and hooked her fingers in the waistband of her shorts.   They slid down with ease and fluttered to the floor around her feet. It was a beautiful sight to behold as she stood there in just the little pink hipster panties that she wore.



“Move the computer closer to your bed so you can lie down while you do this. ” He typed. “Leave the panties on and lie down with your legs spread so I can see them. ”



He licked his lips as she angled her cam to pick up the precise angle he wanted. Her fingertips pressed against the taught fabric that covered her lips until she pushed it slightly between them. The fabric was quickly discolored from the wetness that it collected while pressed into her cleft.   “Get them good and wet before you slide them off for me. ”



Kayla did just that. The gusset was fully wet by the time she worked them off. “I want you to push the wettest section into your mouth until you can’t stuff anymore of the panties in. I don’t want you moaning too loudly and waking anyone up as you continue.

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  ” Watching his sister eagerly perform each task gave him quite a rush unlike anything he had felt before. Even if it was wrong there was something that felt so right about it. “Remove your top and spread your legs widely for me. You are going to show me how you like to be fucked. ” He typed.



He watched with joy as his younger sister parted her shapely thighs and pulled out the same toy that she had used in her previous show. She smiled slyly as she brought the tip to her lips and let the tip of her tongue trace over it. She stared into the camera as she pushed an inch or two into her mouth to give her plastic lover some oral attention. It was hard to watch without wrapping his fingers around his cock and stroking it slowly. She fed more into her mouth and worked it in and out for a minute or two to get it nice and wet.



As she withdrew it from her mouth she placed the tip against her skin and traced down between her perfect breasts to her shaven mound. Her eyes remained focused on the screen as she turned the dial and turned the toy on. Her body stiffened as it touched her clit and the initial vibrations took effect. The change in her breathing was immediate as she pressed it harder to her pink nub. A soft moan escaped her parted lips as her hips soon began to buck lightly.

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   The sensation was driving her wild. It was such a beautiful sight to behold.



Her moans grew more intense with each passing second. Her sweet honey was starting to leak from between her pink lips the longer that she held the toy pressed against her clit. Her chest heaved with each breath as she tried to hold out. She wanted to wait until the last possible second to cum for him in hopes that he was enjoying the show. Her body shuddered hard as her hips jerked. It was as if her body was trying to evade the deep vibrations but her hand simply would not allow it to. She rode out wave after wave of intense orgasm until she finally managed to pull the toy away.  



Kayla took a moment to regroup and catch her breath before pushing the vibrating purple toy between her lips and deep into her folds. Her hand moved slowly as it plunged it in nearly all the way before withdrawing. The slow strokes made her begin to moan once again as her brother watched from the safety of his own room. He was stroking his cock slowly still as he tried to remain teetering on the brink. The way her body moved and the sound of her voice made it a much harder task than before. He knew this was all for him and not the masses of horny members of the site.

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The speed of her plunges began to quicken slightly as she continued with hard, deep thrusts. He couldn’t quite make out what she had begun to murmur but soon he realized it was his name, or at least what he had told it was. The sight of his sister in such ecstasy as she moaned his name was nearly too much for him. He was so close that he had to pull his hand away to keep from cumming. Her voice rose slightly as she continued to fuck herself for him. If he had only knows that she was imagining that it was his cock driving into her slick slit he would have lost control completely. Within a matter of minutes however she was caught in the throes of another climax. Her voice was so loud that he could have turned his speakers off and heard it clearly through the wall. His pace matched hers stroke for stroke as they both experienced an incredible orgasm.



He could see the pool of her juices collected on the sheets beneath her. His chest was dotted with his own seed in several places but he did not care. That was the most amazing experience he had in a long time. Neither of them stayed on long afterwards since the show had left them both quite spent. Before she logged off Kayla said that she would probably not be on for a couple days because she was going away for the weekend which he had already knew. What he was not expecting was the request to meet him when she returned.

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   The idea of actually touching her was almost too much for him to bear. He managed to type the words “We will see what happens” before his thoughts got the best of him.



Nate picked up one of the many shirts strewn on the floor and wiped the semen from his chest and stomach before crawling back into bed. He knew that he would have to figure out a way to give her what she wanted without her finding out the disturbing truth. For now though, he was too tired to think any more and welcomed sleep once again. This time his dreams were much different.


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