seduced landlords daughterinlaw and neighbor wife


Seduced Landlords daughterinlaw and neighbor’s wife
By skyclear

Hello my name is Rajesh and live in Dharwad which is a home for education, it is full of colleges and educational institutions, I am married and have 2 sons, my wife is a home maker, her name is Manjulaand she has given me all the happiness which a normal person should get, I work in a Small scale industry, this is about the neighbors around one of our neighbors who are also our owners of the house has a son named Krishna and his wife's name is Devikarani, they have a daughter and a son, the son was recently born, the other neighbor is Mr. Murthy and his wife Sujatha, they have 3 children one daughter and 2 sons, let us talk about Devikarani who always wears nightcoat in the house and when she is out also she will be in the same dress, hardly she would be wearing a good dress, she used to get up early and clean her verandah and the porch where the car is parked, I would wait for her in the morning to see her cleaning as she would never wear a bra and her lovely boobs would be dangling and when she bent it could be seen and that is what used to make me mad, she had a lovely figure but her husband hardly had any time for her, he was always interested in business, Devika would come to our house whenever she required help for cooking or to chat with my wife, many a time I have gone to her house to get keys of our house when my wife used to go out, or would be visiting her house to see her children and play with them, at times she would ask me to do some errands for her and would help her, at times she used to borrow money, one day I had been to her house when could not find her anywhere in the room, bedroom and kitchen then I heard water flowing in the bathroom, the door was open and what I saw was shocking Devikarani was totally nude & was taking bath, she turned around and was shockedto see me and said please goand closed the doors, I came to know afterwards she had kept the door open so as to know if the child gets up, after that whenever she came before me she shied away, one day I had gone to get the keys of my eyes from herthat time she called me to call me in and offer tea, when she bent down and gave me the tea could observe her lovely melons,I was staring she immediately shied away when I stopped her and admired her sexy body and the sexy boobs for which she said you are being too naughty, and went inside the kitchen when I heard a falling sound immediately rushed to find Devikarani had fallen down she had slipped, I gave her a hand and lifted her while doing this her boobs touched my shoulders that was a shock to mea electrical lightening passed through me, then holding her by her arms and touching her breasts partially took her to the bed and then asked her where it hurt her she said it is ok she will manage but she was having unbearable pain then she said that her calf muscles were paining that is when I went and brought iodex and shifted her housecoat upwards to see a hairy leg, I started touching her legs and asking whether it is paining here and here that is when she said it is here then I started massaging she like it and thanked me but my wish was to raise her dress upwards and partially did to see her thighs and then started massaging her thighs that is when she said stop you are going too far, I said ok and told her that had seen her naked and had seen a mole on her waist line, then why the problem now, you should be free, but was doing for your better only I asked whether she required massage on her back she agreed and then inserted my hand inside her nighty and then started messaging her back and her waist line it was wonderful I was hot and then lifted her nighty completely and kissed her back and thighs, then removed the hook of her bra, she got angry and wanted to get up did not allow her to make a move and with force shifted her back downwards so I could kiss her then kissed her on her face, cheeks, neck, she shouted at me to get out or else she would complain that I had raped her, I walked out and went home and in night her husband came but nothing happened since she had not complained, morning I was ready to watch the show and saw it from my window peeping through a hole without her knowledge, her husband Krishna used to go early to work at 7 amand return in the night at 8 pm, I called Devika on the phone and said sorry for what happened yesterday and asked her not to tell anything to my wife or any one, she promised me and said that for not telling anyone there was a penalty so I asked what then she said let the time come then I will ask you to do the favor, I said Ok, the other neighbor Sujatha used to visit us quite often who was good in height and had big boobs and big bums had a sex figure, she was an attraction in the yoga centre since she went daily for yoga, she was very friendly with my wife even though she was elder she had maintained her figure very well, my interest was in her also, when she used to seep the outside portion and then put rangoli I would watch out for her big boobs which could be seen popping out of her saree, I had overheard my wife asking Sujatha to come over to our house in the evening that is when it struck to me that it would be better if I put some banana skin on the steps when she is coming and it happened as I wanted it to happen, she fell down 2 steps and she was moaning for help, I went and pulled her upwards and took her inside the house and told her to lie on the bed she said no and said she will go back home, but I was insisting that she stay, she told ok then I asked her where she was hurt so that I could massage then she showed her thighs and her back, I told her that will apply balm and she should open up her saree little bit so that I can make her ok she agreed and then it was fun and fun, since her back was mine I started massaging her at the G posts of her body and she was getting erotic and that is when I inserted my hand under her saree near to her pussy and started fingering her she liked it and said do not stop that is when I turned her and started licking her pussy and kissed her thighs and then went towards her breasts, she said to stop it and I said what is wrong before she could say anything I kissed her and then kissed all her parts except the boobs which I did not touch, then she said she will go but with a promise that she would not comment anything to my wife, this was just the beginning of the romance between two neighbor women. My wife went to her native in Shimoga and said that she will be back after a month or so that is when I called Sujatha to come over, she said her husband is home she cannot leave him and come, her husband was slightly handicapped he had got paralyzed to heavy drinking and smoking, she came after telling her husband that she was going to the temple, as soon as she came to my place Isuddenly I pulled her towards me and planted a soft kiss on her pinky lips. In the meanwhile Devikarani had seen Sujatha come to our house and she was inquisitive to note what happened in our house. I started kissing her on her cheeks, neck, shoulders and her forehead her ears and eyes,My hands were freely and eagerly moving to explore her rock hard heights and green valleys over her Saree kissing her lips, her neck, her cheeks, squeezing her hard boobs with one hand and caressing her tight ass with the other. She started moaning with lust and pleasure and rubbing her hand on my hard-rock cock,. Her body was irresistible and reminded me of one of my aunts who has the same attractive figurewhich can make anyone mad. I was continuously kissing and hugging her and she was getting hotter to the hottest. Her breaths were getting heavy and unbalanced. I unclipped her bra and her lustful bosoms were in full swing inviting me to eat and chew her erected pink nipples, and I did not miss a single minute and took her right nipple into my mouth and started sucking it heavily. . Her lust made her shouting and she started whispering in my ears. . Oh Rajesh suck with all your strength andenjoying she started making noises uhhhhh ahhhhh mmmmm and so on and it made me more horny and my hands picked more speed to bring her to peak of lust and pleasure. I moved my hands from her bust to her flat belly and then slipped it into her panty where her erected clit was desperately waiting for my finger to touch and rub. I laid her down on the sofa and started lickingthe juicy lips of her pussy.

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   I licked her clit and her moaning increased with each and every lick then I moved my dick to her mouth and asked her to kiss, lick and suck it. It was a new thing for her and she seemed to be a bid reluctant but I made her agreeable to do so. She hesitantly started licking my dick and it sent a great wave of pleasure in my body. . My dick was fully erected and throbbing into her hand. I forced my dick into her mouth and she gradually started sucking it. . While sucking my dick, she was looking up at my eyes and her eyes were filled with lust, joy, pleasure and satisfactionI was not able to control the sperms coming out and they were splashed on her mouth, then she said it was late and left our house after dressing up properly. After 2 days it was the turn of Devikarani who visited my place as it was Sunday as usual I was in my home dress cleaning the house, I welcomed her and then she said that she had some urgent work to be done she had to climb the loft to get some material and no one was there to hold the stool, I agreed to help her went in the same dress to her and then she climbed the stool and when she was about to get the utensils and the box it slipped and then she started falling I caught hold of her but her dress had gone way ahead to her boobs and the whole body was touching mine, I forcefully kissed her everywhere I could do before she pushes me out of the house, she retaliated with me but I was not ready to leave her my prick was erect and wanted badly to fuck somebody, I just pulled her panty down and started kissing her pussy she said stop it and said she is a mother of two that is when it struck to me that her boobs is full of milk and that would be wise to suck her breasts then it was so pleasurable for both of us she enjoyed my breast sucking and then it was my turn to insert my hard cock into her she gave me permission and then I entered her and started pumping her as a pistondoes in an automobile , she was getting aroused and was getting hot and hottest and did not want me to stop, she said dont stop go on and that is when she agreed that I was better more powerful and also agreed that she got her satisfaction from me. she then told the secret of her children she said that the father of the children was Krishna’s cousin who also liked her and actually wanted to marry her, but it was her fate that she got married to Krishna, she also said that first 3 years she could not bear child when contacted doctor said that she was ok but there was defeciancy in Kirishna that I did not disclose to Krishna but had children from my ex lover, she also informed me that when I was screwing Sujatha she had watched me from the window and had got excited and wanted me to make love to her, she said that she enjoyed my massage and also the intercourse & she was interested in more but her inlaws did not like our staying there they made us to vacate the house and now we live in a different place. Sujatha still comes to our house and she is well aware of my presence or not she still wants to have fun with me but is afraid that her husband will create problems. Devika now has shifted with her husband to Belguam since Krishna’s business had great demand there.


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