Shady and Restful


The gray skies were fitting for the occasion. Light mist sprayed the people as they walked from the graveyard. The entire town had turned out for Joe's funeral. Sam Drucker, Fred Ziffle and Arnold, Oliver and Lisa Douglas, Floyd Smoot and the volunteer fire department. The Bradley girls walked away from the grave site toward the little train which would carry them back home to the shady rest. Anyone from outside the community would consider Joe as a lazy bum constantly trying one get rich scheme after another. Little did they know of the secret of the shady rest.

Joe moved back to town soon after Kate's husband died in Korea. Kate was a young widow with three young girls trying to run a hotel on her own. Bill left her a small life insurance policy but not really enough to hire help. At the time Joe was a man in his early 30s. He had been wounded in north Africa during WW2 and was limited in his mobility at times. But male help was scarce and any help was appreciated. Joe did what he could around the hotel as Kate focused on trying to help the girls adjust to the loss of their dad. It was hard as she also missed Bill. Very tough for her to handle the emptiness she felt inside, the loneliness and most importantly the loss of her intimacy she and Bill shared.

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   He knew how to turn her body into melted butter. She couldn't resist him any time and any place. So it was no wonder that Kate found herself with three daughters with in their first 5 years of marriage. Only complications that required a hysterectomy stopped the cycle. Now Bill was gone but Kate's desires still boiled with in. What could she do in such a small town? Surely if she gave into her desires with one of the locals the entire town would know without hours. Everyone knows who is dating who in a small town. Not that she didn't have any offers. Kate and Sam were friends from their days at Hooterville high and she knew that she would have no trouble seducing him. But the fear of everyone knowing was too much. Little did she know that she was the reason Sam never married. He has secretly been in love with her and when she married Bill, Sam's heart was broken to the point where he gave up on love. Kate needed someone but she knew no way of explaining a man visiting the hotel late at night and leaving early the next morning. Not in a small town. She had had an occasional affair with a couple of the guest but that too was dangerous and there was no guarantee that a guest would be available.

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   Little did she know that her answer was about to enter the front door. The train had pulled in bringing uncle Joe back from his lodge meeting. Someone had opened a jug of homemade shine and by the time Floyd and Charlie carried Joe up to the hotel he was feeling no pain. Kate came down to see what was going on as Floyd and Charlie brought Joe through the door. Joe usually didn't drink but tonight was a special night. Joe had just been promoted in the lodge to assistant vice wizard. The first step in becoming the grand wizard of the lodge.

"Kate Kate my favorite niece how are you tonight. " Joe bellows as Kate helped to escourt him upstairs.

"Be quiet Joe you will wake the rest of the Hotel" shushed Kate as she helped him up to his room.

Kate walked Joe over to his bed and sat him down and helped him prepare for bed. She removed his shirt and unbuckled and lower his pants. As she bent over to take off his shoes in order to remove his pants, she failed to notice her nightshirt top had fallen loose and was giving Joe full view of her ample breast. Joe while feeling no pain was still aware of his surroundings. The site of Kate firm young breast began to having an effect, giving him a raging hard on.

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   Not anything new, he had constantly gotten a woody watching Kate around the Hotel but hid it. Now with the alcohol flowing in him over whelmed his inibitions. His desires began to overrule his better judgment. Niece or not he though Kate had a fantastic body and he wanted her. Kate had just finished with Joe's shoes and was beginning to pull his pants off she looked up and saw Joe's hard on straining against his shorts. Her breathing got heavy as she examined it. Her eyes quickly looked up to Joe's face and she couldn't help but notice where his eyes were focused. My God she thought what am I doing. I am giving my own uncle a hard on. Her mind was still wondering as Joe reach down and took her by the hand and pulled her up to him beside on the bed. Kissing her deeply. She wasn't certain what to think as she felt his hand reach inside her night shirt and begin caressing her breast. All her up bringing said to get up and leave the room right then, but her loneliness and desires won out as she returned his kiss with passion. It may be wrong but it has been over a year since she last made love to a man. Tomorrow she may feel guilty but tonight she was going to filled the hunger in her.

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   Joe reached down and pulled Kate's night shirt over her head leaving her beautiful body fully exposed. He could not resist her breast and took first one nipple then the other into his mouth sucking and biting as would a new born infant searching for a meal. Kate's body responded in kind as her nipples harden to Joe's touch and her juices began flowing down her leg. Joe stood up and moved his shorts, then laid Kate down on his bed. Kate laid back and spread he legs inviting her uncle to partake of her forbidden fruit. Joe accepted the invitation and crawled between his nieces legs and once again attacked her breast as he plunged his cock deep inside her. Kate had forgotten how it felt to have a man inside her and the taboo factor if it being her own uncle just enhanced the pleasure. Her pleasure built with each thrust of her uncles stiff cock. Every inch of her womanhood craving for more as Joe rammed into her time and time again. Her legs and arms wrapped around him to prevent his from pulling out as if he would ever consider it. Joe was in heaven, Here he was plunging his rock hard cock into his same little niece he used to baby sit year ago. Her smooth breast bouncing wildly as she returned each and every thrust. Her nails cutting into his back as she tried to pull him deeper and deeper. Both breathing heavily and covered with sweat. It was then that Joe felt the familiar signs building up deep inside his groin.


  He knew he was about to fill his lovely niece with his cum. When the first spurt came flooding out Kate felt as if her eyes were about to roll back into her head. She felt Joe deposit load after load into her as she responded with her own climax. Milking his cock for every last drop of cum. Joe's cock soften and he pulled out and rolled off of Kate onto the bed. With the exhaustion of making love to his niece along with the amount of alcohol in his body it was not long before Joe had fallen asleep. Kate rose from the bed and took her nightshirt with her to the bathroom to clean up before returning to her room to enjoy the best night of sleep she has had for many months.

The next day Kate woke with a big smile on her face and a song in her heart. She got the girls dressed and off to school as she waited for Joe to come down to breakfast.

Meanwhile Joe had awaken early and left the hotel before Kate had arisen. Not sure what to say when he faced Kate. He knew he was drunk at the time but how cold he face her after what he did. How could he had done that to his favorite niece? Joe had to do some fishing and try to clear his mind.

When Joe never came down for breakfast Kate got concerned and went to check on him only to find that he was not there and his fishing rod was also gone. Still Joe would usually be home in time to see the girls off to school when he went fishing.

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   So Kate decided to go looking for Joe. She walked down to his favorite secluded fishing spot and saw Joe sitting under a tree.

"uncle Joe i was worried when you didn't come down for breakfast"

"Kate i just needed to do some fishing and clear my mind. Kate i am so sorry about what i did, Being drunk is no excuse. I have decided that it would be best if i left"

"Uncle Joe don't talk crazy, there is no reason for you to leave. I too was a little woried aboout last night and if things would be awkward afterwards. But there was no reason for anyone to leave. Things happened that neither of us planned but not sometimes things happen that way. I was worried about it also,but not for the same reason"

"Why is that Kate. "

"Uncle Joe last night was very important to me. I have missed being with a man. I have been needing a man's touch but was afraid that if i took up with someonethat everyone and their brother would know about it. Last night made me feel special and needed and fulfilled. It was almost as if Bill was with me again. What has me worried is that how it will effect our relationship.

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   If it would drive a wedge between us. I do not know how i would make it if you left me and the girls a lone to run the hotel. And if we are going to be completely honest if something happened and you left i do not know how i will make it if i didn't have you to help me feel like a woman again. Uncle Joe what happened may not be right in the eyes of some, but last night it was right and i do not want last night to be the last time either. Why not come on back to the hotel now and i will fix you a big breakfast and we can see if we can improve on last night while the girls are at school"

"You know Kate right now i am not that hungry. Let's say we skip the breakfast part?

Kate smiled as Joe place his arm across her should and they walked back to the empty hotel.

As the years went by Kate and Joe kept up their little secret and no one knew a things. Each day after the kids were at school they would take care of hotel business then upstairs for an afternoon of love making if the hotel were empty or sneak away to a secluded spot if there were guest. It were not long before the girls grew from little girls to young women. Billie Jo the oldest had just turned 17 and Bobbie Jo 16. All it takes is one look at the Bradley girls to understand why the town was named Hooterville. Both Billie Jo and Bobby Jo sported very nice C cups on top of their slinder bodies. There wasn't a boy in town and many ofthe men who hadn't fanatized what they looked like under their clothes. It was a hot summer day when Billie Jo and Bobby Jo decided to try and cool off from the summer heat. The hotel was full of summer guest and they had just completed their chores when they decided to take a swim.

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   They went to a local hidden pond and had just began to skinny dip when Eb Dawson appeared out of no where. Eb was a typical teenage boy all talk and not much action. Eb reached down and picked up Billie Jo's pile of clothes hoping to get her to chase after him so he could catch a peek. Instead Bobby Jo stood up and teased Eb.

"Is this what you want to see Eb" Bobbie Jo said as she squeezed her large breast together as she slowly walked out of the pond toward Eb. Eb mouth got dry and the cocky teen turned into a frighten cat. As Billie Jo got within reach of she looked down adn saw a wet spot onthefront of Eb's pants. Eb enmbarrassed turn and ran away carrying Billie jo's clothes with him. "See i told you i could make his cum in his pants"Bobby laughed.

"Sure but he also ran off with my clothes and i am stuck here. " replied Billie jo. "I can't go back to hotel like this. Run back up there and get me some clothes and i will hide in the fishing shack on the other side of the pond hurry back. "

Bobbie Joe put her clothes on and went back to the hotel to get Billie jo some clothes and Billie Jo hid in the fish shack. Bobbie Jo had just about gotten back to the shack when she saw her mom and Uncle Jo enter the shack.

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   Oh no thought Bobby Jo. Eb went and told on us and now Billie Jo is caught. Inside Billie Jo had heard her Mom and Uncle talking and hid behind some boxes in the corner of the room. She couldn't believe her eyes as she saw uncle Joe pull a matress from behind a tarp and lay it on the floor. Soon Kate and Joe were naked both exploring each other bodies. Billie jo could only watch as Uncle Joe plowed deep inside her mom and her mom returned each thrustin kind. Bobbie Jo felt her nipples harden and was suprised to find that she was actually enjoying watching her mom getting fucked. Her nad moved down to her own pussy and she rubbed her self. Inserting her fingers in her own pussy as uncle joe inserted his cock into her mom. Her fingers matched each stroke. Without warning Kate pushed Joe off and mentioned that she didn't know how late it was and she needed to run to town and get supplies for dinner. She kissed Joe deeply, got dressed and ran out the door. Bobbie Jo waited in the bushes and watched her mom leave and wondered why Uncle Joe hadn't left yet. Inside Billie Jo found herself trapped behind the boxes with Uncle Joe laying on the matress still stroking his cock. Billie Jo had reached the point of no return as she felt herself cum.

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   Her body shook and doing so knock over the boxes she was hiding behind. Uncle Joe turn and looked in the direction of the noise to see his 17 year old niece sitting their naked with her hand betwen her legs. Both knew they were caught. Uncle Jo and Kate's secret was out and Billie Jo was caught masterbating while watching them.

"Come here Billie" Joe said in a caring voice.

Billie Jo slowly rose to her feet and moved over to the matress.

"Sit down Billie we need to talk"

Uncle Joe began to tell Billie Jo everything. How things got started and why it is important to Kate and why no one can know about it. All during the conversation Billie kept noticing Uncle Joe now stiffing cock and wondered from the sounds her mom was making if it really was as enjoyable as she thought. With her breast rising and falling from her deepending breath Billie Jo thought to herself no better time than the present. Remembering a story one of her girl friends told her about french women she decided to give things a try. She placed her hand on Uncle Joe's cock and began stroking it slowly. Joe leaned back and enjoyed it until he was taken by surprise by her next move. He leaned over and took his dick in her mouth and began sucking on it. Not quite sure now it was done she kept her mouth still and sucked like one would do a sucker.


   Joe moved his cock a little as he shifted his weight from one side to another. Noticing his reaction Billie jo began moving her mouth up and down the shaft as she sucked. She may not be as good as french women but Joe had nothing to compare her too and to him she was great. It wasn't long before he warned her that he was about to cum and pull out of her mouth right before he spewed hot cum all over the matress. Recovering his energy he moved her onto her back speading her legs apart anmd moved between them. He place the head of his cock into her right slit and entered her till he felt her maidenhood. He slowly moved out and pushed in again. Giving her time to become accustomed to the feeling before plunging through and entering completely. Billie Jo felt pain as he entered her to the hilt, but Joe was thoughful and stayed stiil until she was ready. Then he slowly began moving in and out picking up the pace only when she felt ready. It was not long afterward that he was pliunging deep and hard into her just as he had her mom earlier that day. Billie Jo eargerly returning each thrust as her large breast bounced in perfect timing. Right before he was about to cum he regain his senses and pulled out before filling her baby factory with his cum. Both laid together totally exhausted for a while till Joe got up and got dressed. He kissed Billie jo and told her that he needed to talk to Kate and the three of them will talk later.

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   Billie jo cleaned up as best as possible as she waited for Bobbie Jo to return. Bobby Jo gave Billie Jo her clothes and waited till Billie jo got dressed and both walked back to the hotel together.

Kate had just returned from Druckers store as the girls got back to the hotel and was preparing dinner. Both girls excused themselves and took quick bathes then returned to help with dinner. Dinner was over and the guest relaxing around the hotel, the girls were washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. When Kate came in through the back door of the kitchen.

"Bobbie, Betty i want you two to finished up in here and the dinning room. Billie i need your help upstairs in my room. "

"OK mom," all three replied.

"And Uncle Joe is going to stay at Sam's for a few days" Kate added

Kate went up the back stairs to her room, the three girls looked at each other and wondered what is going on. Billie Jo then followed her mom upstairs wondering if the shit was going to hit the fan.

"MOM, it's Billie can i come in?"

"Come in dear", Kate answered. " I think we both know why i asked to come up here. We have some decisions to make. I won't try to make excuses for what happened.

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   I couldn't if i wanted to. It was a time when i was in a vulnerable position and needed the company of someone i could trust. It was between me and your Uncle Joe and while it is something that most do not accept. It was a god send for me. I make no appologies for what i did. I am just concerned how it will effect you girls and our family. Uncle Joe told me what happened after i left and i cannot say i am happy about it. I am not sure how i feel about it right now and felt that until i can clear my thoughts it might be best that Uncle Joe stay at Sam's"

"Mom, nothing could ever change the way us girls feel about you. I am not sure the others can understand but i am old enough to understand how a woman feels and her needs. I can only imagine how you must have felt all those years alone after dad died. I can't judge you for what you did, for i did the same thing. The way i see it, isn't it better that if you have a need that you take care of it with someone who you know loves you and not someone who only cares about what they can get from you. ?"

"Dear you are wiser beyond your years. I am proud to have such an understanding daughter. We do have a problem.

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   Uncle Joe. I wish you would have waited for someone you loved and wanted to spend the rest of your life with. But if it had to be this way i am glad it wasn't some teenage who is only looking to put a notch in his bedpost. Can't say i am happy about it and not sure i am happy sharing him with anyone. But if i have to i want you to take precausions. I want you to give me your word that you will not do anything again without using a rubber. Uncle Joe can get them, and i hope that until you find someone that you love and want to spend your life with that you limit yourself to Uncle Joe. "

"OK Mom, it's not like i went out looking for it anyway. Bobbie Jo and i were skinny dipping and Eb stole my clothes. You should have seen him when Bobbie Jo walked out of the pond coming toward him. He shot off in his pants before she got within 5 feet of him. Had a big wet spot right i front of his pants. Ran off like a frighten rabbit but took my clothes when he did. I hid in shack while Bobbie went to get me more clothes and hid when you and Uncle Joe came in. "

"It is still a little embarrassing knowing you were watching us the entire time.

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"No need to be embarrassed mom i only hope i still look as great as you when i get your age. And you did seem to be enjoying it"

"Thanks dear, now tell me about this thing you did with your mouth. Who taught you stuff like that"

Down in the kitchen Bobby Jo and Betty Jo were finishing cleaning things up when Kate and Bille Jo returned.

"Betty i want you to run down to Sam's in the morning and tell him to come home. "

"OK Mom i will do it on my way to my ball game"

The next morning as every other Saturday morning Betty Jo heads town for her game as shortstop for the Hooterville Hawks. She stops by Drucker's store and let's Uncle Joe know that Mom wants him back at the house then heads to her game. Sam has always thought of the girls as his family and as frustrating as Joe gets at times, he consideres Joe a good friend. So when Joe showed up at the door saying he needed a place to say a couple of days Sam was happy to offer the uses of his couch. Living in back of the store all Sam had was his bed and a small couch so he really wasn't set up for guest. But for Joe he made an exception. Besides Sam knew from past camping trips that Joe sometimes talks in his sleep and it is a easy way to keep track of what is going on at the shady rest. Sure enough Joe's head had barely hit the pillow till he started talking. Sam listened closely as just went through the entire conversation he and Kate had, which lead to him being asked to leave. Of his secret relationship with Kate, how Billie Jo had caught them and how he ended up fucking Billie Jo after she found out. Wow thought Sam who could have guessed anything like that could have happened.


   Not his sweet Kate she never could have done something like this. He tossed and turned the entire night dreaming about what he had heard and how it was him and not Joe who was fucking Kate. How he was the one fucking not only Billie Jo but all three of the Bradley girls. When the alarm went off Sam had barely slept a wink, but he had a store to run so he crawled out of bed, put on some coffee and woke Joe. Joe seemed distant and quiet not wanting to talk while he and Sam drank their coffee. Just then Betty jo came through the door and gave Uncle Joe the message from mom and he suddenly perked up to his normal self. Hmm there must be something to this thought Sam. As soon as Kate said come home Joe became a new person. Sams thought were on what Joe has said in his sleep and he couldn't hellp from looking at Betty Jo a little differently when he came into the store. Sure she has always been the cutest shortstop n the county. But now he noticed just how well she filled out her uniform. The way her ass looked in the basebll pants and howthetop formed around her budding breast. While not the full C cupos as her older sisters it was clear she wasn't lacking in the tit department. Something else he had never noticed before. Even the thick uniform top couldn't cover her stiff nipples.

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   Betty Jo loved baseball and everytime she got excited in a game it seems her nipple got hard. Business was a little slow so Sam thought he would catch a quick nap in the afternoon. If anyone came in they would ring the bell and wake him.

Betty Jo had stayed after the game to get in a little batting practice. For some reason she had began to find it harder to get her bat around as quick as she before. Not considering that her budding into womanhood could be the factor. She had a hour to wait before the cannonball returned so she bopped into Druckers as she had 1000s of times before walking into the back room when she didn't see Sam up front. Sam was no where to be found but on the table was a book that looked like maybe it was a journal of some type. Maybe Sam is writing up a big story for the paper thinks Betty jo as she looks down at the book. Personal Journal June 11th 1963. Just found out my best freind is fucking the woman that i love and her daughter. Damn that Joe. Just then Betty hears the door opening and rushes back to the front of the store.

"Hi Mr Drucker was looking for you in the back. "

"Sorry Betty Jo just stepped out to get a hair cut, anything i can do for you?"

"No, no just killing time waiting for the cannonball.

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   Mr Drucker can i ask you a personal question. "

"Sure Betty Jo we have no secrets"

"Why did you never get married? From what i hear from Mom you were a dashing man in highschool and had girls after you left and right"

"Well Betty i guess i just never found the right one. Here comes the cannonball. Excuse me while i get the mail bag ready to load. Your Uncle Joe left some things over here last night can you take them home with you? "

"Sure thing Mr Drucker"

Betty Jo climbs into the cab of the Cannonball with Charlie as she usually does and rides toward the shady rest. Thinking over and over what sam wrote in his journal. I wonder who this woman is and what kind of woman would allow a man to fuck her and her daughter. Could there be sucha family in the valley?

"Charlie you've known Mr Drucker a lot of years haven't you. ?"

"Yes Betty Jo i have known him over 20 years ever since i started running the cannonball"

"Could you tell me if Mr Drucker has ever been in love and who she was"

"Betty jo that is no big secret, everyone in the valley knows that Sam loves your Mom. Has ever since highschool. When your mom married your dad, Sam was the only one in the valley who didn't attend the wedding. To this day he has never found anyone who could match up to your mom. That's why he never married, but don't tell him i told you. We all try to pretend we don't know. makes things less awkward for him.

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Charlies words rung throuogh Betty Jo's mind over and over again. Your MOM, your MOM your Mom. No No way it can be true not Mom and Uncle Joe, no way. Then another thought went through her mind. What if it is true? Who was the daughter Billie Jo or Bobby Jo? All through dinner that night Betty's mind wondered as she kept looking between Her mom. Uncle Joe and her sisters. . Which one is it she thought? Later that evening in bed all she could think of is can the journal be true is mom fucking Uncle Joe and if it is which of her sisters is also fucking Uncle Joe. She tossed and turned with visions of her mom and both of her sisters with Uncle Joe. She awoke ringing with sweat her nipples so hard they hurt and her panties soaked. My God she thinks is it true that my family is that type of family. If so why is it that she is being left out. Isn't she a member of this family. But how can she find out who. Betty Jo knew she couldn't sleep so she decided to fix herself a bite in the kitchen.

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   As she walked down the back staircase the hotel seemed quiet no one else stiring. Till she entered the kitchen the lights were already on but no one was in the room. So she looked through the ice box for a snack. Finding some fried chicken and some slaw she fixes herself a plate with a tall glass of milk as the back door opens.

"Mom what are you out so late"

Taken by surprise Kate made up a story about not being able to sleep and taking a walk. Her face flushed as if she had just finished running a marathon. Kissing Betty good night she hurried uip to bedJust hoping the night breeze had dampen the smell of sex, which it hadn't. A few minutes later Uncle Joe comes through the back door. Face flushed just as Kate's. Betty thinks to herself, it is true. Mom and Uncle Joe are doing it together. Now the big question is where are they doing it and which of her two sisters are also doing it. Betty Jo makes her plans to catch them in the act and find out for sure who all is involved. Waiting for everyone to go to sleep the next night she sneaks out of her room and positions herself where she can see the back door. As Uncle Joe leaves the house she follows at a safe distance, just close enough to tell where he is going but not close enough to be seen.

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  Joe unlocks and enters the shack which is now set up with a comfortable double bed instead . of a thin matress on the bed. Betty moves around to the back of the shack where she can see through a knot hole without being seen and waits for the second member of the partyWhat happened next was a surprise even to her. Her Mom and Billie Jo come walking down the path and enter the shack.

"Billie Jo i think i am ready to try that mouth thing you talked about. " replied Kate.

What mouth thing thinks Betty?

"Mom it is called a blow job not a mouth thing. "

"Blow job, i thought you said you sucked not blew"

"You do suck and other things but the book calls it a blow job. "

Everyone undresses and Billie kneels down in front of Uncle Joe and motions for her Mom to join her. Taking Uncle Joes cock in her hand she slowly strokes it up and down. She then kisses the tip of his cock as her tongue flicks out tickling the head. She licks along the length of the shaft and then tells her mom to do the same thing. Kate copies her daughter's motions and tickles the head and licks along the shaft. Billie then takes the head of Joe cock into her mouth sucking on it and running her tongue around as she does it. Slowly she takes more and more of his cock into her mouth bobing up and down the length of the shaft.



"Now mom do the same thing, take the head in your mouth and then use your toungue as you suck. Now take more into your mouth till you cannot hold any more". Kate does this. "now slowly pull your head back off till you just cover the head again sucking all the time. Now push it back in as fas as you can. Keep doing this applying extra suction as you pull back and tickling the head with your tongue.

Kate tried awkwardly at first to get into a pattern until she finally got the hang of it. Soon her head was bobing up and down on Joe;s shaft as if she had been sucking dick all her life. As Kate is bringing Joe close to a climax with her first blowjob. Billie Jo decised to up the ante.

"Mom no matter what happens keep doing what you are doing and don't stop.

With that she has Uncle Joe lay on his back and her mom crawl up onthebed and keep sucking forcing her ass up intheair. Billie gently seperates her mom's legs so her cunt lips are showing clearly. Glistening inthedimlight of the shack. Billie positions herself behind her mom on her knees and seperate the lips of her Mom's pussy and inserts her tongue.

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   Kate's eyes bug out and she almost chokes on Joe's cock as her daughter surprises her. Kate could feel her juicies flowing as she is experiencing something unknown to her. Pleasure ulike any she has ever felt before. Try as she could she is unable to continue sucking Joe's cock and pushes her ass back toward her daughter. Seing this Billie stops and lays her mom on her back.

"Uncle Joe i want you to watch me and do what i do" She then spreads Kates legs again and finds the slit with her tongue. . Licking the full length of her slit she slips her tongue deep inside her mom's pussy as her mom's juices cover her face. Looking up she motions Uncle Joe to take over.

"See that slit, lick it up and down with your tongue, there you go nice. See how the lips open for you. Yea right up and down the lit, now put your tongue deeper into the hole that's right. Now most importantly do yu see the little knob at the top of slit. That is her clit tickle it with your tongue and take it between your lips and suck it. "

Joe follows his nieces instructions as Kate is in throws of her climax.

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  Kate is thrashing around as Joe tries to stick his tongue clear through her. Finally Kate cries out

"fuck me Joe fuck me i need you inside me".

Joe climbs between Kate's legs and enters her pounding deeply into her pussy as Kate cries for more. Betty Jo could not believe her eyes here she is watching her Mom her older sister and her Uncle fucking in a shack. , She knew that somehow she had to join the party but how? Betty Jo silently crawls from her spot and heads back toward the house but not before she hears Billie Jo's last words.

Now mom it is you're turn to learn how to lick pussy.

Betty Jo slips back into her bed and tries to sleep knowing fully well that sleep will be impossible.

Bobby Jo comes bouncing down the stairs with a smile on her face and a song on her lips. A week of worry had ended happily. Her period started this morning. Bobby jo had felt bad about what she did to Eb at the pond and went over to aplogize to him. She entered th barn where Eb was working bringing along a peace offering. A pic-nic basket filled with fried chicken potato salad and a freshly baked apple pie. Eb spead a blanket in the hay loft to providige them a comforatable place to eat lunch. Bobby jo set out the lunch.

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   As they ate they talked about that afternoon.

"I am glad you're not still mad at me Eb i didn't mean to embarrass you ;like that".

"Bobby Jo, I have never been as embarrassed as i was that day. It was completely humilitating, but to me it was worth the embarrassment"

"How can you say that?"

"I got to see you in all your splender and beauty, that's why. "

Now it was Bobby jo's time to be embarrassed.

"Bobby Jo i have never seen anything as beautiful as you standing there water glistening off your naked skin. I do not know anyone who could have been more beautiful than you at that time. "

Bobby Jo was beside herself. The brash and out spoken devil may care Bobby jo was caught speechless. She was so taken by Eb's remarks she barely noticed as he moved next to her and took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. Something began to stir inside her and she returned his kisses a burning desire a passion she had not felt before. She knew it was wrong but she didn't pull away as Ebs hand crept toward her breast. Fondling them through her dress. He didn't resist as he undid the button on the back of her dress and pulled it over her head. Bobby laid back on the blanket as Eb removed his clothings and return to focus on her now bra clad breast.

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   Her chest was heaving as he caressed first the right and then the left. She wraped her arms around him in a passionate kiss. Releasing them only to allow Eb to remove her bra and panties. Both were venturing into territory neither had been before. Ebs released his kiss and climbed slowly between Bobby jo waiting legs. Dick in hand he poked searchingly at her hole hidden in a matt of black hair. reaching down she took his cock in her hand and placed it at the entrance where no man had been before. Eb pushed hard not knowing that it hurts the first time. Bobby cried out in pain as tears came down her face. Eb almost pulled out right then not knowing the cause of the tears. But she held him to her until the pain went away. As she released him Eb began moving awkwardly in and out not knowing but learning as he went. Soon Eb and Bobby had a rythym going between them each responding to the others thrust until Eb felt a force building up inside his balls. He shot his load deep inside Bobby Jo bringing her to the edge herself. As they laid there together entangledin each other suddenly a frightening though entered Bobby Jo's mind.


   A BABYwhat if i become pregnant?They dress Eb returned to work as Bobby Jo returns home and watches the calendar and prays. This morning her prayer was answered.

It had been an uneventful week since Bobby Jo's pregnancy scare. The hotel was busy and the girls were making good tips from the guest. The girls finished breakfast and went about their work at the hotel. Making up rooms and tending to the needs of the guest. Betty Jo kept a close eye on Mo Uncle Joe and Billie Jo wondering how and when they will slip off again. She knew they had but she had been so busy she hadn't had the chance for to sneak over and see what new things were happening. There was a new picture showing at the Pixley Bijou that Bobby Jo wanted to see but Kate insisted she take Betty Jo with her. As thy were returning on the train Betty Jo asked Bobby Jo if she could ask a personal question.

"Bobby have you ever been with a man, you know in that way?"

Being taken by surprise by the straight forward question Bobby Jo stumbled around with a round about answer.

"Please Bobby tell me the truth i promise i won't tell anyone"

"Well if you promise not to tell Momthen yes i have. "

"Oh what was it like Bobby, is it as wonderful as i have heard?"

"At first no, but toward the end it became very enjoyable. An experience that any woman could never forget. I have been hesitant about it but I am kind of looking forward to doing it again someday if i can find the right person.

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   Whats te matter Betty you have someone in mind"

"No , no one in particular just wondering what it was all about"

"You know Betty after my first time and how much i miss it, i cannot imagien how someone like Mom must feel right now. . Dad has been gone for so long she has to miss it. She never dates"

"Bobby if i tell you something will you keep it a secret. "

"Sure Betty"

"I think Mom isn't doing without"

"What do you mean"

"I sort of found out by accident that she is has a lover"

"Wow Betty who is it?"

"It's kind of a secret and i am not sure i can tell you. She doesn't know that i know. . Besides it is almost too wild to believe. Are you open minded enough to accept almost anything? "

"Not sure but am curious enough to give it a shot. "

"OK let's get off by the fish pond"

Betty Jo and Bobby Jo walked down to the pond. Shush be quiet while i check and see if anyone is here. Slowly Bety Jo sneaks up to the shack and looks in. She waves at Bobbie Jo to join her. No one is here but let me show you the set up in here. Betty takes the key that Uncle joe her hide just in case he lost his and she opens the door.

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   Inside she shows Bobby the double bed set up in the shack. Looking around they found a stash of rubbers.

"Betty, why would Mom need rubbers she can't get pregnant. ?"

"Bobby that is part of the big secret. You see Mom is not the only one who is involved with this man. Billie Jo is also involved"

"Do you mean Mom and Billie Jo are both fuckig the same guy"

"Yes, Bobby. I saw them both in here with him"

"BOTH at the same time! Who is this guy?"

"You won't believe me if i tell you. We just have to wait and let you see it with your own eyes. Let's get around back it is almost time for them to get here. "

The girls make their way to the wooded area behind the shack and wait. Sure enough it was not long until they hear someone coming down the path. Bobby Jo strained hard to try and see who the mystery man was. She almost fell from her hiding place when she noticed Uncle Joe entering the shack.

"Betty you are crazy are you trying to tell me that Mom and Billie Jo are both fucking Uncle Joe"

"Shush be quiet here she comes"

Down the path Bobbie looks and see her mom and old sisterhurrying to the shack.

"I wish Bobby and Betty were back to help with the house work we have lost a lot of time tonight.

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"Well Billie dear if they were home it would have been hard for us to get out together wouldn't it. "

"I guess you are right mom, let's hurry i have been wanting to lick your pussy all day"

Bobbie's mouth fell open as she took in her Mom's and sisters conversation. Bobby Jo and Betty Jo went to the knot hole and took turn peek in at the action. Bobby had never seen anyone sucking a dick or licking a pussy and her head was swiming trying to take it all in. The action in the knot hole began to effect both as Bobby whispered to Betty.

"Betty, have you ever tried anything like that"

"No i haven't tried anything yet, how about you?.

"Not yet but mom sure seems to enjoy it"

As if they were reading each other mind both girls stripped naked and Betty explained to Bobby just howBillie explained it to Mom and uncle joe. Each girl began exploring the other and it didn't take long for them to realized if they turned in opposite directions each could explore the other at the same time. Each eagerlly attempting to bring the other off first.

"Wow Betty that was unbelievable, but i still need more. I need a man's cock and i need it now. Follow me "

With that Bobby moved toward the door of the shack with Betty in tow both still naked from their encounter. Bobby opened the door and walked in.

"We're next Uncle Joe"

The secret was out Kate Billie Jo and Uncle Joe was caught red handed and no one seemed to care. Kate stood there first in terror and then sighing with relief.

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"Uncle Joe do you think you can handle all of us by yourself or do you need some help?"

"I think i can for now if not i am sure Sam would gladly give me a hand"

"Uncle Joe, girls, how about we move this back up to the hotel where we can all be more confortable"

"Anything you say Kate you're the boss. "

The sneaking away to the shack was over

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