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I think about the last 2 years and they just flew by . Now I am thru with high school,just turned 18 and the whole world is ahead of me. My brother is 2 yrs,older than me and has been in the service in japan. When he comes back to the states he stays in california with his girl friend. I have not seen him it a year. The last time, before he left he said "you are the last one at home,try mom she is a good sex teacher. "
Over the last year I have watched her very close. Her tits are big and sag a little,the ass is broad,but she says " I sit to much at work. " I have never seen her pussy but have had many looks at her tits. Up until about 6 mos. ago she had a boyfriend and at night they would fuck for all they were worth. One night I was up in the hall going to the bathroom I peeked it her room and she was giving head to Joe. I had to stand and watch as he shot his load she sucked it all in.
One week after grad night we were home on the couch after supper. I said " mom how about a movie . "She replyed " ok ,after my shower.

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  "She showered down stairs and I went up. I came down in just my robe as I went to the vcr with a special video my hand was shaking. How would she react to a movie of a couple sucking and fucking. Just then I heard her say" do we need popcorn. ""No. I replyed. She came to the couch in a loose robe she smelled great. She said " two great minds think alike. ""What " I said. " We both have on robes,what did you think I ment. "
I started the movie with the remote " I hope you picked out a love story" mom said. Oh did I ever I thought to myself. The show started off slow man meets woman. They go on a date then back to his apt. He starts to move in on her,she respones and off comes her blouse and bra.

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  He starts to suck her tits. Mom says "this looks like porn. ""No mom its just r-rated,you at over 17 aren't you?"She starts to squrim as the man sucks on the womans tits. I look over and the top of her robe opens a little wider. I can now see most of her tit. The nipple is getting hard and pushing out to be seen. I put my my hand on it ,it feels so good. "Stop "she says "If you are going to get horney we will shut it off. " "No please" I replied. My prick wants to jump up and be counted it is getting very hard. It is stretched to its full 6 inches. I want to take it out and show mom,but I don't. As the movie continues the woman starts to suck the man's prick. My mother licks her lips. Now the woman starts to disrobe her cunt is shaved and the lips are puffy.

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  The man goes down to lick her crack,as he sticks his tongue in her, my mother lets out a moan. Her robe opens and for the first time I see her pissy hair. My robe is also open and my prick is throbbing. She says" cover that thing up. "''Mom you have seen it before. ""Not that big and hard,its just not right"she answers. The man on the screen is eating her cunt again and she is cumming in his face. She moans,screams and pulls his face into her hot cunt. "Wow mom I bet that feels good. "" Its been a long time"is her reply as her eyes don't leave the screen. Her robe is just barly hanging on her shoulders and her pussy is glissing with her love juice. The man now stands and puts his cock in the womans mouth. My mother is opening her mouth to recieve it,I stand and slid my prick toward her mouth. She stops me and says "are you crazy i'm your mother. " Again I push it toward her she grabs it and says "sit down and stop this foolishness.

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  "The actor has taken it out of her mouth and buryed it deep in her crack. The camera shots are great,close up that you think that the prick is sticking in you. My mothers cunt is wide open and she is rubbing her fingers in it and moaning. Again I move my prick close to her mouth" I don't suck cocks"she says. I tell her" I saw her suck all the cun out of Joes. "She said "you little sneak,you think because I fuck and suck different men I should give in to you . "" Yes " is my only reply. I push her hand away and press my cock on her lips. I tell her" open your mouth before I slap it open" she obeys and it goes in to the back of her throat. I start to pump her mouth but she is not sucking. " Suck my cock,I know you know how. "She takes it out of her mouth and says "you can stick it in my mouth or any other place but you can't make me fuck or suck. "She started to laugh. I was so mad I told her" I am going to fuck you and come in your mouth. ""Go ahead "she said.

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  I realy think she wanted me to rape her. " Why did you let John fuck you(my older brother). "" I never did,did he put you up to this. "'Mom I am going to fuck you any way,I am going to cum in your cunt and in your mouth or all over your face. "I pushed her back on the couch her cunt had started to dry,but I shoved my cock in any way. Her hole was big at the opening but got tighter as I drove my prick into her . The combination of the movie and seeing her cunt for the first time started to drive me over the hill. I didn't care that she wouldn't fuck me back. Just being in the love canal was enough for me. I shoved my hands up under her ass and pulled her into me my prick was in as far as it would go. It was getting close to cumming so I told her" I am going to fill your cunt with my cum so if know whats good for you ,you had better move your ass. "I got no response so just as I was cumming I shoved my fingers up her ass. she jumped and I screamed '' i'm cumming in your cunt ooooooohhhhhhaaaaahhhh it felt so good. I pulled my wet cock out of the fuck hole and moved up to her face I was realy wet. I rubbed my cock all over her face.

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   She held her mouth closed tight. Them I remembered if I hold her nose she must open her mouth to breath. I grabbed her nose real tight and soon her mouth opened. I stuck my half hard cock in, she had to take it. As I rubbed my tool in her mouth she had to breath by it in a sucking action. I laughed " you are sucking my prick even thow you don't want to,I am getting hard and going to shoot a load down your throat. "I had her pinned as I sat on her shoulders. I reached around and pulled on her nipples. With a mouth full she said"that hurts. "I said "when you talk your tongue runs up and down my shaft,I am getting ready. "I started fucking her mouth real hard I don't know if she was sucking or not but I didn't care I was going to fill her mouth with cum. I yelled at her "you could have made this nice,but now I am going to cum right down your throat. " As I finished the wave came over me it felt so good I couldn't stop pumping or screaming"here it cummmmmmsssss,suck my juice you whore,suck it like a whore. " I wouldn't take my prick out of her mouth for a long time, When I did I put it back in her cunt. This time her cunt seemed even bigger than ever ,but I fucked her for an hour she didn't responed.

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  But her cunt didn't dry out so her pussy juice was still flowing. I came one more time. She never said a word,not even when I went to  my bed or all the next day. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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