Step Sister pt. 1


First of all let me tell you a little about my family.   My parents got divorced after I was through high school.   My father remarried about 3 years later to a lady that had a daughter.   My new step sister was a 19 year old college student that had a great body and I think knew it, by the way she dressed.   I had lived on my own since my folks split and had a nice small house to myself.   My step sister called one day and said she was coming home for the weekend and asked if she could stay with me instead of her mom and my dad.   I jump at the chance and said yes.   She arrived late Friday and got herself settled.   She called her mom and told her we she was and said she'd be out Saturday afternoon to she her and my dad.   i asked her if there was anything I could get her and she asked if I had anything to drink.   I told her that I had pop and water.   She replies I mean something to drink, fool.   I looked at her and jokingly asked her if she was old enough to drink.   She stood up and came towards me and said I'm not a little girl, as she brushed my crotch.   I went to the fridge and got two beers.   We sat and talked about everything and finished off a 12 pack that I had.

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    The last thing we were talking about was her last relationship.   She said he wanted to date around and she wasn't sure what she wanted.   She also told me the sex was great.   A little light went on in my head and I got an answer to one of my questions about my step sister.   I could tell she was feel loopy, so I asked her if she was dating anyone know.   She said no, because she like the idea of "fooling" around with different people.   She then asked me the same question and I told her I too was playing the field.   Then she stood up and told me she was going to go to her room and get ready for bed.   After about 10 minutes she returned to the room in just a long t-shirt.   I wasn't sure if she had any thing on under it.   She then sat down and I got theat question answered.   She was wearing red laced panties.   We continued the small talk and she then asked me if I thought she was pretty. I looked at her and told her i was very proud to have her as a "sister" and that she was a very pretty girl.   She then asked me if I'd like to see her naked.

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    My jaw drop!  I sisn't know what to say.   Yes I did, I thought.   She asked me again "Do you want to see you hot step sister naked?"  I looked her in the eye and said, yes.   She came over and straddled me on the couch and lifter her t-shirt off.   She had the nicest set of 36 b cup tits I'd ever seen.   She leaned down and gave me a big kiss and said that she had always wanted me.   She just didn't know how I felt towards her.   I started to rub her body and she could tell I was getting quite the boner.   She then stood up and removed her panties and told me to stand up.   I stood up and she undid my zipper and took off my underware.   She grabed my 6 inch cock and started to suck it like no tomorrow.   This went on for about 15 minutes.   I then told her I was going to cum and she kept sucking.   I then blew my load and she sucked up every last drop.   She then took my hand and led me to the bedroom where we slept together that night.

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    Before she feel asleep, she looked at me and said I thing I'm going to like coming home on the weekends.   **More to come!