Stud - chapter 5


Topic: Chapter 5 - The Sleepover Sally was not the only virgin that I was lined up with professionally but one of the stranger tales is of a time when Helen asked if I'd be prepared to a special arrangement, from eight at night right through to ten in the morning. It was to be at a weekend and the fee if I was willing was to be £2000. I said why not at that price! Because of the amount involved, Helen was to hold the money till the gig was over so I turned up promptly at the house with only a little trepidation about what I'd need to do to earn it but never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what was actually required. I was let in by an attractive lady in her mid-thirties. "A promising start" I thought to myself but she informed me that she was just leaving and wouldn't be back until the next day, I was to make myself at home, use the bathroom or whatever, strip and then when I was ready go through to the big back room. With that she left. "Curious. " I thought but I shrugged and did as I had been told. My jaw hit the floor when I entered the room. There was a young girl lying in the middle of the floor on a big shag pile rug with three other equally young (I never did ask their ages but they could only be about thirteen or fourteen - some things its sometimes best not to know!) girls playing with her body, two of them sucking her little tits while the third was lapping at her pussy. There was a hardcore fuck movie playing on a very large screen TV in the corner. At first I just stood watching, my cock of course instantly stiff. Nothing happened until the girl at the centre of attention came. She then sat up and smiled at me "You must be Cris! We were told you had a big cock - you come highly recommended!" She came to me, kissed me and stroked my cock - more of a gentle wank really! "My name's Kirsty, its my birthday and we're having a sleep over. Since we've done everything girls can do with girls Mum arranged with Helen for you to entertain us. Better be up for us all - none of us has ever been with a boy before!" I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! I said I thought I could manage and asked what she wanted to do.

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   The reply came back "Everything of course! Everybody in every hole as often as you can manage! But since its my birthday I get to go first!" she pouted. "OK girl if that's what you want - get on your knees and suck my cock and I mean all of it!" I had the feeling she was used to getting her own way a bit too much. She started to bluster but when I pushed her down she went to the task and started to lick his sensitive underside - the sensation was wonderful but I said "No I didn't say lick it I said suck it - like the girl in the film. " She looked up to see a pretty little redhead deep-throating a big black cock right the way to the root. She mumbled something like "Oh" and proceeded to imitate the scene. Soon my knob was lodged in her throat and then she began to bob with a passion. "You" I said to the youngest looking of the remaining trio "What's your name?""Carly" was the reply. "Well Carly - get down there and suck Kirsy's cunt" I instructed deliberately using a dirty word "She'll need to be good and wet if she wants to feel my monster rod fuck her up her tight hole. You- "I pointed to the one I judged to have the nicest tits: small and firm looking with big stiff nipples, just right for sucking on "Name?""Claire""Well Claire - get over here and let me suck your tits!" The other girl looked a bit forlorn. I looked at her and said "Name?""Kelly. ""Kelly you come and suck Claire's cunt - get her really hot for a fuck. I've got enough cock for all of you - think you youngsters have enough stamina to keep up?" Despite the rhetoric it was me who hoped I would have enough stamina as I gently kissed Claire helping to put her at ease before starting to gently suck her little tits and nibble on her erect nipples. The combination of me sucking her tits and Kelly eating her pussy brought Claire off seconds before I shot a thick, creamy load into Kisty - I gave her no warning and held her down to make sure she swallowed the lot. I pulled out abruptly just as she orgasmed on Carly's tongue. "Not bad Kisty - for a first time anyway!" Actually it had been a sensational blow job but I wasn't letting on! "Now lie down - I'm going to fuck you.

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  " She needed no second telling lying down on her back. I went to her and keeping my body semi-upright and had one of the others (I forget who) guide my throbbing purple knob to her little entrance. I just knew this was going to be so good! As I pressed down the other three gave a collective gasp as I slowly sank in. Kisty's face contorted in, I think, a mixture of pain and lust as she thrust herself up onto my cock making sure she took me all the way. She started huffing and puffing, gasping out a curse of some sort on every round trip she enjoyed on my dick - and I mean enjoyed for soon she was cuming and cuming. I didn't want to cum again so soon with the needs of the others to bare in mind so when I thought she had come plenty I pulled out, pulled her bum higher and drilled into her arsehole. Well, she did say every hole! Her juices had been leaking down over her anus and my cock was soaking wet from her overflowing cunt so he just sort of popped through into her rear passage and the fuck continued with her still cuming and cuming. When I was ready I pulled out and my cum just naturally sprayed out all over her chest. The others dived in to lick it off but I pulled Carly away. "I need a shower mate - you game?" I asked. She flashed me a coy little smile and said sure. So once in the shower we soaped each other up a bit and talked - turned out she was the birthday girl's younger sister; Kirsty had thought she wasn't old enough but her (rather liberal) mother had said "What the hell - if I'm going to drop that sort of money you might as well both have a good time!" Gasp! (from me!) Two grand! - I'd would have done this for nothing properly explained and probably have brought Pete and maybe even Jenny to help! I thought about phoning them up but I knew Jenny was planning to give Pete a good time in my absence so I let it be - he deserved a nice time with her without me poking in (as it were - soon enough he was to get upsides with me, I don't mean with Jenny as she will always be mine but you will see in due course!). I said to Carly "Don't have to if you don't want to - I won't tell your sister. "She said "Oh - I want to all right, you'll just have to go easy on me. He does look awfully big for me.

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  " She was certainly physically ready, having loved me caressing the little mounds of her tits and she had cum on my hand just a few moments earlier as I massaged her labia but she did seem awfully small. . . She bent down and kissed my knob before drawing it into her tight little mouth flicking her tongue over the end as she did so but then she pulled him out and stood up saying slowly "I want to do it now!" So did I! This little cutie was such a turn on for me. "Can we do it here?"I said sure as I sat down on the low stood inside the shower cubicle and drew her to me. "You come on top and be in charge that way you can stop whenever you want. " I actually love fucking in that position being able to see as my cock pumps in and out and being able to suck and massage the girl's chest at the same time. Carly gave me another of her coy smiles and came and stood over me, her legs outside mine. "I can stop whenever I want?""Sure!"With that she smiled again and began to lower herself down towards me, just rubbing my knob up and down her slit at first but then she thrust down taking a good two inches of me into her, an audible hiss coming from her pussy even above the noise of the shower. "Easy" I told her as I traced my finger round her stretched pussy lips, "there's no hurry! Go slow - nice and gentle. " I said just before kissing her full on the mouth, the kiss developing quickly into a full French. As we kissed I knelt her firm little tits and ever so slowly she sank down on me until she had all of the not inconsiderable length I could give her. I think it was sheer gravity that took us there during the kiss - I certainly did not push up and I was not aware of her pushing down, it just sort of happened. She almost redefined tight for me! When I realised I was fully in her I clenched my arse muscles making him jump within her. She laughed and told me to do it again.

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   I obliged doing it time and time again until she came! Good enough for me! I told her to fuck me and with the command she began to ever so slowly rise and fall on me taking only little strokes at first (meaning my cock was mostly ensconced in her tight cunt most of the time) but as her confidence grew so did her actions until she was drawing me out most of the way on every up turn before lunging down again, the pace increasing all the time. Heaven!All to soon she was cuming like she never had before and commanded "Cris! Cum in me, cum in me if you can"No sooner said than done m'lady and I shot off great wads into her just before she collapsed spent onto me, my wayward cock still violating what I guessed to be her pre-teen cunt - she certainly was hell of a tight and, for me, a hell of an exciting fuck. However, as I said, I never asked her age!Despite the water playing on us as we fucked we were 'glowing' and so returned to the shower proper, she having my dick tickled up to full length again fairly soon. I was surprised none of the others had come looking for us or even to use the loo but what the hell?She asked "What about my bum - no way that bitch is going to take you up there and I'm not. W'at d' we do?"I smiled - seemed she didn't really get on with her sister but that wasn't my concern. "Well" I said "there's always the poofs' old trick in the shower. . . See that bit of soap on the floor? Pick it up!"As she leaned over to look to the non-existent soap, I gently forced my knob into her exposed rear. She gasped and exclaimed "You rotten sod!" but allowed me to pull her all the way down onto my rod. "Yep" I agreed "Sodomy. But you do feel good - almost as tight as that little cunny of yours!"She simpered "Feels so good - so big and hot in me. I could get to like this, like it a lot!" Taking the hint I reached round and frigged at her clit as I began to ream her, coming only a little way out at first before pushing forward but, as Carly began to move with me, taking longer and longer strokes until I was pulling almost all the way out every time. For once I was fearful of coming first so sensuous was her smooth and oh so tight rear passage on my dick but I need not have worried as she gasped out a tumultuous orgasm seconds before I had to let go in her. Like I've said I can normally control these things but not this time!We took an age drying off complete with me sucking her sweet little tits again and eating her to another massive climax and she sucking my dick back to working pressure as I asked about the porn video.

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   "Oh its a DVD - Mum doesn't do things by halves! You name it and it'll be on there, goes on forever! Girls with boys, girls with girls, boys with boys, girls with toys. . . " she looked at me to make sure I got her meaning "incest - young boy with even younger sister, Dad deflowering daughter, Mum with son, Mum with daughter, Dad with son - blacks, whites, Asian - any mix - and even girls with animals!""Animals!" I exclaimed. I was no stranger to porn movies, usually carrying a selection with me - again some ladies like that kind of thing - but I'd always stayed clear of the nastier things. "Sure! There's one scene which starts with a girl about my age getting fucked from behind by an older bloke who I think is meant to be her father while she eats an older woman's pussy - think she's her Mum but the soundtrack is in some funny language I can't follow - Russian maybe. Anyway they soon all cum and Mum and Dad if that's what they are swap places and soon the girl is sucking on her Dad's dick while her Mum eats his load from her cunt. As she is still sucking her Dad, the Mum gets the family dog - some sort of big Alsatian cross - and encourages him to lick the girl's puss with his big rough tongue before helping him mount her - doggy style of course! The dog goes ballistic humping his big red cock up the girl at a furious pace before coming, yowling like nothing on earth! The Mum pulls the dog off her daughter to lap at her cunt again before sucking on the dog's cock and then with the help of her husband getting the dog to mount her! There are other bits with girls using snakes as a kind of live vibrator - like sticking the snake's tail into their pussy? And even one of a girl - maybe a bit older than me but not much - taking a donkey, if you think you are well hung, which you probably are by what I've seen, think again! This thing is gigantic!"I shuddered. Like I said I'd always stayed clear of the nasty side. I kissed Carly deeply - something I'd learnt was that not many 'professionals' in my game kissed their clients on the lips but I'd also learnt that my sort of clientele loved it, and made the whole thing more than just a fuck for them. To me it was a simple part of giving the lady a good time. Finally I broke off and suggested we rejoin the others. "Where've you been?" Kirsty asked very pointedly of her sister as we did. "Fucking with Cris. " was her very truthful answer.

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  "You! Bet you haven't!""Bet I have!"Kirsty settled the argument in no uncertain fashion by sticking two fingers into Carly's cunt, "God! You have so too!""Told you!" Carly said as she reciprocated sticking two fingers of her own into her sister's cunt but Kirsty upped the anti by balling her fist and sticking it into Carly. In no time the pair of them were rolling around on the floor fist fucking each other dementedly. I looked round for the others; Kelly and Claire were sixty-nineing on the floor. I got up behind Claire who was on top and, without asking, gently pushed my rod into her virgin puss, very slowly making her take my all. She was up for it in no uncertain manner being very wet from all the lesbian action and with her girlfriend still licking at her (and me) as we fucked she came very, very soon but still I pounded into her tightness making her take my all on every stroke keeping her cuming until she gasped "My arse! Take my bum!" So I pulled out and set my knob at her little throbbing anus. As soon as she felt me there she pushed back. Her sphincter resisted but soon I was through, my rod travelling very slowly up her smooth rear passage. "Nice Cris nice! Give me him all - hold nothing back!" Not that I intended too for I love butt fucking - so different from being in a girl's cunt but still very satisfying for me. I reamed her with long hard thrusts keeping her orgasm going until I was ready to come. Just before I did I pulled out of her, turned her over and sprayed off over her little tits. Again the others dived in to clean up but once more I pull Carly away getting another of her cute little smiles. "Got something for you Carly if your game. I think I need a little help with this lot. ""What'ya mean. " she asked somewhat suspiciously.

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  I reached into my bag and pulled out a large double-ended dildo. "This!" I said forcefuly penetrating her with one end before turning the vibrator up full and tying it on!"Wow!" she gasped. "That feels almost as good as your cock!""Now go fuck Kirsty while I see to Kelly's virginity. " I said indicating the others who were still in an untidy heap on the floor lapping at Claire's chest and finger fucking her recently broken in cunt. Carly beamed at me and went straight to her sister and fucked the other end of the dildo into her without warning. She squealed but very quickly came to appreciate the power of a large vibrator being rammed up her cunt - Carly was not being in the slightest gentle. For my part I pulled Kelly from Claire - she lay down at once, looked up at me and said "Last but by no means least!""You'll have to do something about him first. " I said indicating my limp dick. "Shit!" she exclaimed before sitting up and taking him into her mouth without hesitation. As she sucked on me I happened to notice the video - it was the bit with the dog which Carly had described in the shower. Now I'm game for most things as you might have gathered but this was gross! I felt sorry for the girl - so pretty, so young! The feeling of my cock stirring in Kelly mouth shocked me back to reality - was it really any worse than me getting paid to have sex with four underage girls? Letting them have their first taste of cock? Anyway. . . Kelly pulled me out of her mouth having sucked me back to a full blown hard on and lay back again. "Think you'll manage now?" Oh yes, I could manage as she'd sucked me up perfectly.

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   I lay down over her, hitching her legs outside my arms into another of my favourite fucking positions and took her, forcing my cock all the way up her, needless to say, tight, virginal pussy and we began an almighty fuck. She was rocking from the word go and was soon having orgasm after massive orgasm. I'd had intended to hold off and not cum until I'd dicked her rear but somehow I couldn't, giving her my all in her cunt. As I withdrew gasping for breath I noticed Claire watching us fingering her pussy. Carly was still fucking Kirsty giving her no respite despite the way in which she was cuming - constantly and totally. I had just seen to Kelly and planed more so Claire was a bit out of it. I reached into my bag again and this time pulled out a large rotary vibrator. Switching it on, I pressed it to Claire's moist pussy. She sighed as she took it into herself. "Keep you going just now?" I asked. She nodded as she took it from me and began to fuck her pussy with it with avengeance. I returned to Kelly, my cock still with it. "Want more?" I asked. "Oh yes - you've still got my arse to ream!" No subtleties, no 'nice' ways of putting things - just cut to the chase and 'ream my arse'! Always willing to oblige I pulled her rear up off the carpet and lunged forward right into her. I had reckoned that if that was how she spoke, she wouldn't want anything subtle and I was right because she instantly thrust back hard at me and soon my cock was fucking her darkest passage at an almost brutal rate.

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   She came within a few strokes but I didn't, quite deliberately pounding into her, making her cum several times before I let her have my substantial load. Kirsty, having uncoupled herself from her younger sister, declared game over and we sat around for a while munching the snacks their Mum had left for us. As we ate the video played now onto the incest bit. Given my interest in such things, I watched avidly. The guy taking his younger sister certainly was none too old and then the Mum and Dad joined in, he making quite a show of taking his young daughter with his large tool while the Mum encouraged her son to fuck her. He of course was up of it. So was I by this time - Carly was the first to notice and she soon had herself speared down on my thick cock. Bliss! I rode her to orgasm before letting go once more in her hot, tight cunt!Kirsty pulled us apart declaring it to be bedtime. She took me into one room while the others trooped off to another. Birthday girl and I dosed and fucked the whole night through except for one period when, needing a pee, I went through to the bathroom to find Carly already there sitting down and letting go. Done, I pulled her up and cuddled her to me. "Having fun?" I asked the young girl. "OH yes - those toys you left us are great - not as good as the real thing though. " she said stroking my dick. "Wait right there" I said "But I need to go"I off loaded and then turned to her "Want to feel the real thing again?"Too bloody right!" she said before stooping to suck him into her mouth.

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   He rose instantly!She pulled out "Nice Cris! Now fuck me!""Bend over. " I said. She complied instantly and I slid my big thick dick into her ever so tight cunt from behind riding her to orgasm in no time. With her up there clenching on my dick I rewarded her with a full load of my jism. She really was in my top ten of all time. Maybe it was her age (or lack of it for I really do have a thing about underage girls - the younger the better really but nothing sick), maybe it was her tightness, maybe it was her sweet little tits, maybe. . . Well, I don't know but she was marvellous on my dick!I crawled back into bed with Kirsty and, still horny, began to suck on her firm little tits. This had her awake in no time and soon I was fucking her again really giving her her money's worth (or was that her Mum's money's worth? Anyway. . . )Next morning saw the five of us breakfasting bright and early. I said to Kirsty was there anything else she wanted to try. She sort of hesitated and then said "I don't know how we'd do it but I'd like my cunt fucked and my arse reamed both at the same time.


  ""Well!" I said "One of the girls could use a dildo in your rear while I fucked you" she shook her head "or I could arrange help. " She nodded. So, stepping out of the room I phoned Pete and filled him in on the picture. "Bring Jenny too. " I finished knowing how much she loved sucking young puss. I was already fucking Kirsty once more when the pair of then arrived. They stripped instantly and I motioned Pete to her rear. Getting the message, he pressed his rock hard cock to her anus and pushed. Given the number of times both me and Carly (with the dildo of course) had been there in the past not many hours, he slid in easily and soon we were both fucking her for all we were worth. When we were all done it was way over time but who cared? Pete enjoyed both Kelly and Claire but they declined the double act. Jenny had a great time with all four before Pete took Carly's rear as I mounted her in the cunt. An almighty fuck ensued with all three of cuming together just has her mother walked in! I nearly died but as I said she was very liberal and simply pulled off her own clothes and came to us. "Suck me. " she said offering her tit while my cock was still in her younger daughter's cunt, my brother's still in her rear. Never one to argue, I did just that while Jenny came and sucked on the other side.

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   Kirsty's Mum (Andrea I was to discover later) was gone. As she got more excited, I pulled out of Carly who had just cum again and pressed my knob to her hole. She took me willingly and we rode together, not as tight as some but she had great technique so we came together in short order. By this time I was well and truly knackered, it was nearly midday and I needed some sleep - badly. So Pete, Jenny and I said our good-byes. Andrea promised us more money for the 'overtime'. I declined but when I went to get it from Helen the next day there was £2500 waiting! I did Carly a good few freebies as a consequence (as if I'd need paid for sucking and fucking such young, prime pussy!) often with Jenny accompanying me. To be continued. . . -----Feedback welcome: theblackdouglas@ymail. com.

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